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Katharine McPhee Speaks Out After Smash's Cancellation!

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smash gets cancelled katharine mcphee speaks out

It was no big surprise that NBC smashed Smashed to pieces.

But, it's still sad to see it go.

Yes, the network has finally let the show out of its misery and has cancelled it after two years of being on the air. NBC recently axed a slew of its network programming, so we had a feeling the show was on the chopping block.

But, what does the show's star, Katharine McPhee have to say about it?

Katharine said:

"Sure, I wish that it could have five more seasons, but we had two great seasons and all I can say is I loved every moment of it. I loved getting to the set, I loved the people, I loved my crew. We did amazing things on the show in two years.

With this business, you can never predict what people are going to like or love or hate. All I know is that when the show started and people were so excited about the pilot, I was excited to finally be a part of something that could showcase me. Everyone has perceptions about what you’re capable of and what you can do and this show was a huge gift."

Such positive words and what a great outlook. Here's to a new chapter, and let's keep our fingers crossed that her co-star, the oh-so-talented Megan Hilty continues to be on our screens, big or small!

[Image via NBC.]

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48 comments to “Katharine McPhee Speaks Out After Smash's Cancellation!”

  1. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    I only watched the first few episodes
    I think casting Debra Messing was a mistake, her character was too close to that of Grace
    I always expected, maybe hoped for seeing Jack show up for a try out, or seeing Karen
    sitting on the next bar stool

  2. annette tecce says – reply to this


    We LOVED you and could tell by your performance that you loved what you were doing. I voted on every pole and wrote to NBC. I never loved a show as much as this one. I smiled the whole time I was watching…otherwise I was crying

  3. lauren says – reply to this


    I still think Katherine McPhee is why this show failed. Casting her as a Broadway ingenue was just brainless. She can sing, sure - But she can sing pop music. She is not the best actress, either. They should have hired one of the numerous talented Broadway actresses for the role of Karen. Megan Hilty can do no wrong in my book, and I really think this should would have been off the charts without Katherine - she brought it down.

  4. 38543854 says – reply to this


    McPhee made it fail.

  5. liane says – reply to this


    Sorry but I totally loved Smash. Every character had a part in my enjoying the show. I think it is very sad that the show was axed. I looked forward to every week watching it.

  6. Fran says – reply to this


    Re: liane – I agree LOVE the show. Great characters

  7. Cassie says – reply to this


    I LOVED Smash! So very sorry to see it go. I loved the singing and dancing, but the character development was weak. I still loved it!

  8. 8

    I loved the show too. Even though I find Katherine McFee's character kinda annoying - I think the reason for the failure is the lack of direction in writing. The plot line seemed to fragment and go in too many directions. Too many guest characters did not help. But the best part of the show for me is Megan Hilty.

  9. js says – reply to this


    American Idol should snatch her up to be a Judge. She'd be perfect. Adam Lambert, Katharine McPhee and they should pay big $$ to get Carrie Underwood- to renew the country audience. She'd do it because she's so loyal to the show.

  10. Pallavi says – reply to this



  11. Georgina says – reply to this


    Love McPhee and Hilty, but any show with executives stupid or arrogant enough to put on that rancid, arrogant b'yatch Rosie O'Donnelll is doomed for failure. Good riddance.

  12. Milly says – reply to this


    Re: Georgina – AMEN!!!!

  13. 13

    The fact that she said, "I loved my crew" instead of "I loved THE crew" shows she's now crossed reality line and is now living in diva land.

  14. dukie says – reply to this


    One of the best shows ever, and McPhee was terrific! It will be years and years before we get to see another TV show in the U.S. that offers this level of talent … Oscar winners, Tony winners, great singers and composers…. I have no idea what more people wanted out of this but what a tragedy that we live in a time where honey boo boo is a success, and Smash can't find it's footing! I kept hoping till the end that it might turn around and find another season on NBC or elsewhere, but no such luck. I will remain a McPhee fan for many years to come.

  15. 15

    Messing was wrong wrong wrong for the part. She was so hard to watch. And that main blonde chick - she was hard to like. McPhee was really good. I hope she finds something else. Oh on the first few episodes with her boyfriend (that guy from MI5) - I loved their relationship - only at the beginning.

  16. Mauaizar says – reply to this


    Gosh this was such a good show i hope some other network take the project

  17. robin says – reply to this


    i love this show- im sad!

