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Jay Leno's Tonight Show Ratings BOOM Confuses The Hell Out Of NBC Execs Trying To Can Him!

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Like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football, NBC just whiffed again!

In the past year, the flailing network needlessly torpedoed Ann Curry's career, completely bumbled the coverage of the Olympics, and even announced the premature death of astronaut rock legend Neil Young!

Replacing Jay Leno on The Tonight Show with the younger Jimmy Fallon is just about the only thing they did right!!

…Or did they?!

As it turns out, Jay's sweeps ratings are in and they're phenomenal. He is CRUSHING David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel right now!

Mr. Fallon is winning the 12:35 slot with Late Night, but his numbers aren't nearly as favorable!!

Uh oh!! Positive ratings might put NBC in quite the pickle!! Mmmm, PICKLES!!

Do U think they'll really yank their only hot tamale OR will NBC backtrack again and extend a contract to holographic Jay through 2085?

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19 comments to “Jay Leno's Tonight Show Ratings BOOM Confuses The Hell Out Of NBC Execs Trying To Can Him!”

  1. 1

    Note to NBC, he has always had good ratings and usually is number one in his time slot. NBC is so stupid. Fallon is perfect where he is and Jay is perfect at his slot time. NBC is the worst run network.

  2. 2

    i can not understand why they have been in a rush to push jay out. johnny carson had the show til he retired. you don't see cbs trying to tell letterman that his time is up. it makes no sense!

  3. 3

    Leno is horrendous, but it has never made sense to get rid of him. Any fan of Fallon though should want him to stay at 12:30, look at Conan now, almost unwatchable, and the shows not even technically that different from his Late Night show. At least he's gonna keep the show in NYC, won't be as lame at the Tonight Show.

  4. 4

    Re: jordanna – Letterman owns his show.

  5. Kurin says – reply to this


    And the passed hartfields and McCoy. Idiots..

  6. Lenaaa says – reply to this


    OMG it's not about ratings you fool. It's about SALARY.

  7. RachelleB says – reply to this


    I don't blame Leno or Conan for this debacale, its ALL NBC! They started this whole thing … Leno's been #1 in the ratings for decades now… why fix something thats NOT broken?! It's the one effing show on that network that has shown stability… instead of focusing on the other crap they have they decide to rattle this ship! So STUPID! Crazy this is the same network that gave us Fresh Prince, Seinfeld, Friends, Cheers, Will and Grace…. just crazy!

  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    A mea culpa, gas card and mo' money for Jay ought to do it.

  9. val says – reply to this


    LENO IS THE BEST AND THE NICEST OF ALL. NBC is dumb and taking the show to NY is putting guys out of work and watch .. for what… I like Fallon ok but never next to Leno .. there is no comparison .. i HOPE LENO GETS ON FOX IN THE SAME TIME SLOT AND WE WILL ALL FOLLOW HIM AND EMPTY THE OTHER DUDS OUT … as for Conon O'Brien, he was never good and he chased us away so he's fine where he is .. we never have to see him .. he's the worst. LENO IS THE BEST AND WE SHALL FOLLOW HIM EVERYWHERE BUT WILL NEVER WATCH NBC CAUSE OF WHAT THEY'VE DONE TO LENO AND US .. WE LOVE LENO

  10. 10

    NBC stupid to let Jay Leno go. If the ratings are still high then let him stay!

  11. Jaysmithbiatch says – reply to this


    Fallon is funny…but his fake giggles bug

  12. 12

    NBC programming boss, Paul Telegedy, is the most incompetent TV exec in the history of television. Really. "Smash" was he most expensive PR launch in TV history and it flopped BIG TIME. "Apprentice" is an embarrassing joke and the list of high-profile failures is huge.

    Then, instead of taking the "Smash" failure like a man (i.e. canceling it) he renewed it. INSANE! He got LUCKY with "The Voice" but as soon as his new bosses figure out how to read ratings and profits reports, Telegdy will be OUT!

  13. 13

    Re: Lenaaa – Uh, speaking of "fools," it's about ratings AND salary. The two are NOT mutually exclusive.

  14. Will Roth says – reply to this


    Jay`s on top of the ratings, so as the saying goes "If it`s not broken, don`t fix it". Hope Comcast can do something about NBC`s executive tomfoolery.

  15. 15

    maybe they should axe the execs, just saying.

  16. K.Little says – reply to this


    NBC is making is HUGE mistake letting a great show. . .Jay Leno, Tonight Show. . .go, and replace it with a jerk like Jimmy Fallon. Look at Jay Leno's audience, a good mix of young and older. Jimmy Fallon will appeal to 12 year olds. If they let Jay Leno go, that is the end of watching NBC for us.

  17. Jimmyd says – reply to this


    Re: michaelz – Do you realize that Leno took a large pay cut on his last contract. He did it partly; to save the jobs of the staff that he has always been loyal to. How much less than fifteen million do you think they are paying Fallon on his new contract? Its costing millions more to build Fallon a new studio than it would cost to keep Leno!

  18. jimmyd says – reply to this


    Like him or not; Jay Leno is number one because he appeals to the largest segment of the Late Night audience. Jimmy Fallons style is too vastly different than Leno,s to retain a big part of Jay Leno,s Tonight Show viewers. Jimmy,s show is better at the later hour. Following Jay Leno,s Tonight Show has always been a stable career opportunity. Fallon will find that being successful after taking over for Jay will be much more difficult!

  19. Marilyn Regan says – reply to this


    we love ours jay and we want are jay to stayed don't replace him with that clown jimmy fallon he not funny and he is boring i will never watch his show,