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Jennifer Lawrence And Family STALKED By Canadian Man Who Called Actress His "Biblical Mary!"

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Oh no! This sounds SUPER frightening!

It's no secret that Jennifer Lawrence manages to almost always come off as down to Earth and charming, but apparently, the famous starlet's very likable demeanor has attracted a fan that has gone way too far with his adoration for her…and also her family!

23-year-old Han Cong Zhao, a Chinese-born Canadian citizen, is currently being held on $100,000 bail in Kentucky after leaving 200 voice mails on the Jen's brother Blaine Lawrence's cell phone, and then on April 18th, flew down to Louisville, where he left him a threatening message, which said:

“I find you or you come to me. You got me really upset, when I am upset, wait and see what happens.”

And the crazy doesn't stop there!

This guy THEN went to the Indian Hills Police Department, where he asked Chief Kelly Spratt how he could contact the actress' parents, and continued to call her poor brother, before was he involuntarily held at Central State Hospital for three weeks!

Zhao was released on May 8th, charged with stalking and harassment, and yet still thought it appropriate to give Spratt two letters for Jen, in which he referred to her as "Mary," or “his Mary, referencing Biblical Mary.”

Still with us here? Because that's STILL not all!

After Jefferson District Judge Annette Karem ordered Zhao to be held on $100,000 bond until his July 23rd trial, as she believed “the victims are in serious danger.” That didn't fly with his public defender, Erin Melchior, who then suggested that:

“Because of the people this allegedly involved we are trying to fix things from the get-go.”

This apparently caused Karem to get SO UPSET that she had to leave the bench for a few minutes, and after returning, opened a serious can of whoop-ass:

“Excuse me — fix things? I take serious offense at that statement. I know you are vehemently advocating for your client and I understand that. But I want you to understand there is no citizen in this community who is any more important than any other. Maybe from the outside looking in that is what it may seem. My concern is based solely on the facts of this case.”

In a statement from attorney Brad Hume, the Lawrence family expressed their appreciation for the “responsiveness and professionalism” of the Indiana Hills Police Department and the county attorney, but also are adamant that:

“Beyond that the Lawrences asked that their privacy be respected. This is not something they invited.”

Obviously NOT! Yeesh!

Were just so glad that this guy was apprehended before this situation escalated any further! It definitely does sound as though there was a potential for this to get a whole lot more dangerous!

Stay strong, Jen and company! You're in our thoughts!

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3 comments to “Jennifer Lawrence And Family STALKED By Canadian Man Who Called Actress His "Biblical Mary!"”

  1. Ina says – reply to this


    Nice post

  2. MB says – reply to this


    See THIS is where guns are usefull.

    I'm Canadian. If I were "famous" and I lived in a place where you could own a gun, and you could legally blow somebody's head off on your property, I be all for that. I would gladly rid the world of crazies like this.

    23? Jee, that's a shocker. What a crazy fucking retard. HEY RETARDS! Do you idiotic early 20 something guys (and girls, because girls are equally crazy and stupid) (young, dumb and full of cum), any of you stupid ass shitheads, think you are ever in a million years going to even meet these girls you are so obsessed with? If you do get close to them this way, do you think they're going to invite you in for a drink because you managed to swim across a lake without drowning, or whatever?

    Control your hormones boys and be thankfull you don't get your cock sucker head blown off for being a dumb (menatlly insane) criminal.

  3. MB says – reply to this


    Don't send this small dick Chinaman back to Canada. Skip Canada, do not pass GO, and get your ass back to China, mother fucker