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Michael Jackson's Lawyer SCORNS Wade Robson Even MORE For Molestation Accusation!

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wade robson michael jackson molestation lawyer comments

Another one of Michael Jackson's lawyers is calling Wade Robson out!!!

The lawyer that defended Michael in 2005 against child molestation charges adamantly claims that Wade's interview on Today, where accused the late pop icon of pedophilia, was a load of BULLSH*T.

Tom Mesereau STRONGLY believes that Wade is lying about his very sudden realization that Michael sexually abused him in an effort to get a BIG payday, especially considering he filed a creditor's claim with the MJ estate.

Tom exclaimed:

"This is a pathetic and an obvious grab for publicity and an attempt to put pressure on the [Michael Jackson] Estate to pay him money. Why call yourself a creditor if it's not about money. Everyone knows this Estate is well over a billion dollars and growing."

Tom's accusations aren't COMPLETELY fantastical considering the estate is about to hit the billion dollar mark, but many psychologists have backed Wade's belated admittance to the abuse.

While it is puzzling that so MANY have pointed the finger at Michael for touching them inappropriately in the past, only Rob and Michael know what went down and ONLY ONE is here to defend himself!

Unfortunately, we may NEVER know the truth.

The BIG question is, will Wade accept a check from the estate to keep quiet OR will the case go to trial??

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37 comments to “Michael Jackson's Lawyer SCORNS Wade Robson Even MORE For Molestation Accusation!”

  1. 1

    Maybe Wade does need money - but that doesn't mean he is lying. I wonder if Mr. Messereau would have let his child sleep over with Michael?

  2. Cannon says – reply to this


    I believe Wade Robson. I watched the interview and completely believe he was a victim at the hands of Michael. Where there is smoke there is fire, and Michael wasn't accused for nothing, je wasnt prosecuted for nothing, the authorities believed he was a pedifile and they were right. It is too bad that Michael did not have to do time and pay the price for victimizing children. I would bet thwt he probably molested his own kids who are not biological. I hope Robson gets millons in damages from the estate. The victims All need to be paid. Its time for the turth to come out and the rest of the victims come forward. Usher??? Its your turn now. Macauley culkin, your life has been in a downward spiral for years, perhaps its because you are messed up from what Michael did to you, come forward snd tell us the truth, you need to heal.

  3. Cannon says – reply to this


    There is a place in hell for people who victimize children, and Michael is there, burning in hell. How dare he take little boys innocence away. That son of a bitch deserved to die, if he was a pedifile…god took things into his own hands.

  4. Lara May says – reply to this


    Once again we may never know the truth? Just like when you wrote that Michael got away with it back in '05? Perez, you should know so much better than to accuse a person who devoted his life to helping people: Young, disabled, sick; Would ever want to harm a child. People who say we may never know the truth do not know who Michael Jackson was. He was proven to have been the victim of distortion in the first case: Which the grand jury didn't even want to take to court because the case was so shot full of holes. The accuser's father; Evan Chandler, was a struggling movie script producer who was caught on tape saying that it was all about money and how he was going to blackmail Michael. His son, who was supposed to have been molested by Michael, was physically and mentally abused by his father Evan on many occations and he finally went to court and was approved an emancipation from his parents. He never saw them again after his father forced him to accuse Michael of molesting him.

  5. jack says – reply to this


    Wade Robson's claims are utter crap. Thank you, Tom for sticking by Michael. These money hungry people will never stop, will they?

  6. Lara May says – reply to this


    That's not all there is to the first case, there's even more evidence proving Michael's innocence. The problem is that the media and you, Perez, aren't reporting the truth and facts about Michael. You are trying to bury his wonderful qualities that made him the most kind hearted and caring human being on this planet. I grew up following Michael's career and even as a little girl I knew he was being blackmailed and that he was innocent. Anyone who knows the facts about the two cases, which caused Michael's insomnia and addiction to pain killers, breaked his heart and eventually killed him, know that he was innocent and that was all about money. When you write something like: We may never know the truth; You're making it seem as if people know all of the facts and that there's nothing else to educate themselves about regarding Michael and these disgusting greedy families. I know so many facts about the second case as well but I'll just mention a few so people can see how little the media and you have/are informing them about: The second accuser's family, Gavin Arviso, were proven in court to have tried to hustle other celebrities for money in the past.

