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Is Will Smith's Unconventional Parenting Good For His Kids?

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What do U think???

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17 comments to “Is Will Smith's Unconventional Parenting Good For His Kids?”

  1. GetItTogether says – reply to this


    What a ridiculously spoiled and ungrateful child. I would be so hurt if my child said that to me. Emancipation is for children who are in awful home environments and need to escape.

  2. mittsback says – reply to this


    A 15 year old with millions of dollars hanging out with the kardashians in his own home that sounds like a great idea. Parents understand Will but you do not

  3. A7X says – reply to this


    Both of his kids are very arrogant, not at all cute. They both also have been named after their parents with a play on the names to suit the gender of course but still a clear sign they are part of an egomaniacal family.

  4. Leo says – reply to this


    Do you even do ANY research before you post anything?? It's so embarassing watching you do this.

  5. asmau says – reply to this


    please dont believe this lie didnt you watch his interview with ellen he said he never said anything thing like that, that why would he want to leave his dad's house when everything is free so pls dont believe perez

  6. 6

    A child should be emancipated from their parents if the parents have proven to be a hazard to the child. This looks like a case of an arrogant child who is too big for his britches - which is certainly not an unusual attitude for a 15 year old, but this kid has been put on a pedestal by his parents and thinks he is a lot more mature than he really is. I wonder if Will and Jada will ever question their child rearing decisions.

  7. 7

    Emancipation is for children who have parents that are druggies, abusers, in general bad living conditions. I don't think this is the case. Will's son was trying to get in a club in London to party for Beibers worst bday ever. He wants his own place to show off to his friends, get girls and be a thug. He's jealous of Justin and wants to be him now. NO, this would not be ok for a 14 year old. I agree with a previous comment, I would be hurt as a parent if my Son had wanted to leave me at 14. Entitled to the max and wanting to throw that dough around!!!

  8. Rohan says – reply to this



  9. JaDeNsMiTh says – reply to this


    Eh tink mah daddi neds 2 kik mah ass!

  10. Danielle says – reply to this


    That's not what he said AT ALL

  11. vanessa says – reply to this


    This is wrong, Perez! If you watch Ellen, Jayden and Will talked about this and said it was a joke Will said one time and of course the media and you take it out of proportion. Get your facts straight before reporting.

  12. 12

    I saw them on Ellen and Will said it was a joke he made in Japan. It was probably translated wrong. Jaden said everything in his parents house is free and Will said his 'baby' isn't leaving the house for the next 12 years.

  13. 13

    They raised their kids a certain way from birth. It's nothing new. I watch them on vacation and they are very close to their parents. I bet they tell them everything. How they are being raised works for them. They aren't in the news for doing wrong things. Willow doesn't have stage parents, so when she decided she just wanted to be 12 and pull out of a major movie, she was allowed to be. They are just fine :)

  14. @v@ says – reply to this


    Haha. This boy heard about emancipation and decided that total freedom sounded like a great idea. Spouting legalese to get more power is clever, but it ain't gonna happen, lolol. Kids get these ideas in their heads to shape their own worlds the way THEY want them to be. He's not a bit ungrateful. He's just smart, and pushing it, like all teens do, because they can. It's about increasing your own power and autonomy whenever the opportunity presents itself. The word and idea of emancipation just came across his radar. He said on Ellen that he wanted to live at his parents for the next 20 - 30 years, because his parents have everything $$$ covered, lol. He has just decided that he wants to be emancipated while he lives there, along with the life of Riley.
    I think it's funny as hell, but not serious at all. He loves his parents and they love him.

  15. 123AZ says – reply to this


    Your so stupid because you obviously didn't watch Ellen where they said it was a joke. Plus if they were that spoiled they wouldn't have such a close relationship to their parents. We can judge and hate but the truth is that they have a different lifestyle than most normal teenagers but to them it's normal because they were born into that type of family. They just happen to have parents that love and support them in what they do. Perez stop criticizing parenting styles especially when you just became one and know nothing about it. You will make your own mistakes and you won't want people criticizing you.

  16. Perezisstupid says – reply to this


    Get your facts straight. And stop spreading stupid rumors!!!

  17. 17

    Re: mittsback – You have to understand that he is still a kid and will say kid things,as a kid ,he will try and push his luck but it is parents who have the final decision.