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Wade Robson Calls Michael Jackson A 'Monster' After Making New Molestation Accusations

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Ugh… this story is so f*cked up.

As we've been discussing, choreographer Wade Robson has now filed legal docs against Michael Jackson's estate, accusing the deceased pop star of child molestation.

This comes AFTER he denied such claims under oath.

According to him, MJ was a 'monster' who would tell him:

"If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives, our lives will be ruined forever."

Wade often spent the night at Neverland Ranch.

His attorney says his reasoning for finally coming forward is:

"Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child. He [Wade] lived with the brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him."

Wow… this is so intense.

We honestly have no idea what to believe here. MJ's team obviously denies the claim and fans are questioning everything about it, believing this is just a scheme for another buck.

Wherever the truth lies, we just hope peace is found.

[Image via WENN.]

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53 comments to “Wade Robson Calls Michael Jackson A 'Monster' After Making New Molestation Accusations”

  1. RC says – reply to this


    This Wade is a money hungry 30 year old realizing he is going nowhere. AEG is up to this as well.

  2. 2

    This seems odd to me. He defended Michael before, but now that he is dead he is changing his tune and asking for money. I just don't know if this is true or all for the money.

  3. 3

    Again, isn't anyone else shocked that Eminem is accusing MJ of fondling him? I just don't know what to believe anymore…

  4. Mydoona says – reply to this


    he kept quiet when MJ was alive in fear of the power MJ has over people but now he is dead he can finally tell the truth!…but MJ has been dead for 4 years. .why not come out 3 years ago???

  5. Justin99 says – reply to this


    Righhhhhhhht that's why he was willing to SUCK up the publicity after MJ died… performing with Janet at the VMA's!? Talking him up after his death. WHY would a grown man do that for someone he was abused by…. AFTER his death! Why agree to a tribute for someone who "molested" you?! Sounds like a case of AEG gone wild!!!

  6. WadeEatsBabies says – reply to this


    He Wishes Michael molested him.

  7. 7

    It's obvious to anyone with even half a brain that Wacko Jacko was a disgusting pedophile who abused many boys. Wade looks like all the other boys who were part of the Jacko coterie: white or latino, prepubescent kids. The maid even saw Jacko in the shower with Wade. Wade denied it and perjured himself, but it doesn't excuse the crimes perpetrated by Jacko.
    Karma is a b*t*h! Jacko died like the filth that he was, doped up, his eyebrows and lipstick tattooed onto his bleached out face. What a disgusting freak! And what a revolting criminal. I hope he roasts in hell.

  8. 8

    I believe him. His timing sucks and maybe his motives but hey why shouldn't a pervert pay for molesting you? The only hope Wade has in the public getting behind hm is if MC will share his story. People will believe MC.

  9. ericmtl says – reply to this


    MJ WAS a molestor who got away with murder. Had he not been the superstar that he was back then he'd be in jail. I wouldn't be surprised if he molested his own non-biological kids. Mark my words, one of his white kids will admit it one day once the Jackson family has gone through all of MJ's money.

  10. wtf.com says – reply to this


    oh c'mon!!! f**king weasel i'm surprised no one else has tried this shit on!! Let MJ rest in peace ffs

  11. Niki says – reply to this


    Good brainwash by AEG. They do what they said….Just,there is problem…youtube and Wades tributes to MJ after death….hahaha / Its just little dirt becouse that trial ….I mean…guy paid tributes last year…AS A ADULT !

  12. really says – reply to this


    Wade didn't get job for MJ cirque d'soleil….and thats it! And he works for AEG and Demi Lovato tour….1+1=2 ……. He danced with Janet Jackson's on VMA MJ tribute.

  13. 13

    I firmly believe MJ molested children. Plenty of evidence to support that. But this guy? Not so sure. Maybe he was molested, but he had his chance to make that claim and didn't. Too late now.

  14. 14

    I'm calling BS on this entire thing. People who believe him need to do a little research into him, he has quite a bit of "baggage" attached to him and apparently is out of work and in desperate need of money. You can't state under oath that someone did not molest you and then come back years later after they die and say they did and sue their estate, what a joke. Furthermore, it's obvious if MJ did molest anyone (maybe it's true, maybe it's not), he never would have said the "If anyone ever finds out…" thing because people with his mentality wouldn't have thought it was wrong.

  15. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Oh…he LOVED sucking on that tiny vertilago peen ……

  16. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    IF he was 'blonde' @ the time of his being with MJ, then likely true…that cat liked his boys angelic looking, and totally opposite to how he looked, which was FU-GLEEEEEEEE !

  17. 17

    glad Michael Jackson is dead. just a sick piece of shit

  18. M says – reply to this


    Wait a minute…what about Eminem? Where did he say that?Re: MewLover34

  19. anon says – reply to this


    This is the guy who Britney allegedly cheated on with Justin, isn't it?
    Seems to me he could have made lots of money off that-writing books, doing interviews, etc, but he never capitalized on it. To me that makes this story more convincing. He has other things to capitalize on
    Repressed memories are a real thing.

