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Ian Somerhalder Gives Another Lady His Attention At CW Upfronts! Avoids Nina Dobrev!

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ian somerhalder nina dobrev upfronts

Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev kept as much distance between them as possible — including using Mark Pedowitz as a human buffer — at the CW Upfronts presentation this week.

A source revealed that the tension between the two was completely palpable:

“It was a complete 180 from last year. Last year they looked like any young couple in love, and this time it was all business… They couldn’t wait to get out of there. Ian told the fans he was running late and only stopped to sign one autograph.”

But while the two seemingly avoided each other, arriving and leaving separately, it turns out another lady was given Ian’s attention! One seriously lucky, Nina look-alike fan!

The source added:

“[Ian] grabbed [the fan’s] face and gave her a kiss on the cheek! It was totally out of nowhere. All of the other girls were really jealous.”

Hmm, but we thought the former lovers were still bestiez?!

Let's hope this isn't a reflection of what goes on behind the spotlight.

[Image via Mavrix Online.]

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18 comments to “Ian Somerhalder Gives Another Lady His Attention At CW Upfronts! Avoids Nina Dobrev!”

  1. NIAN4ever says – reply to this


    This is a piece of shit article and Perez is as much a journalist as I am! The only thing Perez wants is to get into Ian's pants. Anyone who has followed Ian's career for more than 2 days knows that he kisses fans on the cheek all the time! And there were other sources at the Upfronts saying that Ian and Nina were seen backstage laughing and joking just like they have every other year. I believe anyone over PH!

  2. ashy says – reply to this


    so where's the picture perez?btw i love how Ian says perez,can't wait to see Ian with another gorgeous girl..he makes such pretty pictures with beautiful girls…

  3. Stella says – reply to this


    You stupid !!!

  4. Anna says – reply to this


    Shame stupid journalists!

  5. Grace says – reply to this


    Ian kiss fan lucky!

  6. Mary says – reply to this


    yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.IAN PERFECT.

  7. britney says – reply to this


    This is such bs. Ian was seen kissing Nina at the party.

  8. Susan says – reply to this


    Oh please Britney,you are the one making up stories. Ian avoided Nina all night and was seen talking to Joseph Morgan (Klaus). Then Ian left as fast as he could.

  9. Clarice says – reply to this


    Oh no! What will be said when Ian's walking around with his Mom and family in Paris?

    I think the media is feeding now. But hey, Nina and Ian have obviously reached a new status if no one will leave the story, every tweet and look they give each other alone.

    I have so much respect for them, they appear a little more grounded than most and I hope they are left alone once the media have had their fun and moved on. And NIAN4ever, you can't blame Perez for wanting to get into Ian's pants. It's been noted he has quite the package lol.

  10. britney says – reply to this


    Uh, Susan, were you there? I doubt it, so you don't know what you are talking about. Nina and Ian were spotting talking and walking around. He kissed her several times. They are just letting you fools think what you want.

  11. lucy says – reply to this


    seriously someone needs to close this magazine.
    nina and ian are on their best terms. they are really good with one another.

  12. Kenna says – reply to this


    They're still together. Why? Well lets look at the FACTS:

    1) While Nina was in Cali on the beach, what did she wear… Ian's hat

    2) While Ian was in NY, what did he wear… Nina's necklace

    3) The day before they "split up because Nina didn't want to get married" Ian was interviewed. During this he specifically said that he didn't want to get married yet.

    4) Ian and Nina are a shy couple, always have been

    5) Paul (aka Stefan Salvatore) commented on the breakup only a few days ago saying that now Ian and Nina get to be a secret couple again, where Ian then tried to shh Paul for letting out the secret.

    Where is YOUR proof? Stop recycling this garbage, it's getting quite old.

  13. maggie says – reply to this


    Seriously did you ever consider he is hurt and i highly doubt he and the mystery fan will get together if there is one just back off and if they really are professional it wont effect them behind the spotlight.

  14. sarah says – reply to this


    said they were in the same room at the hotel do it for the paparazzi not to be seen together

  15. Kesha says – reply to this


    I also read that I was in the same hotel in the same room and say that you love again hidden from the paparazzi and notice that the two have the same ring on her finger .. then they are back together again

  16. Ana says – reply to this


    I also read that I was in the same hotel in the same room and then will do it for publicity. by tricking the paparazzi who have been dumped but no

  17. Gia says – reply to this


    which break up? they were together in New York in the same hotel room. convention in the same necklace. same ring in new york
    And they love once again to the beautiful couple hidden wonder why not to make it known to the world through simple

  18. Larissa says – reply to this


    Re: NIAN4ever – this!! Thaank youu… :)