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Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Live It Up In Exciting New Dance Single! Listen HERE!

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We're getting a lot of images of glitter and cocktails with this one!

Jennifer Lopez has just released her newest single, Live It Up, off her upcoming TENTH studio album!

And with it, one thing is official — she and Pitbull TOTALLY get the meaning of SUMMER dance sounds!!!

Ch-ch-check it ouuttt (above)!!!

She and Pit recently worked on the music video for the pumped up jam when reports of gunshots caused an early evacuation. Luckily, nobody was hurt, leaving everyone to truly LIVE. IT. UP!

Produced by RedOne, we're feeling the future of this hit in clubs everywhere!!

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27 comments to “Jennifer Lopez & Pitbull Live It Up In Exciting New Dance Single! Listen HERE!”

  1. pan86 says – reply to this


    2013 SUMMER SMASH Right here!!!!

  2. 2

    Complete shit.
    The words should be this song is a NO.

  3. 3

    So over her thinking Pitbull is amazing just because he is Latino. Her music has not been good since her second album and she is on her tenth now? Yeah, all hope is gone. Quickly call up Ja Rule (he is out of jail now, so there is no excuse) and P.Diddy cause that is the last time your music was good.

  4. 4

    It's okay. Thankfully Pitbull has good names singing for his tracks.

  5. Elena says – reply to this


    Terrible like everything Lopez has done. GIVE IT UP!

  6. Ryan says – reply to this


    It's a good dance song, but so is EVERY other song thats been coming out. I miss the days of singers and tanent and music

  7. Michael says – reply to this


    I mean, I love the chorus but to be quite honest, I'm so enamored by Mariah & Miguel's #Beautiful that nothing else matters.

  8. Jojo D. says – reply to this


    I couldn't listen to the entire song because it just sounds like everything else. I get that music is turning towards that techno-thing but come on, I have certainly heard better. Defiantly not something I would have expected from Jlo…..AGAIN!
    This song gets thumbs down from me.

  9. Peter says – reply to this


    I didn't mind On The Floor and Goin In but this just sucks. It's something you'd expect to hear on Eurovision and exactly the same as everything else she's released in recent years. Maybe it will grow on me but I don't know… I have to say that i think Mariah has won this round. Her track is completely unexpcted but in a great way.

  10. raymondj says – reply to this


    she has become a one trick pony… this has been done by her, by him and by the together ALREADY….


  11. te_amo says – reply to this


    I love it!! And jlo fans "Lovers" love it! We love it!! Its hot and it will be the summer anthem

  12. 12

    Great summer anthem. I really did hope she would of moved on from the same sound. I am not complaining but it would be nice to have a song like All I Have…

  13. pan86 says – reply to this


    Come on people! Don't be unfair!
    The production here is OFF THE HOOK! The drums, the beat, the melody, the breakdown… FIRE! It's a dance song but far less formulaic than anything else out there right now! Also it's NOTHING like OTF or DA!
    This will RULE this summer and you all know it! Summer Anthem at it's best! :)

  14. Yvo says – reply to this


    Explicit lyrics !

  15. okokok says – reply to this


    rehash of old releases. exactly what i expected.

  16. Marty says – reply to this


    It's ok, but nothing new. It certainly aint #Beautiful. I am addicted to Miguel and Mariah right now

  17. rixx says – reply to this


    whoaah super summer song Great job jenny

  18. A DIVA DJ says – reply to this


    LOVE THIS SONG !!! sorry but Mariah Scary has nothing on this song… BRUSH OFF THE HATTERS !!! this is a summer anthem

  19. Sonya says – reply to this


    I LOVE THIS SONG … why is anyone comparing it to Mariah song her is a ballad and this is a club hit … get your shit in place people JLO is going to make you LIVEITUP

  20. Elena says – reply to this


    Re: raymondj
    I love Maria's new song, very fresh and the girl can sing, no comparison to the talentless JLo. Miguel is not bad either

  21. 21

    ok so where are all them posters than complain abt autotune users here? shes almost 50 and trying to bring back jenny from ehemm the block?? SAD…..autotuned and her and pitbull need to hang it up already…Feel the moment with Xtina has more feeling in Xtinas verse alone..

  22. fifi says – reply to this


    HOrrible !!! J-HO

  23. @v@ says – reply to this


    Pitbull's been on a noticeable roll. Not surprising she jumped on.

  24. kake1959 says – reply to this


    A complete FLOP! What a turd of a song :( ((((

  25. lovestruck90 says – reply to this


    BORING…..same old formula, same old tired ass sound! I listened to like 2 minutes of it and den turned it off. I hate when artist get a hit and den keep doing same thing over nd over again…. its so reductive!

  26. 26

    My stomach just turned, pitbull is so stinky…he looks like he has an STD and as for Jlo she is Jloco thinking being 43 and including lyrics such as 'let's f**k tonight is retriable let alone cool. It will be a hit but at the expense of selling her soul to be popular and relevant.

  27. WhatWhatWhatWhat says – reply to this


    This will be the song of the summer! The beat is just so catchy, love it! People saying that #Beautiful is better? OH HELL NO. #LiveItUp is SO MUCH BETTER.