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Lindsay Lohan Has 'Finally Adjusted' To The Betty Ford Center!

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Guess she’s not in such bad shape after all?!

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly finally come round to her 90-day rehab stint at the Betty Ford Center. A source revealed:

"She is doing well. She seems like she's finally adjusted.”

This is quite the shift in attitude given that just yesterday we were told LiLo was kicking and screaming for Adderall and pleading to transfer treatment facilities.

Though it's said that the actress hasn't had many visitors — not even Dina and Michael Lohan — someone must have talked some sense into her.

The source explains that Lindsay has been following the center’s schedule, including group meetings and daily exercise, and will be finishing her treatment at Betty Ford.

The only way you’ll get through the next 80 or so days with some ease is if you cooperate, Linds!

Keep it up!

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18 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Has 'Finally Adjusted' To The Betty Ford Center!”

  1. Mumra says – reply to this


    Silly, stupid story. Move on for the next 80 days to someone who is actually doing something. Don't worry, she'll get totally gacked the night she gets out and side-swipe a van full of nuns while driving some Arab guys Porche, sending the Van into flames and roasting all the nuns.

  2. natti says – reply to this


    PMSL!! Mumra!!

  3. WOW says – reply to this


    Re: Mumra – Please SEEK HELP !

  4. 4

    The LAST thing she needs to be worrying about is visitors. She should not be allowed ANY vistors unless it is for therapy sessions. She needs to focus on herself and her rehab and not keeping company.

  5. Silence Is Golden says – reply to this


    Re: kabuki girl – One of the reasons visitors can't come & go in rehab is because the patient is emotionally UNSTABLE. She's been there like ten days & every day there are stories, she's fliiping out because they took her pills, then Dina says she Happy & Healthy, then she's furious & going to leave, now she's good. All or None of these stories could be true because an addict in treatment is finally getting in touch w/their feelings that the drugs have muted for so long. However, SOMEONE keeps cashing in, about every day now, by contacting media outlets to release another LL story. This is not without LL permission, I would assume. Well, lindsay's addictions INCLUDE her media releases. While I am glad to get an update on her, here& there is more than enough. Lindsay needs to detached from media & focus on her rehab. Seems right now she is focused on the media coverage of her rehab event & missing the rehab experience as it was designed to produce. Well, it should drop off. There isn't going to be a big interest in hearing about her every thought, every day for the next 80 or so days. All in good time. Hopefully.

  6. to Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: WOW – Aloha, sista. It is disturbing to see that mean post still are coming in when LL's been in custody for…12/13 days now. I do understand why people have had it w/ her, but, now thats she's in custody, i guess I'm naive or something in that I am rather shocked that some people still are packing real hate & viciousness towards her (another site). I mean, she is in custody, in treatment & she hasn't walked out or been kicked out of BFC, so being furious w/her & wishing icky things, well, i guess I thought when she finally did the right thing, people wouldn't still be bothered w/ dark thoughts about her & feel a need to take to a blog to express them. Well, she did screw-over a lot of people. True forgiveness takes time. Anyway, saw you were here & I wish you a fine & peace-filled day. I am happy she hasnt walked out. That alone, says A LOT!!! See ya, sista! *jjf*

  7. A QUESTION: says – reply to this


    Re: natti – WHAT DOES PMSL MEAN?

  8. eddie worley says – reply to this


    you all make out that linds is weak but your wrong she ain't that freckled faced kid from new York she has grown up some now most of you underestimate her making out she is bad the only ones who are bad are the media they put her where she is now with all there lies they said about her, no one is perfect we all make mistakes. if people had more faith in her instead of listening to b/shite. she once said untill you hear it from me do not believe any of it I know she can do it and she will prove to everyone.

  9. ALL/BLAME says – reply to this


    Re: eddie worley – It is a generalization to say everyone says Lindsay is weak, however, all drug dependant people/addicts have a weakness of some sort or they wouldn't NEED to do drugs. ALSO, Lindsay is NOT in rehab now because of what the media has done to her. She is in rehab because she crashed her car & lied about it. The fact cops reported alcohol on the scene & on her breath, and the fact she crashed her car & lied about it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE MEDIA. Lindsay MAKES & PROMOTES HERSELF USING MEDIA. If she didn't want media coverage she & "her people" would STOP contacting media in order to put another LL media story out in the media. LL hasn't done much actual acting in near ten yrs. The ONLY reason she's in media is because she TRIES & WANTS to be in the media. Constantly. Duh.

  10. FAITH IN HER? says – reply to this


    Re: eddie worley – Do you really BELIEVE that Lindsay's life has been a constant mess & full of crimes & irresponsibility JUST BECAUSE other people don't have FAITH in her? Do you have any idea of what u are saying by stating her problems are caused by other people not having faith in her? Lots of people in the world are law-abiding citizens, put themselves through college while working full-time, do all kinds of excellent things with their lives WITHOUT having a lot of people, or sometimes ANYONE. that is supportive of them or has faith in them. OTHER PEOPLE'S THOUGHTS, FAITH & WISHES DO NOT MAKE LINDSAY LOHAN'S REALITY. LINDSAY'S CHOICES, LINDSAY BEHAVIORS make her life. If u really believe other people faith is the cause of Lindsay's problems, you should share that belief with a pastor, priest, or doctor. & Lindsay's been caught in lies constantly, lies to cops, -why would anyone believe what she says anymore?

