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Captain Hook May Be Changing His Mind In Once Upon A Time's Finale! Watch Clip HERE!

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The Once Upon A Time finale is just a few days away, but the fate of Storybrooke hangs in the balance. In fact, the stakes are now so high that lives are willing to be sacrificed in the process.

We’re not even entirely sure who’s on which side. Is Captain Hook really bad? Is Regina really good?

As shown in the sneak peek (above), Tamara and Greg inform Captain Hook of their destructive plans a la Regina’s diamond, and though Hook doesn’t exactly get in the way, he sure sounds reluctant.

Ch-ch-check it out and see if you can guess where his loyalty lies.

Perhaps he’s not as bad as we thought he was?!

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2 comments to “Captain Hook May Be Changing His Mind In Once Upon A Time's Finale! Watch Clip HERE!”

  1. 1

    I think Hook could be the one to warn everyone about what Tamara and Greg are up to. I’m anxious to find out for sure, and I’m glad that I won’t miss the finale, with my DISH Hopper. Working the night shift at DISH, I have my DVR set up so it records every primetime show on the four major networks. Considering the amount of shows I watch, it’s nice that I never have to worry about time overlaps getting in the way.

  2. 2

    The writers of this show have been getting themselves out of painted corners all season with the old theater trick of "Deus Ex Machina" (translated: Act of God). The 'fail safe' or whatever they call it in the curse that created Storybrooke is just a recent example. We who have followed and loved the show are supposed to believe that the curse, which Rumple\Gold provided to Regina back in Fairytale Land, somehow was infused with this 'undo' exit by Regina before she unleashed it. She had not the power to create the curse but had the power to modify it?? And Rumple\Gold knew nothing about it (he and Regina being the only two in Storybrooke who recalled the past) This is just the phone call the comes suddenly at a point in a play when all the characters are stumped as to what to do next. The message gives the show a push, and things move ahead. It's a lazy technique and makes for a wtf when employed. This season has had far too many of those moments. I will be shocked if it is renewed.