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Lindsay Lohan's Pleas To Escape Betty Ford Continue To Be Rejected! She's Not Going ANYWHERE!

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lindsay lohan rehab center adderall betty ford

Something tells us the Betty Ford Center is a bit less tranquil today…

Despite Lindsay Lohan's desperation to leave the Betty Ford Center, she isn't going ANYWHERE!

While LiLo is going "CRAZY" without her magical Adderall pills and will do just about ANYTHING to be transferred to a more lenient facility, prosecutors are FED UP with Linds' diva demands and are "unbending" about their decision to decline her request to switch up rehab centers once again.

But in common Lindsay fashion, the troublemaker refuses to take responsibility for her pill poppin' habit by claiming Betty Ford is too "old school" and hasn't changed with the times.

Right! Because everyone swallows Adderall like candy these days! NOT.

A source spilled:

"She had 45 days to find a suitable place. She didn't listen to her people and just did what she wanted so it's her problem now. Not gonna happen."

FINALLY the legal system is giving Lindsay the smack down she needs.

Even if she does claim she doesn't have a drug problem, prosecutors refusal to cave into her might just be the kick that once and for all saves her life.

We know those withdrawals are hard now gurl, but they would be EVEN HARDER in the slammer.

Now accept it, get well, and get it together already!!

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Pleas To Escape Betty Ford Continue To Be Rejected! She's Not Going ANYWHERE!”

  1. Barbara Marron says – reply to this


    She is just proving she is a spoiled Diva brat. We know she went through the detox unit to rid her body of all her ills. So the desire is in her head not her body for Adderall.

  2. School is School says – reply to this


    Couldn't agree more that she had 45 days to have herself & "her people" research rehabs & find placement. Lindsay needs to learn she is STUCK with A CHOICE SHE MADE. She annoys with this constant expectation that the world is going to cave into her WISHES. IF she wanted a "new school" rehab, she had the time to find one BEFORE her sentence began. Quit costing tax payers $$ Lindsay. People wouldn't care what you did anywhere near as much if YOUR CHOICES didn't cost tax payers their own money to process your nonsence. You picked Betty Ford and you are blessed you got in there at all. Now, you have to stay. When ur done w/ur sentence at BF, u can go seek a more new school rehab if u want. For now, u have to stay with the rehab u said u wanted. U said its what u wanted. She's going through withdrawl, her wanting to change her outside world circumstances are NORMAL for an addict in withdrawl. Looks like she is just wanting her life to be different and thinks she can control the limitations of her sentence by finding an easier place. Its what addicts do.

  3. 3

    Her reaction to not being able to take Adderall is proof of how addicted to it she is. No reputable rehab facility would allow her to take it, even if she really did have ADHD. The funny thing is, the non addictive substitutes actually work better for ADHD than Adderall does. From what I've heard, they said she doesn't have it or ADD and isn't on anything for it at all. She has anxiety issues, which is common among addicts, not ADHD or ADD. Oh and for the record, she's right in the age bracket of the average Betty Ford patient. They're one of the more reputable rehabs out here and have a reputation for implementing different types of "cutting edge" programs before other rehab facilities do. So, her saying that they're "old school" is quite laughable.

  4. HMM ? says – reply to this


    Last I knew I thought Lindsay wanted to go to Luken in Fla . I am sure what LL is going through right is pretty hard on her . So many people are on Rx . LL could have used adderall as a vice believing it calmed her down . This must be pretty confusing to her why her Rx is being taken away . Kind of scary to go without it when becoming dependent on it .
    Lindsay you can do this girl ! Hang in there !

  5. IT WAS HER CHOICE says – reply to this


    Re: ickynicky – Good call on the anxiety issues there. Lindsay PICKED this place. She was suppose to go to the one back east, (according to media reports) then decided right before the deadline that she wanted to go to another rehab, didnt like that one and went on the lam. The courts were VERY GENEROUS she was permitted to go into YET ANOTHER REHAB, after she jumped her obligation to turn herself in for the custody agreement SHE AGREED TO. THE "new school" rehab she WANTS does NOT exist. Lindsay wants to find a rehab that allows HER to make the rehab rules. That aint gonna happen, and she needs to LEARN ABOUT LIMITS and "keeping your word". No rehab will make her happy. Rehab isnt about MAKING YOU HAPPY IN REHAB. Rehab is about making you UNHAPPY by focusing on the REASONS you ended up in a rehab, instead of on the cover of Forbes magazine. All rehabs suck, when you're in them & they wont give u the drugs you THINK you can not live with out. Time for a little 'reality therapy' for Lilo.

