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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Ditching The Dramz For Idaho Isolation?!

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kristen stewart robert pattinson considering move to idaho

Are we losing our fave Twilight twosome??

We'd hate to not get to watch Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's every step, but we just might be in danger of this exact tragedy!

Since they've become a paparazzi favorite, the happily reunited lovebirds haven't really gotten even one second of privacy. Well, we're certainly not complaining!

But they apparently are as KStew wants to ditch the photog-covered streets of El Lay for a quieter life…

…a MUCH quieter life in Idaho!

It seems Demi Moore's famous escape from Hollywood to Idaho has inspired our little KStew. And who can blame her after all the dramz she dealt with after her cheating scandal?

That shizz would make us want to run away and farm potatoes!

R-Patz might just have to make this come true to smooth things over with her after his recent birthday oopsies as a source revealed:

"Kristen’s been begging Rob to consider other living options. She’s a huge fan of Demi, who [has a home] in Hailey, Idaho, and thinks her situation is ideal — having a ranch in a remote area somewhere is Kristen’s idea of perfection. She thinks the two of them would have the time of their lives running a small estate, a secret hideaway in the mountains … Rob’s not sure about setting up outside L.A. permanently, but he really likes the idea of having space and fresh air."

Yes, plenty of space to raise tons and tons of little Robstens!

Plus, this would keep KStew away from directors in Hollywood on a regular basis.

We kid, we kid! We're sure she's a good girl now!

[Image via STS/WENN.]

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25 comments to “Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Ditching The Dramz For Idaho Isolation?!”

  1. krisbianstyle||IG says – reply to this


    ROBSTEN UNBROKEN!!!!!!!!!!! i wouldve killed to have met them at coachella D;

  2. c says – reply to this


    I think it is better that they moved to London, or New York where they are central to things they enjoy. Also they are not country people and the isolation could just make them more isolated and easy target for the media

  3. dee says – reply to this


    They need to sort out their issues before looking for a place of their own. Also Rob should stop playing mind games with her. Especially the one issue is His spending all his time with Katy Perry and get over the cheating scandals that is old news, you know Kristen humiliated Rob once and has been on the straight and narrow….. But it doesn't help with the drama with Katy Perry hook up did they or did they hook up. or adding to insult picking up lookalike waitress to sleep with and doing the Dior commercial and taking it a bit further than necessary. How many more dramas Rob??? You can't have your cake and eat it too. She already paying a big price for it for being someone else butt joke and name calling. You don't even take her out properly to dinner or alone with you…. As for some stupid publicity crap that you are together until August. I don't buy that crap, Sort your crap out Rob Pattinson or Kristen has had enough of this drama and will move on. You are not 19 and you are 27…… Anyway Perez, hows your baby boy doing????

  4. conniecappadonia says – reply to this


    I think a great idea buy a ranch to get away from people they don't get privaey they need time to themselfes rob kristen has prove her selfe to y don't let family or friends break y guys up rob y said kristen was the only one for y you guys can't stop thikninking about each other

  5. AMW says – reply to this


    I thought I just read they split. I get wanting to move out of limelight but I think london or NY would be a better choice. Just my opinion. These two must stop acting like angst filled teenagers and decide if they are together or not. I also think Rob has had his revenge with enough dates with other girls without Kristen. If he doesn't want to move forward then they both need to move on. Everyone will survive. Maybe they just need to focus on careers and part ways for awhile.

  6. faithful says – reply to this


    Are you fucking kidding or what ? IDAHO ?! This is so stupid I can't believe it.

  7. mich says – reply to this


    I can't believe that people actually believe this garbage. you'll see by next year they will still be in California

  8. Jazz says – reply to this


    I think tney are okey, except the fans. Their fans have imagination beyond the truth, accusing both side. If you want them to have peace stop commenting with your wildest dreams what's going on between the two. You don't know the truth, nobody knows the truth, only them, They have their plans why not wait. They might totally move to London and buy a flat in NY.

  9. 9

    What must their relationship be like? The world loves him and hates her!

  10. Jenn says – reply to this


    Re: conniecappadonia – Don't tell me that you believe everything they said about Rob and katy perry and all the grab seriously you need help.

  11. Jenn says – reply to this


    Re: conniecappadonia – Don't tell me that you believe all the crab they said about Rob and Katy Perry??? Seriously you need help

  12. Jimmy says – reply to this


    Omg they can't move away to somewhere quite everyone will just follow them cause I know I will!!

  13. "Little Birdie" says – reply to this


    They are not moving anywhere but on. Rob and Kris live two seperate lives away from each other. This is all PR coming from Kris' camp. They don't even see each other. They parted ways a long time ago. Kris spent Rob's B-day with her friends. They have nothing together anymore. And if you believe any of this Rob and Kris together forever call me . I have some ocean front property in Arizona i"ll sell you for cheap.