  20. Katie says – reply to this


    He was found not guilty before in court. There was NO good evidence at all, only evidence that the assholes were after money. The mom had taken people to court before for sexual harassment. They only wanted money. The media has always tried to make him look like a freak. This is coming from someone who used to believe the things they said. I actually read a lot about him and the case after he died - everything about it was absolutely ridiculous. He seemed like a good dude.

    And MJ's kids have nothing but good things to say about their dad, you can tell they genuinely adored him. The way they talk about him. Kids that were molested do not act that way about their parent - psychological trauma wouldn't allow it. Accusing him of molesting his own kids is sick and unfair to them. This guy is just after publicity. Why make this public 4 years after his death?

  21. 21

    I don't really believe any of this. Micheal Jackson always seemed very asexual to me.

  22. hay says – reply to this


    I dont know. I believe Wade Robson..people can call him money hungry, but this would ruin his reputation way more than any amount of money he is going to get is worth…this guy is doing just fine money wise…he's made a ton over the years in the industry, and is continuing to with all of his various projects, royalties, etc…Its very plausible that he was under the spell of Michael jackson who had the money and power to bring Wade Robson his dreams, fame, and fortune..none of us who have never been through a similar situation have any idea what kind of hold that might be like. To think that someone would just seperate themselves within days or months of the person who abused them dying, is bullshit..many people molested for years dont come forward for many many years…even after the person has died.

  23. JJ says – reply to this


    Re: M – Eminem has nothing to do with this. The person was simply mocking Wade & referring to him as "Eminem" because he looks like old-school blonde Eminem in the picture Perez posted.

  24. corlista says – reply to this


    Re: Katie – Are you kidding? "Repressed memories" have been a thing of the past since the 1990s. Give me a break. I have experience with repressed memories. Most of the time the "memories" are staged, fabricated or something some therapist talked them into. Thi sis lame.

  25. Mark says – reply to this


    I have a feeling he is telling the truth. You have to realize that when you are sooooo brainwashed…the fear is literally all you can see…you cope by ignoring it…I'm glad he finally said something.

  26. 26

    sounds like the career was teaching other people dance moves learned off michael

    someone ask macualy

  27. Nina says – reply to this


    Look at it this way, if MJ was so innocent why are their so many allegations made against him? He was not innocent, people seem to be blinded by his star power, let me remind you- while he was alive he was a fallen star, then bam he's dead- and idol once again, all his crap was forgotten. What normal man creates a child fun land? he had daddy issues, he was a flawed human, we cant keep ignoring the allegations.

  28. 28

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  29. 29

    yeah it IS pretty fucked up. how many people now have told their stories of devastation? like this is a surprise. its just wrong Mr. Jackson’s housekeeper raised some doubt when she claimed that she saw an 8 or 9 year-old Robson showering with Jackson.

  30. p says – reply to this


    Ok I have followed you for years now and have respected you and your opinion but you've become so hypocritical in your claims. It's about who you like and don't like and who you are friends with or are not. You have double standards and it's making me lose respect for you.

  31. 31

    This is so perplexing. On one hand Wade hasn't had a significant project since 2006 so that builds a case for desperation. On the other hand, coming out with this scorcher COULD INSURE THAT HE NEVER GETS ANOTHER SIGNIFICANT GIG. Where there's smoke??? This doesn't seem to go away. The delayed declaration could also indicate that he was "caught up", like millions of people were. Will he rest in peace? Does he deserve to rest in peace? Only the parties who were there, actually knows. The rest is just hyperbole mixed with cheap idol gossip. Only the man in the mirror……

  32. Greg popyabitch says – reply to this


    Re: Nina – Why so many allegations? Well geee if he's a MEGA superstar and has practically the whole world as his fans. I'm pretty sure they're are some sick fucks out there that want to get a pinch of his money.

  33. Leila says – reply to this


    The first kid that accused MJ admitted that it was his father who made up the accusation. Plus after MJ died the kid's dad committed suicide. The second case, we all know what happened and MJ was acquitted. It doesn't take much to look up facts, just do a little research. Now with the big law suit going on and then this…is too much of a coincidence.

  34. 34

    I guess Wade is skint and no one wants to learn any moves off him anymore…especially after smashing Britney doing the dirty on Justin…this man has sunk to an all new LOW.
    If this is true then I do feel bad for Wade however the main question that remains is…why speak now when the dead can't defened themselves? If he was paid to keep quiet and now the money has dried up has decided to make a disclosure then he is in fact devaluing victims worth, credibility and dignity.

  35. Bevi says – reply to this


    McCauley, please spill the beans. Maybe he will one day. There are many reasons a person doesn't report a molester. Sometimes it does take decades before they can do it. Child molestation works on different people in different ways. A lot of serial killers were molested as children and see how it affected them. Not everybody will become a serial killer of course, but it does affect each and every one in some way. And some of them tell the stories later in life because they just couldn't do it sooner.