  6. Think so too, says – reply to this


    Re: HMM ? – I feel pretty sure Lindsay is confused and scared and she truly believes adderall keeps her "sane" "helps her" and "she needs it. If shes been on a med for a longtime and was told she NEEDS it for HER BRAIN, she is going to be terrified of having it taken away and is undoubtedly filled w/conviction that BF docs just don't understand her & the staff of BF is just "being mean" to her. Lindsay has lived her life in a bubble where her solutions to her self-created messes has always been that Dina would take care of it. Lindsays record of being held accoutable for her actions, well, she doesn't seem to even GRASP the concept of being STUCK with your choices. It is exactly what she needs to learn. If she becomes too unmanageable for BF she may get the transfer she desires. However, if BF says they 'can't keep her' because she is constantly out-of-control and 'doesn't listen' she will be transfered to jail or a locked in and potentially STRAPPED DOWN hard-core psych ward. She won't get her adderall there either. But in a psych ward, they will sedate her if neccesary. Using meds that will fog her mind up and put about 40 pds on her in about ten weeks. Her next med regiment is going to be anti-psychotic if she can't pull her shit together by herself. IMO if she gets put on an anti-psychotic for no other reason than to sedate her hysterics, we have lost her for good.

  7. 7

    Wish people would stop reporting on her rehab stay.

  8. CiUmNlT says – reply to this


    Again, she should just f*ck the janitor to get her fix ….

  9. To Prince says – reply to this


    Re: Prince Charming – Totally cute pic u got there. Thanks for the fuzzy.

  10. DOES LINDSAY KNOW? says – reply to this


    It seems Lindsay doesn't understand that part of rehab is BEING VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, BEING UNHAPPY, BEING DEPRESSED & WANTING TO LEAVE. Lindsay, rehab is ABOUT FACING UR UNHAPPINESS. U must LEARN to live through dissapointments, anxiety & not getting what u want - in ANOTHER WAY than taking a pill, snorting a line or slamming a Big Gulp of vodka. The point of REHAB is so u CAN LEARN A DIFFERENT WAY OF TRYING TO SOLVE THE PAIN IN YOUR LIFE. It TAKES TIME, LINDSAY. U WILL BE UNHAPPY & ANXIETY RIDDEN & PISSED OFF & SAD WHEREEVER U GO. THE UNHAPPINESS EXIST INSIDE U LINDS; NOT INSIDE THE BFC. The judge seems to KNOW, u picking another REHAB, u changing to another Rehab, isn't going to CHANGE U. So, u r looking at going to jail. There is a CHANCE the judge MIGHT, MIGHT be in acceptance of u being transfered to a PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL. U WILL BE LOCKED IN & ITS "BORING" THERE TOO. There is NO place for u to go that is going to be FUN, or where u r going to get to make the rules urself. Stevie Nicks was reported as saying that she thought a HOSPITAL situation might help u. U may not even have that choice now. U can NOT go to a REHAB in another COUNTRY. The State of California is responsible for u now & they HAVE to keep u where they can SEE & REACH u. Please, Linds, LEARN A WAY TO DEAL WITH UR DISSAPOINTMENTS & PAIN. UR life, everyone lives ALWAYS includes being UNHAPPY, it is part of life. U HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO DEAL WITH BEING UNHAPPY. So, PRACTICE. –*jack*

  11. To @v@, says – reply to this


    Hi @v@, saw ur 'disconnect of … brain cells" post this morning & wrote u back w/ a theory We are working on. Could u check over @ "LL threatens to leave.." story and bounce our theory around your brain cells and let us know your perspective on it? We don't care about ur "creditials" you are 'smart' and think 'deeper' than the average bear. We would appreciate ur input on the matter. Thanks. –*jjf*

  12. 12

    yes she has my sympathy but there are only so many rehabs and i think most of them dont like people to be addicted to anything at all at least she has her beloved cigarettes …i doubt they would allow switching rehabs for 90 days there are only so many rehabs to switch too… one a day for 90 days its only 90 days not 10 years just eat some chocolate bars or something… whats that 7 days already passed…the world doesnt rotate around her …

  13. TO PEREZ says – reply to this


    EXCELLENT ARTICLE, BOY! That the ticket. Well done.

