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Selena’s Latest Album Will Be Her Last?! Looking To Leave Music Behind For Acting!

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ALERT! ALERT! We've got another Justin Timberlake on our hands!

For most stars in Hollywood, once they hit on a good thing, they milk it for all it’s worth. Selena Gomez is NOT like most stars.

This dancing songbird is just fully blossoming into her legitimacy as a musician, and has decided to call it quits!!?!

Selenita recently revealed that her newest album, officially titled Stars Dance, could also be her last. AND WE’RE DEVASTATED!!!!

This little diva wants to let go of her music career in favor of an acting career, and aspires for such stardom as found in her role models: Shia LaBeouf, Jennifer Lawrence, and Natalie Portman.

We love the idea of seeing more of Miss Gomez on the silver screen, but she could have an acting career AND a singing career, right!??!

She talked about letting her music career go, saying:

“This is a weird transition for me. I want to keep pushing myself so I never feel settled. I don’t really know if it’s going to end up working. I’m stressed out most of the time.”

Maybe she only wants to chose one of the two careers to relieve her stress level. In which case, well, we still don’t agree, but, fair enough. And we love a girl who wants to keep pushing herself.

We are majorly sadz to hear this, though, and we will cherish this last album as much as humanly possible!! Looking forward to all the promising new songs!

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19 comments to “Selena’s Latest Album Will Be Her Last?! Looking To Leave Music Behind For Acting!”

  1. TruthSpeaker says – reply to this


    good riddance! our youth doesn't need another airhead non-singing-pop star filling their ears with shit music! how dare you compare her to JT, an actual SINGER-DANCER-ACTOR. she's just a karaoke act…

    no offense to those involved in karaoke- it was either that or shower singer and I sure as hell sound better than her when im in the shower…

  2. Laura says – reply to this


    HAH! It would be awesome if this was her last album. She really shouldn't produce more crap music for the youth to consume. Now if she would retire COMPLETELY that would be amazing.
    Also, she is not even close to Justin Timberlake (who, btw, isn't as amazing as everyone says he is).

  3. pon says – reply to this


    thank god.!! she is one of the worst singers right now. she cant sing live at all

  4. joel says – reply to this


    I never saw her movies but I'm sure she's better actress than singer bc she is really really REALLY bad as a singer

  5. 5

    She is a mediocre singer at best. She is better off focusing on something she is better at.

  6. ash says – reply to this


    ha! about time she got the fucking memo. shes not the best actress but shes way better at acting than singing.

  7. Ashley says – reply to this


    There was never a question as to whether she even had a music career. She's a Disney star she like Miley and Demi has a four album contract with Hollywood Records owned by Disney. Though that is to say I am quite relieved to hear that this could be her last album considering that she doesn't really have the chops to be a music sensation, Regardless if she does it for fun or not when you're paid millions to sing to crowds at the Grammys billboards or AMA's Then you should already be at that level of musician I just can't stand when her fans have to argue that she's getting better or singing really isn't her thing she's just doing it for fun. Go on the bright side good for her for focusing on acting focus on something that you're good at so Selena is actually smart to do something that contradicts to her talent.

  8. 8

    Well, if she keeps messin with JB she will have lost ANY chance she had at being taken seriously! By going back to him she lost a lot of cred.

  9. 9

    Yea….I wanted her to succeed after breaking up with that douche but umm her singing was so horrendous at the Mtv movie awards. And then she goes back to him? that made me not want to support her even more. Maybe she can stop making music and keep being mediocre movies like Spring Breakers while also being JB's tabloid pet if that's what she likes, i guess.

  10. Leslie says – reply to this


    She said that about a year ago, before she did Spring Breakers, and look what happened. She now has an album or a song or something coming out. I think someone is pushing her in one direction and someone else is pulling her the other way.

  11. musicjunkie1993 says – reply to this


    Well, let's be honest here. She wasn't very good at singing in the first place. Of course, she was on Disney, where they force their products to sing, even though they really can't. If you're going to stick to one thing, stick to it. She needs to stick to her mediocre acting.

  12. 12

    Hmmm… I don't know how she sings (never heard her, not even one song) and I haven't seen her in any movies, just on gossip sites, so I can't really comment about her "talent". There is one thing though which always made me look at this girls photos and, I think there is something wrong about her looks! Yes! Taken separately, her body and her face are fine, but put together, they just don't match! Lol, I know, it sounds crazy, but her face looks like the face of a five year old with a lot of make up, you know like these creepy looking little girls on beauty pageants! Anyone else has noticed that? :D

  13. N says – reply to this


    I think quitting singing is her best move yet.
    she cannot sing at all and all she's doing is loosing people's respect every time she sings.
    she should fix her acting and stay there.

  14. 14

    All the people with their "mediocre acting" comments crack me up. Or should I say the person who keeps changing screen names to post incredibly similar comments cracks me up? Selena is a very good comedic actress who's working her way into more dramatic roles. She's getting a lot of notice and support from Hollywood's big guns so she'll be fine. She was with Disney for a long time, so it'll take a while to rid herself of that mindset and the bad habits that go with it. So far, she's doing a better job of that than any Disney product in recent memory with the possible exception of JT.

  15. nora says – reply to this


    omg, if selena quits with singing i'm gonna die , she's my rolmodel and she's so talented please selena don't quit

  16. 16

    Bitch can't sing anyway! No loss to the music industry! Next story!

  17. Stephanie says – reply to this


    I distinctly remember her saying how music was her passion, to be a singer, and that acting was just a stepping stone to better get her music out there. But hey, celebrities are never fickle…

  18. Emmy says – reply to this


    Hopefully this isn't her last album. I love her music so much and so do others. She is my favorite singer and actress. Without Selena I don't know what I would do.

  19. Caelan says – reply to this


    Re: Emmy – That was a but dramatic. Honestly if you step back you will realize she doesnt sound like an angel. I rather listen to cows having sex than her. But you must be a 16 year old girl who grew up watching Disney and has a emotional attachment to unfortunately Selena. Find better idols kid.