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Shooting At New Orleans Mother's Day Parade! 12 Reported Injured!

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new orleans shooting 12 injured

Tragic news today on such a special day!

In New Orleans, a shooting took place during a Mother's Day parade and allegedly left at least 12 people injured.

No deaths have been reported but the New Orleans police have reported they are searching for three suspects who might have been involved.

The suspects were reportedly spotted running from the location of the crime while two different guns were possibly used.

It is believed at this time that the youngest victim was a 10-year-old girl who suffered a graze wound in the shooting.

The injured people were in the "second line" of the parade which is when bystanders join in at the end to dance and walk with the rest of the parade.

We hope everyone injured will survive this horrible tragedy.

The story is still developing so stay tuned.

[Image via Chris Graythen/Getty Images.]

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22 comments to “Shooting At New Orleans Mother's Day Parade! 12 Reported Injured!”

  1. 1

    Yep you folks don't need gun control. But the sounds of it you have everything under control

  2. nola says – reply to this


    It wasn't a parade…it was a second line (very very different)…in the projects…by a group started by ghetto members of a defunct project. It is where NO ONE who has any sense would go…except ghetto thugs….see the common thread here?

  3. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Had not heard about this.
    Very glad there are no fatalaties, hope they catch the suspects

  4. teeter totter says – reply to this


    Had not heard about this.
    Very glad there are no deaths, hope they catch the suspects

  5. Levity says – reply to this


    Oh America, it is so sad that those ridiculous republicans will not acknowledge the need for gun control. Glad I don't live there, I feelso sad for those of you who do see the need for change.

  6. barb says – reply to this


    Good to see that the USA has everything under control….NOT!!!!!

  7. caravaggio flying says – reply to this


    Re: Levity – Hey shit head. This has been going on for years. I dont have to tell you the description of who the suspects were. Obama wont talk about this kind of violence. He is targeting gun users and enthusiasts with proper training who don't bother anyone, which include those who have a constitutional right to self defense. Never come to this country because of you do we will shoot you most likely for being an abhorrent Euro fascist parasite. The push for weapons in the US is not for random shootings, its to grab weapons across the board to usher a New World Order (world government) through the phony UN (Europe), so the globalists can have their way with the country, erradicate borders and remove constitutional law. In other words America is under attack from the Euro bankers and Royal Houses, Vatican. Fuck you and have a shitty day!

  8. caravaggio looted says – reply to this


    Perez thank you for linking your site to the Peter Schiff article. Everyone needs to read that.

    "Obama wont finish term without bottom dropping out"

  9. caravaggio triumphant says – reply to this



    Rand Paul: Obama is working with ‘anti-American globalists plot[ting] against our Constitution.’

  10. Chritique says – reply to this


    Re: caravaggio flying – Amaingly put! I was just about to go off on a rant explaining how this was probably another planned mini-terror attack to further fuel the need to take away gun's while somehow supposedly upkeeping the ammendment.. Little by little, shooting after bombing, bombing after bombing..the US is becoming more obviously corrupt and everyone is barely up in arms about it.. Wake up sheeple! The boston bombings we're staged and if you have the internet in order to read about these stories, then you obviously have the internet capability to RESEARCH YOUR OWN EVIDENCE AND COME TO YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

  11. 11

    It's nice to see New Orleans is back to NORMAL….

  12. 12

    Re: Levity – Most of our gun violence is a result of gang related violence in poor inner cities and ghettos, it's proven true for every country in the world. Poverty = Poor education. Poor education + Poverty = HIGH CRIME.

  13. Andy Armstrong says – reply to this


    I heard a figure hard to believe, but since Katrina over 200 BILLION $$$$$ has been spent getting New Orleans back on it's feet
    It would come out to a few hundred thousand $$$$ per person
    Where did all that money go
    The corruption that we see today is unacceptable, when ill people who vote begin to understand what's happening

  14. sassygrl says – reply to this


    Probably the f'n Muslims again

  15. Dan says – reply to this


    A Mother's Day parade??? WTF.

  16. Trang Ánh Nam says – reply to this


    Re: barb
    it's good

  17. Trang Ánh Nam says – reply to this


    it's good

  18. 18

    Sad, scary and completely unacceptable.

  19. lovestruck90 says – reply to this


    Re: sassygrl – u low-life shit head, if muslims are responsible for all the terrorism goin on in usa….den i guess james holmes killing 40 ppl in a movie theatre in colorado make all the WHITE ppl terrosits as well? Also since hitler was a christian and killed 6 million jews…..den i guess it means all the christians are terrorists and murderers. rite?

  20. Bevi says – reply to this


    Re: bobcat – People like us just don't understand how that goes. I have been enlightened so many times. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. That's how they keep guns blameless. But doesn't that hold true for other things too? Bombs don't kill people, people kill people, for instance. When someone plans to kill, they go for the best killing weapons, guns and bombs. They don't usually run through a crowd brandishing a stick. Gun control? Are we insane? They have a right to bear arms… too bad it wasn't the right to bare arms instead. But then again, let them at it. Maybe one day they will come to their senses, although I doubt it, but that is their right too. Their country, their rules. Play on.

  21. 21

    Re: nola – Doesn't make the story any less tragic sweetheart

  22. 22

    for images of the Mother's Day second line parade before and after the shooting, visit