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54 comments to “Howard Stern's Boxing Gloves Are On! Twitter Bullies Better Stay Away From His Family!”

  1. Cassidy Gifford says – reply to this


    Waaaaah. The great overpaid Wigged One cant handle the EXACT same abuse he has made a career out of dishing out. Ask Selena's family, ask Chevy Chase, ask Rosie, or dozens of other celebrities (AND THEIR KIDS!!!) about his past attempts at humor.

  2. 2

    I have flabby Down Syndrome old woman arms that I shamelessly show off with cheesy sleeveless shirts.

  3. thebigboot says – reply to this


    My god, he's a hypocritical as you, Perez!

  4. Mr Pete says – reply to this


    Howard just spent 50 million $$$$$ for an ocean front house in Palm Beach, so he could be near his buddies Rush Limbough, Ann Coulter, and Donald Trump
    So the nasty, shock jock we all knew and love to hate has gone Palm Beach on us

  5. 5

    Howard Stern is a greedy, hypocritical, humorless asshole. I hope someone scull fucks his corpse when he dies. Oh, and he's so gay, he puts Perez to shame. He and his show have become everything he used to mock. Howard, it's time to retire, release Beth from the beard contract, come out, and marry your soul mate Ralph.

  6. bringbackjackie says – reply to this


    Seems to me that Howard is getting what he deserves after subjecting his "piss"[ed] on fans to tweets/pictures of his vapid "model" wife and videos with him shouting to his vapid "model" wife, "Snow Angel!!!!! NOW!!!!!!!!"

  7. dawgsaloon.com says – reply to this


    Trust me Perez, no one at Dawgsaloon.com is worried in the slightest, let alone shaking in our boots. Howard said lets do this, well he knows where we are.

  8. These Fools says – reply to this


    Don't blame him. A lot of people do not get his humour. Wake up white people? He's making fun, making an ass out of the head KKK scumbag, Daniel "shitehead" Carver.

    Everyone was shocked that his sidekick, Robin was black. Why is that? Because they jump to conclusions and don't listen.

    Ignorance is pathetic this day and age. There is no reason for not opening a book, oh, much easier, a good website!

  9. ricdiculus says – reply to this


    Whats he going to do just threaten his critics ?hide behind a wig and microphone he needs to just go on kimmel and read his mean tweets and put on a sad face and all will stop oh that wont do

    Our thought at dawgsaloon is that gary puppet is really jennifer aniston
    She still mad howard and beth showed up unannouned at her vacation home Awakward to say the least

  10. Demitri says – reply to this


    Who still listens to Howard Stern? I gave up after most of his guests are D listers or A listers way past their prime. After hearing him do impressions of his parents for the 27,000,000 time it's no longer funny any more. He puts so little comedic effort into the commercial heavy show but loves to say, anything else Robin? His long time listeners couldn't give 1/2 a fuck about him doing a kiddie show as evidenced by the significant ratings drop of AGT compared to when Piers was a judge.

    Howard = gay Imus

  11. GAryThEretARd says – reply to this


    Hypocrite Howard! He used to wish cancer and aids on people and their children. In his book he claimed homosexuality was something that could be cured.He criticizes people who eat meat because he cares about animals, but he and his beard Beth both wear leather. He cheated on his first wife Allison He is the biggest sellout in the history of entertainment. He is a liar, he is selfish and greedy. Karma is a bitch Howard.

  12. Ralph C says – reply to this


    Thanks for posting this, Perez! Yes, Howard has become an effeminate shell of a man who's no longer funny, edgy or relevant, but making fun of him is not cool. Not cool at all. People make fun of him because he wears a bad wig, but it's not his fault he's bald. Genetics are beyond his control. And that goes for his birdlike features and tint chin. Blame genetics for that, not Howard. At least he tried to look better by getting a nose job, chin implant and new fake teeth. We shouldn't bash those who at least make an effort.

  13. 13

    Howard only pranks, no one else! Hypocrite wiggy liar. Hitting it outta the park every day. Oops, 3days.. Or whenever he's on.

  14. 14

    Howard can dish it out but, he cant take it. He was awesome and now is going out like a bitch….sad

  15. 15

    That guy used to ride Cathy lee and rip on her son " cody" all goddamn day long. Now hes a judge on a star search ripoff.

  16. lilbuddy67 says – reply to this


    Coward Sperm has NOTHING to scare us with. HE created us. You reap what you sow, Zion King.