  7. Lara May says – reply to this


    The mother of the second accuser, Janet Arviso, had also been proven to have forced her children to testify in court in a case against JC Penney. She said the guards sexually abused her, not just one, but a few male and females, all apparently jumped on her and squeezed her nipples an exact amount of times. She was arrested and had her picture taken where she looked completely bruise free: The day after the incident, she went to a photographer and was photographed with a whole bunch of bruises which miracilously appeared overnight. She also forced her children to have their pictures taken where they were supposed to look like they had been beaten up. She made them testify in court that she was sexually abused by a whole bunch of guards in a violent manner in the public parking lot. This woman was proven to have lied many times and that she didn't mind controlling her children to get paid. Michael invited Gavin to Neverland because he felt sorry for him for having cancer: Which he was cured of after spending time at Neverland by the way, with his family of grifters. These kids were incredibly reckless and had vandalised the park and were caught with using foul language and porn. And Michael wasn't even at the ranch at this time.

  8. Lara May says – reply to this


    People need to educate themselves before judging a person who was chased viciously his entire life for his wealth. Michael was gentle, sensitive and childlike. Yes, he was naive for trusting the wrong people: That is why he was killed by Conrad Murrey by accident because of Conrad's recklessness; because he trusted him with his life.
    Michael missed out on his own childhood and was miserable his entire youth. When he became a grown up, he wanted to compensate for it by building Neverland. He was a real life Peter Pan. People watch him grab his crotch onstage and think he was a pervert or something; Michael was extremely uncomfortable with sex; He didn't like it. He was like a child in a grown man's body. People have judged him so unfairly his entire life; Thanks to the media and people like you Perez; It is not fair to make fun of a person because of his appearance and behavior without knowing the reason behind them. You as a homosexual person should know how much it hurts to be discriminated for things you can't change about yourself.

  9. Twistdsunshine says – reply to this


    I feel for Wade. It took a lot of courage to admit this to the public let alone confront the issue himself. A lot of men stay silent because they are ashamed. Many people don't understand the power of the pedophile and how they manipulate you into thinking its love and make you feel as though you need to defend them. Pedofiles are everywhere. Don't ever think because someone does something to help the youth that they wouldn't do it. Look at that college football coach for example. My x husband was a correctional officer at the Special Offender center (for pedophiles). He should of been an inmate. Michael was talented, but he was also very sick. Makes you wonder who if anyone did that to him as a child.

  10. Lara May says – reply to this


    About his so called freaky appearance that people love to bully him about: Michael had vitiligo: A disease ten procent of mankind suffer from. This isn't smoke and mirrors; He wasn't trying to be white: He had a serious skin disease and it was proven after he died that he had it. Imagine having to put make up on your entire body every single day to cover up blothes. I don't understand how people can be so cruel to judge a wonderful, caring person, because of his skin color and because of some plastic surgeries. It is none of anybody's businesses to point the finger at this man and call him a freak, pervert, or whichever things that make them feel good about themselves. We should talk about how caring and gentle Michael was. He cared so much about animals, the planet, children, the old, the sick: He wanted to make the world a better place. Many people know who Michael truly was and nothing the media and you will ever write about him will ever change who he was. People will know the truth one day. Watch and see, Perez.

  11. Lara May says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99
    What facts are you basing that opinion on? Please, tell me what you know. I know everything there is to know about Michael and the accusers: I know the truth because I took the time to educate myself. Why? Because I think MJ is so cool on stage? No: Because he was wrongfully accused and it disgusted me because he was a kindhearted person who devoted his entire life to helping others. I understand that the media might've brainwashed you with their sensationalism, but please: Educate yourself before pointing the finger at a fellow human being.

  12. Lara May says – reply to this


    Re: Cannon
    How ignorant and shameful of you. What facts are you basing that opinion on? Please, tell me what you know. I know everything there is to know about Michael and the accusers: I know the truth because I took the time to educate myself. Why? Because I think MJ is so cool on stage? No: Because he was wrongfully accused and it disgusted me because he was a kindhearted person who devoted his entire life to helping others. I understand that the media might've brainwashed you with their sensationalism, but please: Educate yourself before pointing the finger at a fellow human being.

