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Il Volo Covers One Direction’s Little Things! Watch It HERE & Decide Who Did It Better!

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Boyband overload!

As if One Direction’s Little Things wasn’t already AH-Mazing enough, it’s getting reworked by another group of cute youngsters, Il Volo!

The teen operatic trio brought down the house when they serenaded their fans with this lovely song.

Can you feel the hearts melting in the audience?!

While 1D’s version is perfectly, wonderfully boyband-ish, Il Volo definitely puts a fancy twist on it!

Those vocals are insane and the same lovin’ feeling we got from 1D is most definitely there.

Ch-ch-check it out (above)!

Whose version do YOU like better??

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63 comments to “Il Volo Covers One Direction’s Little Things! Watch It HERE & Decide Who Did It Better!”

  1. sophie says – reply to this


    i dont like their version 1D foreva !!!!!

  2. Angie says – reply to this


    Il volo!!

  3. lola says – reply to this


    il volo

  4. Didi says – reply to this


    Il volo!!

  5. IRIS says – reply to this


    Il Volo is perfect

  6. Tamara Cruz says – reply to this


    personalmente me encanta la versión de Il Volo, aunque reconozco que ambas son excelente, cada una con estilo diferente y que da placer escucharlas!
    Il Volo nos deja una bella versión para que un enamorado le de una serenata de balcón a su amada…
    1D sin embargo nos deja una versión para enamorados mas jóvenes ideal para cantarla al oido…

  7. aga says – reply to this


    Il Volo's version is more romantic, but Im not hating on 1D they are more boyish, but I don't really listen to them. Il Volo league they had mature voices from a really young age if im not mistaken 14-15 they could already deliver some amazing aries.
    p.s. Im not one of the "older Il Volovers" Im 16 but When I can tell when someone has talent and Il Volo is definitely Going places just listen to their new song ”Mas Que Amor” or their Jose Jose ”El Triste” cover and they have toured With Barbara Straisand recorded songs with Eros Ramazzoti,Belinda and Maestro Placido Domingo and they did it all whan their ages were 18, 19, 18 and this is only the begining of their career I belive they are going to be world famous one day, and why not they got the looks the voices and they are italian ;D

  8. Franci96 says – reply to this


    Awwwww that was amazing! They're so good!
    #proudtobeitalianrightnow :)

  9. andrea says – reply to this


    I don't like it at all…I'm not saying Il volo It's bad, they have amazing voices but one direction Is just…..*perfection*…1D FOR EVER!!!!!

  10. melina says – reply to this


    Il Volo¡ son tenores y muy pocos en el mundo pueden decir que tienen ese talento, sus voces son INCREIBLES, a mi me gusta mas esta versión, y no solo esta canción sino cada una de las que interpretan se convierten en obras de arte. su música es maravillosa y única.

  11. Shaky tala says – reply to this


    One direction is much better maybe because I heard the song from them first . :) one direction rocks.

  12. johnny says – reply to this


    IL VOLO IS THE BEST!!!!!!! It's for this guys to be recognized around the world :)

    Kisses from Brazil

  13. Linda says – reply to this


    Il Volo!!!

  14. adriana says – reply to this


    Il volo!!!!! Love them

  15. Yenesis says – reply to this


    It is a Beautiful interpretation by @ILVOLO is my favorite
    Love It So much,singing as laways wonderful sounds like a master piece of love
    IL Volo= gnazio Piero & Gianluca = Love Amor Amore Ai ♥

    a colaboration with One Direction it would be fantastic
    ( I love Il VOLO & One diretion)

  16. Denisse says – reply to this


    mm well everybody is going to say that 1D is better and that they dont like Il Volo's version because they heard 1D first, and of course the voices are very different, but personally I'm in love with the Il Volo one, I didn't knew about this guys, but now that I'm listening to them WOW its amazing, they have really good voices, you can't compare 1D's voices to the Il Volo's voices, you just can't everyone has its own style.. and that's why maybe people it's going to react not in a good way about this cover, but I personally Im in love, gotta buy this guys CD's right now!!

    Keep going IL VOLO :)

  17. Liza says – reply to this


    IL Volo is the Very, Very, BEST! BRAVO

  18. May González says – reply to this


    Of course I gotta go with IL VOLO, they are totally amazing, I mean maybe it can sound a little weird for Directioners because they are not used to hear this song with this voices, but I mean everyone has its own style, gotta open your mind for new versions, for me I think it was amazing!!

    Il Volover for ever! <3

  19. Liza says – reply to this


    B R A V O !!! IL Volo is the very B E S T, The BEST and Amazing Singers Ever, Thanks, Piero, Gian, Ignazio, guys it is TRUE, A Italian Voice Stay the Best in the world,

  20. Elsa says – reply to this


    I'll Volo is the Best in the world ,The Best Singers comes from Italy. Absolutely, No on sing's like you, Bravo, Piero, Gian, Ignazio, We Love,and Supporte You Always.

  21. Lianne says – reply to this


    Dear Piero, Gianluca, Ignazio, My Compliment, for you AMAZING Voices, and Music, No any singer, have a voice like you, hugs and kisses.

  22. Maria says – reply to this


    Hey guys ,Amazing, What A Voices you have, and Charisma!!! Who's The Best? IL Volo Absolutely, I'm Maria from Netherland, We hope that you comes to us Country again (Soon??)