  17. bringbackjackie says – reply to this


    What's Stern going to do? Sue somebody for exercising their right to free speech? Can you imagine the number of lawyers who would like to represent Stern's critics, should it get that far, both on principle as well as publicity? And I have a feeling Stern might feel a little more queasy about the Discovery Process than Gary the Puppet or Not My Bro

  18. isabella says – reply to this


    howard is pathetic…it appears he wants to rewrite his life story and morph himself into PG rated howard. has howard forgotten how he bullies amanda peet every time her name is mentioned? amanda peet is a beautiful, columbia educated, actress, wife and mother who somehow brings the worst out in him. he goes into obscene diatribes against her….so what are we to assume. it's OK for howard to screech about what horrible people amanda and jay leno are but his gold digger, attention seeking, failure of a TV host wife, ex-"model" is off limits. and an entertainer who made hundreds of millions of dollars (howard) bullying emotionally disturbed young women into taking their clothes off in studio is somehow off limits to criticism. howard is a shameless hypocrite.

  19. TacoTico says – reply to this


    He made his money tormenting the mentally and physically Ill. Exploited the weak and sick. He is a vomit and deserves everything negative he gets.

  20. 20

    Has Howard apologized to Heidi Klulm for constantly talking (couldn't be bullying) about her kids, and how strange they are because they're half black? Or how about when Howard the defender of Gays, tried outing Jamie Fox a couple of years ago, that's real sensitive and not bullying in the least bit Howard, you big poontang. See what happens when you piss in the wind.

  21. R.P. McMurphy says – reply to this


    you dont have to come looking for anybody wiggy. if you like we can meet at 601 north county road in palm beach.

  22. A true fan says – reply to this


    It's disgusting how everyone is ragging on Howard.

    First, the terrible attacks on his amazing wife Beth. After many years modeling in Europe and associating with Middle Eastern "gentlemen" it must have been very tiring for her, so give her a break. Since Ames closed it's been tougher and tougher getting catalog and print work, so it's just amazing that she found Howard. She also keeps herself busy with that great no-kill charity, the North Shore Animoe League. Her recent TV work has set new standards for what people should expect from her. She puts flowers in her hair and makes snow angels…just amazing.

    It's been tough on Howard AND Beth because his two-shows-a-week schedule keeps him very busy and stuck at his primary residence in NYC. Beth has to keep herself busy in her primary residence in the Hamptons. Good that their new mansion in Florida will give them a place that they can both enjoy together.

    As to his kids, please leave them alone. Just because they act like trust fund kiddies, spending time making Zoo Za Zoo songs or posting raunchy public pictures on Instagram instead of earning a real living doesn't mean they're fair game for attacks. It's not their fault that Howard divorced their mother and took up with someone who allegedly as the intellect of a vaginal sponge full of Middle Eastern semen.

  23. Ralph's TCell Count says – reply to this


    Isn't this supposed to go under Worst Dressed Celebs of the Week? Why does this old woman with the turkey neck deserve her own entry? Did she just die or something?

  24. divorce chicken says – reply to this


    Howie's pulling a Limbaugh

  25. AccuracyPlease says – reply to this



    Also, most of us don't give a hoot about ”baiting” the poor old crying Stern. We post, mess with, and comment on the pics because they are fun and funny. Some of the best photoshops are done by Howard Stern himself! Check out the 2012 NSAL calendar if you need confirmation on that. There is one screen cap of Stern from AGT that, unretouched, is one of the funniest pictures of him ever made.

    Those who are accused of ”baiting” Howard are:
    1) doing a much tamer variation of what Stern did for many years, thus giving him a mild dose of his own medicine, and
    2) just a new breed of comedy writers, born via the internet and unpaid save for shits-n-giggles. Unlike the (allegedly) pansy nutty fruitcake Stern, they make some people laugh — without railing on minors.

    The only person who bullies Howard Stern is Stern himself. He knows no other way.

  26. Bianca's Ghost says – reply to this


    Thank you baby Jesus for delivering me from the clutches off this crazy old wig wearing pelican.
    PS, Mommy, please stay away from the cameras. Jesus kills a kitten every time you are photographed.

  27. Don Imus says – reply to this


    Wasn't it Howard Stern that continually mocked me for trying to promote my wife's career and book deals? Now lets look at how Howard spends hours and hours (and $$$) promoting his wife's laughable career. Someone should ask Howard about his fake teeth and wig! Maybe one of the crazy AGT fans can become a hero and snatch the wig off his head!

