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Michael Jackson's Alleged Molestation Victim Wade Robson Calls Popstar "Pedophile" On Today! WATCH HERE!

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Wade Robson, the choreographer who claims Michael Jackson sexually abused him for 7 years as a child, teased that he might be revealing something more about the scandal in the not too distant future…

And that reveal came Thursday morning on the Today show, when Wade sat down to talk about his harrowing experiences with Matt Lauer.

Ch-ch-check out the explosive interview (above)!

During the discourse, Wade alleges that contrary to reports, he had never repressed the memory of Michael's molestation (even though he testified in 2005 in MJ's defense saying he had NEVER sexually abused him), but that he was "psychologically and emotionally completely unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse."

He details how MJ called him during that 2005 trial to "role play" possible scenarios and coached him on what to say.

Wade also reveals how it was actually the birth of his son that caused his mental breakdowns. He imagined the same sort of thing happening to HIS child, and his intense negative reactions made him realize that what MJ had done to him for years was NOT innocent or acceptable.

Oh man, we just do NOT know what to believe! Wade is VERY convincing, and if his story IS true, then he deserves justice for this GROSS corruption of childhood!

But that also means that King of Pop Michael Jackson really was a child molester.

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155 comments to “Michael Jackson's Alleged Molestation Victim Wade Robson Calls Popstar "Pedophile" On Today! WATCH HERE!”

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  1. Jeniestra says – reply to this


    The one who should get his head checked is Robson himself. How can you go to a trial to speak in defence of your molester? That is just ridiculous. That kind of trauma is so horrible that you do not even want to see that person again. I remember when this guy was all over the news because apparently Britney cheated on Justin with him, who by the way was one of Justin´s best friends. Dumbass who is seeking attention. It is really convenient to fight for justice after all these years.

  2. 102

    I believe him…I have thought Michael was a pedophile since the first time he was accused. I'm sorry but a grown ass man does not sleep in the same bed as a child that is not his own….I don't care what anyone says. I feel sorry for Wade..being someone who is somewhat in the public eye..I'm sure that was something he did not want everyone in the world to know. I sure wouldn't. Sad situation but hopefully he can overcome the horrible things that were done to him not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

  3. A friend says – reply to this


    He should be charged with perjury for lying under oath than. Since he claims it wasn't repressed memories. Not that I believe him now. I knew mike as a child and as adult. Stand by him still.

  4. 104

    At 7:05..he didn't know what to say as he paused,the interviewer called him out and rightly he didn't know hot to answer for a second as you can see he quickly thinks of a quick answer back…why now,when MJ is dead and gone..when he was a live he was good for your career now hes dead you patently want his money,something doesn't add up.

  5. J. says – reply to this


    Re: tatalalicious – And why is that you always thought Michael Jackson was a pedophile since he was accused? I'm sure he didn't talk about sleeping in bed (which he said he did NOT do, by the way, unless they accidentally fell asleep on the bed together while playing - and would NEVER have admitted so freely in public had he actually been a pedophile) until the early 2000s, so that cannot be the reason to justify your strong belief. Is it because of his "eccentricities" mentioned (and mostly made up) by the media? Or does it have anything to do with the way he looks? I don't know what may have lead to that assumption from the moment you heard the accusation, but it seems that your opinion is very subjective and baseless. You feel sorry for Robson? If he really didn't want the world to know, surely he wouldn't have made the accusation to start with? And think about it this way - how would Michael Jackson, one of the biggest stars in the world, have felt, to be in the middle of criticisms and undesired attention due to being accused with something he did not do?

  6. Knowthetruth says – reply to this


    Stupid comments, you are the one that is judging, what do you know about MJ and Wade..you must be a dumb ass bitch

  7. Pants says – reply to this


    This is a likely story especially considering that MJ was abused himself. It is not unheard of that victims sometimes become the perpertrator.

