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Lindsay Lohan Must 'Remain On Premises' Of The Betty Ford Center, BUT Can Take Adderall!!

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Just because she miraculously escaped jail time doesn’t mean rehab is going to be easy breezy!

Lindsay Lohan is currently undergoing treatment at The Betty Ford Center under lock and key! Leslie Pace, a case manager at Betty Ford, informed LiLo’s lawyer in writing:

“It is understood by the Betty Ford Center that your client is to remain on premises for the duration of her 90-day stay in treatment.”

Yep, this lady is NOT allowed to leave. Judge James Dabney, who’s been overseeing Lindsay’s case, not only ordered that the actress stay in the hospital wing of the treatment facility, but also ordered that she not be allowed to leave the facility’s premises under any circumstance.

But this is all stuff you know. Now, let's get down to LiLo's planned activities while in lockdown! For the duration of her stay, Lindsay is going to be one busy lady!

Leslie added:

“During the treatment stay each patient is assigned a treatment team, which includes a physician, nurse, psychologist, primary counselor, case manager, spiritual care counselor, family counselor, dietician, fitness trainer and chemical dependency technician… This team is responsible for assessing and working with each patient to an individualized plan of care and post-treatment recommendations designers to support ongoing recovery.”

She also said:

“These assessment take place within the first 72 hours of admission, depending on the medical and/or psychiatric state of the patient. An initial treatment plan is established upon admission and is developed a patient needs are identified and treatment progresses… Each day consists of a full schedule of treatment activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, individual therapy, speciality groups, fitness, educational lectures and group therapy, which is the core of treatment at the Betty Ford Center.”

Like we said, busy.

However, the facility IS allowing LiLo to take Adderall for her Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. At least for the time being. Doctors at the center will be closely monitoring the actress and double checking her ADHD diagnosis. If they deem it or the drug moot, they will no longer allow her to take the medication.

We think this treatment could be just what LiLo needs. Let's hope she cooperates!

[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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10 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Must 'Remain On Premises' Of The Betty Ford Center, BUT Can Take Adderall!!”

  1. 1

    as a general rule reputable treatment centers DO NOT allow clients to take speed. If they don't wean her off of it my opinion of BF will fall drastically.

  2. Stan Smith says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson

    Nobody cares about your opinion

  3. Christina says – reply to this


    If the Adderall is found to be medically necessary, she can take it. However, she won't be able to just pop one whenever she feels like it. I believe the standard is a low dose twice a day. It won't get her off, but IF (big if) she really has ADHD it will calm her down.

  4. 4

    Geez I don't even have an addiction and I wouldn't mind going there for 3 months! As a single mom w 3 kids, how nice it would be to have my own team to cook and feed me, advise me, guide me and talk to me! What's the problem???

  5. 5

    Betty Ford will only allow people to take medication they're prescribed until one of the doctors there determines if they actually need the medication or not. She will be tested to see if she actually has ADHD, which I'm guessing she doesn't have. She's never been tested for it, she just got some quack of a doctor to prescribe it to her. Even if she does have it, they will make her try non-addictive medication before they put her back on it. It's clear that Adderall is one of the things she's addicted to, from her reaction to not being able to take it.

  6. 6

    If Betty Ford is not getting her off Adderall, they are just out for the money and not healing Lindsay. Shameful!

  7. 7

    Re: Stan Smith – And yet YOU care enough to read and comment. your conflicted brain must hurt you.

  8. 8

    Re: Stan Smith – Sorry, I forgot to say "thank you" for the chuckle you caused. I needed a reason to smile today.

  9. WHO SEZ SO??? says – reply to this


    Re: raypearson – WHY IS LINDSAY'S PRIVATE MEDICAL INFORMATION BEING GIVEN TO THE PUBLIC? Betty Ford legally CAN NOT RELEASE INFORMATION AND MEDICAL RECORDS TO THE PUBLIC. the description of what services lindsay will recieve here is not Lindsays med infor, it is a description of what the Betty Ford program is about in general. This release of information about lilo taking schedule II medication is coming from where then? Great, not there but a few days and DINA IS ALREADY MAKING BETTY FORD LOOK LIKE THAT ARE VIOLATING LINDSAYS HIPPA RIGHTS. Holley needs a gag order/restraining order against Dina. DINA still continues to sell lindsay off to the media in pieces. Isn't this Mommy just so clever, to still pimp & profit off her critically ill kid… Isn't she just the BESTEST mommy ever?

  10. Bloom says – reply to this


    These people need to find another way to make income. Is there going to be daily reports on Lindsay being in her sixth rehab all ninty days? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of her sentence, which should be more sequested in nature? This the Betty Ford channel, and ongoing ad for their rehab? Lindsay's family keep calling media to report her every burp, people just want them all to STFU. I think the world is sick about hearing about Lindsay and her parents fighting in public but doing nothing for her? How far is this going to go?