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Bethenny Frankel's Hubby Demands The Dissing STOP! Gag Order Being Put In Place?!

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bethenny frankel ex trying to gag order her

Uh oh!

Someone's big mouth that won't stop yapping has gotten them in trouble!

We knew Bethenny Frankel liked to chitter chat about pretty much everything - hellooo, that's why she has a talk show now - but she might be at risk of having nothing to talk about on that show!

Guess we have a lot of vibrator episodes coming our way!

While she's been making the rounds to reveal how miserable and totes sadsies she was in her marriage with Jason Hoppy, he apparently ain't too happy to be her punching bag.

And yet he DID marry her. We kid, we kid!

But enough is enough! And Jason is supposedly taking it to court because that might be the only way to stop this chatterbox from slamming him at every turn. A source revealed:

"[He] asked his lawyers to go to court asking the judge to impose a gag order on the entire divorce proceedings. He doesn’t want Bethenny discussing the divorce in the media. There are specific clauses in their prenuptial agreement that prohibit either party from talking about their relationship in the press. Jason wants Bethenny to just zip it when it comes to the divorce."

Then what will Bethenny talk about?!

Even though she's acted like she wants privacy, she's been chatting about her "miserable" mistake all over the place!

Seriously, this could spell disaster for her PR plan if the gag order is ok'd.

Dun dun duuun!

[Image via TNYF/WENN.]

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13 comments to “Bethenny Frankel's Hubby Demands The Dissing STOP! Gag Order Being Put In Place?!”

  1. jnyjny says – reply to this


    I feel bad for the guy just like I felt bad for Kris humpfries. I watched that bethany show. He seems to come from a great family, has never been married never had baggage and all we heard about was her baggage. HOw she didnt want him or his family getting into business with her. She is all about business and making millions and having a trophy husband and accessory kid was a part of that. She was the sad sack on real housewives longing for love but as soon as she got it and she became famous for it she dumped it. Someone is going to snag that guy up..he is hot…she is not.

  2. whateveryou says – reply to this


    I've never been very pro or con Bethenny , but you do have to wonder why put all the ugliness of the marriage out there on the telly/press? Does she want us to feel sorry for her? Sorry, but over all it looks very childish.

  3. whateveryou says – reply to this


    I've never been very pro or con Bethenny , but you do have to wonder why put all the ugliness of the marriage out there on the telly/press? Does she want us to feel sorry for her? Sorry, but over all it looks very childish

  4. julie says – reply to this


    Put a gag in her mouth. She is nothing but a whiner, complainer, and hates her life. She has a wonderful husband! No wonder she had family issues; she simply cannot get along with anyone! Can't believe she is making the money she is, but she is!

    I feel for her husband I really do; she just walked all over him; I HOPE he gets custody of the baby and she only has visitation. She just does not deserve her! As u can gather, I am NOT a fan of Bethenny in any way; hated her show because she ramrodded thru and mistreated her husband in every way.

  5. Lisa says – reply to this


    Are you guys kidding me? Bethenny has the guts to come out and say her side of the story and she has never once bashed Jason, she has spoke about how she felt. Jason on the other hand, true to his style, don't have the courage to come out and speak bu he surely has sent a lot of "inside sources" to give us all kind of information about the divorce proceedings. He is the one who needs to zip it or ask his well meaning friends or legal team to zip it.

  6. Helena says – reply to this

  7. Helena says – reply to this


    Lisa, you are not the only one who thinks this. Jason is a weasel and is doing all he can to get his hands on her money, shame on him, go and work and make your own money. Jason and his inside sources are a joke, the can't be more evident. Jason has radar on his speed dial.

  8. ragdoll says – reply to this


    There are two sides to every story however my heart breaks for his family who endured enough already. Let her just keep yapping away. She is making herself look so bad.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    This poor guy got down on bended knee for that. It doesn't always work out, but her kind of regurgitating ungratefulness would have anyone decent running for the door.

  10. KHL says – reply to this


    I always thought he was way to good for her. She is and will always be a moaner, nothing, nothing will every make her happy. She can blame her childhood, whatever. She is one of those people who always wants more and think that money will make them happy. She now has the money and lovely little girl, but still moaning about her life. She had a good man, she got rid of him, get on with it. I dont know why she blaming everyone if for been miserable, she needs to take some responsibility for it. Look around the world there are so many people who are worse off than her and they get on with it.

  11. Team Jason says – reply to this


    I am so happy to hear that Jason is asking for a "gag order" to be placed on Bethenny's big mouth. Bethenny's Mother should ask for the same thing. In fact, Bethenny's Mom should slap a law suit on her daughter's nasty mouth and hurtful comments! You hang in there, Jason. Anyone who watched 'Bethenny Ever After' knows what hell she put you through. Bethenny is a certified Ball Buster. You catered to her every psychotic whim and it was painful to watch what she tried to do to you. Best Wishes and Prayers for Jason and for Bryn, and for Jason's parents . . . and for Bethenny's Mom!

  12. Skye says – reply to this


    Contrast his behavior with hers. He is behaving maturely, tactful, trying to preserve privacy for their daughter's sake. She is playing her eternal "woe is me" victim act, all about mememe, without a regard to the effect of the press on their daughter's future mental health (she will become old enough to be able to search press out and be kidded by peers, etc.). Note who is behaving like the more responsible parent, not wanting attention, not spilling their guts to try to get publicity for financial gain. I commend Jason for requesting privacy in private matters. He seems protective of their daughter as well as trying to preserve some normalcy in his life.

  13. name name says – reply to this


    She is a mentally ill abusive BPD/NPD Crazy bitch.