  36. lolsrsly says – reply to this


    wade is irrel and he is saying this for publicity and money pls exit this earth sir

  37. guest says – reply to this


    Re: Niki – Tribute for him as a singer. Not for molesting him. He as a dancer/ choreograph could still have admired Michael`s dancing. But I´m sure he was still molested. It`s in the article that Wade at first wanted to forget it until he last year went through a difficult time phase it all broke out of him. That`s completely natural. I believe him 100 %.

  38. guest says – reply to this


    Re: lolsrsly – Fuck you , and exit this earth yourself you scum!

  39. pam says – reply to this


    He had a nervous breakdown in 2011, yet he pays tribute to MJ in 2012?

  40. 40

    He had a "nervous break down" in 2011, yet he pays tribute to MJ in 2012?

  41. Bree says – reply to this


    Well obviously Michael Jackson molested him. He was a sexual predator who ruined the lives of many, many young boys. Sure, there's a chance this guy's lying but I'm inclined to believe him. Most people who are sexually molested never tell anyone because they feel like it's their fault. Now imagine if your abuser was one of the most famous men in the world? It would make the whole thing a thousand times worse. I'm sure lots of the boys Michael Jackson hurt will never say a word about it.

  42. 42

    This asshole is trying a money grab, and there's nothing else to it. I hope really really bad things happen to him for the rest of his miserable life. It's what he deserves.

  43. katie says – reply to this


    Re: hay – I agree with you completely. Child victims of molestation are under a deep psychological hold from their abuser and it takes a lot of self awareness and maturity to be able to realize 1. you were a VICTIM who didnt ask for it and 2. it is not your fault that you felt trust and dependance for your abuser. If you look at this with the assumption that Micahel IS a paedo, then everything kind of makes sense. if you look at this with the assupmtion that he IS NOT, then there are still so many details about his life that make us say WTF?!?

  44. ash says – reply to this


    his career goes to crap so he's attacking the one that can't fight back…

  45. Natalie says – reply to this


    you people are SICK for saying MJ molested this pathetic loser Wade..so just because WADE says it happened..then it happened? REALLY?? Why cant he just be lying? Why cant it be he is just saying this to get money? Why must u people believe him? U dont wait 20 + years to say someone molested you when you were 7 years old and now you're 30. Its just crazy and if MJ did molest him then why say such nice things about him..u just dont mention him at all but this dude said really nice things about MJ and now he is saying MJ is a child molester? LIES!!!!

  46. Natalie says – reply to this



  47. Natalie says – reply to this



  48. learne3 says – reply to this


    It is very ABNORMAL, and unclean for a fully grown man to lay in the same bed with a child that isn't his! Which even Michael ADMITTED to. And what do you think he was up to? With fully developed private parts! And there was video of him roughly fondling children in front of people, imagine what he was doing in private! Some of you MJ fan freaks lose all credibility with your inobjectivity and justifying anything, as long as Micheal does it. If any other man had done that, he'd been thrown in jail, no questions asked! Michael has used up all his favors!

  49. learne3 says – reply to this


    And speaking of money,LET'S TALK MONEY!! WHENEVER Michael 'picked' his favorite little child (very suspicious), he always showered the parents in money and gifts! I WONDER why, DUUUUHHHHH!! Money and starpower is the reason Michael avoided incarceration for so long in the first place! Completely understandable that Wade would've been afraid!

  50. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Wade is a LIAR !!! He said that he was molested around the ages 7 - 14 when did your career start boo, around your early 20's. Wade your career wouldn't be ruined, because you didn't have one !!! MJ took you under his wing got your career started. And for all the people who say Michael is guilty for "molesting" this BUM, it ain't true. The only thing he is guilty for is for making bomb-ass music, dance moves and personality (and not that shit from the tabloids) also for trusting worthless scumbags that shouldn't be on this earth that Michael tried to heal. I guess Michael was right, YOU DO ANYTHING FOR MONEY

  51. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: BriBriBri4 – why would the maid be in Michael's Bathroom in the first place

  52. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: learne3 – Wade had his chance to say in the 2005 trail that Michael Jackson molested him but noooooooooooooooooooooo he had to wait til the man is DEAD to say something. its not like Michael was a killer or something and would've had Wade murdered if he said something. If he was 'molested' he would've said something already instead of doing tributes and shit. what a pathetic BUM

  53. Michaelfan2009 says – reply to this


    Look fucking kid I'm a big fan of Michael jackson and I'm defeding him cause I know he was totally innocent and he just wanted the world to be a better place you better watch your mouth and have a lot of respectRe: WadeEatsBabies – for this man I know the child molestation thing was false it was just to get money out of michael I love mj so bad and I hope you toast in hell for the disrespecting of this wonderful man keep talking about mj like that ill fuck you up and if you don't like mj then just leave him alone and stop fucking commenting bad things about this loved man