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Chris Brown SPOTTED With KARRUECHE! Getting Wild Together Post Rihanna Split!!

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chris brown karrueche tran wildjam concert

WHEN will they learn??

Karrueche Tran should know better by now.

Despite his very public decision to choose Rihanna over her months ago, Karrueche has seemingly decided to hop on Chris Brown's love boat again now that he and RiRi are no longer dating.

The two were spotted by multiple eye-witnesses at Wild 94.9's annual Wild Jam, setting the internet ablaze with the photo you see above.

We heard Kar was a big reason behind Breezy's latest split with Rih, but it seems things are even more serious now. And quite frankly, we find it REALLY unfortunate for everyone involved.

The day following the jam, Chris tweeted something disgusting:

Now, whether he tweeted that in a response to all the hype over his sighting with Kar last night or he's just adding more dramz to the Rih speculation, we don't know.

But either way, he's making a loaded accusation that we find QUITE hypocritical seeing as how he's been known to flirt with every woman this side of the Hollywood Hill and then some!

Time will tell what's to come from this, but we gotta go all PSA here and just say this one final thought (for this post at least):

GURLS! He's playing you both! Drop him FOR GOOD!!

[Image via Twitter.]

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30 comments to “Chris Brown SPOTTED With KARRUECHE! Getting Wild Together Post Rihanna Split!!”

  1. 1

    Karrueche Tran is really pathetic, isn't she? She's the "consolation prize," yet again.

  2. Ashpie says – reply to this


    Every1 is rooting for Rihanna and Chris to get together. But when its Karrueche, she gets told to drop him? or get called pathetic.. This is a NORMAL ASS RELATIONSHIP. Almost high school-ish. Rihanna probably a bitch and a hoe to deal with for Chris. Karrueche probably the ex, friend, lover type to Chris. Everything done in the dark comes to light. Just like the whole abuse incident. YALL DONT KNOW. Rihanna couldve BEEN slapping ,biting, hitting on Chris. And the abuse in their relationship came to light, but it was the wrong time, Chris flipped and had the light on him. Rihanna isnt no fuckin Queen she aint shit but a woman who still tryna search for happiness while acting young.
    THIS IS SO NORMAL. The media should do research into what goes on in YOUNG ADULT RELATIONSHIPS. AND ALL MY OPINION IS BASED OFF WHAT IS FEED TO ME. Go Karrueche & Chris tho #teamtaurus

  3. 3

    Get Tested Girl….Ri-Whoranna & Sleazy are seriously mentally ill & drug addicts….GET TESTED!i

  4. Ashpie says – reply to this


    Oh and lay off. Its called Love. Nothing ever is right or make sense in Love. AND THEIR FUCKIN HUMANS!!!!!

  5. JamesV says – reply to this


    I guess being with a groupie (K) is prob a lot easier then being with a SUPER STAR! I'm sure he gets more of a ego boost with karrueche.

  6. 6

    Re: Ashpie – I agree 100% - the abuse was definitely two way, and he 'got caught'. That's why she keeps getting back together with him - she knows she is as guilty as he is! They are acting way too high school for me.

  7. melissa says – reply to this


    He really needs help. I think his main problem is that he can't deal with Rihanna's success. It irritates him that Rihanna is loved & everywhere he goes, he is asked about her. The fact that he gets asked about Rihanna all the time, he feels people devalue him as a person and as artist. So what does he do, he resorts to trashing her. He really needs to take a good look at himself>

  8. tracy says – reply to this


    Im team K. She makes Chris a better man. Rih and him are just TOXIC!!! They should just end it for ever!!

  9. Gabo says – reply to this


    Re: tracy – I am a Riri fan but it's Nonsense to claim CB's jealous of her success!! CB has stayed rich and relevant despite the hostile media campaign to end his career. She, riri went after him - 1st by remixes and later via Oprah.
    I think she struggles to invest proper time like Bey&Palthrow in relationships - she puts money and makes grand gestures but you nee time to get trust back!!
    She tried to rush Ashton Kutcher by taking paps to his house late one night - she might like Jlo & Madonna have to pick a dancer she can travel around with like a pet dog!!

  10. 10

    Chris brown needs to ho somewhere and sit the fuck down and choke on a big one and for karrueche with her gold diggin wanna be famous self she need to go sit down at a table and eat to gain some weight both of them discuss me im glad rihanna has moved on she deserves better than thing onr and thing two

  11. Lulu says – reply to this


    Re: Ashpie – yes I am sure rihanna said or did something to him for him to snap but how he brutally beat het is uncalled for. It took a lot for rihanna to forgive him. He could have killed her. She was such a fool to go back. But she thought he was the love of her life. He used her to get his image back she supported him in court and once again he was doing Chris he's selfish and yes RiRi is also. But went put on a lim for him. And karreuche is such a fool he broke up with her for rihanna. He's just gunna break her heart but she's just asking or it

  12. Lulu says – reply to this


    Re: purplesprings – couldn't agree more hes using her like he uses everyone.

  13. 13

    THAT HOE LOOK LIKE A SKELETON. How u feelin' K, being hated by all 20 MILLION rihanna fan??? YOU'RE A SHAME TO ALL WOMEN! damn I hate that biotch who is she anyways?????

  14. CrowdAlbum says – reply to this


    1190 pics from the WildJam show!

  15. Tara says – reply to this



  16. Susanne says – reply to this


    Gotta be kind here….not easy for Rihanna and Chris right now, they love each other but the fact is Karrueche Trans is better suited to Chris…..Rihanna needs a different type of man, hopefully she is just completing with Chris so she can move on….not easy for either of them, cause it has to be done……strong connection, strong attraction….but not for ever, gotta move on…..nothing to judge, just the way it is……more painful for Rihanna though, she's a pisces girl, soft and tender at heart…..