  8. 108

    Look. The truth is. We dont know if he's lying or telling the truth. Every few years, theres someone acusing MJ of being a molester and a pedophile but we always cast it off as not being true because of everything MJ represents. And although MJ is legend, he did have many issues. If this Wade guy is just seeking attention to get some $$ he should be ashamed of himself as MJ is now dead. But either way we will never really know because theres no proof. I cant stand Wade …I mean I only know this guy as being the guy who danced with Britney and Justin or wtvr….

  9. broohaha says – reply to this


    $$$. would he be so willing to tell his 'stories' if he didn't have the promise of money somewhere? only a true victim trying to raise awareness about sexual abuse would put themselves through such painful memories again for nothing.

  10. susie says – reply to this



  11. sandy says – reply to this


    michael jackson did pay off a childs family millinos to keep qiiey if you are innocent you do not pay and not that amount!

  12. Sadness says – reply to this


    Long time MJ fan here..I believe Wade and i'm devastated. I feel conned as a fan.

  13. Nida says – reply to this


    Re: Mimi – I could believe him but he says : "I want money because…."If he was a victim he should say:" I don't want money but I want everybody to know the truth" That could convince me.

  14. Hello Pants says – reply to this


    Re: Pants – Actually, MJ did specifically address the "the abused become the abuser" issue that many people use in their arguments to say he is an abuser.. I quote him from an interview (this is right after he answered that he used to hate his father for abusing him) word for word: "… That’s why to this day I don’t lay a finger on my children. I don’t want them to ever feel that way about me. Ever!… So when people say the abused abuse, that’s not true… That’s not true at all!" I cannot do anything to convince you if you argue that he is lying, but I don't see why Robson should be considered as being more credible than MJ is; if MJ could be lying, couldn't Robson be as well?

  15. Hello Sandy says – reply to this


    Re: sandy – That's the most frequently arguments used to claim that MJ was guilty. The fact is, a few million dollars were not as much of a deal to the biggest - and one of the wealthiest - celebrity in the world than it is to us. Maybe it wasn't NOTHING to him (it IS a big sum of money) but it was most definitely not worth the price he'd have had to pay (though he openly showed his regret about this decision later on) had he proceeded with years of trial to prove himself innocent in '93: even after proven innocent, his image & reputation would have been completely crushed, tainted by sensationalism media; the public would not have believed him regardless (public's reaction during the '05 trial proves this - no one believed the not guilty verdict but his fans). Who wouldn't have wanted to end it in a quicker, more quieter manner? Why would anyone fight through a war that they would lose either way? Plus, it should be noted that it was not his sole decision to settle, but the persuasion of his insurance company - they had the right to push him, as it would have affected them as well.

  16. Hello Sandy(continued) says – reply to this


    Re: sandy – And finally - AND THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART - the detail in the settlement contract clearly stated that the settlement would NOT stop the accuser from testifying about the allegations, meaning they could still tell the world that MJ molested the boy (and they did, in fact, through a book, etc.). So the settlement issue does NOT provide any evidence that the allegations were true.

  17. Hello Sandy says – reply to this


    Re: Hello Sandy(continued) – Okay, I think I may have gone full retard here. Sorry, it was around 5 am in the morning here. I skipped a line while talking about the insurance company - what I meant to say was that it was his insurance company that paid off the settlement, and that MJ's advisers have persuaded MJ to settle. Also, I may have needed to add more specifically about my statement on the settlement: the settlement was about "claims of negligence" (which was extremely easy for the accuser's father to claim, after MJ turned down his movie deal suggestion), not "claims of intentional or wrongful acts of sexual molestation". Unfortunately MJ was not allowed - forbidden by law - to comment on this too deeply in public, causing the misunderstanding to grow and grow.

  18. Caitlin says – reply to this


    Re: J. – You tell everyone that anyone who believes Michael Jackson was a pedophile is illogical and not looking at the facts. You then ended that statement with "things he NEVER did." So my point now is, how is your statement logical and/or factual when you have absolutely no clue what happened between the two of them and neither does anyone else.

