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Michael Lohan Plots To Break Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab!

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Michael Lohan to the rescue!

…or so he hopes!

Lindsay Lohan is getting the STRICT help she needs at the Betty Ford Center, but that just isn't enough for her opinionated papa.

While Lindsay is finally adjusting to life without pill poppin', Michael has made it his mission to break Lindsay out of her court-mandated 90 day rehab stint and transfer her to the Lukens Institute as soon as possible.


Michael explained:

“I am going to go to California and I want to meet with Lindsay’s attorney Shawn and the City Attorney to talk about her transferring to the Lukens Institute. It is ridiculous for Lindsay to spend 90 days at Betty Ford. They are a 30-day program place. There is no reason for her to repeat the same program for three months. I know that Lukens is the best place for Lindsay in the whole country. She’s been to Betty Ford and it isn’t going to help her this time. She needs real help and the only place she can get this is at Lukens.”

We don't see the problem with ANYTHING at Betty Ford!

Lindsay has proved that she NEEDS three times the rehab and we're sure the treatment center is perfectly capable of catering to LiLo's longer stay.

Not to mention, considering the court has already said they will NEVER EVER let Linds transfer, it is VERY possible Daddy Lohan's push for his little girl to move will prove pointless.

We're positive the SoCal facility is doing all they can for the troubled starlet, but it is Lindsay who will ultimately decide if her sixth attempt to kick her demons will be a success.

[Image via WENN.]

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16 comments to “Michael Lohan Plots To Break Lindsay Lohan Out Of Rehab!”

  1. 1

    HE must pay his car insurance every two weeks. WHAT A TOOL.

  2. 2

    I can't wait for the "scientists" start commenting here, better known as shit-daddy lohan.

  3. MichJB says – reply to this


    Maybe he can stuff Lindsay in the trunk of his car next to the bound and gagged Dina - then drive the three of them over a cliff.

  4. DO UR HOMEWORK! says – reply to this


    Re: jeanmichelbasketcase – ..The 'scientist' COMPLETLEY DISGREE W/DAD LOHAN ON THIS. Luken is a 2week or 30 day program. It is based on intense therapy, which is good, but it is also structured for HIGH-FUNCTIONING PROFESSIONALS, of which LL is neither High-functioning or professional. FURTHER, Lindsay is CURRENTLY IN CUSTODY IN THE STATE OF CALIF. The State of Cal. HAS ACHEIVED IT'S GOAL and is unlikely to let LL LEAVE THE CUSTODY OF CAL. JURISDICTION. LL NEEDS TO LEARN, when she wants something, gets it, & is then unhappy w/her choice, she doesn't always get YET ANOTHER CHOICE. ALSO, Lukens allows patients to keep their cellphone/computer. Lindsay has serious cyber-bullying issues and to go to a therapy session, then go back to her plush, private room for cyber-bullying sessions is an ABSURD theraputic plan for LL's HEALING. — So, Kate, JJF DOES NOT AGREE W/DAD ON THIS ONE. IMO, LL needs to keep her commitment and make the best of her BFord opportunity. -*jjf*

  5. Maybe.... says – reply to this


    Maybe Ms. Holley should be PAID for work she has already done FIRST, before Ms. Holley is asked to spend her time on motions to the court that are neither necessary or truly in Lindsay's best interest. Send her to Lukens, four days later she will be wanting to transfer to DisneyWorld for her sentence. It is NOT the courts responsibility to TREAT LL for her issues, only PUNISH her for them. To ask Ms. Holley to waste her time trying to get LL a BETTER, more comfy deal, when Holley has kept LL out of jail –during which time LL committed MORE CRIMES…. Oh, come on, HOLLEY has bills to pay too. It's like Lohans are the 'best friend' one has that owes you $8000 because they are always borrowing $20, $50, $100, SWEARING, "PAY YOU BACK ON PAYDAY". Come payday, they can't be found, but a week later, they're on ur doorstep asking for another loan, this time, FOR SURE you'll get paid NEXT PAYCHECK….and on & on it goes. MAYBE, pay Holley for the work SHE'S ALREADY DONE before asking her for another favor so Lindsay can have more luxury in her life. Shame on Lohan's thinking everyone OWES them, when they are all bankrupt and do nothing but TAKE.

  6. Good article, perez, says – reply to this


    Well written, particulary the part where she needs 3Xs the treatment. No treatment program will WORK if a patient doesn't work the program. If Lindsay is serious about RECOVERY she can FIND recovery techniques at BFord that can help her. Undoubtedly the staff at BFord is familair w/ dual dx issues. If Luken is where Papa thinks Lindsay belongs — AFTER she serves her SENTENCE, she may go to Lukens. Bottom line is LL OWES State of Cali 90 days of being in custody. If she wants to get better SHE CAN FIND A WAY. Cave women didn't have microwave ovens or washing machines, and yet, we are still here. Part of LL's severe dysfunction is she is always looking for the next 'better thing' & believes she is ENTITLED TO IT. She does NOT live up to her commitments but ABANDONS them, claiming she is the victim OF HER OWN CHOICES. She needs to COMPLETE HER OBLIGATION & COMMITMENT to The State of Calif. Most likely when LL gets out of BFord she will show ZERO interest in obtaining additional 'help'. She is a NOVELITY SEEKER. She just wants to move so things will be new & different. Her healing abilities are WITHIN HER. She could recover & heal in a turkish prison, if recovery was her genuine goal. Lindsay needs chaos & constantly changing circumstances; this is just another Lindsay to-do & would serve no other purpose than to teach LL if she screams loud enough & long enough people will give into her bratttiness.

