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59 comments to “Miley Cyrus Sends A STRONG Message To Taylor Swift & Selena Gomez Fans: Back The HELL Up!”

  1. dan says – reply to this


    I agree with NO HATE but her fans are the worst than taylor and selena's fans

  2. ponte says – reply to this


    in every fandom there are aggressive fans (miley'si ncluded), she shouldn't generalise it under 2 respected artists that she clearly hate

  3. Daniela says – reply to this


    There is absolutely nothing wrong with defending yourself against haters, but to mention names is just stupid and uncalled for. You know how cyber bullying works, it's a never ending game. When you tweet things like that, you're opening up the door for people to send even more hate.

  4. pp says – reply to this


    I agree with her that people shouldn't send death treats but Smilers ALSO do that.. So she shouldn't act like they are all innocent.

  5. it's life says – reply to this


    miley gets hate just like every other celebrity, in fact, other celebrities get way more hate, and she's JUST now saying something

  6. paul says – reply to this


    Miley could have at least left out Swift & Gomez and there might not even be drama. That would have been a lot smarter.

  7. jo says – reply to this


    3 things Miley Cyrus wanted and she got it.
    1- More hate
    2- More attention
    3- More drama
    Lets hear the applaus for Miley Ray Cyrus!

  8. lol says – reply to this


    but why did miley need to mention swift and gomez

  9. 9

    Kids and the internet . . . . . .

  10. =)AimzSMILER=) says – reply to this


    I think Miley is right in what she says. It's clear that some fans just stick to one artist. I don't blame you for putting names. It proves a point that she is tired of certain fans trying to put her down. And Miley did say smilers do get cray cray too !! She never called them innocent. And fans are pulling Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez's names down not Miley … they sent the death threats not the other way around

  11. brooklynbreeder says – reply to this


    I love her. I don't always want to admit it but I do.

  12. DIEE! says – reply to this


    You guys are daft. She clearly mentions that her fans do it too, and she was simply making an observation about whose fans were sending her the most death threats. If you had stopped touching yourselves to pictures of Taylor and Selena for like a second, you may have understood her better. Grow some sense, seriously…

  13. smile :) says – reply to this


    lol says – reply to this

    "but why did miley need to mention swift and gomez ?"

    her single will come next week. that's the reason.

  14. ddd says – reply to this


    atcually tay and selena fans r the worst to be honest even i got death threats for saying shes pretty but i dont like the song. wtf

  15. ol says – reply to this


    Miley will know what HARDCORE HATE is when she dates justin bieber or someone of one direction. Death threats non stop. It's crazyyyy

  16. 16

    Dear tweens who think sending "death threats" is cute. First off, you're sad little children who say one thing, but act another way. You're "playing" at this. Here's the thing, you're also being associated with the sociopaths out there who are NOT playing: Timothy McVeigh, Al qaeda, the Boston city bomber. Think about that next time you start passively agressively tweeting your threats. Nobody thinks you're "cool," they think you're a psychopath, and believe it or not . . .that's a bad thing.

  17. ilovetay13xx says – reply to this


    —___— okay im sorry this is too far i love taylor swift but i have never wished anything horrible on miley cyrus. in fact i love her music <3 i think it is pretty low to call out two artist's names, all fanbases have a few aggressive fans including hers, i will continue to love miley+taylor but i think that by doing that she is going to get even more hate.

    my opinion <3

  18. Emily13swift says – reply to this


    Miley's so fake i hate her , shes a slag , taylor swift will back fire on this, and so will selena gomez , im a swiftiee and im backing my idol up and saying this to miley…HEELL NOOO BITCH

  19. Milley fan says – reply to this


    Selena is a slut and her fans are too. leave her alone

  20. pp says – reply to this


    "we are all friends."- ahahhahahahha

  21. kely says – reply to this


    Miley's fans also do that. Selena and Bieber get most hate (bieber from adults and boyz and selena from bielibers,smilers,lovatics). Every celebrity gets hate on internet. They just ignore it. Miley has serious unemployment problem right now and just namedrop them to get attention. First she paid maxim and now this. Pathetic girl.

  22. rich guy says – reply to this


    Re: Milley fan – your comment just prove miley's fans do the same thing too. No wonder though! Sluty Cyrus and her fans - a toxic tell. LOL.

  23. Swiftie says – reply to this


    Okay i'd just like to say that Selena Gomez fans and Taylor Swift fans are some of the most friendly respectful people i have ever met. I don't think she needed to say that

  24. 24

    why do people put comments that hurt other peole whats the point plz just get along

  25. D says – reply to this


    OMG, are you serious Perez 'the biggest celebrity basher online' Hilton? you mean for them not to turn into something so ugly (on the inside obvs) like you? What a double standard. Who puts you in charge of deciding where the limit is (though i'm completely against it myself) when you live your greedy life on defamation of character and absolute BULLYING!You don't get to call the shots on this topic. The limit is wayyy before death threats so you not accepting that is a complete cop out. NONE OF THIS IS RIGHT.

