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The Vampire Diaries Might Not Survive Graduation! Watch The Finale's Extended Promo HERE!

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Graduation is upon us!

We’re just a week away from The Vampire Diaries’ finale, but as the seniors at Mystic Falls High School gear up for the end of pre-college life, there are just too many other things worrying the town’s vampires!

Ghosts, Silas, the cure, oh my! Not to mention the fact that Bonnie (Kat Graham) is — SPOILER ALERT!!! –now dead!!

Yes, that’s right. Bonnie. Is. Dead. Poor thing thought she could defeat Silas AND bring back her lost loved ones — no such luck!

Ch-ch-check out the extended finale promo (above) for a quick peek at the impending chaos!

What will Mystic Falls do without its resident witch?! Who will be saved?!

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9 comments to “The Vampire Diaries Might Not Survive Graduation! Watch The Finale's Extended Promo HERE!”

  1. JD says – reply to this


    I don't think Bonnie is dead. I think Silas might just be using his mind tricks on her for now. I may be wrong but it's just a thought.

  2. Drow says – reply to this


    I am so sick and tired of elena. They are ruining this show by basing the whole story around this whinny twit. I used to like her now she is just plain old annoying and she drives me crazy. They had one show that barely showed her it was great now we are back to putting the spot light on her which is killing the show. I honestly do not care about seeing her or watching her cry and blubber on. Get rid of her

  3. Taki says – reply to this


    Eh, I personally really love Elena and enjoy seeing her going through the growing pains of being a vampire instead of being magically a super girl. I love it and I think she has every right to whine considering how much her family (that is dead) meant to her. But whatever, females are supposed to be quiet or superbly super.

  4. kam says – reply to this


    Re: Drow – LOl you have got to be kidding me:/ stop watching the damn show. Elenas the MAIN character, this show from the start, has been about her, damon and stefan. This IS elenas show. You need to get your facts straight.

  5. kam says – reply to this


    Re: Taki – I COMPLETELY agree. Everyone forgets how many people she has lost. Its actually nice to see the inner/outer vampire developing, we never saw that with the other characters. And because she is the main character, its important to show.. but that fails to phase most peoples heads!

  6. kam says – reply to this


    why do people forget that elenas the main character,and they have to show how a vampire develops which is also not easy when youve lost EVERYONE. Annoying? really? more like youre annoying for not understanding the concept and thinking deep.

  7. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    Re: JD

    JD, that might actually be the smartest comment ever, she might not actually be dead, just mind tricks? That's actually smart, because Silas is going to be in Season 5, she is alive in the promo, ether alive or as a ghost, but that is really smart, but that means she did drop the veil. SO interesting, but Jeremy might be alive, I hope Lexi wil be in "Graduation." But the writers have forgotten about 'Stefan N Elena's' love, they completely moved on to Damon, so it looks like Damon will end up with Elena, and Stefan will ether be with Lexi, or like Lexi hinted, Caroline, because Caroline is like a replacement for Lexi, his best friend, she makes him smile, and Lexi ships Stefoline, she thinks she's cute and seems to like Caroline with him. The writers completely just left Stefan out, honestly Elena belongs with Stefan, he knows how to calm her down, keep her safe, he's usually the one always protecting her, understands her, goes through what she went through, my god they ruined everything, to their 'own fan love'

  8. TheTruthKid says – reply to this


    Anyone else tired of 'Damon & Elena' relationship, it's funny because Stefan was the first to date Elena, actually have real feelings for her, and she did as well. Also, he was the one who could calm her down, was always protecting and saving her, always fought for her and risked himself for her, he also risked himself for his brothers life, more like the mature one. And then one day Elena becomes a vampire and he's only attracted to her because she looks like Katherine, is a vampire, and she was sired to him, and Stefan is the one trying for everything, while he is being pushed away. The writers completely left Stefan out, they don't even have 'special moments' like Stefan and Elena had, also Damon doesn't even want the cure. Also, everyone likes Damon because he's the bad boy, acts the strongest and shit, nope, if anyone remembers Ripper Stefan with his humanity off, they would know that Stefan is strong as fuck, and has the hottest Ripper voice ever, also he became the Ripper for Damon, he was the bad boy, he was the tough one, watch some clips, you will know the whole story.

  9. 9

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