  19. J. says – reply to this


    Re: Caitlin – Nope, I am not telling everyone who believes Jackson was a pedophile that they are illogical. I was clearly saying that claiming that he was one because they were molestation victims as well is illogical; if they had a valid point, I would not blindly dismiss it. And yes, I ended with "things he NEVER did", because I am convinced of his innocence, not because of my perception and opinion but because of the evidence provided by actual court materials (including the court transcript). There has never been a convincing evidence - both the physical proofs and the witnesses - that suggested that Jackson was a molester. So many people would like to argue that we "never know what happened between" Jackson and the accusers, and therefore we cannot know whether Jackson was a pedophile or not. True, there is a possibility that Jackson WAS, indeed, a pedophile - just as much as the possibility that you or I could be one. And Jackson, as every one of us are, must be presumed innocent until there is any ACTUAL evidence that suggests otherwise, which there was - and is - none, throughout the decades since the allegation first surfaced.

  20. J. says – reply to this


    Re: Caitlin – … Unless, of course, you were suggesting that I have to list down all the evidence supporting Jackson's innocence in this comment section where there is a word limit, which is impossible to start with, as when there is an argument on whether an incident occurred or not, the side claiming that the incident DID occur should be the one providing an evidence that it did.

  21. HOLLY says – reply to this


    I believe Wade and hope the truth will finally come out, and that he can begin to heal. I hope all victims of sexual abuse will feel more empowered as a result of such a high profile person finally coming forward. I support you Wade. Stay strong.

  22. icy says – reply to this


    Most people interested in attracting others put on a nice outfit and/or put up a new profile pic on a social media site. Jackson kept himself youthful with plastic surgery…almost clownlike. He wore flashy outfits. He planted an amusement park and a zoo at his home. He had sleepovers with young boys. These are the young men he courted, as well. I think Wade is the first honest victim to come out without hiding behind a lawsuit. Anyone who doesn't think Jackson was a pedophile is in denial. Look at Jerry Sandusky and his targeting of children through his organization. Just another variation of how these men work to attract and target young, vulnerable boys.

  23. jc says – reply to this


    everybody in hollywood KNEW he was a pedo. I was told that by multiple industry people. they were telling a bunch of us about all the sexual freaks in music,movies, tv….and lo and behold, I watched over the years as every single one of the names came out or were exposed..rock hudson, tom cruize, kelly mcgillis, michael jackson, jim nabors,…nothing new…in the old days randolph scott, gary cooper, lily tomlin. Jackson was famous for liking little blonde boys..and nobody stopped him…corey hamlin said that some of the producers were also pedos and controlled when a child actor could be in a movie if they said nothing.

  24. jc says – reply to this


    when jackson was going bankrupt from paying off his victims so they would not talk, his band equipment was sold. one of the trunks containing jackson's outfits had a bunch of little boy's dirty underwear in it…why would that be all you people who think he was an angel? the guy was a total freak and thank god, he died and no more kids got exposed to him. I would not be shocked if his own kids came out later…not they are any actual relationship to him…since his agent was the donor and the white chick was the mother.

  25. dolores says – reply to this


    I belive him 100%

  26. kj says – reply to this


    Like there was ever a question that he was "really" a child molester.

  27. johnsmith says – reply to this


    Re: mia – For all of the people who do not believe that MJ was a pedophile, I am going to assume that most of you are black. I know that sounds racist but i dont mean it to be. it is just an assumption. I tell you to look at the OJ trial. But as a victim of child abuse this Wade is saying it just like it happens. You try to hide it, believe that it wasnt something bad and it was your fault. Then after many nervous breakdowns you get help and a doctor or psychiatrist brings out the hell you have been keeping buried. Only someone who has been abused knows this and understands it.

