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Avril Lavigne Acts Like An Immature Sk8ter Girl In Here's To Never Growing Up! WATCH HERE!

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Did we just hop into the Tardis and time travel back 11 years?! Why is Avril Lavigne dressed like her Sk8ter Boi self?!

Ohhh that's right, we forgot! As her new single suggests, she never grew up.

The punky pop singer has JUST debuted the high school prom themed video for Here's To Never Growing Up which seemingly celebrates the idea of staying young — or at least keeping that "youthful" spirit alive — forever.

Get in on the party fun (above)!

And hey — just to be clear — "never growing up" doesn't mean you have to act like a drunk teen the rest of your life, LOLz.

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19 comments to “Avril Lavigne Acts Like An Immature Sk8ter Girl In Here's To Never Growing Up! WATCH HERE!”

  1. 1

    Anyone else feel like Avril Lavigne from 2002 would be horrified by this? Complete sell out. I seriously loved her back then, one of my faves.

  2. 2

    GREAT Vid…funny how people who hate her will always have issues about her being a sell-out lolz!!! She is so freaking honest and honest about herself and her image which is why people will like to bully her…we love you Avril…you've never aged indeed haha!!!

  3. Ryan Greene says – reply to this


    I don't know why people are so arrogant with her?! What is your problem? If you don't like her i will understand, but don't be hateful. Just don't comment.

    About the video:
    The title is misunderstood, what she means with this song his to people understand that she didn't change since 2002, she is the same person she was back then. (This beacause people for the last 10 years were horrible for her, talked shit that didn't make any sense but were news all over the world anyway). So YES, she likes to do things that she loved when she was 17, so what? We LIKE IT. You don't? OKAY, MOVE ON! You saying "Avril PLEASE, GROW UP BITCH" will change anything? WELL, NOT REALLY :) She is like this cause we LIKE IT, and she is being herself. And 11 years later i saw this video and i felt the same why when i saw "Complicated" for the first time.


  4. Randi says – reply to this


    holy crap Perez just gave a reference to Doctor Who!

  5. Ash says – reply to this


    I love it! She's awesome!

  6. LuckyBoy says – reply to this


    So much hate… She's beautiful! I loved to see her like 2002, it's to ser her young as always! her face didnt changed nothing

  7. GARY says – reply to this


    I liked the video a lot, she looks gorgeus, nice to see her oufit like her firsts videos

  8. Fuck perez says – reply to this


    In case u missed it she mocking all of u haters who say she never grew up like u stupid Perez don't you see she's just giving u a big fuck u to ur face and everyone saying that duh

  9. 9

    Such hate for women, Perez, such hate.

  10. Becca xoxo says – reply to this


    This song is clearly meant to be ironic; she is making fun of herself and the way people view her. I think people don't give her enough credit. She is being true to herself and not giving in to Hollywood pressures. LOVE HER!… and you know what-who does want to grow up lolz!

  11. 11

    Hate it, hate everything about it. I'm not misinterpreting the title, I'm not misunderstanding her cleverness, I don't think she's a sell out…she's just plain terrible. Her marriage to the lead singer of Nickleback will be the joining of two of the most cringe-worthy acts in the music industry. At least they found eachother.

  12. BC says – reply to this


    I get all the supposed irony. But this woman is almost 30 and working on her second marriage. Maybe try something not as obvious?

  13. Fox says – reply to this


    Fuck you, Perez! Avril is the best!!! Contente-se com isso viado de merda!

  14. Bless says – reply to this


    Perez you're still a bully I see. You say avril is acting childish in this video yet you're still throwing shade like a teenage school girl. I love your site and I love you but seriously show some class when writing stories. Stay neutral.

  15. EVIL LAVITCH says – reply to this


    Hello suckers! I'm Avril known as Evil Lavitch, please buy this single douchebags cuz I'm such a flop since 2006, nobody cares about me ! Even Canadians hate me, IDK why I just spit on journalists, and diss fans like latin community, even I pushed Kelly Clarkson, you know ? I dissed Christina and Britney too because of their slutty imagen but a after a few years I knew that I was the biggest whore and I decided to take off my clothes to show my tiny and disgusting body, please suckers buy my single, don't let my single become the second goodbye flopbally which already said goodbye on billboard! I hate y'all because I'm a mean drunk ill slut, I feel like a 16 yo but I'm almost 30. Goodbye I need to get drunk and diss so much people as possible.

  16. 16

    I like her songs, I like her, but she has not grown or evolved as an artist.

  17. 17

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  18. Mitch says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton you are a fat loser! stop hating on Avril considering she is a lot cooler and more successful than you will ever be. not to mention i've never heard someone be so bi polar with her. one minute you love her the next you hate her. its contarictory at a new level. get a real life a stop living in the life of every celeb!! p.s best music video ever!! Nice one Av!

  19. Jessica says – reply to this


    SHUT UP!!! Avril is perfect just the way she is and that's not her skater board self thats who she is. She is amazing and has been my role model for years. What makes her so unique is the fact that she is brave enough to be exactly who she is and doesn't let society tell her who she should be. If you were a true fan Perez you would check yourself using words like immature and drunken teenager when describing a hero like her.