  17. Susanne says – reply to this


    It's sad but has to go this way…..not possible for Rihanna and Chris to stay together, check our their composite astrological charts, great attraction, great sex..but different needs, not possible for them….Karrueche Tran is better suited to Chris…..just is…..look at their charts…..still it is painful for Chris and Rihanna cause they love each other and have to separate and have to go through this phase now…..Chris is basically a one woman man, ok he's young and flirts but it is in his chart, he is solid in this way but not with RiRi, they have an aspect on the chart which brings up violence and can only be handled by being totally aware……it's not on the cards or needed, RiRi has another man coming in for her…..trust in yourself RiRi, you have just completed with Chris, the love will always be there but not for this life….

  18. 18

    had to happen karreuche is way better looking

  19. LadyS says – reply to this


    Watching Drama on fold..Hes doing him Rihanna need to ignore him completely. Chris need to ignore her time to be mature.. Obvious your not meant to be and jealousy is a ugly monster closure time and therpy

  20. PurpleClouds says – reply to this


    TEAM K ! When K and Chris was together, you really didn't hear much about Chris getting into fights that much but like 2 times, he didn't smoke, & any of that with her. BUUUUT when he was with Rihanna, he did a WHOLE 180. Me personally, he needs to date K again. She is good for him. I could actually see him marry her. Rihanna is just trash and needs to get her shit together

  21. Renee says – reply to this


    Who didn't see the end for them coming when they reunited. Shocking she gave him another chance to begin with but she believed in them. Rihanna you were a victim and tried to make sometime work that was totally already broken, repeated the same mistake. Now your feed his ego showing your jealous and still care. Please close this chapter and focus on your family, music and fans. Chris needs to do the same-thing move on whisper into a bottle and case all the hurt in to a ocean of forgetfulness..history done over dead. Take your time find true love or let your king find you@Rihanna PeaceLoveHappieness

  22. Cam says – reply to this


    Lol why is Breezy's tweet an accusation? Rihanna whores around all the time, even when she is still with CB. Karrueche is way prettier than Rihanna anyways, not crazy, and down to earth which CB needs. Also Rihanna success? All her hit songs weren't even written by her. The girl fucked her way into the business starting with Jay-Z. It's funny seeing people support Rihanna not knowing what a manipulative whore she really is. She instigated that 09' incident and nearly destroyed CB's career. I bet he regrets ever meeting her, let alone a relationship with that whore.

  23. 23

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  24. RihannaNavy says – reply to this


    How many times has Rihanna PUBLICLY professed her love for Chris Brown? How many times has he done that for her? He beat and humiliated her, then continuously throw kekachue in her face by working with her and sneaking around with her at parties!! And he's calling rihanna the hoe??! Im so threw with chris brown. He should be licking rihannas toes as far as im concerned, kissing the grounds she walks on. Then hes mad bc she was touring?? Uhh she has to work chris brown. Hes jealous of her success, and the fact the she really doesnt need him. She chose to love him, and he knows he doesnt deserve her love. He and kareoke can have each other. Yes breazy wife up your groupie. #boybye #rihannacandobetter

  25. FakeAss's says – reply to this


    I do feel for Rihanna, with all her fame and money she can't have want she really wants! From her posting pics of the two of them I always felt she was more in love with him than her, well she must have been to back to an abusive partner from the past that is! Ipersonaly I was happy for them getting back together, I thought they made an awesome team both young gorgeous and talented artists in their fields, but now I don't respect CB he took the pee out of Rih for so long and like me I'm sure all of you knew he was dipping his wick into Kahoochie all along! Whenever Rih would turn her back hello there would be pics Kahoochie would post in his room or wherever he had gone for video shoots in different states! I think she was a pain up the rectum never letting Rih and chris have a chance! It brasses me off coz she getting all this attention and publicity big birthday bashes put on for her in clubs etc when she has no talent but spreading her butt cheeks for a celeb! You nothing but a glorified whore Kahoochie! That is all!

  26. FakeAss's says – reply to this


    Re: Renee – well said! I totally agree, I hope she finds true love with a real man. Of course CB is going to bag her about sleeping around! But with all the paparazzi following her I'm sure they would have snapped more of her and her infidelities before now! Like all the pics of Chris and Karruche hiding in the background or of them leaving the same club or her tweeting where she is which coincidently are the same place or country Chris is! I mean really how many average run if the mill girls would be doing that it's not like she's performing! She does nothing but get her nails done and get ready to dress up to reel in her man!

  27. Lavender girl says – reply to this


    Re: Lulu – well I think Karruche knows Chris is a whore bag but she endures it for the fame. and if she keeps letting him into her life that's her problem! My thoughts are, that Rih found out about his and Kae's bullshit, finally had enough , ended their relationship, he's got nasty and started sending accusing tweets and has gone back to Karruche because Rih has seen him for what he truly is……A Rat! And don't want him no more! I believe the next man for her she will deeply fall in love with and it will succeed as she would have finally put the Chris Brown love she always had for him to rest, so she will be able to move on and be truly happy! I can't wait till the day that happens and CB will see what he truly missed out on and treated terribly!

  28. Brenda says – reply to this


    Re: RihannaNavy

  29. maxxs says – reply to this


    Karrucheeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Get yours! Groupie or not! Get IT!! Chris, good Rih-dance!#outwiththehoe Rihanna, see all the $$igns$$ you want, you have always been one step away from the gutter. forget us haters, you are a disgrace to your mother and that Dolly grandma of yours. Keep whoring tho. Its a good look for you #guttertrash

  30. Chris brown is better. says – reply to this


    Re: maxxs – yassssssss!!!!!!!!!