  18. Bee says – reply to this


    My husband and I LOVED this show!! Shame on you ABC, hopefully another net work picks it up!!!

  19. 19


  20. Tee says – reply to this


    I'm glad it is cancelled.

  21. 21

    They should get Katherine McPhee on American idol, and they could get her for cheap too. The girl can really sing, and she gives a great perspective on being successful after AI

  22. Marlene Emmett says – reply to this


    I LOVED SMASH!! Have watched it from the start!!
    Hoping that NBC will have a change of HEART over the Summer?
    Show was great, loved the cast, especially the guy who played Derek.
    He's the son of the actor NIGEL DAVENPORT, who starred with
    Vanessa REDGRAVE in "Mary,Queen of Scots" in 1971.
    Also would love to see "Bombshell" really come to Broadway???

  23. Nicole says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete – now that funny you should of watched a few more episode cause Jack did show up.

  24. ram says – reply to this


    I liked it fine. I watched mainly for McPhee and really liked her character! It's too bad it was cancelled since it was starting to get more interesting this last part of the season this time and we will end up with cliffhangers. Yes, Debra Messing was a bit hard to watch for some reason, but I liked how it wasn't all about Bombshell any more and was becoming about the people, too, and their lives behind the performances. Figures…I loved, loved A Gifted Man and out it went..sigh. Maybe I should just stop watching new shows so they don't get cancelled…lol.

  25. ram says – reply to this


    Oh, and referring to them as, "my crew" may have meant something different than you think. People say, "my posse" or "my gang", "my friends", my co-workers" all the time and don't mean they think they own them or are better than they are.

  26. india says – reply to this



  27. winnerduck says – reply to this


    I still think Megan Hilty is why this show failed. Casting her was just brainless. She can sing, sure - but her acting was so over the top. She was not on a stage, she was on tv therefore, she didn't need to make those ugly faces etc She is not the best actress, either. They should have hired one of the numerous talented Broadway actresses for the role of Ivy like Savanna Wise. I really think this would have been off the charts without Megan Hilty - she brought it down with her shoulder & boob shakes cuz that's all she can do.

  28. Yfo says – reply to this


    Reeeally sorry to see this show go. McPhee saved this show throughout and is te reason I watched. And Derek's character was the most interesting. I agree the plot strained a bit but this was a show I was always eager to watch. It deserved at least 3 or 4 seasons just to get more of the shows wthin the show. Hilty was ok ans I think Messing was fantastic. Se had one of the hardest parts. Anyway, will likely buy the seasons in dvd if theybcome out. Hope some other network is smarter.

  29. Kirstie says – reply to this


    So soooo gutted that they're cancelling this! I live in the uk and watch it religiously, it's not just American fans that will be disappointed but us lot over here too! I don't think it's anything to do with Katherine or Megan at all! I loved all the characters and loved seeing a behind the scenes sort of feel to broadway and the difficulties they all face. Makes you really appreciate it.. And I'm going to miss jack davenport so much! His character as Derek was perfect. No matter how slimy he could sometimes be you just can't help but to love him! I'd love to have a director like him!

    Thouroughly going to miss this show. Big mistake NBC !!

  30. john cline says – reply to this


    Smash was one of the best shows on television. It strove for astounding heights in terms of talent, both on screen and off. It's actors, singers, dancers, choreography, writing, direction, the stagecraft involved, was all stupendous for television. Katherine McPhee was stellar, as the classic young mid west girl with a voice, and Megan Hilty was always superb. Season one was extremely fulfilling, the battle to get the lead seemed real and rarely forced, and the stagings were especially good in the rehearsals. Bombshell's development felt wonderfully emotional and credible. I felt part of it. Season two, yes it did falter, and it's easy to see how difficult it would be to sustain, but I thought the idea of new talent and another show was just great. The end of this season feels rushed, now, as cancellation was immanent. But the luster of the show remains, and thank God it was with us for 2 seasons. I don't harbor ill feelings toward NBC for canceling, though the Saturday night time slot was death and that was a really sucky move to put their best quality show in that elephant graveyard of a time slot. Give it more of a chance! Not less! I also wish Americans could respond to quality programming like this more often. We'll watch The Voice in droves (terrible show) and leave this excellent and unusual show alone. Really too bad. I am saddened it's gone. But look forward to the final bittersweet episode to fill my senses next week. Thanks cast and crew! Great job!