  28. jess says – reply to this


    I understand what he is saying but if it is really about his "truth" then why does he need the money? Why isn't he just outing him if all he's after is "truth"

  29. flexible mind says – reply to this


    I too understand and believe Mr. Robson; I was brainwashed by a psychopathic Con Man. I too confused "down" with "up" and "right" with "wrong" and everything else I was brainwashed to believe. It has taken me YEARS and YEARS (10) to free my brain from the confusion, the fog and to clearly have an understanding of what exactly happened to me! I have had to wipe out years of misconceptions and twisted viewpoints because they were purposefully planted there with meticulous and continuous effort. I now am reset on My True North, I speak about my experience in order to teach others who may have gone through similar experiences but don't fully understand it yet and I wear a compass charm to remind myself of truth and clarity accomplishments. Please do not judge this man; abuse is abuse and what he says rings absolutely true to what I have personally gone through. Unless you have walked in his very moccasins, how can you judge? You are not the judge of this case, are you???

  30. Dbrand001 says – reply to this


    Hopefully by him coming forward now more victims will feel safe to come forward as well.

  31. pete says – reply to this


    why the annoying music during interview?

  32. Nena says – reply to this


    I believe him… I get it… I was there and applaud those who are strong enough to talk about it…

  33. viper says – reply to this


    To all the young, naive kids here, Michael JAckson was proved to be a pedophile, publicly admitted in interviews by people who were closest to him. Do some research of all the stars and idols you all love so much. To call this man a liar is a sin, do any of you really believe that he is doing this for money or fame, admitting he was sexually abused by a "man" when he was a child? How retarded is that? I grew up in the eighties and watched his trials, doing a lot of research, listening to his people come out in interviews, stating that there were a lot of things MJ was doing that defied normal. He was warned by a close friend to stop, and he paid millions of dollars to settle lawsuits outside of court, knowing there was no way he could escape the law. I don't judge the man, but he got away with crimes nobody on the planet could have done.

  34. basia says – reply to this


    I also think that AEG has it's interest in Wade's story. Now everyone will talk about molestation instead of who really killed Michael. AEG is a very clever company of Michael's enemies and vultures.
    People, don't forget that AEG has been sued my Katherine Jackson. They have to do something to draw attention on different subject than their crime.

  35. Learned says – reply to this


    It is very ABNORMAL, and unclean for a fully grown man to lay in the same bed with a child that isn't his! Which even Michael ADMITTED to. THAT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE! And what do you SUPPOSE he was up to? With his fully developed private parts! And there was video of him roughly fondling children in front of people, imagine what he was doing in private! Some of you MJ fan freaks lose all credibility with your inobjectivity and justifying anything, as long as Micheal does it. If any other man had done that, he'd been thrown in jail, no questions asked! Michael has used up all his favors!

  36. Learned says – reply to this


    And speaking of money,LET'S TALK MONEY!! WHENEVER Michael 'picked' his favorite little child (very suspicious), he always showered the parents in money and gifts! I WONDER why, DUUUUHHHHH!! Money is the reason Michael avoided incarceration for so long in the first place!

  37. 137

    How many victims have to come out before people OPEN THEIR EYES? This is NOT the 1st MJ child molestation charge! The crime is APPALLING and for people make excuses for it is DEPLORABLE! How many accusations can one INNOCENT man possibly have without ANY evidence being true? How many "extortionists" can one INNOCENT man encounter? Some people haven't stopped to consider IF this is TRUE before crucifying Wade. Shameful. Research abuse victims, they sometimes never come to terms with it and IF they do it's usually after YEARS of repression! It's STEREOTYPICAL of abuse victims to lie for their abuser! NO INNOCENT man INSISTS on sleeping with young boys and is a SERIAL "extortion" victim! I didn't want to believe MJ was guilty either but FACE IT! I believe Wade and am praying for him! People would rather defend a man who was a LONG TIME SUSPECTED CHILD MOLESTER over testimony from the actual VICTIM? Why DID MJ keep PAYING people off? INNOCENT men do NOT do this, REPEATEDLY! WAKE UP! It's OBVIOUS Wade was under his abuser's spell in 2005 and I'm glad he's coming to terms with it. It's got to be hard enough going this let alone to be called a liar? WTF is wrong with people! Let go of the MJ was an innocent, child-like man who never had a childhood theory! He's NOT the only child star! No one is debating his musical talent but it IS LIKELY he was also a child predator! Are people really that OK with child molestation to keep going with the act? WTF! WAKE UP!!!

