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Michael Jackson's Alleged Molestation Victim Wade Robson Teases New Scandalous Announcement!

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wade robson michael jackson molestation announcement coming

Wade Robson, the choreographer who claims Michael Jackson molested him as a child when they spent time together over a 7 year period, apparently has new information concerning MJ's alleged abuse.

Wade was approached at JFK after arriving from LA, and was asked about the situation…

But rather than remain silent, dude said he woud talk about the scandal "maybe tomorrow"!

Hmm, we wonder if Wade has remembered anything new?

We already know that Wade suffered a mental breakdown back in 2011 after having stated — under oath — that MJ was never inappropriate with him, and it was this mental breakdown that caused repressed memories of sexual abuse to surface, so we're interested to see if he'll elaborate on the "Monster" that was Michael.

Maybe Wade has new evidence that will convince the skeptics of MJ's guilt?

Keep you eyes here lovely readers, cause our curiosity is piqued and we want ANSWERS!

[Image via Retna LTD.]

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19 comments to “Michael Jackson's Alleged Molestation Victim Wade Robson Teases New Scandalous Announcement!”

  1. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    I think most of us knew this day was a cumin
    The greedy Jackson family is looking to collect like a billion $$$$
    for what they claim in negligence in Michaels death
    So why wouldn't his victims want to go in and get a slice of the pie
    Since Wade is going after Sony as well as MJ he stands a much better chance of getting his case before a jury, and this time out, he will not be a shy little boy
    I will not be surprised to see McCauley Culkin on the witness stand, and this time, telling the truth

  2. 2

    Please stop giving this D Bag face time.

  3. 3

    Re: Mr Pete – I agree. The unfortunate thing is that pedophiles are extremely manipulative and careful and proof is often non-existent. It will be very interesting to hear Wade's case.

  4. Martinrock says – reply to this


    You slanderers, maybe be you should consult the archives of the FBI released since on these cases before issuing arguments invented in your little brain a cooked-up story. The FBI has certainly recognized the obvious innocence of michael. But you, brainless, stupid, hateful and probably more pedophile than Michael, you have the front to insult a dead man which you're one of the murderers. Is AEG have also hired you as Robson? Il does not seem curious that when a trial takes place between the Jackson family and aeg, it suddenly appears a venal scoundrel (and close to aeg) accusing michael were BILLIONS of dollars are at stake ! I think the real potential pedophiles are those who think otherwise, who fear that a pure and platonic love can exist as. You killed a man, a good man by your stupidity.

  5. Bee says – reply to this


    At the end of the Day, Wade has lied infront of the court. He can't say under the court oath nothing happened and now there is no defender change his plea. He either lied then or now… But this just screams out a greedy man wanting money to me!!!

  6. terrie says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete – Oh please Pete, stop having wishful thinking..Wade is a liar and if you do not see that, you are stupid. He was telling the truth back then but MJ is dead and there is money to make. Wade has defended MJ even since 1993 and even in cout and even this year. Victims, there are no victims just conartist. MJ was investigated worst than a killer and nothing was there. MJ was given no room and no pass. Funny at the JFK, Wade gave the peace sign like MJ. Give a break. Wade was NOT shy in 2005 that is why I know he is lying and he was under a tough cross examination. Go away Wade, we are not buying your mess. YOu looking stupid.

  7. terrie says – reply to this


    Re: Martinrock – So true. MJ was investigated even by the FBI and NOTHING was found. Only haters of MJ and stupid people believe Wade and so far, it is NOT that many.

  8. terrie says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – We had a woman here to shave her daughter head to pretend she had cancer and it was lie. She received $100,000 in donations. See with MJ, MJ was around a bunch of money hungry folks and they depend of MJ haters to help them. SMART people know better and can see through this mess.

  9. terrie says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – And CONARTISTS always try to make their case use manpulation as well and lies. In the book of life, the best way to con someone is to (1)say a child was adused (2) use religion, (3) use an illness (4) use the eldely because people will react without thinking to these things even if it is a lie. Also, Pedos often ADMIT they are wrong when they are caught and they sure do not have victims DEFENDING them for years either let alone put them on a case to help them let alone defending them when they die. Wade is a LIAR. That is clear.

  10. terrie says – reply to this


    Re: Mr Pete – Yes Pete we knew this day was cumin because when a person dies and people think they can get money and ther person is no longer here to defend himself, yes, liars make all kinds of claims. There were NO victims. Tom Sneddon combs this world over looking for victims even some who claimed to be victims and they were liars (they did not even met MJ). Wade DEFENDED MJ IN A COURT OF LAW and he did it at his OWN WILL. Wade would have broke down under cross examine but he did NOT. He stood his ground.

  11. Brad says – reply to this


    I'm just saying….