  13. Lara May says – reply to this


    Re: Twistdsunshine
    You are extremely uneducated on the facts and I feel ashamed for mankind reading your comments. Please learn about a person before you call him the worst possible thing imaginable. How is it obvious he was a child molester? What facts are you basing that opinion on? Please, tell me what you know. I know everything there is to know about Michael and the accusers: I know the truth because I took the time to educate myself. Why? Because I think MJ is so cool on stage? No: Because he was wrongfully accused and it disgusted me because he was a kindhearted person who devoted his entire life to helping others. I understand that the media might've brainwashed you with their sensationalism, but please: Educate yourself before pointing the finger at a fellow human being.

  14. KyleD says – reply to this


    Sooo…he remembered but didn't think it was wrong? As a boy … ok i get it. But as a 23 year old man he didn't understand it was wrong? How about at age 29 when MJ died? When he was on stage soaking up the publicity at the VMA tribute…. how about at age 31 in 2011 when he was singing MJ's praises? He didn't know it was wrong? Why PRAISE the guy?! This makes ZEEEROO sense! This is greed all the way… this guy got his fame from MJ and it got him great gigs w/ Nsync, Britney etc… but after that his fame didn't last. I'm sorry but between ages of 21-30 if you don't know what is appropriate behavior and inappropriate then somethign WAY more is wrong!

  15. Gonzo says – reply to this


    Michael was a disturbed, troubled individual. He was a child molester and creep. How some people easily forget that before he died was was referred as Wacko Jacko.

  16. notafan says – reply to this


    Re: Lara May – not to pass judgement on someone I don't know (like you're doing to everyone who doesn't share your viewpoint)…but you sound crazy and obsessive. does it impact your life so much if Michael Jackson actually did commit these crimes?

  17. Nate says – reply to this


    Re: Cannon – What is a pedifile???? Get a dictionary, learn words, then you may be taken seriously.

  18. Joshua says – reply to this


    why in the hell is he coming out with this now? he has been out of light for a while now and obviously needs money. get a job.

  19. Bree says – reply to this


    Congrats to Wade, he is getting attention again. I'm thinking if this were indeed true he would not want to partake in TV interviews and such. He'll probably get a book deal out of this. Scum.

  20. Bob says – reply to this


    I completely believe Wade Robson was molested. This has been the 5th allegation now.. How many more do we need to see the truth. Having seen many news articles, Im thankful that the majority are believing Wade. Of course there will be the handful of hateful MJ fans sending abuse as per usual.

  21. jack says – reply to this


    Unfortunately, me thinks he is telling the truth. And.. if he is… there are more.

  22. fitzzz says – reply to this


    I always though Tom Mesereau and Bea Arthur were one and the same
    except Bea was more manly

  23. AEG... says – reply to this


    There was promise that this trial would get ugly…who mad that promise…AEG.

  24. Angelica says – reply to this


    This is a smear campaign against MJ with same LIES that were debunked years ago. If you are going to smear MJ then how about smearing the other side for a change and put them on the front page with all their crimes Why are they so protected.. What about interviewing the ones that were there with Wade that said nothing happened.. Only LIES are respected no the TRUTH……

    Thankyou AEG for this Fu@@@ery….

  25. Whitney says – reply to this


    First and foremost, whether the man's allegations are true or not, he should not be bring this up after the man is dead. That is highly disrespectful to Michael and his family. Who comes out at a random time claiming a dead man molested them? That is shameful and disgusting. He has children! Why would you do that when his children are still trying to cope with his death? And also, he looks like he is making it all up not just because it is almost four years after his death, but the simple fact that he made sure the media was informed. He seems money hungry and there is no reason for anything like this to be said. It is so nasty that no one will let this man rest in peace. None of you all or this horrid man would want to be tortured in death. As soon as word let out that Michael died, people all of a sudden had stuff to say about him. That is cowardly and people like that truely disturb me.

  26. Miss MJ says – reply to this


    Perez I generally loosely agree with a lot of what you say, but not here. You say MJ had "so MANY" accusers…NO he didn't. He had TWO (now 3): Jordan Chandler who's father, Evan, brainwashed his 9 year old son because he was angry that MJ wouldn't finance a screenplay, and Evan was recorded basically saying that one way or another he'd get his money and he'd make sure MJ went down. And two: Gavin Arvizo, who's family were known larcenists who tried to get money from Jay Leno and George Lopez and Chris Tucker. Problem was Michael was too trusting even though he was warned by Chris Tucker to STAY AWAY FROM THE ARVIZO FAMILY. Both these families were GREEDY PATHETIC DESPERATE LIARS who turned on a man who offered them nothing but kindness. Wade Robson is EXACTLY the same. I truly DO NOT know how these people put their heads on their pillows at night and fall asleep. My conscience would never let me sleep, but then again, my character would never allow me to lie so horribly. If Michael Jackson were alive today, he'd die of heartbreak over this newest accusation. Wade Robson is a disgrace.

