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Mariah Carey MIMED American Idol Medley? Diva's Rep RESPONDS To Lip-Synching Accusations!

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We guess that NO ONE can escape the wrath of lip-synching accusations on the internet!

Beyoncé faced it after her rendition of the National Anthem at the presidential inauguration of Barack Obama, and now, Mariah Carey has come under fire for her performance medley of her biggest hits on American Idol's 12th season finale last night!

And it was NOT pretty!

After Twitter essentially EXPLODED with criticism over what some viewers perceived to be bad lip-synching, as her voice did not always appear to match the audio during the live feed, the diva's representative quickly issued a statement that DENIES any wrongdoing on her client's part!

In fact, while Mimi DID sing along to a pre-recorded track, as many artists regularly do, her rep is adamant that she "performed with a 40-person choir" and "SANG LIVE."


"She ABSOLUTELY DID NOT lip-sync. She performed LIVE in front of several thousands of people!!!! (and did it 3 times!!). No LIP-SYNCING whatsoever! She did 3 takes and thrilled the crowd with singing little songs in between that were NOT part of her medley."

And there ya have it!

But we think you should ch-ch-check out the performance (above) and decide for yourself!

What do U think? Was Mariah miming or singing live?!

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31 comments to “Mariah Carey MIMED American Idol Medley? Diva's Rep RESPONDS To Lip-Synching Accusations!”

  1. hmm says – reply to this


    She did not lipsynch. The performance was dubbed for TV. There is undubbed version on youtube. SHE DID NOT LIPSYNCH.

  2. sevgi says – reply to this


    haters are gonna hate!

  3. Keise Velour says – reply to this


    OKAY LAMBS ! ! ! I just saw mariah sing live on american idol & I was there at the taping of her performance & i see why everyone thinks she lipped BUT I AM HERE TO TELL THE TRUTH – MARIAH SANG ALL OF IT LIVE – at the live taping mariah sung each song 3times & so what they did was pieced together her best live notes to make one song – like: the yous at the end of hero was from take 2 & the end of we belong together was from take three – there are audios out there with all three takes

  4. 4

    Do people not know who Mariah Carey is?

  5. 5

    Loook, she may not have lip synced. BUT there was something fishy going on. This show is about singing. She should have just stood there with a mic and sang. No dubbing No pre-recorded singing that they air. JUST STAND AND SING and show off your voice. OH WAIT,, her voice is gone!!!

  6. TeamMariah says – reply to this


    The performance was only pre-taped because Mariah wanted to treat her Lambily to a show on AI because that's what we've been dying for since she joined the show. Since the producers have jerked her around for the whole season why would she do something exclusively for them on AI? Eff that!

    Pre-taping the performance this way she could invite the Lambily to the show (which was just for the Lambily who won tickets to attend the taping. The AI audience had to leave once it was her time to perform so the Lambily could get in the theater.


  7. 7

    everyone but the idols themselves looked lip syncy last night, especially Frankie Valli but he's like 182 so i can forgive him.

  8. Micah says – reply to this


    Yes, she lip sync'd. She does it for nearly every performance now. She should be thrown off that show.

  9. eiyk says – reply to this


    ccccheck out my uploaded undubbed version on youtube then! look up for: Mariah Carey Medley may 2013 taping undubbed.. see for yourself.

  10. 10

    Hey Publicist dummy….if they dubbed in her voice technically she was lipsynching. What sucks is so few people can just stand up and sing live…Mariah Carey is one of them. If it were Taylor,Brit, RiRi even JLO(though she does work hard) I would get it. But a mariah Carey just stand the F**k up and sing. It was nice you did a little concert for thousands but your vanity kept you from just using a live take. You know you put studio mixes in there. You wouldn't risk a lipsynching rumor for splicing together live takes—YOU DID IT 3 TIMES SO YOU COULD HAVE MORE TAKES TO FIT THE TRACKS. You're so pretty mariah why so many wide shots cut so quickly from your face?
    So s/one taped it to youtube….I said she could sing…..Vanity it what made that AI fiasco.

  11. 11

    It's Mariah Carey. Even if she did lip sync one performance, I think we all know that she is capable of being phenomenal live.

  12. 12

    This really falls into the "Who gives a flying fuck" department.

  13. 13

    just watched the whole thing, if she did lip-synch, she's the best damn lip syncher in the world! that medley was live no doubt about it.

