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All My Children & One Life To Live Cut Short! Is Cancellation Inevitable?!

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one life to live all my children cut short cancelled

The era of the Soap Opera may soon be over!

Iconic tv shows One Life to Live and All My Children moved from network television to online-only viewing earlier this year in an attempt to combat cancellation…

But it seems the plan is not working out too well, as both shows' parent company Prospect Park is cutting down new episodes aired posted per week from 4 to 2!

Could this mean the death of both beloved Soap Operas is right around the corner? Well, perhaps not!

The reasoning behind the episode elimination is actually quite clever, as Prospect Park heads Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz revealed in a statement:

"In the past these shows had their vast majority of views within the first 24 hours. Instead, our shows are primarily consumed on different days then when they originally air. Primarily, fans have been binge-viewing or watching on demand, and as a result, we feel we have been expecting our audience to dedicate what has turned out to be an excessive amount of time to viewing these shows. … We are finding that asking most people to regularly watch more than a half hour per day online seems to be too much.

We know our most dedicated viewers will be upset as they would probably prefer more shows to less (we personally wish there were more episodes of our favorite shows; we would love 50 episodes a year of Homeland, Mad Men or The Simpsons). We apologize to these viewers and ask them to please understand we are trying to ensure our shows succeed and not meet the fate they experienced previously. We need to devise a model that works for all viewers. When it comes to online, as with all new technology, it's adapt or fail."

Oooo makes sense!

In the new age of binge viewing, people have the freedom to be VERY selective with their content selection, and providing too much NEW stuff could be overwhelming… hopefully this new plan works!

We wonder if this will affect Susan Lucci's decision to (maybe) return to All My Children?

Nooo, we need some devious Erica Kane action in our lives!

[Image via ABC.]

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21 comments to “All My Children & One Life To Live Cut Short! Is Cancellation Inevitable?!”

  1. dddff says – reply to this


    These shows will be done within 6 months.

  2. 2

    It is hard getting use to but I love it!

  3. GrannyDee says – reply to this


    I wish people would just shut their mouths and be satisfied with what we finally got back. Our favorite soaps and now we are losing them instead of having them lengthened out like I would like. I am so pleased that AMC is bac and will watch it no matter what happens. I started watching with the very first episode many, many years ago and will continue to watch it. PLEASE PP bring back the 4 days a week …

  4. 4

    Absolutely not! It's always in the top 10 of Hulu's most viewed.

    So what if they're cutting to two episodes each? Regular prime time shows only air one episode per week, and they also go off for seasonal breaks. I rather have two new episodes per week, than NOTHING.

    Yeah it sucks that 5 new hour episodes were cut to 4 new half hour episodes to 2 new half hour episodes…but I'll take it.

  5. Skater Boy says – reply to this


    Diehards will want to watch AMC no matter what or OLTL for that matter. Still it is a bit concerning the cut for whatever reason and strategy. I am amazed AMC is doing alright considering unlike OLTL their comeback kids so to speak were all over the place and not that closely bound. All the major families are missing key people if not all. The Kanes are almost extinct left with a visiting Bianca and Miranda who really was a nothing but set dressing as a kid before. Brooke, Angie, Dixie and Opal are great but the show is missing something or someone. Let's hope Susan Lucci and to be fair PP will do the RIGHT thing. She should come back for the fans and respect to the genre and PP should pay her as much as they can or get creative. She can rise from the dead and they can say she died in the finale but comes back as it was really her "doppleganger" twin Jane who broke out of prison and there was a huge cover up involving Jessie of course. Or a more humourous return she made her movie and is becoming a big movie and tv star but she keeps on losing the academy award now for the fourth or fifth time. Now she is trying to new roles a soap called Devious Maids and a reality type show called Deadly Affairs - this can help explain her absences.

  6. Only1abenson says – reply to this


    I guess it's a good decision by PP if that's case if we as fans are only getting 2 episode per week from the show then why not expand the show to an hour instead of half hours.

  7. 7

    son of a bitch! i had just gotten used to it and now they're changing it again. i catch up while waiting for classes to start. this better not mean that i'm bored before class. idle hands my friend…

  8. elle says – reply to this



  9. Brofire says – reply to this


    Please keep All My Children and One Life To Live coming! Yes, it offers an exiting break in a busy day of work and living in the "real world!" The storylines are graat and informative… ;O)

  10. Lisa says – reply to this


    First we have to get use to 20 something minute shows 4 days a week & now we are going to have 20 something minute shows 2 days a week. I am very disappointed. This is a soap, n/a sitcom. The shows should really be one hour 5 days a week like General Hospital. Thank you for saving these timeless soaps but seriously stop implementing so many changes. I think you will lose fans this way. 2 days a week is n/enough.

  11. SORAS says – reply to this


    I hope Perez is right and this is a smart move. One hour a week is enough for me - half a loaf is better than none! But will it be enough to attract the new audience they want and need? I hope so! I am loving the return of AMC!

  12. Susan M says – reply to this


    One LIfe to Live and All My Children

    I think reducing the shows to twice a week is a mistake! If they were hour long shows that might make a little bit more sense. As it is, as viewers we have been waiting for the return of these two shows and now we are being spoon fed them at the rate of two per week only. NOT good in my opinion. Maybe we do watch them in bunches all at once but if u make less shows available then all we end up doing is waiting LONGER to watch more shows. And if you remove them after a short period of time then some of us wont be watching them at all!

  13. hollsteve says – reply to this


    The only reason I have hulu plus is because of AMC don't make me cancel

  14. Carlie 5 says – reply to this


    I am very sad about the decision to reduce my One Life to Live to two half hour episodes. I was so very excited to have it back. I am paying for not only Hulu Plus-7.99 but the only wired internet 83.00 a month in order to get Hulu Plus without dragging . That means over 1000 a year for my One Life to Live. Can not believe that this is for less than one hour a week now!! Not sure how long I can keep up with this if it is for this little programing.

  15. Yvonne says – reply to this


    If PP doesn't have faith in the shows, why should I allow myself to become invested again. I am wondering if it is even worth it to start watching again. I mean, 2 weeks and they cut the programming in half!

  16. Roadrunner11 says – reply to this


    Unfortunately , the less they show the less people will watch. People have gotten used to being without, so if there are fewer episodes it will be that much easier to stop watching altogether.

  17. Amy says – reply to this


    I'm really starting to resent Prospect Park. I'm paying 8 dollars a month for only two days of soaps a week. If they don't change back to four days a week I'm cancelling Hulu Plus and I'll just keep watching General Hospital. I also resent Prospect Park because Todd, Star and John had to come back as different characters to GH. Why should they be loyal to PP when PP can't even be loyal to their own viewers.

  18. barbara drake says – reply to this


    I was so happy to have All My Children back. I told all my friends who were avid watchers about it returning and where they could watch it. After 3 weeks they stopped showing it on FX Canada. I am very disappointed.

  19. juney says – reply to this


    How can the shows make a real comeback when they are limited to on line and only shows on television with select servers. Why cant they give All My Children and One Life to Live a real shot at coming back by putting them back on TV for everyone to watch, I for one didnt get to watch one show because it wasnt shown by the server I have. These were my two favorite soaps and I wasnt very happy when they were cancelled. I would be thrilled to have them both back on daytime television.

  20. Cory Lyon says – reply to this


    PLEASE DON'T CANCEL ALL MY CHILDREN AGAIN!!!!! That will be WAY F—Ked up!!!!!

  21. Lee says – reply to this


    I only hope they will someday return to TV. Until then, I am watching the reruns on Soapnet.