  11. Also.... says – reply to this


    Re: ALL/BLAME – At the time of the accident Lindsay was on her way to work on Liz & Dick. A PRODUCTION SUV was sent to her to escort/limo her to the set. Lindsay DECLINED the company escort service & elected to drive a rented Porsche to work & have the company car sent to FETCH HER, follow her instead. Lindsay has said the papz 'follow her' places and are obsessed w/ getting her picture. Yet, here she makes a CHOICE to drive a flashy car, INSTEAD of sitting in the back seat of the company car that would NOT have drawn attention to her. When u don't want to be in the media u don't have to be. Lindsay's CHOICES put her in media. We don't get daily reports of Meryl Streep & she's a real working actress. It's INCONSISTANT to argue that Lindsay isN'T weak, when u keep saying she has virtually NO control over what happens in her life. There is no such thing as a STRONG woman who is a constant VICTIM of others.

  12. To Lnz, says – reply to this


    Hi pp, it's jack. I'm glad ur feeling better & settling in. I just want u to know that I think it's important that u focus on ur rehab time by focusing on rehab things. These media stories everyday aren't good for u. I don't think it's healthy for u to be worried about what the media & people r saying about u while u r trying to heal ur genuine health issues. Someone is responsible for sending in information about what ur doing while in rehab & that's not good for u for many different reasons. I also think u r ready to start finding ur own answers. I won't be running out on u, but I don't think it's good for me to write u everyday anymore. For now, u know? I'm not going to be releasing any stories on u myself, & I really hope u have come to have some understanding that I care very much for u to get better. U have been sweet to me too, & I remember the sweetness that is part of u too. Ok, so, I'm going to step away for a few days to allow u to have time w/ur own self, to think about some things in solitude. It's a big part of healing to try to stand by urself & figure some stuff out by urself. Know I luv u. I'll write u, HERE, Sat pm. Work on U, please?

  13. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    She was so pretty before she f*cked up her face with drug abuse and bo-tox …..WTF happened ? ? ?

  14. what happened? says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – What happened was drugs, botox, juviderm or what-ever filler. Booze puffs u up & if u have worked a while in the medical field alcoholics also have a white-pasty/green aura thing going on. The prettiest, most attractive people on the planet are HEALTHY, HAPPY PEOPLE. Kim Kardashian is naturally very pretty but one can't see it under all that make-up & she virtually NEVER looks genuinely happy. Nutrition plays a big part is tight skin, pink cheeks & energy level/pep. Even pretty people turn gray/boring when their tired, sluggish & look unhappy. Linds has bounced back before, about 3yrs ago she was doing sobriety & was photographed pumping gas & she looked HEALTHY. Shes still cronologically young but few things age u faster than drugs/booze/depression/inadequate nutrition. Linds will bounce back when she decides she NEEDS a totally DIFFERENT LIFE-STYLE & SHE WORKS HARD FOR IT.

  15. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: to Taylor, – Aloha Sista ! Some of these post are Very disturbing . I just don't understand the hate . I am sure Lindsay has done Nothing to posters to deserve these comments . Yet I am sure that these are the same people if their family member was being Bullied they would jump right in to defend them . I will Never understand where kindness and compassion went . People in general do not like to be judged so why judge Lindsay when most don't even understand the whole story . Rooting for ya Lindsay I KNOW you can do this !

  16. Wants Lukens Now? says – reply to this


    It's started to come up in media that Dad Lohan intends to ask Holley & DA's office to transfer LL to Lukens in Fla. What is so odd is that Luken's web site says they are for HIGH FUNCTIONING PROFESSIONALS. Lindsay is NOT high functioning nor is she a "professional". She is a mess who thinks her problems are caused by everyone else in her life. The biggest issue is that Lindsay IS ALREADY IN A COURT APPROVED REHAB that is in the State of California, the State of California does not have jurisdiction in Flordia, so her transfer would be YET ANOTHER problem and more tax dollars spent to …once again…try to make Lindsay happy. To transfer her out of state puts a responsibility on ANOTHER STATES court/law enforcement system. Enough all ready. If Lindsay wants to go to more luxurious rehab AFTER she COMPLETES her SENTENCE, nobody cares. But lots of people are sick and tired of their tax dollars being spent on this addict that is never satisfied. She doesn't need a LUXURY rehab for high functioning executives. She needs to learn she is stuck with what she asked for.

  17. She had time says – reply to this


    Re: Wants Lukens Now? – Lindsay and her lawyer, friends, family all had plenty of time to pick the right rehab for her. Lindsay isn't required to go to rehab, she is required to serve an IN CUSTODY 90 days sentence. The barn door has been CLOSED. Her new/old attorney Holley busted tail to keep L out of jail. The courts have already approved Betty Ford. If she doesn't want to be there, too bad. She can storm out and go to jail if she wants. Betty Ford didn't work last time, so many L does need to repeat the same program over so she'll get it this time. Doesn't matter, whether she gets rehabbed or not isn't the states concern. The state wants to see her do her 90 sentence. It would be BS for tax dollars to be used to transfer her to a nicer rehab with a better view, when the state of cali has done more than their fair share already. Plan Ahead next time.

  18. to Lnz/Sat pm says – reply to this


    Re: To Lnz, – Hi Lindsay, it's Jack and I said I'd check back w/you on Sat/pm, and here we are. I don't know what to say to you because I just read a story that now your talking about what another patient is doing while inside rehab. I don't know if it's really you that is leaking info to the media about what is going on inside Betty Ford, but its been 15 days now since u were admitted to rehab where there SHOULD be a 'bosom of silence' comforting both you & Brooke & everyone else in there. These medias stories are HARMING the reputation of the Betty Ford Center. I am going to just limit myself to wishing u well today because I have BIG ISSUES with this lack of privacy going on, and today, i think I will focus on BFC's ETHICS and implementing resolutions to this constant "leaking" of information TO MEDIA about what is going on inside the Betty Ford Center. Take care, Linds. –*jack*