  27. Cannon says – reply to this


    Seriously what is wrong with you people? Why on earth would you defend a child molester? You act like You k wo he was innocent. Excuse me were there? No! So dont defend something that your not sure about. The fact is that Wade is ready now to tell his truth, his experience, do you think this is easy for him? He was likely embarrassed and humilated that he had sexual relations with a man when Wade j
    Himself isnt even gay. Wade, if your reading this, know that you are respected for being brave, I believe you. Michael is rotting in hell for the innocence he took from you and the other boys. I just hope more of them come forward so that the world will finally know the truth about this man they have idolized. Usher tell us the truth, you owe Michael nothing! macauley culkin, come clean with the truth! You are addicted and dying from drugs, I think its because of what Michael did to you. What about Corey Fieldman? Why are all of these now men, staying quiet and not defending Michael, interesting, maybe because they all know the truth and were victims themselves.

  28. Miss MJ says – reply to this


    Re: Lara May – You are RIGHT ON with everything you say! I've read all the transcripts as well and everything you say here is ACCURATE…GET THE FACTS PEOPLE….and if you don't have the facts then STOP MAKING STUPID UNTRUE COMMENTS….MJ was the VICTIM of greedy, horrible people. Even in death he cannot escape people trying to hitch a ride on his money train. Money.

  29. Cannon says – reply to this


    I have my facts straight. You need to get your facts straight. Michael munipulated his victims and scared them from telling the truth. Michael probably molested over fifty boys.

  30. SuzEQ says – reply to this


    AEG wouldn't buy anyone to make MJ look worse, would they? The timing smells like $ and what he says is not relevant to the case anyway, only to leak out to the jurors in an effort to sway them. Sneaky bastards. Why didn't he bring this up before?

  31. beckstar78 says – reply to this


    weren't there 3 prior accusers, one of which were paid off? i know in one case the child drew a picture with identifiable marks from MJs genitals that matched. pretty sure that was the case where he paid off the kid 20 million

  32. 32

    #1 His name is Wade (NOT Rob) you IDIOT
    #2 Seeking money/justice and telling the truth are NOT mutually exclusive
    #3 Tom WHO?

  33. poordat says – reply to this


    Re: Cannon – Obviously you really don't have the facts straight…All you're saying is speculation.

  34. Friday855 says – reply to this


    I'm sorry, not buying it. The timing of all of this is so fishy, but some people are so quick to believe that Michael was a molester. That's the easy way out. That explains why you may think he's weird and why he loves children so much. News flash! People can be falsely accused of things people! Everybody that screams child molestation isn't telling the truth! Now here are the facts: The jury did not find MJ guilty back in 2005. Wade has said on many occasions after how great of a person MJ is. I'm not buying the "nervous breakdown" story. Also, Wade was recently supposed to go on tour with Britney. He tweeted about this on 5/6/2013. Now, Jamie King is taking his place. This all happened right before Wade's accusations. I believe he's someone very desperate, that has teamed up with AEG (he was employed by AEG doing the tour with Demi Lovato) and he thinks he's going to get something out of this. AEG says that they don't plan to call Wade to the stand. Of course not! That would show that you were behind all of this. That would be stupid. And also: What person do you know is trying to get money from the person that hurt them? Especially right when a lawsuit involving a WHOLE bunch of money is going on? Wake up people! Get your personal vendetta against MJ out of this situation. It just doesn't make sense and you know it.

  35. Judy says – reply to this


    Re: Lara May – There was never anyone who accused Michael that did not want Money. Do your homework before you open your mouth. Geraldine Hughes wrote a book about the Chandler case, She was the secretary for the lawyer that went after Michael. It was nothing but extortion. Michael was found not guilty in a court of Law. The Arvizios were questionable. The date the abuse was supposed to have happened Michael was not even at the ranch, he was abroad. The court transcript is on line. Wade Robson is a liar, because he was the main witness for the trial

  36. LAGirl says – reply to this


    Re: Cannon – what??? 50+ victims? Now you're just making stuff up.

  37. Tina says – reply to this


    Re: jack – I agree with you..Michaelwas always innocent.