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20 comments to “twitter-two-of-my-favorite-things”

  1. turned off says – reply to this


    Ew. I'm so worried about that poor baby. Where, oh Where, is he going to learn about class? Who's going to teach him compassion, or manners for that matter? Who's going to lead him by example? Not You Perez. You're a vulgar, classless, bully with nothing to teach except what NOT to do. How's a baby going to understand that. The child hasn't got a chance.

  2. 2

    Daddy, how come you're such a deuesch bag pig? All the kids in my junior high make fun of me, thanks ever so much for making my life sooo fucking miserable that I just want it all to end.

  3. 3

    Re: turned off – He is already being a bully asshole to his child. He has no clue, or just doesn't give a shit, how much his child will suffer in school. I don't want to be rude, but that poor child will need serious help at a young age to prevent him from doing something drastic t

  4. 4

    Re: turned off
    MORE, I hope the child survives his travails, and does not end his pain.

  5. Rose says – reply to this


    Disgusting. Just revolting.

  6. Tara says – reply to this


    This is deplorable. You haven't changed. You just claim you have. I hope you teach your child to have more class than this :-/.

  7. snowy says – reply to this


    classic…more like 3 favourite things…. am I right….guys…..nailed it

  8. WhoopyPie says – reply to this


    Pervez is not a proper role model for a boy child. He just can't control himself. Even though that child is a baby now, some day he will see this all this crap. He will be so confused on why his "proud poppa" is such a f*a*g and why he was indoctrinated into a lifestyle he never wanted. I'm calling CPS.

  9. 9

    Oh PLEASE ALL OF YOU- HE LIKES COCK. SO? I like dick… and im sure my son or daughter will too. this is his blog and he is saying the truth. its his personality…. IF YOU LOOK AROUND THE WORLD THERE ARE A HELLUVA LOT WORSE SCENARIOS OUT THERE GOING ON OUT THERE THAT CHILDREN ARE BEING SUBJECTED TO. So just SHUT THE HELL UP already. Since you follow his blog all day long you know he posts all day long how he dotes on his kid & he has all the $$$ he will ever need. SHUT UP SHUT UP already all of you, YOU guys just love to complain THATS IT. dumb f#cks!!!

  10. 10

    Please someone take that baby.

  11. 11

    Wow. Epitome of taste.

  12. 12

    So tacky. Leave that for your private accounts and friends.

  13. polly says – reply to this


    Perez, why do you have to be so disgusting and continue to play to the lowest common denominator? You haven't changed at all. You need to get a real sense of humor and stop this 12 year old boy, pervy crap. And no, I'm not saying this because you're gay. I'm gay. And I'm sick of guys like you giving us all a bad name.

  14. Satori says – reply to this


    You are a dad now but you still act like a disgusting pervert. No one likes YOU, just you crappy site. So keep your pervert comments to yourself before I start telling everyone you are a pedophile!

  15. Satori says – reply to this


    Then I read the other comments and found out my opinion of this pervert is the majority opinion.Cool. Because this pedophile is a the scummiest person with a spotlight on him. feel so sorry for that baby. The future for perez is bleak, everyone hates him, he is a pedophile with a baby. poor pooor pooor pooooor baby

  16. Rose says – reply to this


    Re: turned off – That baby is going to be 'born this way' because the poor baby will have no choice.

  17. 17

    it always surprises me how many uptight conservatives follow perez's blog. gosh people there are so many other things in the world to actually get upset about. this is not one of them.

  18. Ron says – reply to this


    The not so secret source of Perez Hilton's weight loss

  19. 19

    umm.. that is very gross.

  20. 20

    Perez, you have a porn like site where you post the naked celeb pics. why don't you post this kind of shit there? i hace a 9 years old niece who loves your site… so frustrating!!!