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True Blood: Author Charlaine Harris THREATENED By Fans Over Story Ending!!

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true blood charlaine harris threats

It’s almost time for True Blood! But while fans gear up for the sixth season, it’s the beginning of the end for the show’s source material, The Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Charlaine Harris, the author of the books on which the show was based, is bringing the Sookie Stackhouse series to an end with the thirteenth and final novel Dead Ever After. And yet, her fans are not happy — in fact, they’re so upset that they’ve been sending the writer some threats!

Charlaine revealed:

“I’m very fortunate that people are so invested in the series… At the same time, it can be a source of some anxiety to get emails that say, ‘If Sookie doesn’t end up with Eric, I’m going to kill myself.’”

She even mentioned that fans have pleaded with her to continue the story. What’s more, these fans have gotten so emotional about the series’ ending that the author won't be promoting the book following it’s May 7th release date.

At the end of the day, fiction is fiction, you guyz! There’s no excuse for threatening and berating Charlaine!

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13 comments to “True Blood: Author Charlaine Harris THREATENED By Fans Over Story Ending!!”

  1. Amy Strickland says – reply to this


    If it ends the way I think it will (from the spoilers I've gotten through internet backlash) then I prefer it that way. The only reason people hate the guy she DOES end up with is because the TV show made him a psychopath.

  2. 2

    Series I like, actress playing the main character, I can't stand, hence not watching the series past season 2. I guess books are just what's left for me and the ending is just this - the end. Well done Ms.Harris! The novels are great!

  3. 3

    If you read the series you can see tthat the last book has just slapped together. Story line inconsistencies, etc, etc, etc. She sold out to HBO and let her literary fans down big time. She lost me as a fan. I will never read any of her books again if she is this type of author. I did not care who Sookie ended up with is her story after all. But it looks and read like she just did not even bother to check her own facts, a big let down. No wonder we are all so upset. You follow a story for years and then this crap of a book for wrapping up the series. SERIOUSLY? To the lions with her. lol

  4. 4

    Re: Amy Strickland – I do not follow the TV show at all, in the books Sookies final love interest is a lovely man, but the inconsistencies in the last book from the original story line are bazzar to say the least. Boo CHarris, boooooo

  5. 5

    The fans are angry because she basically gave up on this series 2 books ago. She had a ocntract to fulfill and could have cared less about her characters anymore. Real fans see all the discrepancies in the last 3 books that conflict with storylines from the prior 12. She did a discredit to her fans and her own work. As if the Trueblood series not sticking to ANY of the plot lines in the books and going WAAAAAY crazy are not bad enough!!!! Still, no reason th threaten her. Just won't be reading anything else she writes. Your fans put ALOT of time into reading 15 books Ms Harris and you made ALOT of $s off of them. Your fans and your characters desrved better.

  6. WhyNotV2 says – reply to this


    Re: Amy Strickland – I disagree. I've only watched a few episodes of the 1st season and once she deviated too much from the books (Lafayette not killed off right away to start) so I've not seen Bill get turned into a total douche.I have not read the final book yet, it's sitting on top of my pile of books, but it's difficult to escape what has happened since everyone at work reads them because of the show. I'm the only one of my group that read them before the show ever happened.

  7. Marlene Emmett says – reply to this


    Have you ever read the books?
    The fans wanted Sookie, played by Anna Paquin to end up with Vampire Eric Northman
    who's played by Alexander Skarsgard~who you have a small man crush on?

    The person who Sookie ends up with is NOT HIM.
    Many of us feel Charlaine took the easy way out and put her with a HUMAN.
    Many fans feel that we were cheated out the ending we really wanted.
    BUT now we're hoping that the show will end up giving us the ending we want.
    AND that is Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse running off together?

  8. Marlene Emmett says – reply to this


    Re: WhyNotV2
    I loved it when LaFayette was still alive in the end of Season 1.
    Alan Ball saw that he had "gold" in Nelsan Ellis's LaFayette.
    AND he chose to keep him, extending his part in the show and
    he wrote storylines for him to shine in.

    I've not liked William Thomas Compton III, played by Stephen Moyer since
    Season 2 when he began to step all over Sookie's heart~ and he began to tell lies.
    Technically, he's been lieing since the day he came into Merlotte's!!

    I'v always been in the Eric Northman camp, from Season 1,Episode 4.
    There's many things that the viewers didn't need to see in the show.
    The Maenad,HOTSHOT,Sweetie De' Artis,The Authority, Jesus's grandfather,
    Faeire Land/Queen Mab, the fairy nightclub etc.

  9. Bibi says – reply to this


    Off With Her Head!!!!!!!
    I'm glad I stopped reading at book 5

    She really strung her fans along and teased/deceived them with the Eric story. They were waiting for 12 books to climax and she gave them a piece of crap. A big fooed y'all I got your money and Who cares what u wasnt. And before someone starts with this is art & u can't ask a artist to change their art bs. Yes u can this is basically a sexy vampy love story and not The great gatsby! At least in twilight Edward ends up with Bella and not with mike the nerd.

  10. sophie says – reply to this


    Some people have got it wrong here, including Perez and Charlaine herself. Charlaine has picked the few comments about Sookie and Eric not ending up together as the reason her fans are pissed about this book. However, if she actually took her head out of her backside for one second, she would realise that her book reads like dog shit. I have read all the books in this series and I can tell you now that whilst I'm not exactly giddy with happiness about who Sookie ends up with, (and I wasn't that bothered if she ended up with Eric or not) the problem is that the storyline was crap, the protrayal of once liked characters is 2D and she told us that Sookie showered, sunbathed and ate on like every single page! That, to be honest, is why this book is terrible.

  11. 11

    Please - she's not promoting the book because it is an AWFUL book with so many holes and inconsistencies that she'd be EMBARASSED to have to answer questions on tour.

  12. MaryJanice Davidson says – reply to this


    Re: sophie – As a colleague and friend of Charlaine's, with respect, I disagree. Charlaine knew her ending would be polarizing and that it was impossible to please everyone. What's gotten her down are the threats of felony assault, the personal attacks, and the virulent overreaction of some to, as Perez pointed out, fiction. She was perfectly willing to discuss the ending on her FB page among other places after the book came out, but people kept posting spoilers, threats, and other yuckiness right up on her wall for the world to see. It's too bad some readers crossed the line because it forever screwed any chance the rest of her readers had of getting a meaningful book discussion with the author <shakes head and mutters about a few apples spoiling the whole etcetera).

  13. Mari says – reply to this


    If you had read the book, you might want to strangle her as well. Total waste of paper and time. Epic failure doesn't began to cover it.