  7. 7

    someone needs to get all the crazy lohans in a room, then lock the door and burn the nest.

  8. OR SILENCE? says – reply to this


    Re: ms. trudy – Or maybe the Lohan's could learn a way to handle their personal problems OUTSIDE of taking to the media to blame all their problems ON THE MEDIA. Lindsay being in media for the last 7 yrs has been ALL ABOUT HER CRIMES & HER BEING AN ASSHOLE in public. There are a lot of actressess that are more talented & have a more substantial body of work as an actress. Lindsay & her parents ARE NOT CELBRITIES! Lindsays little parts here & there aren't really ENTERTAIINMENT NEWS. It is NOT Hollywood 'NEWS' that Dina & Michael hate each other & fight all the time. Amanda Seyfreids parents aren't in the media all the time, neither is a 5pd weight loss/gain a headline news story. These lohans are all addicted to PUBLIC ATTENTION & MEDIA REPORTS about them. They only seek PUBLIC ATTENTION to try to convince the PUBLIC that public entities OWE THEM the answers & MONEY they desperatly need in order to solve their never-ending dysfunctions & serious social& finacial problems. Their lack of being self-sufficient is disgraceful as individual people, and a HUGE embarrassment to the USA as an examples of successful 'venture capitalist' in America. Gag.

  9. Correction: says – reply to this


    Re: OR SILENCE? – I meant ADVENTURE capitalist, meaning they always whip up all these adventure, all this bullshit of Lindsay being victimized by E-trade, Pit Bull, the court system, …etc…FOR CAPITAL. Lindsay screws people over all the time, and when it hits media, the Lohan's always blaming the media for Lindsays problems. Charlie Sheen went out of his way to give that twit a chance, and she did fine day one, recieved the rewards of praise & encouragement which seemed to serve no other purpose than to convince LL that she was now back in the good graces of Hollywood. What did she do? -she acted out, held up production, then ripped off the set on her way out the door. This is how Lindsay showed her gratitude to a man who gave her $100,000?? She didn't even ACKNOWLEDGE the check, just cashed it, until Sheen was outspoken over the fact she had not even ACKNOWLEDGE this extrodinary gift. Everyone just OWES Lilo what she WANTS. Apparently.

  10. Bevi says – reply to this


    Maybe if she repeated it 3 times, it might begin to sink in?

  11. theoriginalLJ says – reply to this


    The Betty Ford Center has treatment programs that last as long a 120 days.

    The Young Adult Track (age 18–25) (she's 26) is a 90-120 program.

    Michael Lohan is full of sh**.

  12. Mumra says – reply to this


    So the garbage bag of fathers says his daughter needs to be in a different rehab. I wonder how much this "Institute" is paying garbage bag dad to keep their name in the news. How much of a bonus will garbage bag dad get if Lohan actually escapes BF and goes to this "Institute"? Will Lohan and garbage bag dad get to split the bonus or does garbage bag dad keep the whole pot?
    The whole idea is to try to keep Lindsay Lohan clean and to get her off the drugs so she at least has a chance at a real life. Show business is out of the question - she has ruined her voice, he dancing ability begins and ends at twirling around a pole, and has shown no ability to actually act, other than to play "herself" - but she does have a chance not to die by the age of 35.
    It seems that garbage bag dad cares more about a pay day from this "Institute" than actually saving his daughters life.

  13. Hmmmm.... says – reply to this


    Re: Mumra – XLNT points mumra. There is something suspicious about the Dad taking to media to keep naming this place that does NOT appear to be an appropriate program for his kid. Lukens website says it's for high- functioning professionals, not really screwed-up junkies who pack 270 outfits for a 90 day sentence, ( where the girl changes outfit 3 times/day for her fellow inmates?) since L is already in a credible rehab, that is in California, where her lawyer is, where she knows the city, etc. If L ran out of a rehab, wouldn't it be better if she was closer to her lawyer, etc? Seems ur onto something. It doesn't make much sense that her dad wants her to be transfered when the rehab she is in has a great reputation for themselves and at the worst, Betty Ford is still better than jail and they aren't going to harm lindsay. Yeah, looks like someone is using Lindsay for advertising purrposes. It was awfully weird that Lindsays lawyer wanted her to go to that place that wasn't even licensed too. No wonder Lindsay is such a mess when her folks just use her, use her problems in order to make money off of her.

  14. pattycakes says – reply to this


    I don't understand why any legitimate facility would turn to Michael Lohan to promote their rehabilitation protocol. What degree from what university does he hold in psychotherapy /substance abuse/rehabilitation? Where is his alma mater?

  15. True Enough says – reply to this


    Re: pattycakes – You could be right, I certainly think such a plan would be highly unethical. However, the alternative would be Dad is just a total moron, because Lukens isn't the right place for Lindsay at all. So, who knows what Lohans are really doing in this constant media coverage of Lindsays sixth rehab attempt. It makes no sence at all why dad took to media to share his plans about a very personal and private family matter. What is there to gain by going public with private family problems? The Lohan's have no real job skills, just a bunch of media whores selling their shame for petty change ’cause it's the only talent they have for making money.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    Interesting that a guy Lindsay supposedly doesn't speak to is trying to commandeer her 90 day court assigned lockdown.