  26. AEM says – reply to this


    Everyone knows there are big problems Miley and Taylor/Selena. Miley and Tay blew each other off at the Met Gala. At 0:20, Tay tells Mendel to move her away from Miley.

    Some star needs to back up Miley, but it won't be Sel and Tay. Demi or Katy Perry need to step up.

  27. 27

    Re: ponte – can't you read ? she's friends with them.

  28. .............. says – reply to this


    She just want attention, i mean Selena and Taylor get more hate and they aren't complaining like she did. HER fans are worse, they're constantly hating on Selena so she shouldn't act like they are all innocent when they are some fake ass bitches. And i have NEVER seen a Swift's fan or Gomez's fan hate towards her but maybe there some who did sent her BUT it's not like it's only Taylor and Selena's fans who send her death treats she didn't have to mention Gomez and Swift, she knew this was going to cause drama and that they would send her more death treats. Btw, her mom and sister shaded Selena and Taylor so….she should just shut up and ignore the haters like Taylor and Selena do. This makes her look like she wants attention.

  29. dan says – reply to this



    LOL. of course they are… that's why miley loved that pic marc malkin posted.

  30. Maybe It's You Bitch says – reply to this


    Wow, the little strumpet needs to take a seat. It is funny how she singles two people out, and one definitely being Selena. She did the same when Selena was friends with Demi. She could have generalized and not necessarily have pointed someone out. That shows she is upset that she dropped out of the picture and is begging for attention. I have never seen a Selenator giving death threats in fact they are the most reasonable fans. And the most hot headed fans are of Beiber's and hers. So she needs to sit her pompous ass down and rethink life. And I hate it when celebrities claim (her) they are being real, pleeeeassse if being real is being biased than it is not called being real, it is called being phony. Smh I had to say that, I am so tired of reading hate for Selena. She is the most positive role model out in Hollywood so far.

  31. SwiftieSelenatorGurl says – reply to this


    You know what Perez? I DO blame her. Not for standing up forself, per say.. but Every fan base (INCLUDING HER OWN) has its share of PURE BITCHES. Selena and Taylor get more hate than Miley has EVER had in her entire life time. But you don't see them whining, and bitching about it do you? nope.. Because they're mature and no that yelling, and making drama is going to nothing but start drama. But oh HELL no if little miss princess miley gets hate all hell breaks lose right? its not right for her to point out JUST two celebritys. I'm sure Lady gaga and kesha fans also hate on Miley. But no, she pointed out the ONLY two good role-models in the world today. And not only that, but their fandoms… MY FANDOMS! and that is giving Tay,Sel and the fandoms a bad rep, which is fucking un called for. 99.9% OF US, ARE THE SWEETEST. The haters arent true fans.

  32. Liberated Woman says – reply to this


    Aww, looks like some UPTIGHT BITCHES are mad at Miley for pointing out the TRUTH. To those of you saying that Miley Cyrus has not experienced real hate: that's not true. For years Miley Cyrus has been called the same slurs that bad people from the Islamic Middle Eastern culture call women who are sexual. She has been told to kill herself, death has been wished upon her, and some people have said that by not conforming to abstinence and modesty, she's asking to be raped. Some have even said that she DESERVES to be raped in order to be 'taught a lesson' in dressing modestly. Because apparently women are supposed to be nothing more than good little submissive virgin bitches of religion, L.O.L. For years Taylor Swift's fans have been slut-shaming Miley Cyrus while praising Taylor Swift for her 'sexual purity', as if that's what makes a person a real woman and worthwhile human being. The bigots who express this mentality show that they're prudes who aren't truly comfortable with human sexuality. By the way, the two haters on here who called Miley a slag and a strumpet show that they have the same puritanical mentality. I haven't seen Taylor Swift's fans give Miley death threats, but I HAVE seen Selena Gomez fans wish rape and death on Miley Cyrus. The Miley Cyrus haters clearly need to grow up and get over their old-fashioned sex hang-ups.

  33. stfu says – reply to this


    Re: Liberated Woman
    u didn't need to mention islam (or eastern culture) to make your point you've enough examples in the u.s …….you're just rude and disrespectful …

  34. 34

    Miley is still jealous of them…sad…she need attention again?? oh and she has the sex appeal of a dead ant…

  35. Katie says – reply to this


    Geez, can people around here read? Or do they only read what they want?
    Miley even accepted that some of her own fans do the same thing.
    The Swift Gomez part was her example and that's it. And this comment section just proves her point.
    Good for Miley for trying to show people how hateful some "fans" can get.
    Hating someone who you don't even know just because you don't like their songs is the stupidest thing people can do. Just live and let live, simple as that.

  36. Rob says – reply to this


    I didn't know these basic bitches WHO CAN'T SING have fans. Lmao!

  37. 37

    you go girl!

  38. Fred1259 says – reply to this


    Congrats to Miley for confronting anal Taylor fans and nobody deserves death threats. I cannot stand Taylor at all but would never send death threat messages.

  39. 39

    Miley knew what she was going to do when she said not to expect Hanna Montana to be a permanent thing, so it was the star excess, drugs sex et al. The "southern gal" that went for the "gold".