  28. 28

    I have no life or ability to interact personally with people, I hide behind my laptop because Im scared to confront anyone in real life

  29. 29

    Im only 5'5 Im angry at the world

  30. 30

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  31. 31

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  32. 32

    Re: GaryPuppet – because you are!

  33. 33

    Im overweight, have crooked picket fence teeth, make no money, no girl will have me here in the US. I want a nice 3rd world girl to marry

  34. 34

    Girls from the Philippines like me . Believe it or not Im a better option then what theyve got going on

  35. 35

    Re: AccuracyPlease – sorry, GP, my comment was in reply to post #30 (The people… think Im cool ), not the one about you being desperate. However, I do hope you get that BJ soon.

  36. 36

    Im angry at anyone who gets a girlfriend. Why dont they like me for me? Im a good person inside Im ugly on the outside and dont make any money or have a flashy car but Im funny and get thumbs up for my internet posts

  37. 37

    People need to recgonize how talented Iam. In a different universe Im more successful than Jimmy Fallon and seen as a genius. Didnt people see that I tweeted to Ronny theLimo drivers girlfriends mom? That was hilarious right?

  38. 38

    Im checking into adopting a little korean baby.

  39. 39

    I want to adopt a baby and have someone to carry on my name

  40. 40

    does anybody know how much it cost to adopt a korean/chinese baby? Are they more expensive than american or Mexican or AFrican children? Are they babys more expensive than full grown kids ?

  41. SchmoopyTouchesBoys says – reply to this


    Remember that time you made fun of Bruce Willis' and Demi's daughter?? Good times.

  42. 42

    I breast fed till I was 11 years old

  43. Disquiet says – reply to this


    Re: GaryPuppet – your trolling needs work wigward

  44. 44

    I shave my chest

  45. 45

    Justin Bieber….I love the 'beebs' !

  46. 46

    @Murman78 can I get tickets to Howard's appearance on the Katie Couric show?

  47. 47

    Howard made his career by harassing and bullying others. Ask Mark n Brian what he did to them. He made fun of ManCow when his father died of cancer.
    Made fun of every celebrity and they were taunted mercilessness.

    But make fun of Howard? Wahhhhhhhhhhhh
    what a joke. he is exactly what he

  48. road Kill says – reply to this


    Re: TacoTico – hi Ricard it's your dad……Howard your a sucker

  49. guest says – reply to this


    Re: Fred MertzRe: Dr. Ivan – You`re the perfect example of evil people who don`t critisize something worthy of it ( which is good) but who are just giving out insults without any sense. Fuck you , I hope he can somehow fight assholes like you.

  50. guest says – reply to this


    Re: dawgsaloon.com – But you should be. Our human souls naturally vary in the greatness of their power. I`m sure he has greater power than you. And whatever you get, I`m sure you deserve it.

  51. MedullaPancreas says – reply to this


    They still want the channel 9 show and Jackie back?

    Fans should not be the same fans from the past unless they're stuck in a primordial ooze of arrested development. Most fans have evolved with the show or grown out of the show all together. There will always be stragglers who cling to a non existant glory day refusing to evolve or see the green on their side.

    They sound like fans in the 90s complaining about the show drifting from it's 80s glory days.

    The circle of whine continues. Where's Robin to make recommendations?

  52. Wigward says – reply to this


    "I'll piss on my fans if I want to"
    "Beth doesn't want to be famous"
    "My hair is like fine wine, it gets better with age"
    Zoo za zoo!

  53. Anthony Cumia says – reply to this


    Hey Hoo Hoo I've got a date with young Ashley she's coming to the compound to skinny dip in my pool, get drunk, wear my World War II memorabilia, and play with my dinosaur. I might even do a special Live From The Compound so you can see all the fun we are having. I'm going to do the same things to her that you do to Ralph. Anal Baby!!!!

  54. 54

    A lot of hot air here coming from a bunch of no talents who have never created a ounce of success let alone on the scale HS has. He is fair game and always has been, but these posts take the cake.

    That being said, it is not to shocking coming from a bunch of misfits and queens. But acting like he has no talent is too funny, if he is not your cup of tea move on. Like abortion and gay marriage, if you don't want one, don't have one. Same thing applies to Stern.

    If he makes you sick or he is not funny to you, move on. Don't dedicate your life to someone you claim to hate by posting ridiculous statement to justify your misery or perhaps, the bullying you incurred sadly your entire respective life.