  38. 138

    You believe MJ is guilty but do NOT feel sorry for Wade, then wished MJ to RIP. Turns out, as you already know, MJ was a child molester who left souls suffering on this earth to deal with the trauma he caused them. You don't find it anywhere in your heart to have compassion for this? MJ will never RIP! Is Elvis currently RIP? No. People idolize him, too, and I don't recall hearing of him being a long time suspected child molester! Point is, controversy will always remain, but I'm glad you realize MJ's guilt! Just can't fathom why you wouldn't feel sorry for a boy who was tossed into the arms of a child predator at age 7, suffered 7 years of abuse and BRAINWASHING and is now trying to come to terms with it. It's very sad. A 7 yr old is NOT in control of his own life. This isn't Wade's fault! I feel so sad for him, NOT MJ!!!

  39. 139

    Re: nowonderpplaremessedup – You believe MJ is guilty but do NOT feel sorry for Wade, then wished MJ to RIP. Turns out, as you already know, MJ was a child molester who left souls suffering on this earth to deal with the trauma he caused them. You don't find it anywhere in your heart to have compassion for this? MJ will never RIP! Is Elvis currently RIP? No. People idolize him, too, and I don't recall hearing of him being a long time suspected child molester! Point is, controversy will always remain, but I'm glad you realize MJ's guilt! Just can't fathom why you wouldn't feel sorry for a boy who was tossed into the arms of a child predator at age 7, suffered 7 years of abuse and BRAINWASHING and is now trying to come to terms with it. It's very sad. A 7 yr old is NOT in control of his own life. This isn't Wade's fault! I feel so sad for him, NOT MJ!!! Re: fid

  40. 140

    Just exactly HOW are you expecting a then 7 yr old Wade to provide documentation? Stop defending a child molester!!! WTF is wrong with people!!!

  41. lizzy says – reply to this


    I was a rape victim my self, and know other children than have been molested sorry i do not believe this happend so many years ago and now is when he is healing? to his psycologist i hope he or she is prepare they r gonna have a party time with her or he in court. come on lets be real, that is way to many years in between to realized he was molested. i could see a nervous breakdown when he was younger,but due to his career and competion in it i could see a nervous breakdown now but not due to Michael jackson; whos now billion dollar trust is a temptation to anyone. a real man faces his enemies when they could defend themselves not when they are dead.

  42. J. says – reply to this


    Re: viperRe: viper – "Proved to be a pedophile" - Nice! Making it sound like a fact instead of a conclusion you drew up inside your little head from the oh-so-accurate tabloid and media "information". And it works because the "young, naive kids" don't have a clue as to what REALLY happened in 2005 and before, so it's easy for you to convince them without providing any evidence to support your claim. May I know who these "people who were closest to him" are, because no one who was ACTUALLY close to him - not those who only knew him because of professional issues and collabs - ever claimed in to be a pedophile in public interviews. YOU do some research. The only think you ever know about Jackson is what your tabloids, sensationalised newspapers and celebrity gossip websites tell you. If you want real facts and research, read the court transcripts (and analysis since I doubt you'll understand it by yourself) - the real facts on the matter. "To call this man a liar is a sin… I don't judge the man" - Ha! Ha! Talk about irony and hypocrisy! :) How is that so "retarded" at all? Are you still too young to realise that people will really do anything, go any measures to get their hands on cash? (continued)