  40. SmilerForever says – reply to this


    Miley Cyrus is better than Taylor and Selena.

  41. babyrach says – reply to this


    Re: SmilerForever – so true

  42. Mileynita says – reply to this


    Miley sucks

  43. daneylle says – reply to this


    Who's Miley Cyrus?

  44. 44

    the so called fans are like 12 on mummys computer who doesnt know till the cops pound on the door… say it girl

  45. 45

    Re: Swiftie – says the person who has 'swiftie' as their name .

  46. 46

    Re: rich guy – lol love your comment !

  47. 47

    i love her more everyday!

  48. ben says – reply to this


    for one mley was talking about some of selena and taylors fans not them directly she even clearly states at the end that there is no hate between them, 2. she never said her fans didn't do the same she was asking them not to she even tweeted that they can get a little 'cray cray' and 3. I think its absolutely pathetic that there are so many people in the comments here trying to twist what she's said into some kind of attack on other artist which it clearly isn't its her asking people to stop being so pathetic and to start respecting each other rather than spreading pointless hate which is what seems to be going on in these comments.

    having said that i'm glad that one of these celebrities has finally said something its about time some of these people who call themselves fans do take it too far and become really nasty and its pathetic so good for miley all this has done has made me like her

  49. emma says – reply to this


    I just think and almost believe selena is a truly saint, she just could have retweeted miley's tweet or at least said someting about it…she just did nothing which made miley obvious upset, so would I. Becasue this just means that selena wants her fans to be such a pain in the arse for miley and she really doesn't deserve that. Miley hasn't any reason to be jelous about selena, her estate is more than 120 MILLION! and slena had5,5 million which in comparison to miley is very LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! i JUST HAD TO POINT THAT OUT WHAHAHA! XP

  50. whindy says – reply to this


    Re: Daniela – she isnt bashing taylor or selena shes just saying there fans are basically sending her death threats and then ends of saying "we are all friends, why cant you all be." basically saying her selena and taylor are all friends, no need to be sending death threats to anyone

  51. John says – reply to this


    First off, Miley Cyrus is a complete NUTCASE, why would anybody with brains take her word seriously? Secondly, yet again, she is only doing this for the attention. Her popularity (and creditability) has taken a huge hit ever since Hannah Montana ended, so in a desperate effort to get everyone's attention once again (so far, she has failed), she chops her hair off, starts looking and talking like trash, starts drinking and smoking, and announces that she is engaged to on/off flame Liam Hemsworth. At this point, Miley has as much creditability (and good looks) as Lindsay Lohan. In other words, she is a huge L O S E R. Lastly, it would not surprise me if all of her recent antics have degraded her overall value i.e. what she is currently worth.

  52. erin bel says – reply to this


    i dont think milley shude be bullyed there all nice gurls the fan's can be nce if they tryed am a fan of you all a big fan of selena but that doesent mean i cant be nice to milley

  53. 53

    miley you rock

  54. 54

    Miley Cyrus is trashy .

  55. Neha says – reply to this


    I think what Miley said was TOTALLY TRUE and I dont think she was wrong to mention Taylor and Selena. I think she was defending them from her fans. I mean I've read some comments so far about how terrible her fans are with the hating and stuff and I think good for her, telling her fans to stop being haters.

  56. billie jo gilkey says – reply to this


    go get high in front of a million people . you know doing those drugs like smoking and what little I do with pot and beer. I stopped smoking to find out that I had to remove an pallet on my collen witch what removed and it had some cancer parts on it. I have to get my stomach looked at next. partying is stupid going to church is cooler.

    wearing a dress that is not showing off your body parts is something you should do.

  57. Selena says – reply to this


    I understand that Miley is a person and she's just really upset with all the haters, but she shouldn't have put swift and Gomez into this. I have a feeling she did that because she has a dislike towards them. Swifts and gomezes fans are not the only ones. In fact, if you go on YouTube there will be like 10 videos for why people hate Selena and Taylor, and only 3 for Miley. In my opinion, swifty's fans are a bit aggressive, but I never saw Selena's fans saying aggressive stuff. But smilers always call Selena a whore and ugly and that she sucks while Miley is the princess, which is stupid cause miley is a drug addict.

  58. ciara says – reply to this


    Re: billie jo gilkey – who tf are u to judge their are millions of other people that smokes pots and you are such a hypocrite if church was sooo cool to you why don't you pay attention you shouldn't judge people it your life not perfect. You gave ur self away with the 'I use to smoke pot' um how about you pay more attention in church stop being a hypocrite, worry about your habits, let her live her life, worry about ur unstable health, and what should u wear to church and home ppl be quick to judge but have their own problems smh. If u seriously have a problem with her or smoker why won't u hold a demonstration oh and their are other celebriy weed smokers you should go hate on them to…. you have a dry sad life I see why u seat behind a computer/phone screen and make other sad to boost ur self confidence

  59. Vera says – reply to this


    I hate Miley and always will Selena a Taylor are way better then u Miley