  14. 14

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  15. alt says – reply to this


    Their relationship is a PR.

  16. HRW says – reply to this


    Re: krisbianstyle||IG – OMG! That's the exact point of them leaving. People like you ARE the problem. Don't ever presume you know them. Even when they "spill" in interviews, they are guarding the most important info. You are not their friend, and you don't have "rights" to them.

  17. Marcia says – reply to this


    Kristen is a great girl, so we know, Robert've found is a scoundrel, Kristen does not deserve. Kristen will have a ranch but with an American, a real man, not a alcoola tra and naughty taidor it takes to bed every bitch, disrespecting Kristen, How Kristen will want to have a family with this guy? He who gets the cow Katy perry which is equal to it. Kristen is too much for him. TAKE A PHOTO OF Kriste PETO BLOOD SUCKING THE ROBERT. It can not be harmed by the image of him beside her. Let her picture alone until a real man deserving appears beside her. Robert Blood Sucking Bastard out.

    Kristen is a great girl, so we know, Robert've found is a scoundrel, Kristen does not deserve. Kristen will have a ranch but with an American, a real man, not a alcoola tra and naughty taidor it takes to bed every bitch, disrespecting Kristen, How Kristen will want to have a family with this guy? He who gets the cow Katy perry which is equal to it. Kristen is too much for him. TAKE A PHOTO OF Kriste PETO BLOOD SUCKING THE ROBERT. It can not be harmed by the image of him beside her. Let her picture alone until a real man deserving appears beside her. Robert Blood Sucking Bastard out.

  18. 18

    If you think you know the status of Rob and Kristen's relationship based on the various articles about them, just wait a day and it will probably change. Only they know what is really going on. The couple shouldn't buy anything significant until their relationship truly stabilizes over time. If and when it does, they are so rich that they could buy additional place(s) wherever they want. London and NYC are good locations, and they could also get a remote estate with lots of land and trees to provide maximum privacy possible, perhaps in Idaho. Buying all those digs might be the ideal solution. On the other hand, celebs like Robert Redford and Goldie Hawn / Kurt Russell seem to have had reasonable privacy for many years living principally in Aspen, so maybe they could do alright just buying a suitable home there. There are many solutions once Rob & Kristen are ready, but not now it seems. As to the comments about his faithfulness, I haven't seen anything other than personal online guesses suggesting his infidelity. Katy Perry is a long-time friend and other female companions have turned out to be friends as well, usually involved with male buddies.

  19. 19

    Re: Marcia – Marcia, you must have some sort of problem. I, for one, think your baseless hater comments are highly inappropriate and do not belong here at all. Get well soon.

  20. bjsmith says – reply to this


    I totally agree with you. Marcia is a little whacko. Girl need. to get to a shrink as soon as possible..

  21. bjsmith says – reply to this


    Some people on this site still believe Edward and Bella are real. Rob and Kristen are real people Bella and Edward are characters in a movie. Kristens fans continue to blame Rob for everything negative happening in Kristens life. Get over it. Because frankly they don't care what you or I tthink.

  22. conniecappadonia says – reply to this


    Ithink. It a good idea to move to idaho thaat way they can privacy to many friend are making troble including home wracker kety perry she's the biggest probleem

  23. sheila says – reply to this


    This story is as true as the Cannes story. I think Rob loves the weather in LA & Kristen thinks of it as home. Idaho is beautiful but the long winter & isolation not ideal for either of them.

  24. sheila says – reply to this


    I think the people accusing Rob of unfaithfulness are delusional. I remember these same people accusing Rob of being unemployed in 2012 when he was quietly lining up projects. These people attacked me when I warned them that Rob's fans would get revenge. Then Rob's delusional fans attacked me when I said he was lining up films. They said it was projects not films. Some of these people are stuck on stupid.

  25. Doee says – reply to this


    Amazing how everyone can decide what has or hasn't happened with Kristen and Robert.I like them both but to be honest Kristen has a bunch of hang-ons 24/7 do her friends besides Scout work? I think they use her and all this noise about Katy Perry is unreal as Kristen had his male friends staying with her when he was in Oz and no one was carrying on that she was being unfaithful…I think they need to regroup and Kristen needs to get some damage control where they are concerned it seems its always from her side that this noise is coming from not his….I do think he has been amazing to put up with this stuff for so long…most guys wouldn't want an army of silly girls hanging around 24/7…where are Kristen real friends ? I think Scout is working but the rest forget it… I think that Robert's friends have been very gracious to her considering the fling she had with Rupert so its not as though they aren't be supportive. So I think Kristen needs to decide if Robert is the guy for her or let him go believe you me he will find many other women who will be good to him…I do feel they have a love connection and can work this out if they both work towards it.