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Rihanna Flipped Her Lid & Dumped Chris Brown Over His Latest Reunion With Karrueche Tran?!

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rihanna chris brown break up caught with ex

Nothing worse than finding out your man is still chilling with his ex!

Especially when that ex was stirring the dramz by being constantly in and out of the picture while you were in and out of the picture.

But we have to admit we’re not surprised to hear Chris Brown supposedly played Rihanna in just that way!

Seriously, was anyone shocked to hear Karrueche Tran is still Breezy’s lady on the side?

Was she ever really not??

The thing that does have us shocked is hearing RiRi finally decided to kick Breezy to the curb for the same thing she's been letting him get away with for months!

But that’s JUST what went down when Breezy hit up New York City for a friend’s birthday as a source revealed:

“When Chris was in NYC celebrating a friend’s birthday, Rihanna found out that Karrueche was in town. She found out that they met up and saw each other and so she dumped Chris.”

Well DAYUM, gurl!

This was a long, long, LOOONG - for realz, we have grey hair now - time coming!

We’re just not so sure it’ll stick considering Breezy admitted there’s still love between them and another source revealed:

“They ain’t never going to be done. They’re just coolin it right now. There’s always going to be love there. That will never change. But sometimes its better to take a break and get back to the basics.”

Sounds like it’s just a matter of time before we hear about another Breezy/RiRi reunion!

That is until Karrueche sneaks her way back into Breezy’s bed arms!

[Image via JLN Photography/Judy Eddy/WENN.]

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19 comments to “Rihanna Flipped Her Lid & Dumped Chris Brown Over His Latest Reunion With Karrueche Tran?!”

  1. SKY says – reply to this


    I think he just used Rihanna to get back into the good graces of the public!!!!!! I was a big and die hard fan of his, but after all his mess I have totally changed my mind. This woman forgave him publicly and took harsh backlash for it and this is how she is treated!!!!! SORRY, but no more CB fan here. Love is not a game; either you want it or you don’t, but don’t try to make excuses for it when you don’t!!!!!!

  2. meggo says – reply to this


    Re: SKY – OMG I agree with you 10000% ……she went through all that and they weren't even back together 5 mos? Yeah…f him. I'd try to make it work no matter what…not to mention she's beautiful AND made 53 mil last year…

  3. ella aslan says – reply to this


    robyn, you have the fame fan money looks everything that you could imagen so why dont you let go of it.. yeh you love him your not who you seem to be on t.v your a loved up girl but your not going to get the same respect back, move on you cant love twise but your going to realise sertain things your beautiful your true love will come back again one day but not till you descide to let things go and start being healthy! its not easy to forget the pass i really hope your smiles are going to be from your heart, your a brave girl play your side girl. no one can love twise

  4. meggo says – reply to this


    Re: SKY – I agree with you 10000% ..KT is an idiot anyway
    Rihanna can do better

  5. Nome@home says – reply to this


    LMFAO. She gets what she deserves. Now she'll chase Drake to piss Chris off. What a child!! HAHA

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Chris was steadily seeing Karrueche, and then in loped superstar Rihanna, who was the interloping other woman. They did have unfinished business, so maybe it's finished now.

  7. 7

    put his ass in jail…forever.

  8. 8

    Re: Esin Emko – shutup please

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: LITTLE PEREZ DOWNER – Third world, nope. Barbados is the wealthiest and most developed country in the Eastern Caribbean. Economy, CIA World Fact Book.

  10. Jobexx says – reply to this


    The truth is, its ‘nobody’s bidness’. They are not over, nor are they done. This is a well choreographed plan to buy privacy. They may not have guesstimated the real cost and they have underestimated the virulent and strong reaction of the public fan base who perceive it to be ‘their bidness’. Everyone is in on this one, including the lass with the unmemorable name. As for the principals, they are beautiful, talented and not really needing to deploy in this fashion. Here’s hoping it comes together the way they envisaged and planned.

  11. onlinebabe says – reply to this


    Rihanna has a love for Chris that is strong as ever..he is a player and will play her..she should have learnt the lesson of not going back to someone who beats you,she went back and he can't even love her right…its your call Rihanna..but your fans warned you.

  12. aaron says – reply to this


    Whoah people!!!!!! Remember not to let your anger show rather analyse the whole mess.the two were passionate with each other ,but unfortunately it ended brutaly and again the way things ended it didn't mean they no longer share the same thing. Now today after all the shit Rihanna has had multiple relationships as well as chris . So what's happening is whenever they see each other they feel like having those moments they enjoyed. Bu it does not mean their reunion will be for real coz they are no longer the same, coz of some trust issues ,jealous ,childishness . Above all Rihanna has been hanging out with her exes of late .

  13. pandabear says – reply to this


    you cannot believe EVERYTTHING you see on the internet #albert einstein once said this society will become stupid and there you all have it YOU GUYS are stupid chris brown & rihanna are most likely over because of their schedules & just because he was hanging out with an ex doesnt make hiim a cheater . so shut upppppppp everybody .

  14. Keep it real says – reply to this


    That's actually not true. Chris dumped Rihanna because she can't seem to keep her tweeting finders to herself and began harassing Drake. Then he met up with Karrueche. Just keepin it real……the truth needs to be told.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Keep it real – Sounds like he dumped Rihanna. Considering everything, that would probably do it. No loyalty plus game playing on her part; but she does it because she doesn't yet truly understand that Brown isn't at any settling down stage, and has also said so.

  16. Esha says – reply to this


    Please rihanna was trying to get back into the pic when chris was with kae so that bitch got what she deserve. and rihanna would never break up with chris be real…chris broke up with rihanna get the story right stop trnna save face for rihanna smh

  17. Londie says – reply to this


    Breezy his ungrateful. Duuh dissappointed

  18. PINKY says – reply to this



  19. omolola says – reply to this


    i think u guys should sort things out between you,and trust each other