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The Wanted: One Direction Just Wants To 'Rile Up Loads Of 14 Year Old Girls' With Silly Feud!

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Oooo this beef just got EXTRA juicy!

The Wanted and One Direction are NOT besties for life!

In fact, the rivaling UK based boybands have insulted each other in interviews AND have butted heads via Twitter…

But according to The Wanted, it's only certain members of 1D that like to add fuel to the feud fire, and only because it gets their fans all hot and bothered, LOLz!

Ch-ch-check out what The Wanted (minus poor Nathan Sykes) had to say about the whole Wanted vs. One Direction saga during a recent radio interview (above)!

Hmmm, well aside from their speculation behind the 1D boys' intentions, it seems like The Wanted are ready to kiss and makeup… what say YOU One Direction?

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39 comments to “The Wanted: One Direction Just Wants To 'Rile Up Loads Of 14 Year Old Girls' With Silly Feud!”

  1. Mrs styles says – reply to this


    I am retro on one directions side for this argument!

  2. hi says – reply to this


    truthfully one direction are dickheads. the wanted don't do anything but try to push them away.

  3. Ugh says – reply to this


    I´m so sick of this bullshit, the "The Wanted is sweet little angels and don´t want to offend anybody" crap. Yeah right! They are the ones that always take it too far, offending sexualities, selfharm supportgroups… but those tweets are gone now, aren´t they? They are all childish for arguing or having banter, or whatever you want to call it, but atleast One Direction can stand for what they say. F*cking cowards. Stop the "fighting", I never hear 1D talk about this shit. *cough* publicityseekers *cough* Wonder why?

  4. dan says – reply to this


    the wanted is so much better than 1d.

  5. joca says – reply to this


    I like the wanted. One direction is just a band of kids that have a member who fuck old ladies

  6. pon says – reply to this


    2 years from now nobody eill remenber 1d

  7. HAHAHA! says – reply to this


    pon: If you believe that, you are seriously stupid.
    joca: Oh, way to be original. Come back when you have a vocabulary that is useful in a mature conversation.
    dan: In your opinion maybe. The fact is that One Direction is doing way better than The Wanted. Besides, they are both good, in their own way.

  8. Vivi says – reply to this


    What a bunch of crap, this wanted guys are a bunch of resentful full of complex and personality issues, because they never , ever are gonna be in the same level of quality and charisma than 1D .

  9. B says – reply to this


    Nobody cares.

  10. ASGAR says – reply to this



  11. Bianca says – reply to this


    you really want to know ? The Wanted is a Man Band and one direction is a Little boy band… boring

  12. 12

    I'm so sick of this. I've watched plenty of interviews of the wanted trashing 1D, so for them to go around and pretend that it's 1D riling them up is complete bs. The blame goes both ways and honestly out of the 2 bands TW need the publicity more so the fact that they won't stop talking about it makes them seem really desperate. I get it you have a show coming out on E! focus on that and be the grown ups you claim to be.

  13. Mrs styles says – reply to this


    The wanted are just trying to blame 1d here when honesty it's both of their faults! I am still on one directions side! All of you who think one direction won't be remembered or are bad just pause and look at their MILLIONS of fans all around the world!

  14. Katty says – reply to this


    WTF???OMG TheWanted are so jelous of One Direction because 1D are more popular and way more better!!!The WAnted can just sit and watch and say rubbish,NOBODY cares to much :)

  15. Jessica says – reply to this


    The wanted needs publicity not 1D!

  16. whale whale whale says – reply to this


    i dont see you having world tours. and next year a stadium tour, then a movie, then perfume coming out, is your faces in all the mags?
    lol. no.
    taylor swifts boobs are bigger than the wanteds career

  17. Maria says – reply to this


    HAHA wtf the wanted are the ones who needs publicity not One Direction! The wanted are the ones who started all of this. And they're the ones going to far with this when they talked about one of the members of 1Ds sexuality! And please their fans are just the same age as one direction..if they even have fans..

  18. um says – reply to this


    I'm tired of the back and forth between them. I like bot bands so I will not choose sides. To all you saying it's just the wanted, shut up. To all of you saying it just one direction, shut up as well. It is both of them adding on to this "fight."

  19. Idolator96 says – reply to this


    Re: whale whale whale – babe, i think i love u :D 1D all the way !!!!!!!!!!

  20. broohaha says – reply to this


    Re: Bianca – no AC/DC is a man band. the wanted is a group of warbling doofusses.