  23. Mandy says – reply to this


    Amazing, Amazing, You Are, and Stay the Best in the world.

  24. Leonora says – reply to this


    The Best Singers Living in Italy!!!!!!!!!!! WOW, This Voices Amazing, Kisses from Amsterdam/ Olande

  25. Leonore says – reply to this


    Greetings from Amsterdam, You are the very ,very, very Best Singers in the world. <3<3<3

  26. Petra says – reply to this


    Dear Singers !!You are the Best!! God give you this talent, and you never know, how much color you bring, to my life, with you're music.Ciao.

  27. Betty says – reply to this


    IL Volo,ABSOLUTELY, Bravo, Amigo's, You are the Best Singers in the world.

  28. Patty says – reply to this


    I L V O L O is PERFECT!!!Love you guys.

  29. Carry says – reply to this


    ABSOLUTELY IL Volo, is the Best in the world!!!!!!!!!! ((

  30. Leon says – reply to this


    And the Best from all is… IL Volo, Bravo.

  31. Jhon says – reply to this


    Perfect IL Volo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!

  32. Andrè says – reply to this


    IL Volo, For Ever!! And the Best!!

  33. Charlie says – reply to this


    IL Volo is Perfect, Italian Voices they are the best in the world.

  34. Jeanne says – reply to this


    Wonderful, AMAZING, Bravo, For the Best Singers!!

  35. Sunny says – reply to this


    There is really no comparison. 1D does a good job for the audience that it attracts. Il Volo, however, actually sings the song instead of talking half way through it. They are in two different leagues and it is really not fair to put 1D against the powerhouse of Il Volo.

    I LOVE IL VOLO……….

  36. carmen says – reply to this


    amo a il voloo ILVOLOVER FOREVER YESS

  37. Nannu says – reply to this


    Il Volo :)

  38. Samm says – reply to this


    Okay, the 1D fans, just because it's a different version doesn't mean you have to say "OMG THEY SUCK!" It just shows the reason why people don't like you kind of fans…it's embarrassing to the 1D fanbase. I love this version a little more but that doesn't mean I'm gonna say 1D sucks. Grow up.

  39. Gaby says – reply to this


    you're making us choose!?? I love one direction and I love il volo and their cover! :) both <3

  40. Julieta says – reply to this


    Il Volo! Ignazio, Piero and Gian have BEAUTIFUL voices! They are better than 1D =)

  41. GIULIANA says – reply to this


    I think both versions are good, but personally I like the version of IL VOLO! Great voices, incredible vocal quality, excellent performance!!!

  42. Anette says – reply to this


    I personally think that the voices are VERY different. I think Il Volo made it in such a way that it sounds beautiful and SO romantic… I'm an Ilvolover but I don't hate 1D!
    They are both awesome :)

  43. indi says – reply to this


    i love one direction,but is most romantic Il Volo's version, il volo is the best :)

  44. Alex says – reply to this


    I'm a fan of both groups. I like Il Volo's version, it gives it more of a romantic and operatic feel and you sense a hint of emotion as they sing it, but the originals are always the best. :)

  45. GIULIANA says – reply to this


    I think both versions are very good, but personally I like the version of IL VOLO! Great voices, incredible vocal quality, excellent performance!!!

  46. 46

    I love Il Volo's version more, three different voices, one sole, and they sing with so much passion and excitement, they make you feel like they are singing to you

  47. Il Volo Gem says – reply to this


    Il Volo is amazing … no one can touch them vocally !!

  48. Directioner says – reply to this


    To be honest, this song makes 1D look bad.
    Didnt like their version.

    -Directioner foreverr

  49. 49

    Il Volo is tops! Their vocal talent is so far superior to ANY other singers on the world stage today. They could "sing the phonebook" and make it sound wonderful!!

  50. Ideth says – reply to this


    IL VOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. kathleen says – reply to this


    IL Volo is amazing, I don't listen to 1D

  52. Jeanine says – reply to this


    IL VOLO brings so much more sweetness and refinement to this beautiful song! While 1D does a nice job in the final phrasing, in my estimation, IL VOLO's performance far surpasses 1D's.

  53. L says – reply to this


    One direction is better. I just don't like Il Volo's voices for this song, they are a bit too much for it.

  54. grace says – reply to this


    um…not hating on il volo but i personally think 1D's version was better…now i know ppl are gonna think that i have no taste in music and that im only saying this bcx im a fan or that i heard that first but that's not the case…i think this because little things isn't the type of song to be sung by opera singers or anything close to that. Its supposed to be soft and light…not deep and hard or something ang=d even though il volo's version is also great i like 1D's version better

  55. oli says – reply to this


    Il Volo!!!

  56. Laurena says – reply to this


    Il Volo totally shows One Direction how its done. I'm so proud to be an Il Volover!!!

  57. fernanda says – reply to this


    definitely il volo!

  58. aledolores says – reply to this


    il volo talking about little things, bieber and zayn malik :) buy mas que amor!

  59. Tania says – reply to this


    Il Volo's is another level! It takes you to heaven <3 <3

  60. maria says – reply to this


    Il volo sings it better they have better voices and im not hating on 1d but you cant compare the two il volo blows them out of the water.

  61. 61

    Il Volo!

  62. maria says – reply to this


    i love il volo es el mejor grupo del mundo!!!!!

  63. joana says – reply to this


    me gusta tu comentario