  14. QUIT RE-STARTING:FINIS says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – Another thing I hope she thinks about is that if she DID change rehabs, she might HAVE TO START HER 90 DAYS OF REHAB ALL OVER AGAIN. That doesn't bother me as much as that it would be MORE COURT TIME USED/ MORE, MORE, MORE OF THE DA's RESOURCES, which is just not ACCEPTABLE anymore because LL isn't THE ONLY law-breaker in LA. Lindsay is in REHAB today because she didn't go to her damn alcohol-education classes like five/six yrs ago. She could of graduated GRADUATE SCHOOL, using the same time & energy/resources she has spent in the last SIX years to 'get out of' MINOR, SIMPLE & GENEROUS terms of probations for significant illegal & socially destructive behaviors she indulged in. Come On Lindz, u carjacked people & drove around like a maniac drunk and on coke. You gotta do the time for doing crazy, bad shit like that. The courts let you do PROBATION for that, CLASSES. Lots of people would have been sent to prision for TEN YEARS for carjacking & KIDNAPPING PEOPLE. That isn't what you thought you were doing, but that IS EXACTLY what you did. It just isn't allowed. You didn't FINISH taking care of trouble you made for yourself YEARS AGO. That is WHY you are in custody NOW.

  15. Very Interesting! says – reply to this


    I think its interesting that most sites have been running stories of Lindsay Lohan THREATENING TO LEAVE BFC, and now we have upgraded to LL PLEAING to leave. Wonder who chooses these words and the proliferation of information -EVERYDAY- that Lindsay is DISTRESSED IN TREATMENT while Dina Lohan is on other sites claiming her Mother Days call with Lindsay reveals Lindsay is HAPPY & HEALTHY AT BFC. well, she might be happy if she was delusional in a manic euphoric cloud but she wouldn't qualify as healthy. If she is CURED after 8 days in BFC, the world needs to sign up & sign in to BFC. Dina DENIES LL IS UNHAPPY, SAYS LINDSAY IS HAPPY. Thats not really an appropriate word to use, even if Linds, 'saw the light', she would be 'grateful' 'humble' …a lot of other words but NOT HAPPY. & Dina insist Lindsay IS HAPPY & HEALTHY and that people who tell LIES about Lindsay NOT being HAPPY are "EVIL". As I write this only a couple of low-end blogs are even CARRYING THE STORY DINA HAS SUBMITTED TO MEDIA ABOUT HER MUMMY'S DAY PHONE CALL W/ LINDS, WHERE LINDSAY PROVED TO DINA THAT LINDSAY IS HAPPY & HEALTHY IN BFC, and everyone else be liars and "EVIL". Glad ur not carrying THAT SHIT, perez. Please DON'T FEED The Satan; it only makes her HUNGRIER.

  16. to Lindsay, says – reply to this


    Dear Pot Pies, Ur on my mind. I get things r hard for u & you'd rather be somewhere else. & u don't feel lucky to be there, but u are lucky Linds. Jail isn't comfortable & u would be locked in a little room. If they let u walk around at BFord & u get food that u like, you got it made -compared to what they would let u do, & what they give u to eat in jail. No one is going to really HELP u in jail. U can go, if u want to, but, u better BE SURE u are going to LIKE jail better. I believe u are in a better place -when u r already in a place that really WANTS u to get better. The good food is going to be a BIG DEAL 2 U, if u go to jail & have to eat that shitty food for months. GOOD FOOD IS GOOD MEDICINE LINDSAY! I bet u that there is someone @ BFord that can TEACH u how NUTRITION can be used to make u feel better. U can LEARN how herbs & teas & roots can work BETTER for u than a lot of medicines do. YOU WILL FEEL BETTER & GET BETTER when u REALLY start to BECOME INTERESTED in BECOMING UR OWN HEALER. LEARN ABOUT HEALING LINDSAY, NO ONE ON EARTH CAN GIVE IT TO YOU. Start STUDYING NUTRITION, it will give u a hobby while ur in there & will TEACH U how to get healthy, stay healthy & keep ur weight down. You gotta FIND what u need, honey. Please start looking for an interesting way to pass ur time @ BFord. There r lots of things u can do there that ARE interesting. Luv U, –*Jack*