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Kim Kardashian's Family Hating Kanye West's "Self-Absorbed" Attitude & Paparazzi Anger?!

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kim kardashian family concerned over kanye wests treatment

Trouble is a'brewing with the Kardashians!

And this time it's all because of Kanye West!

Sure, he might have been good for Kim Kardashian's star power in the beginning, but it seems that her family is starting to get their fill.

What? Did he jump on stage with one of them and steal the mic as they were accepting an award?? LOLz!

Well, in this case it's more about how he's treating their fellow Kardashian while she's carrying their bundle of joy.

We all saw the footage of him NOT REALLY helping preggo Kim out of the car in Paris and NOT opening doors for her while they were out shopping, but we weren't the only ones!

Her family is apparently furious he actually stood there expecting Kim to open doors as a source revealed:

"Like everyone else, Kim’s sisters and mom saw the video of Kanye and Kim in Paris. They were more than a little shocked, to say the least! Kris [Jenner] told a friend she couldn’t believe that Kanye didn’t think it was the right thing for him to do to open the door for a six-month pregnant woman. But Kris has long lamented that it’s always been all about Kanye — and not Kim … [Kim] can’t see it, however, because she’s besotted. She refuses to soak up just how self-absorbed he is, despite everyone telling her just how it is."

Kim must have missed that whole Taylor Swift thing … and all the millions of spoofs about it.

But that's not the only issue the family has with Yeezy.

It seems despite his mega fame he could actually be very bad for business as the source added:

"Kris is also concerned about how Kanye acts around the paparazzi. The Kardashians have made their names off the back of being photographed, but Kanye has a real aversion to it … Kris wants Kim and Kayne to be photographed; it’s their gig."

Uh oh!

We KNOW it's not good to mess with Kris and her cash cows children's careers!

But with a baby on board, we think Kim will try to stick this one out.

She doesn't want another Kris Humphries' sitch on her hands!

[Image via WENN.]

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36 comments to “Kim Kardashian's Family Hating Kanye West's "Self-Absorbed" Attitude & Paparazzi Anger?!”

  1. 1

    God forbid he not want a camera in his face every second of the day. They're getting mad that he didn't open a door for her, but have nothing to say about her "working" all day every day in 5 inch heels and skin tight dresses. This family is fucking disgusting.

  2. She deserves better! says – reply to this


    She deserves to be treated with respect and care…She's the mother of HIS child. Either he is a delusional or very ignorant.
    Both state of minds are not acceptable and I really hope she is wise enough at her age to recognize how rude he is. She lucky to have family and support.

  3. Kris and her cubs says – reply to this


    I would not mess around with Momma Kris. Obviously, she's not dumb and I believe she would do some damage if anyone screwed around with her babies.

  4. karen says – reply to this


    Re: LowsGirl – He knew what he was getting into.

  5. 5

    If Kanye really has an aversion to the paparazzi he never would have hooked up with Kim. I think he loves the attention, but he likes to promote an aloof tough guy image that hates the paps. Just like the Kardashians, he is a fake, manufactured product.

  6. AKP says – reply to this


    Why are they (or anyone else) surprised? This is an example of two people trying to make a relationship out of pure lust. How about taking the time to get to know one another before forging a relationship and (ahem) having children?

  7. fuzzydice666 says – reply to this


    Heaven forbid he doesn't open a door! She's pregnant, not made out of f-ing glass for petes sake. She can open her own bloody door, or does being useless go hand in hand with being talentless?

  8. 8

    i still question what is KIm doing with that stinky ass named Kayne

  9. 9

    end of the matter.

  10. 10

    Re: karen
    True, they both are really shitty people, I dont feel sorry for either one. But for her family to criticize him when she's doing nothing to make her pregnancy easy is pretty hypocritical

  11. AMY says – reply to this


    They are only mad because he didnt open a door, what about the fact that he looks angry and miserable in every shot of them being together, or the fact that he makes her wear black all the time. The first sign of trouble was when he made her throw out all of her clothes to replace them with Goth black and ugly leather pants. They should have been worried then. He always walks in front of her like they are not together. They also should have been worrid that he called her his "baby mamma" instead of the mother of his child, we all know how baby momas get treated.

  12. sross777 says – reply to this


    Any man who does not hold a door open for a woman, pregnant or not, has not been taught good manners. I've been married for 15 years and my husband will NOT let me open a door while I'm with him. Just one small example of how our society is going down the tubes. But what can you do….once a douche, always a douche!

  13. hov says – reply to this


    she can't get rid of this one as easy as she did humpboy, she stuck wit kanye, kanye won't let her do him like she did humpboy, I think kanye controls this relationship and kim and her family know it

  14. jay says – reply to this


    I think they are both with each other for the wrong reasons. He was after her for almost 10yrs and she never wanted to be with him romantically. We are suppose to believe that she suddenly changed her mind. Not buying it. This was convenient for both. She gets to turn the Kris Humphries fiasco around and he in turn gets an heir ti the "throne". I truly believe he's gay and is afraid to come out with it(he doesn't have to either) and she needed an image makeover. I also feel the family isn't concerned about Kim in a loving way but that they are concerned that she and Kanye might start a fashion line, baby line, maternity line, etc. This will affect their bottom line.

  15. onatah says – reply to this


    There are tons of actors and actress and hollywood insiders that we do not see. I say that b/c having a camera in your face 24/7 is a choice. Paps don't know where you will be unless you or someone in your camp tips you off. I think Kanye is a good guy. misunderstood because of his passion for what ever it is he does. No one was hurt just frustrated. Who wouldn't lash after just running head first into a pole and then having flashes of light constantly going off right in your face. When is enough enough. If kim loves the spot light why cant kanye hate it. Every chance this man gets he's pledging his love and dedication to this woman but that is all forgotten. I Love you Kanye.

