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9 comments to “facebook-shanna-moakler-on-why-she-doesnt-breastfeed”

  1. 1

    You can't fix stupid.

  2. @v@ says – reply to this


    Apart from perfectly balanced nutrition, breastfeeding transfers important biological immunity from the mother to the child to protect the child from illness while their own immune system develops enough to offer the child enough protection from predatory bacteria and viruses. Her kids lost out to her issues. Feeding babies is the female breast's first and PRIMARY function.

  3. irishjess says – reply to this


    Obviously her own mother didn't breast feed her, look at what a MORON she is! Besides the nutrition factor and building of the children's immune system breast milk also makes babies grow into smart productive adults…

  4. 4

    She didn't say she wouldn't give her kids breast milk - she just said she doesn't want to breast FEED. There's nothing wrong with pumping your milk then giving it to your kid out of a bottle if that's your preference. I get her point - there's a weird feeling from having a baby on your nipple during the day then having your husband on your nipple at night. Pumping your milk is a great alternative.

  5. shell says – reply to this


    So I'm assuming she had an elective C-section because a Vagina is a sexual organ also…..

  6. Sonya says – reply to this


    Ignorance must be bliss, Shanna. It is nothing sexual, it is about providing your child with the BEST NUTRITION possible. What a stupid woman..

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Kittens With Mittens – It doesn't say she pumped. D'ya think? I don't.
    Re: shell – Lol.

  8. 8

    Re: irishjess – IF what you say about breast milk making babies grow up to be smart, productive adults I'm guessing that the ppl nowadays were NOT breast fed because ppl have never been as stupid and dumb down as they are today.

  9. 9

    wow thats literally one of the DUMBEST things Ive ever ever heard. does this bitch have a clue about nature?