  43. J. says – reply to this


    Re: viper – Of course a lot of what he did defied normal. He was NOT born normally, and he was NOT brought up normally either. He was born with an enormous talent that easily made him a target, had gone through the constant abuse and beatings of his father as a child, did not get to enjoy what each child deserves as he was in the show business since he was a child, has what even his haters agree is the strangest, money-seeking family, became one of the biggest stars in the world… How do you even expect him to be normal? And wow, just goes to show what kind of "research" you have been doing; sorry to break it to ya, but you've been wasting your time all the while, my friend, if you don't even know one of the most basic facts about that settlement in 1990s, when it took me literally 10 minutes to find out the truth about it. (continued)

  44. J. says – reply to this


    Re: viper – Firstly, he did not pay the lawsuit, his insurance company did, as he was their liability. Secondly, the settlement was on "claims of negligence", not "claims of intentional or wrongful acts of sexual molestation" - which means 1) the accuser could sue Jackson for this without having to believe he was molested by Jackson and 2) this WOULD NOT stop him from testifying if he wanted to claim that Jackson was a molester - which takes away your whole argument of Jackson settling to prevent the accuser from testifying. Now what I've just told you is only the simplified version, so please do read the comment 115-117 in this post by Hello Sandy, which gives you all the info you need on the matter - you'll finally find the answer to what you've had wrong all these decades! :)

  45. J. says – reply to this


    Re: Learned – I don't know what kind of mindset you have, but no, I don't think it's unclean and abnormal for a man to be in bed with a child - just what does being in bed mean to YOU for you to think it's dirty? I think it is your mind, that automatically associates bed with amourous activities, that is unclean. Jackson's mind clearly did not, as he claimed, hence the "admission" of sleeping in the same bed; what kind of real pedophile would publically admit to something that would make them sound suspicious? He saw nothing wrong with it, and therefore freely stated it - and there should not be anything wrong with it as long as there is nothing sexual going on. So if you have fully developed private parts, you HAVE to use that against a child lying in bed with you? Ew, no. And LOL please show me that video, let me see what you find suggestive and fondling. Every single thing in this world must remind you of sex. You're really quite disgusting. If any other man had done it, you say? Well, I have often been to resorts and trips with my family friends, and young boys would often share rooms with other men who are not related to them - same with girls - and no one would even dream of anything like that happening, as none of my family friends are sick-minded perverts like somebody here.

  46. J. says – reply to this


    Re: Learned – Or it is perhaps the only reason he was accused in the first place? What do you even know about Jackson picking "his favorite little child"? Is that what your little tabloid magazines told you? We never know fully about his private affairs and relationships other than what we can see from the media and the court materials, but it is clear that, most of the time when he was particularly close to a child (e.g. Frank Tyson, Macauley Culkin, Jordan Chandler, Gavin Arviso, etc.), he was just as close to the child's parents and sibling. Yeah, he gave out gifts to parents, simply because he had enough money to be generous, and the heart that corresponded with that. Did you see Chris Tucker talking about how he just casually mentioned that he liked Jackson's television, and Jackson offered it to Tucker? I'm sure Tucker was no "little child" or a parent of one, so why would he do that? I wonder why, duhhhhhh!! (haha) He was just a naturally generous person, and too bad you can't accept the fact that someone can actually be giving; I know it is difficult to accept something so different from yourself, but please, that doesn't mean such people don't exist.

  47. Bill says – reply to this


    This is what I hate. Just because he's "Michael Jackson" and a lot of people like his music, then that means there's no way he was a child molester. Don't be blinded by someone's persona and assume it makes them a saint. If some random guy down your street had the same circumstances as MJ, letting children sleep in his bed, etc., everyone would be like "PEDOPHILE", but oh no, cuz its MJ everyone's like "no way"! Just sad all around.