  16. The Truth says – reply to this


    Publicly Story for several reasons

    1) Their show has Poor Ratings

    2) Trying to keep press about Kardashians

    3) Trying to build sympathy for Kim – she has a very negative rating by the public

    4) Damage control before the split – see Kim not at fault

    This is no better then the picture they released of Kim coming out of the gym that is 2 months old. Trying to show she is still small, compare that to the picture in this article just a few days old.

    The Kardishains are losing the ratings and viewership they once had. Now turning to pimping put the younger girls and trying to do damage control. The clothing stores are closing, JC Penny dropping their line of clothes that don’t sell. You ever see them wearing their own clothing line, nope.

    The pariah that once was the Kardashian's is now coming to an end. A year from now people won’t give them a second look.

    The Truth Hurts

  17. 17

    The dude honestly believes he is special/talented/important. These idiot kids from the suburbs need to stop buying his incredibly shitty "products". His lyrics are on par with a 12 year old rhyming on the playground at recess. His voice is a notch below William Hung. Why do people listen to this moron?

  18. 18

    I don't think I've ever opened a door for myself when I was out with a guy. Even at work my male co-workers will grab the door for me, and I'm not even pregnant with their or anybody else's kid. It's just good manners.

  19. MM says – reply to this


    When I was 6 months pregnant i didn't want doors opened for me. I was pregnant, not crippled. I just went about my day as usual. The only time I really really wanted doors opened for me was at 41 weeks when I was this close to giving birth in the damn parking lot! lol

  20. 20

    Re: fuzzydice666 – I hate Kim with an unbridled passion and she can open her own doors. But knowing that the paps are on them 24/7 (at their own request), it just looks bad. It won't kill him to show concern for the mother of his brat.

  21. Ania says – reply to this


    I dont care how rich you two are. You looked like a DAMN FOOL hitting that sign (I was laughing my ARS off)….THANK YO!!!! such a tough guy he is lol. They look so off together. Ill take my lil house, SMALL bank account, a husband that loves my stinky feet ANYDAY over being this rich and miserable. And the cameras are there CUZ U WANT THEM THERE. If you want privacy, buy some LAND away from ppl and there ya go darling…PRIVACY

  22. 22

    Thank you for posting more paid posts of the Kardashian whores. You've sunk selling out to an all-new low. The hilarious thing here is that this crap isn't even INTERESTING. You're a total fuck-up, homo, and the Kardashians' manufactured drama is as lame as you are stupid.

  23. sue says – reply to this


    So true. sears has very little of their line most of which are on their clearance racks. I laugh at their bag collection kmart standard in quality all made in china. i dont fault kmart because their prices justify their quality but i will never purch ase any kardash crap nor have i seen any item of theirs that qualifies to be called fashionable. as for the wanna be designer kayne i think he is headed down that same sink. it would be interesting to see how in love they are when the camera phase is over and she becomes a kate plus eight that cant even h

  24. CmP says – reply to this


    Good. He deserves it and Kim deserves better! I'm still mad at his one screw up with Taylor Swift's award, and I'm actually glad that they hate Kanye as much as I do! And I hope Kim's mom does some ass-whoopin also.

  25. 25

    kris wants kris wants what about what someone else wants for a change what about kim having a 'life' god forbid u got ur younger ones to ride the cart to fame now leave these two in peace … shes out to pasture' i really hope she does move to paris …so what he didnt open the door hes not a chauffeur he waited for her …

  26. The Matrix says – reply to this


    Damage control in light of the pending split. Momager is trying to build sympathy for the fat one. The relationship will be over before her water breaks and floods a small village.

  27. jules says – reply to this


    Kim is way to old for her mother or any of her siblings to think they have opinion about Their relationship. Kourtney keeps her family out of her relationship and so does Khloe. If Kris wants Kim to raise their baby by herself and collect child support she will be sorry she created this Drama cuz Kanye is the wrong for all the Drama. Not only that at the end of the day Her mother and her sisters each go home to a man. Kim needs to grow up cuz their are celebrities who have more money than she does and the cameras don't follow them every where they go. Just like when Kanye didn't come when Kim had the pregnancy scare it was probably Kris who had them send that message to Kanyes site. When kims family run Kanye away cuz of nonsense and Kim can't fix it Kim will wish that she kept them out of her personal life. Relationships are hard enough with dealing with 100 people with an opinion.

  28. Catherine Taylor says – reply to this


    How do we all know that it could be Kris her Husbands child KANYE GET A DNA ASAP

  29. 29

    KANYE is a self important child-man. End of interest.

  30. kuz says – reply to this


    u know better perez that this is not true. leave the alone if u cant try to write some truth

  31. Lucian Batson says – reply to this


    Why Kim ? Poor girl.

  32. TalakoWindigo says – reply to this


    “Your intelligence is measured by those around you; if you spend your days with idiots you seal your own fate.” Seems to me like they're all working the same intelligence, reaping what you sow!

  33. guest says – reply to this


    The family should not mix themselves into Kanye`s and Kim`s relationship.

  34. guest says – reply to this


    Re: TalakoWindigo – All of this has nothing to do with intelligence. If you think that you are yourself an idiot!

  35. guest says – reply to this


    Perez, stop being a hypocrite!!!! Of course, everyone loves themselves more and then after that others.

  36. 36