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Bethenny Frankel Doesn't Understand The Sanctity Of Marriage!

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And she knows little about love!

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25 comments to “Bethenny Frankel Doesn't Understand The Sanctity Of Marriage!”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    And what do you know, Piggy? You're crude, disgusting and have no concept of kindness unless it furthers your career. Just give it up, even your presezisms blow.

  2. Anne says – reply to this


    This was predictable. What was he doing with a nut case like her. He's a nice guy. It's heartbreaking for him, but he'll do we'll financially, when his lawyers get through with her.

  3. 3

    i had no idea perez was also in this relationship! i mean he MUST have been to say something so bold as that bethenny doesn't understand the sanctity of marriage because she's getting divorce. i wasn't in their relationship, but watching their show, her husband seemed like an asshole. an emotionally abusive asshole who always tried to make himself look good in public while being a total dick to her behind closed doors. and um…. as someone who makes a career out of talking and writing about others personal lives, i would think perez wouldn't be so quick to blast someone for saying anything about their marriage. it's not like she said her husband has a small dick and masturbates while eating cake or some crap. she just said that she was unhappy in the marriage, which would be assumed since she's getting a divorce. yet she's a jerk? you still have some growing up to do perez….

  4. Katie says – reply to this


    Perez you make me laugh, Bethenny doesn't understand the sanctity of marriage but you do? Bethenny has given an interview to People magazine, that is it, your pal Jason is the one giving exclusives to Radar everyday but like the coward he is, he hides behind "inside sources"

  5. lala says – reply to this


    That's awfully rude especially coming from someone who's never been married. I understand that it is your job to report this kind of stuff but show a little respect to your fellow humans. What happened to the "new Perez".

  6. sunshine says – reply to this


    Who is this ranting tweaker who looks like he hasn't had a shower in days, and is sitting around in pajama bottoms to –deliver news? WTF?

    I'm surprised he doesn't speak the way he writes, like a 12-year old girl, using non-words like "dramz." What happened to your secret language, Perizzle Hizizzle?

  7. 7

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  8. alex says – reply to this


    Its not only clear that you, Perez, have no concept of how relationships function (that is, often unfavourably, through no fault of any particular person), or what a 'successful' relationship even means. arent you single parenting a baby? does that not indicate that you might not be the great kahuna of wisdom you envision yourself to be? Shoving your unwanted opinions down the throats of your readers isnt just (as others have already covered) crude, useless, obnoxious and insulting at a fundamental level, but damaging at a level that is probably beyond your comprehension. So take it from us with IQs in the 3- digits: youre embarrassing yourself, and leaving an ugly stain for the rest of humanity to explain to our kids. I hate to go all rev lovejoy's wife on you, but if nothing else, think of the lessons youre imbuing others with- including your own kid.

  9. 9

    The only people who can speak about a marriage are the people who are actually IN the marriage. Anyone else is just speculating. I think she's being honest. Look at how they came to be married. They were dating. She got pregnant and they got married. They didn't know each other long enough or well enough to make the commitment but they took a chance, tried and it didn't work out. Don't forget they were also dealing with her burgeoning empire, the sudden impact of earning millions of dollars, filming a reality TV show, constant media scrutiny and a miscarriage. Marriage is difficult in the best of circumstances. Cut her some slack. Oh, and wash your hair grease-ball.

  10. PalmBeachPrincess says – reply to this


    I dated one of her ex-boyfriends, (before he met her), Jimmy Oppenheimer. Jimmy is one of the sweetest, most considerate, caring person when he loves them. She literally made him give up everything in Chicago to move to New York City to be with her, then dumped him like garbage when she started cheating with her ex-husband, Peter Sussman's best friend (Larry); only to dump HIM for another guy (Kevin Mazer) who she thought would be her ticket to the 'big time'-When that scheme didn't go as planned, she latched onto Jason Colodne who 'dumped' her on national T.V.. Then she goes to a club and meets Jason Hoppy who now is going through sheer hell. She's a money grubbing, narcissistic, nut case who is only interested in one thing-HERSELF! She doesn't understand the sanctity of marriage, motherhood, or family. She's just disgusting and will use anyone or do anything to achieve fame & fortune because she had a 'tramautic childhood'. Please! I know many people who had a rough childhood (worse than she had) and don't use people like toilet paper. I would NEVER buy any of her products or waste one second watching that skank on T.V.

