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EXCLUSIVE! Michael Jackson Vs Wade Robson: Shane Sparks DENOUNCES Previous Report & Gives His REAL Thoughts HERE!

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michael jackson molestation accusations shane sparks wade robson

We recently discussed a report in which choreographer Shane Sparks was said to believe Wade Robson's claims against Michael Jackson in the latest round of molestation accusations.

The report (and the quotes that came with it) made it seem like Shane, a self-professed MJ fanatic, believed that Michael molested Wade when he was a young child because of Shane's trust in Wade. But Shane wants to set the record straight.

He tells PerezHilton.com exclusively:

"Wow! TMZ can't wait to destroy a person's reputation.They call me for a statement about Wade and Micheal and I told them this is hard because I respect both of them. I know Wade personally and Michael through his music. I have so much respect for Michael that's why I wanted to make a statement. I told them I'm on the fence on this because I wasn't there, so I don't know what's true. I did tell them I saw gifts from Michael which is normal for Michael to do (nothing weird about that) and that Wade took us to the NeverLand but that's it. I never took a side on who I believed."

So essentially, Shane is saying he felt his quote was misused in the initial story, where they reported him as saying:

"Because of the man he is, I do believe him (Wade). I don't think he would lie about this because this could hurt him."

And Shane reveals the reason he even talked in the first place, admitting:

"They told me if I gave a statement they would give me an exclusive and let me tell my story on what happened to me (he was convicted of having unlawful sex with a minor back in 2011). I'd never disrespect Michael for anyone. I do know that Wade is a good man and didn't want people to hate on him. It meant a lot to me when my real friends stood by my side when I was going through my situation. I just wanted him to know that I have his back no matter what happens. I have yet to hear back from them about the exclusive and they probably won't do it. I want to apologize to anyone I offended with what they wrote. I'm not the type of person to talk down on anybody I just want to get a chance to tell my side of my story and they used me in the process. For the record, I am not a registered sex offender. That should tell you something. Soon you'll hear my side. Respect to Michael and his family."

Wow. So many thoughts and feelings here!

Pandora's box has really opened with these new claims, and we're just hoping peace is found through justice here. We're still not sure what to believe, but we just hope it's over sooner than later.

We won't hold our breath, though.

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “EXCLUSIVE! Michael Jackson Vs Wade Robson: Shane Sparks DENOUNCES Previous Report & Gives His REAL Thoughts HERE!”

  1. LovieDo says – reply to this


    <I>"We're still not sure what to believe"</I>

    Let's see, Michael Jackson was publicly accused FOUR times of molesting boys. Three witnesses told police they saw Wade molested by Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson owned books of nude boys (books created by convicted sex offenders, which he carefully locked in his filing cabinet). He had a nude polaroid photo of a little boy he used to share his bed with. He admitted to sleeping with boys. Numerous witnesses claimed to see him molest boys. He was given several opportunities to say under oath that he never molested a boy, but he always pled the 5th.
    Not to mention, Wade faces public humiliation and the death of his career for coming forward. You REALLY can't figure out which side was in the wrong here?
    Need more convincing? Go to: mjfacts.info
    It has official court and police documents from MJ's molestation cases.

  2. Irene says – reply to this


    Whatever. Michael Jackson is innocent. Perez likes to put down Michael Jackson, as we have seen many times before.When I get my own children, I will surely tell them about MJ and spread his love :)

    MJ, I hope you are well and sound up there. I bet you are laughing up there, watching us making life out of nothing and fussing about things that dont matter anymore.

  3. bob says – reply to this


    Its sickening how MJ fans can defend such a sick perverted man. LovieDo hit the nail on the mark

  4. 4

    amazing how media twists facts! sorry michael…
    btw,how come wade robson never remembered anything about being abused when he gave his statement to the police and dpt of children & family services back in the 90s,even though it must've been a very recent incident,how come he never recalled being abused throughout these years even when he was grilled about it on several occasions by investigation authorities and appointed psychological experts,even gave testimony in favor of MJ in the 2005 tiral,defending him wholeheartedly and gave several interviews in the wake of his death praising him highly as a human being and calling him an innocent child at heart….and all of a sudden he remembers that he was abused? RIDICULOUS! he can make a lot of money by the damages he claims and he has nothing to lose.