  48. Nethan McNaughton says – reply to this


    I think its disgusting that people still think that Michael was a paedophile when he was proven innocent after going on trial. Not to mention Jordan Chandler admitted that MJ didn't rape him at all and that it was his father who pushed him to give false evidence. Its the money the lairs are attracted to. Wade stated in court that MJ was innocent under Oath. He is a filthy liar and a money grabbing fool.

  49. Nethan McNaughton says – reply to this


    Re: nowonderpplgetmessedup – The defence wouldn't shred him to bits in fact they would try and aid him during the case as Wade was MJs Witness.. It would be the plaintiff that would be shredding him to bits. So you should only talk about things you know.

  50. xjfkgkfkj says – reply to this


    I know bout that, bcuz I was when I was five, but r u kidding me? Famous
    Or not, when it happened I told someone but that person was too scared
    To say anything. How can he deny it so many times that mj didnt and
    All of a sudden the guy dies and he comes out and is like "I got molested,
    Since mj was naiive and child like, ppl will believe me". The last thing you
    Would want from them, is their money. Idk what happened to the guy that
    Did it to me, but I would rather have him arrested. He supposedly asked
    For money, which is a bit odd. To me, he didn't show much emotion either.
    I knew a man who was so much like Michael, who I met years later.
    Ppl thought he was creepy and a pedo, but he was completely the opposite.
    He was like a second father, and my brother and I still miss him.
    If he could see us again, I would give him a hug and tell him thank you
    For helping us out so much ;( its sad, If someone ever accused that man
    Who cared for us or our dad of something they didn't do, especially after
    Their death, I'd go nuts. Seriously, mj couldn't even kill a bug on stage, how could
    He hurt a child? Btw I was also a victim of abuse a kid from another person
    And stuff like that haunts you.

  51. ChasUGC says – reply to this


    A person admits to committing complete perjury under oath, and now wants to make millions from their perjury? If anything, Wade should face jail time to teach people that you can't lie in court, either the first time or the second.

  52. Intervention_Devine says – reply to this


    Re: J.

    I have to give kudos to "J". I think at times people are so desperate for a hanging that they will prejudge, and sentence the person accused. No matter how many times their innocence was proven to them. I hope Wade does face jail time for his admittance to perjury in court. The only thing I feel sorry for Wade about is him losing his freedom and soul to the industry. He isn't making this claim. He is just a puppet being told what to say, and how to act. Point in case he spoke on something about studying video of victims and how they act, and what age they decide to speak out. That in itself should raise eye brows about his "truth". Michael Jackson was just a victim of his fame, and his career. He tried to speak the truth on what was really going on, and that can be seen in a video on YouTube. He tried to speak his truth and he paid for it. Even after his death, they are still trying trying to destroy his name, and there are people like sharks at the dinner table waiting to tear into whatever lie to fall onto their plate. All the people coming out speaking against Michael Jackson, are most likely drones sent to help sway the opinions of the people. Not all but some for sure. So to J, I say to you that I'm sure your eyes are opened from the Matrix, and you're not alone.

  53. sydney says – reply to this


    It's obvious all he wants is a lot of money and a little fame. People want to take advantage of Michael's love for kids and money even after he's dead! It's terrible.

  54. sandra says – reply to this


    Re: Shayla – This society is becoming sicker and sicker by the minute. How could any sane, rational person disbelieve a child who says he/she was molested? Dont you realize that these peodophile murder the souls of these innocent kids? They are sentenced to a life of unbearable torment in some cases worse than death. It is the most horrific crime against humanity. WHAT IF IT WERE YOUR CHILD?

  55. sandra says – reply to this


    convicted peodophiles should be given the death penalty as they commit a murder, it may not be physical but murdering a child's soul is sometimes worse than death itself. Wake up people! Sad thing is, jurors often let off these future robbers and life stealers because they dont know the full extend of this horric and atrocious crime against our most fragile and helpless.

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