    Wade Robsons house was listed on March 21,
    AEG appealed and failed to get the lawsuit dismissed on March 21. AEG trial started April 29…

    March 21st is the date the date the court allowed the trial go on and rejected AEGs appeal. its also the date judge denied Jacksons motion to exclude child molestation charges.

    The condo was originally listed on March 21st and closed escrow on May 8th. Wade filed his claim of molestation against Michael's estate on May 1st.

    In short:
    February 27 - AEG trial to go ahead
    March 21 - Judge dismisses AEG's appeal and trial set to go ahead, also the day the judge allowed the allegations to be raised in the trial
    March 21 - Wade Robson puts his house up for sale
    April 30 - AEG trial begins
    May 1 - Wade Robson files his claim against the estate
    May 7 - allegations go public
    May 8 - sells his LA house for a higher asking price

    June 6th hearing is just about "MOTION-FILE PLEADINGS UNDER SEAL" so the judge will decide whether they will be sealed or not. Later on the judge should give Estate time to respond to the claims and hold at least one - or more- hearings about whether it will continue or not.
    Now we have Jermaine talking about Wade AND his Momma helping him with his book in 2011

  12. 12

    As for why he didn't come forward until now, he says he blocked out the memories and recently suffered a breakdown due to the repressed trauma.That breakdown, he claims, torpedoed his career and cost him millions, which he is hoping to recoup in his lawsuit against the music icon's estate. HOW CONVENIENT! you go broke and suddenly you are struck by the "fact" that you were abused by a person you kept defending wholeheartedly, during police and FBI interrogations,during interactions with DCFS and on the witness stand,gave multiple tributes to and called him a great human being with the innocence of a child….wow! anything for money!

  13. notyoconcetn says – reply to this


    This pathetic excuse of a tabloid should have been put out of its misery long time ago. After everything, is the world still blinded by gold diggers? Thanks to this piece of shit of rag news toilet paper, the answer is unfortunately, yes…

  14. Marty says – reply to this


    Wade is lying & he should be ashamed of himself. Whatever trouble he is in, he knows that if MJ were alive he would help him in a heartbeat. Shame & disgrace & this will become clear. MJ is innocent!

  15. Daniel says – reply to this


    Not a one of u people know what happened to wade but wade & MJ. HE SAYS TODAY SHOW memories were not repressed. Perez Hilton needs to correct his website that is a lie. Abuse is serious and wade stated that when he had his child that is when he said he realized what really happened to him. He stated on today show that no amount of money will silence him ! I know people lie all the time but we cannot call him a liar until we know the facts and the truth. Just because MJ is dead and cannot defend himself does not mean that WADE does not have the right to defend his life and his childhood. I fear for Wade & his safety now. AEG might want to try and get rid of this guy somehow. Very sad situation. We as humans must show compassion for victims of any type of abuse. But let's not call him a liar when u don't have solid proof that he is lying. Jermaine Jackson u should be ashamed of urself for saying anything on the news about this! U don't know the truth. Yet either.

  16. Daniel says – reply to this


    PEREZ HILTON. PLEASE FIX THIS MIS INFORMATION : WADE said on the today show that these memories were NOT REPRESSED. So u r reporting false info. If u r going to print something on a story please be honest and get the facts you Perez should have called WADE urself and asked him for the truth.

  17. sherry douglas says – reply to this


    Mj never molested any boys! It is time to give it up. As for as jacksons law suite they KILLED him & they did not care! There will NEVER be another MJ

  18. Blip says – reply to this


    I don't know Perez. Wayde could definitely be telling the truth. The things he says about his child, not wanting the same for his boy, I've heard victims of abuse say before. I have heard people who were molested often say they don't want to have kids because they think the same would happen to their child. I hope he's lying. I love MJ's music. I grew up on him. But why would Wayde try to get money this way? It's hard for men to admit they were abused by other men because they're afraid people will question their sexuality. So would Wayde really try to hustle money like this? He was Mike's protege. He could have gone another route to get the money. I read once that Michael was molested as a child. Jermain even said MJ was molested. He said Poppa Joe would solicit Mike to pedophiles in the industry as a kid. Jermain also said that Michael would go to these meetings late at night with powerful men in the industry. When he came back from the meetings he'd be sick and crying for days. A friend of the family who use to play back up for the Jackson 5 said that he caught Mike at the age of 12 having sex with a cousin who was in his 20s. This is so sad.

  19. Blip says – reply to this


    Re: Blip – And anyone notice how people who go through things like abuse in the industry often hang out together. Remember B2K, Immature and their manager Chris Stokes. B2K accused Stokes of being a child molester. They also accused Maques Houston from the group Immatuare of being a molester ( even though I disagree with that accusation). Anyway, Wayde use to choreograph for the group Immature back in the mid 90s. He was just a kid then. Wayde also choreographed for Nsync who claimed Lu Perlman ( spelling?) was a child molester.