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Justin Bieber Wanted By Dubai Police After Driving A Lamborghini Like A Beast Outta Hell?!

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justin bieber speeding illegal driving in dubai


Justin Bieber might be in more trouble!

So, he’s already dealing with spitgate and a bunch of unhappy fans over various concert issues, and now he’s feeling the heat over a driving matter?!

When will this rebel phase end??

As if anyone is shocked to hear the Biebs’ latest dramz involves a speedy car, you might be shocked to hear it involves HIM driving the car, not one of his many friends.

It seems the Biebs was just out for a nice, casual spin in a Lamborghini while visiting Dubai when he somehow found himself in a shizz ton of issues!

Not only did he set off SIX speed cameras during this casual spin, but he’s not even old enough to hire the car and apply to drive it there!

You read that right, the Biebs is still two years too young!

Now he might be getting veerrrry familiar with the police there as he could be questioned about the whole possibly illegal sitch.

Poor Biebsy…he just can’t stay away from those pesky cops!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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