  21. Alex says – reply to this


    The Wanted only talk about One Direction when they're asked about them, while interviewers are not allowed to ask 1D about TW, cause they have tnem blacklisted. The Wanted din't even say a bad word in this interview, so what's the deal? Jay said that they would clear all thing up with each other within 10 minutes if they only had a chance

  22. bex says – reply to this


    Re: Ugh – I follow u!!!! U GO GIRL!!!DIRECTIONER4LIFE!!!!!!!

  23. Debby says – reply to this


    1D n TW are two bands who are so gud at what they do..they fight,that's none of our biz…they are all adults so if they both don't c wrong in what they do,let them be…Both band all the way..

  24. tyra says – reply to this


    Give me a fucking break! This is all an attempt by the Wanted to make themselves look relevant and piggyback off of One Direction's fame. Who needs the press here? The attention? Definitely not 1D. Also, they've got a lot of nerve talking about "14 year old girls" when both fanbases are in the same age range! They're a bunch of homophobic talentless asshats, and I can't wait til' their 15 minutes is up.

  25. Lol. says – reply to this


    This makes me laugh so much hahahaha, The Wanted are shit and are using this 'feud' for publicity reasons. Funny how nothing ever gets said about it by One Direction, since they're actually successful. Oops. The Wanted are just jealous because they've been on the go so much longer but are nowhere near as successful as a 'boyband off the x factor' are. That's the whole point I'm afraid. And I'm aware Louis gets his attitude out, but to be fair it isn't without being provoked - Tom pulled the sexuality card out and made a joke about a suicide and self harm support group, then promptly deleted the tweets. This just makes him look immature and pathetic, and if the rest of The Wanted is anything like that it's no wonder they're doing terribly compared to One Diredction. x

  26. annoyed says – reply to this


    oh god, come on Max. harry pulls a lot of birds? those are your credentials for what it takes to make you like someone? how fucking old are you? and they're clearly still on this because they know the feud will give 'em publicity.

  27. One Direction. says – reply to this


    That's why One Direction have sold almost 20 million albums and The Wanted have sold 2 million I assume..

  28. One Direction. says – reply to this


    A man band? I am currently sitting here, laughing at your stupidity. The Wanted are basically the same age as One Direction. The eldest member in their band is 24 and One Direction's eldest is 21. Not to mention that Nathan is 19, as are Liam, Niall & Harry.
    Round of applause to you Sweetcheeks <3

  29. Neutral says – reply to this


    Re: pon – Oh please, that's absurd. Nobody remembers the wanted NOW. Do you even realize how many awards 1D have won? I think they'll be remembered for just a bit longer.

  30. Geraldine says – reply to this


    Re: Maria

    hahaha! The Wanted's career is as big as Taylor Swift's boobs! LMAO
    You made my day!

  31. -.- Seriously? says – reply to this


    I admit, I like them both, but I like One Direction more. It's no doubt that One Direction are more successful than The Wanted, so I think that people just need to get over that and maybe give The Wanted a chance. But what The Wanted said was not fair at all, it was rude and disrespectful. Real mature, guys…

  32. anon says – reply to this


    F*ck the wanted #Team1D

  33. SWERVE BITCH says – reply to this


    Im sorry but you said TW does this for publicity? Since when does tweeting a picture of Usher have anything to do with geeks and one direction? and 1D clearly called out TW at their gig, Tom was standing up for himself. SO TIRED OF THIS UTTER BULLSHIT but where would quarelling put me? I have NEVER trashed or said something bad about 1D but you see this shit? Thats IT I'M COMPLETELY DONE. The people you are dissing are my idols and fanmily and I'm going to sit here and watch them be put down just because of some childish fight. The only thing that matters to you people is who has more fame than the other. I couldn't be bothered by that, once they're talented and care for their fans that ALL that matters to me.

  34. HEEYAH says – reply to this


    Yes I was completely disappointed in Tom for those comments but they have learnt to grow the fuck up and get over the past unlike some people who just make things worse

  35. giselle says – reply to this


    Funny how The Wanted only reach headlines when they're talking about One Direction.. And what ”rivalry in the charts”? Ummmm you guys never even get TO the charts. wtf

  36. gisela says – reply to this


    Funny how The Wanted only reach headlines when they're talking about One Direction. And what ”rivalry in the charts”?? They don't even GET to the charts

  37. Mayra says – reply to this


    Re: dan – said no one ever…

  38. jasmine +1d =love says – reply to this


    1d are so fit I love them plant them I want to see them in real life please 1d fan if u have habbo or movie star plant on move star plant my name is jasmine wright 943and on habbo my name is girlpuppylover

  39. Weston says – reply to this


    Re: danRe: dan

    You are a pathetic twat.