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EXCLUSIVE! Fashion Police Writers Claim E! Execs Are Trying To SCREW The Strike By Sabotaging Upcoming Benefit Show!

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Well this is an interesting twist!

The writers over at E!'s Fashion Police are currently striking so that they can get fair wages, become protected under the WGA, AND so that they can receive all the money from their (alleged) unpaid overtime hours…

And because they are currently NOT working (thus not making an income), the striking writers scheduled a benefit at famed Los Angeles comedy club The Laugh Factory for this Wednesday to help pay their billz.

Now this is where shit gets WEIRD.

Our FP writer source claims the benefit show sold out VERY quickly, which is good right? BUT, it seems that all tickets were bought by ONE person…

E! Vice President John Najarian!!!


Our source is just as baffled as we are, especially because the writers get paid for the gig even if no one shows up.

Could NOT allowing the comedy writers to have an audience be part of a plan to silence their strike?

Or maybe the E! execs are planning to fill the theater up with hecklers?!

Either way, something SHADY is gonna go down tomorrow night!

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10 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Fashion Police Writers Claim E! Execs Are Trying To SCREW The Strike By Sabotaging Upcoming Benefit Show!”

  1. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Or how about this, he bought all the tickets to show his support ?
    and he plans on giving the tickets away for FREE to people who normally couldn't afford the price of a ticket

  2. Jason says – reply to this


    Wow way to screw the pooch on this one writers! You all need to put down the "War of Art" and pick up the "Art of War!"

    When you learn your opponents next move, you don't make it known. You go on and silently prepare for that and worse. It's clear these writers don't have a lawyer representing them. ( or not one who has ever worked in the business world.)

    Looks like if E! was setting a trap you fell right into it. A claim like this is enough for a court to over rule a strike, and the show to not hire back writers. Its Defamation of Character. The only thing stupider on your parts would be to work this message through social networks where your individual names are attached, As I have have heard some of you have done.

    If you are going for the public vote, you would be hard pressed to find someone in your favor after this.

  3. Andrew says – reply to this


    The Writer's have obviously never heard of the "element of surprise" If E! was planning something, I doubt they would make their move so public, probably taking you down the wrong path if anything. I'd stop wasting my time worrying about this and try to figure out what move they are making that this is disguising.

  4. Alexa says – reply to this


    I wanted to support the writers in this strike. I bought three tickets. Now after this, i'm trying to return them. Selfish writers

  5. Andrew says – reply to this


    Re: Jason
    great point! When it comes to court, it doesn't matter what "seems fishy" Its all fact based. The fact of the matter is they bought tickets and supported a cause. Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Plus an audience of one wouldn't be also writing a few thousand checks towards their cause…but better to wait and see what's up before casting aspersions.

  7. Angela says – reply to this


    Pay. Your. Writers. This is getting disgusting. I used to love E and Joan Rivers, but all of this bullying isn't funny. It turns my stomach.

  8. this dude says – reply to this


    wow. check out the E! team trying to turn this around. You chumps are a sad parade. Your dumb plan to buy the tickets is now public and E! looks even more like a dick than they did before.
    The tactic of buying up tickets to benefit shows and other events to kill momentum of a movement is not new. It's not misconstrued as support by any court familiar with history.
    The gang at E! should take a good look in the mirror. These writers know what they are fighting for. What's your battle? Who are you serving? Eat D's.

    all your base….

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: this dude – Yep. We're all watching this now. If it is what some say it is, I'm done watching, period.

  10. Ed says – reply to this


    This was last night, right? What happened?