  11. Teresa says – reply to this


    Re: PalmBeachPrincess

    WOW, you sure seem to be obsessed with Bethenny, let it go. BTW, did you marry her wonderful ex-boyfriend or did he dump you? Maybe he did and that is why you ar so bitter. Money grubbing? LOL The girl has made her own money and doesn't need to grub any man to get what she wants. Envy kills sometimes.

  12. whateveryou says – reply to this


    Here's the thing- I can't recall if he married her because the baby was already on the way or not. I read somewhere that's why they married. If that's the case he knew from the beginning what type of person she was. She wanted to marry & the baby was a means to that end ( most of us see our kids as actual humans , you know.) If that story was wrong & the baby came alot later, then she may have married for love or it might have been for her show. Either way, she no longer loves him , at least no enough to want to stay with him. Would you really want someone to throw away their life & yours by staying in a bad marriage? Some people do it, ALOT of women did just that in the past because they didn't have alot of options in terms of supporting themselves. But to live the one life you know you've got that way??? Why? You gain nothing & lose your life, freedom, choices & real happiness doesn't come from fake marriages. Also if she's such a control freak why would you want that in your home? It seems like he's in a hurry to wreck his life. Why??

  13. Suzette says – reply to this


    Re: PalmBeachPrincess – you are totally right on. You dont need to be a psychiatrist to see through her either, people are just dumb believing her crap. She is damage with horns and a red light.

  14. 14

    I'm on Team Hoppy, Frankel go find yourself outside of a clinic or play in a rubber room.

  15. Audrey says – reply to this


    Clearly these post defending her were most likely written by Bethenny or her staff. No one is is dumb enough to fall for her self-centered, egotistical selfish ways! The only person Bethenny will ever help is herself! In addition, for someone who despises her mother she sure is showing everyone she's an exact replica. Poor Bryn!

  16. magnus24 says – reply to this


    Uhm, didn't Perez used to always post positive things about this woman until now? Did she diss him? This is exactly like the Lady GaGa saga.

  17. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: damedelamour – Absolutely spot on there, agree with all you say.

  18. Sarah says – reply to this


    Re: PalmBeachPrincess – Do one Princess………….you are the nutcase here. Obsessed much are we ?? Or are we jealous of just how well Bethenny has done??? Mmmm yeah more than likely to be jealousy if you have to call yourself Princess….lol

  19. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: Audrey – Get it right, she has lots of fans. Not everyone is bad minded like you and clearly she loves Bryn just as Jason does. Such nasty narrow minded people.

  20. sarah says – reply to this


    Re: magnus24 – Magnus, Perez ought to look at a full length mirror before casting assertions on other peoples lives. I suppose he has to be recognised somehow, so right now it is by being nasty to Bethenny Frankel………he is a saddo!!

  21. PalmBeachPrincess says – reply to this


    Re: Teresa

    How much does she pay you to kiss her a$$? I don't have to brag about how much money I have and no, I wasn't dumped. It was an early college romance that we mutually ended because he was going North to college and I was staying in Florida. I couldn't care less about Bethenny Frankel what she does, who she uses or how she lives her life. I'm merely stating a FACT about one of her ex-boyfriends who she discarded like trash when she thought something BETTER came along. I guess I know more about B.F. than you do; because she was engaged to Jimmy BEFORE she became 'infamous'. Now, go and crawl back under your rock; you bottom feeder.

  22. PalmBeachPrincess says – reply to this


    Re: Sarah

    The comment I just posted which was directed at "Teresa", applies to you as well.

  23. PalmBeachPrincess says – reply to this


    Re: sarah – Wow! You're not only ignorant, you're illiterate too! What does "casting assertions on other peoples lives" mean? Oh, you meant "casting ASPERSIONS"; and it's spelled "recognized", not "recognised". Maybe you didn't notice a little red line under the word…MORON!

  24. EllaFitzBunBun says – reply to this


    @PalmBeachPrincess………Regarding Teresa: just ignore her; she's obviously mentally deficient, just like the rest of the ever dwindling "fans" of the shrill harpy, aka Bethenny Frankel.

  25. Team Jason says – reply to this


    Gag Order on Bethenny?! Good luck with that. Bethenny can't keep her BIG mouth shut, but she does indeed make us all want to gag! Jason has class, which is something that Bethenny can't seem to buy, or learn, or fake!