  31. Jimmie's Mom says – reply to this


    One of the BEST shows on TV. Even my husband LOVED it! Looked forward to each episode and became genuinely invested in the characters. So much talent. I understand it took big bucks to produce and channels now are looking to "hook" viewers with cheap, unimaginative reality shows and cartoons….no "stars" to pay. The average viewer is not sophisticated enough for this type of show. Will tune away from NBC whenever possible! Best of luck to ALL the participants. BRAVO!

  32. robin says – reply to this


    I loved this show! I still have all the episodes from the first season saved. Also, second season too! I have watched the first season from start to finish at least 4 times. I'm sure I will do the same with the second. I think they made the second season with a little too many "twists and turns". I thought the acting was great and loved all the great voices! I'm so sad to see it end!

  33. pat says – reply to this


    There taking a great show off.They should leave TV shows that entertain you with singing and dancing and take off this stupid reality shows that make you sick to your stomach

  34. Fran says – reply to this


    I can't believe this I love smash its a great show what the hell are these stations thinking all the good shows are getting cancelled and there putting shows like Hannibal and the following people killing that's what they think is good UNBELIVABLE

  35. DILLIGAF says – reply to this


    Totally botched the first line of the article. They were trying to be clevery by saying "NBC smashed SMASH to pieces" but, instead, said "NBC smashed SMASHED to pieces." Editing fail.

  36. DILLIGAF says – reply to this


    @annette tecce. It looks like the writers had your same hopes! Jack DID appear in a few episodes of season 2. Jack McFarland pretty much played the same character he played on Will and Grace. It seems that he's been pigeon holed, or "type-cast" if you will… He added a little humor to the show, but it was short lived, as the production he was a part of was shut down after it's disaster of an opening night.

  37. DILLIGAF says – reply to this


    Whoops, that comment was supposed to be directed @Mr Pete

  38. DILLIGAF says – reply to this


    Also, I have to disagree that the show failed because of Kathryn McPhee. I think she has shown everyone that she is quite the versitile entertainer. She's got some great pipes and she's not too shabby of an actress either. I think the introduction of Jeremy Jordan's character "Jimmy Collins" is what caused the show to meet it's fate. He can't act to save his life, his voice is offensive to the trained ear, and his role as a whole is just plain obnoxious. Kathryn McPhee's character would never be attracted to someone like him. Neither his old self or his "reformed" self. I think they killed off the character of Kyle to try and draw some drama back to the show, but it failed to hit the intended mark. I had a little bit of sympathy for the loss of his character to the other characters on the show, but he was underdeveloped. The audience just didn't care enough about him for it to have a credible impact.

  39. DILLIGAF says – reply to this


    Of course I would make a spelling mistake when pointing out the errors of another. "Clevery" should have been "clever" My apologies.

  40. Diva says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete – funny thing is that Sean Hayes did make an appearance on Smash…in Season 2

  41. Jeff says – reply to this


    Re: Diva
    This was my favorite show of all time. I didnt know it was cancelled but realized it was ending. I have been this sad to see a show go off the air. The cast was perfect

  42. Sweets says – reply to this


    Re: Georgina – I will miss this show to and wow I thought Karen and jimmy were the best on the show I wasn't so find of Megan hilty but just her character but I will miss the show so much I loved it and thought they were all great take Simpsons off and put smash back on please

  43. Nicole says – reply to this


    It had a slow start but just when Smash was really getting really good it gets canceled. I really wanted to see Megan's character have the baby and be together with the Director baby daddy.

  44. Pam Tubb says – reply to this


    This is reason i don't watch shows on nbc. They always cancel them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Rebecca says – reply to this


    Re: winnerduck
    You do know Megan Hilty IS a broadway star right? I guess we all like different stuff, because Megan was the main reason I watched this show. She and Christian Borle were my favorite thing about the show.

  46. Duffy Johnson says – reply to this


    It tried to cash in on the success of 'Glee' but couldn't get past poor acting and contrived plots.

  47. maccagirl says – reply to this


    Re: india – I am a member of AARP and did not miss one Smash! I watch nothing else on NBC, so they can take a fricking leap. I loved all the principals, but admit that Messing was hard to watch sometimes. Fuck NBC

  48. hmf says – reply to this


    I loved Smash! The talented actors, the writing, the music and the fun - really great television entertainment! Angelica Huston was my FAVORITE! I missed the characters Ellis and Dev on the second season. They were devious and fun! I hope another network takes on this amazing show! Really sad to see it cancelled.