  5. 5

    to the haters out here trying to twist facts and not able to see yet how media always twists facts to make MJ appear guilty.this has happened so many times since MJ's death,forget about when he was alive! this is just another incident coming to the fore about media dishonesty.if they can blatantly lie about him, how can you expect that they reported the truth about the trial.no wonder public was shocked when MJ was acquitted as all this while media was hell bent on reporting the half truth and completely sidetracking MJ's side of the story.thankfully we have court transcripts and certain dedicated people who will do anything to get the truth to the public…the verifiable truth straight out of court documents and investigation files.
    visit "vindicating michael" site on google….or read "conspiracy by aphrodite jones"

  6. lmdol says – reply to this


    @mjtheultimate Have you ever heard of repressed memories? Some people infact block memories, I know I have in the past. Look at Jimmy Savilles victims

    And dont go on about the media Twisting Facts, those books were in the legal documents, no twisted facts there. Rationale people dont need the media to form an opinion, and to know sleeping with others boys is messed up.

  7. Brad says – reply to this


    Re: LovieDo


  8. Brad says – reply to this


    Re: lmdol

    OK, you rationale person… read this:


    And the 2005 project about the trial - Re: LovieDo


  9. 9

    Re: lmdol – Read before you start lecturing :

    The existence of repressed memories is a controversial topic in psychology; some studies have concluded that it can occur in victims of trauma while others dispute it. According to some psychologists, repressed memories can be recovered through therapy. Other psychologists argue that this is in fact rather a process through which false memories are created by blending actual memories and outside influences. Furthermore, some psychologists believe that repressed memories are considered a cultural symptom because there is no written proof of its existence before the 1800s.

    There is a lot of literature concerning repressed memories. Usually false memories.

  10. AS says – reply to this


    Re: Irene – :Your statement's are totally false! Hard copy paid a maid 20,000 for a story! The maid never said she saw MJ do anything when she was Under Oath. Try reading something other that the tabloids which are 100% false stories. Michael was the victim of an out of control Media looking for profit off of false stories and haters that will believe anything without research. Read the Michael Jackson Conspiracy or Redemption or the FBI files, not the Tabloid interpretation. Wade's claim is Pathetic!'

  11. Kcharmer says – reply to this


    Repressed memories? I don't believe it, how can he not remember anything especially since he said it went on for years? I know because I went through sexual abuse as a child and it went on for only 6 months and I remember, and believe me I tried to forget! Maybe if it was a one time thing, you can suppress it, but years? Come on! I know how one can try to forget, but no way for something that supposedly went on for so many years! Sorry not buying it. He's obviously looking for something out of this, money comes to mind. Loser!!! How sad what people will say or do for 15 minutes of fame. Shut up!

  12. Kcharmer says – reply to this


    Re: LovieDo – Sorry, but unless you were sexually abused yourself (maybe you were) you don't know what you are talking about. Btw, he was acquitted, let it go already. Move on to something that is true, and not what you hear from the media where they want you to spend your money on their trash. People like you are the ones who keep them in business, by believing everything you read. Small minded people. Foolish!

  13. mjfan1971 says – reply to this


    Why would Wade stand in line for hours as a child to buy the history album if Michael abuse him. This would be the time this abuse was going on.this is nothing but lies and good timing on Wade part.

  14. Edward says – reply to this


    Re: LovieDo – You do know that all the witnesses statements proved to be false. Each and everyone admitted they were paid to say they saw things. So in the end, there are NO witnesses.

  15. Edward says – reply to this


    Re: lmdol – All these so called witnesses were revealed to be liars paid to make false statements, most of them admitted this later on, when non of their testimonies gelled with the timelines.

  16. marisa says – reply to this


    and read and share thanks

  17. Defiant says – reply to this


    In other "news," the allies won WWII…

  18. Bonebag says – reply to this


    Re: Irene
    Nobody has explained how Wade Robinson will face public humiliation! No matter, this is the same Perez Hilton who refused to admit that Alejandra was not to get more money from Jermaine, or that Randy ( the other brother) won the latest child supposr battle! Thes guys NEVER tell the truth. Now understand I am NOT a Michael JAckson fan! However, I know when a person is being railroaded!