  14. Mike says – reply to this


    Re: amazingman – you're a freaking idiot. she has a single out now climbing the charts as we speak and it is obviously her. stop being a troll and please crawl under a rock

  15. DLOC says – reply to this


    this is just more mariah haters, as usual…..
    Mariah's (& Keith Urban's ) performance was taped from the day before…A.I. big idea!
    MC SANG LIVE, this is just poor editing, yet another A.I. DISS towards Mariah

  16. Carlos Coffee says – reply to this


    Re: sevgi – what a stupid cliche. Please don't speak.

  17. Saw it says – reply to this


    It is live tv, there was no dubbing, the diva lip synced

  18. kalin says – reply to this


    I like MC, but singing a medley of her songs, this could have been one song, they sound so much alike. Well done either way, they are cute songs.

  19. KMG says – reply to this


    I find all these MARIAH LIP-SYNCHING-ON-IDOL accusations STUPID. As a TV producer myself, my first reaction while watching the Mariah medley real-time was “F! BAD EDIT!!!” It’s VERY simple to say so – it was widely announced a week prior that she’d do a PRE-TAPING of her Idol Performance on finale’s eve. FYI: Most, if not all, pre-taped productions make ALMOST-PERFECT outputs. If the producer making the final cut of this number was keen enough to notice in the editing computer that the AUDIO and VIDEO layers seem not synched, then there’s gotta be a BAD CALL from him/her to carelessly give it a go for airing. The most probable thing other than this technical dubbing issue is SABOTAGE. Who's not aware of the unspoken Mariah-Idol wrangle?

    It’s no coincidence that minutes after/during the taping, fans in attendance at the pre-taping have taken to the social media that Mariah has done 3 TAKES, sung more fan-favorite songs in-between takes and was in tip-top vocal shape. Given Mariah is a perfectionist & granted she did MIME her performance, she could’ve done it a THOUSAND more times if theplayback kept showing her an UN-SYNCHED, “staged” live performance. The RAW AUDIO recording of the taping was even uploaded online by a crafty fan an hour after or two. Take that as reference to the TRUE LIVE performance and you can see a world of difference between what aired & the truth. Thanks to Trent for this proactive answer to future questioning:

  20. 20

    Terrible dubbing job, I agree with the poster who suspects sabotage. I wont be surprised if Mariah sues the AI producers for this–as well she should.

  21. pan86 says – reply to this


    LOL She is a joke!

  22. 22

    Wow, it seems like Mariah is learning from the politicians. Send out a publicist to answer a question that was never asked, but has a more favorable answer, ehh? ALL lip sync's are previously performed, either in a studio or live. I mean "duh!" The question was whether the performance that WE saw was sung live in front of us, and since it is impossible to sing three takes "live", the answer obviously is "no."

  23. Steve Travolta says – reply to this


    After working in the music industry for well over two decades and working closely with those that have been both in the studio with Mariah and on tour with her, I'm reasonably sure that she sang most of this performance live, howerer I would be hard pressed to believe that MC would be capale of hitting many of the notes in her upper register with this kind of clarity. I'm reasonable certian the whistle tricks and theatrics were placed in the TV track.

  24. pedro says – reply to this


    I was there, SHE SANG LIVE!! In fact she did the medley 3 times and even sang songs between the takes. To my surprise, the day after when I saw the edited version on my TV, they made a mess with the editing by copying/pasting parts from each take. Each take sounded good but the first 2 were more to warm up. I suppose it's Mariah's fault for being a perfectionist…

  25. Lara bailey says – reply to this


    That sounds live to me. Plus it's mariah carey! she is amazing live! Stupid asses.

  26. Scooter says – reply to this


    The reason the whole thing looks lip synced is because almost the entire thing is dubbed. It was totally overdone.

    Any doubts about what she is actually singing are easily clarified by jumping right to 4:25. This is why the whole thing looked so awkward. The lip synced parts were not timed well and looked even worse when transitioning to an actual undubbed run, which is pretty much all she really sang live…just the runs.

    Obviously thousands of viewers felt how awkward it was the entire time.

    Not a good performance. Sorry.

  27. LADY RARA says – reply to this


    Just sing live for sake of the fans Miss Mariah Carey. Why resort to prerecording?

  28. LADY RARA says – reply to this




  29. lady gara says – reply to this


    She sang live over a prerecorded track. The prerecorded track, of couse, used the "Cut and Paste" technique with seamless amplification minus the heavy breathings.

    She is a world class lipsyncher, not too many people can figure out that she's not singing live in most of her live performances.

  30. lady rara says – reply to this


    she did not lipsynch, she did not dub, she did not even have a boob job. No, there is no truth to it all.

  31. G says – reply to this


    Re: lady rara – lol you are meegikwang on youtube, aren't you? hello dear….