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Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Share A KISS Backstage At The Billboard Music Awards!!

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justin bieber selena gomez kiss backstage billboard music awards 2013

This is so much more exciting than just sitting next to each other!!!

After we saw Justin Bieber slyly take a seat next to Selena Gomez at the Billboard Music Awards, we had a feeling that Jelena was back ON!

And, now we have further proof! The two were seen sharing an intimate kiss backstage when Selena bumped into The Biebs… In fact, Selener went in for the smooch herself!!

Wanna see further proof???

Check out a video of the kissy-kiss AFTER THE JUMP!!!

[Image via Billboard.com.]

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33 comments to “Justin Bieber And Selena Gomez Share A KISS Backstage At The Billboard Music Awards!!”

  1. hio says – reply to this


    selena was so insensitive
    who ignored justin
    justin was going to kiss her deviated s
    So they're not together

  2. 2

    They're not together.
    She only kissed him on the cheek.
    And if you watch the video….
    You see Taylor and her red haired friend trying to pull her away from him.

    They're just friends.

  3. 3

    Ok, but seriously, Taylor's face around the 0:20 mark. I've seen better gifs on Tumblr already, but she makes such a grossed out face at them kissing and I completely agree.
    Also, this would be better with the sound off, because that girl talking is annoying.

  4. West says – reply to this


    The video clearly shows their just being friendly. They loved each other a lot, and being on bad terms didn't work for them because they were so close before, so now that they're friends everyone is going insane. It's a kiss on the cheek, people do that when greeting people all the time. Hell, she did it to Ed Sheeran too, does that mean they're dating?!

    People need to calm the hell down and stop being so involved with 2 kids. Who cares?!

  5. Daisy says – reply to this



  6. carissa says – reply to this


    honestly doesnt look too good. cute but obviously selena is in control right now annd idk it seems like justin is getting a big tired of the confusion and tired of him trying and her confusing him and stuff idk but she's deffinately in control..and she kind of deserves that i guess.. but i love justin bieber so much and i love selena so its up to them

  7. csz says – reply to this


    Well look at taylor, she doesn't look like she likes selena talking to JB, she sticks her tongue out & throws her head back! just watch it again, but look at her, I don't think she's a big JB fan anymore!

  8. 8

    The person filming this needs a punch in the face, seriously calm your tits.

  9. may says – reply to this


    lol he was clearly trying to kiss her on the lips and she just straight up denied him. Taylor's face just says it all. JB needs to give it up, its OVER.

  10. giin says – reply to this


    ugh everything about her is so orchestrated and staged. she is clearly trying to show (in this so-not-pre-arranged photo) that justin has forgiven her for the way she treated him after they broke up. even if they are back together they weren't going to make a huge issue out of it as selena still has some serious "proving" to do as a 'mature' singer and actress. he is her saftey net and she falls back on him anytime she gets bad press or her films/music flops. that pic reminds me of all the not-prearranged-at-all-photos that sprung up when taylor was following harry styles around like a bad smell. pathetic.

  11. 11

    Justin asked Selena, "So am I going to get booty tonight?"
    Taylor is looking like the third wheel friend that hates her friend falling for the douchebag…AGAIN.

  12. 12

    What a load of strange freaks at the BMA's. Bieber's pants look like he dropped a load or two in them. Manaj humping what's his name onstage with her fat jello Kardashian ass jiggling inches from the camera lens???
    Gag me.

  13. mjb4real says – reply to this


    S. wants to talk to him, but the other girl tries pull her away. Is she still best friends with him? That S en J go together to that club (back entrance) couple of days ago. And that she stayed with him that night. It's a mixed feeling. will be sad, J has an album especially for her. Come and get it: open invitation? I don't know anymore. Just wait.

  14. jenny says – reply to this


    LOL selena got justin ON LOCK. did u see how she was holding his neck? def in control. but honestly i dont think shes as nice as the media makes out. i mean i watched an interview with tyler the creator and he said that justin is his close friend and selena, although fine as fuck, is a straight up bitch and him and her never get along. and this is coming from a guy not a bitchy girl

  15. 15

    Watched the vid on mute.. girl filming this needs to shut the fuck up. annoys the shit outta me. still.. didn't look like it was anything other than a kiss on the cheek. whatever. hahah

  16. 83jennifer says – reply to this



  17. Claudia Ramirez says – reply to this


    yeah, but you also need to see this and it looks like justin didn't want that kiss huh?

  18. Ariel says – reply to this


    Girl filming this…go outside and experience life. Wow.

  19. 19

    This girl is a fking idiot. Seriously I'm embarrassed for her. Did I really act this stupid over the Back Street Boys & Nsync? Ugh.. I hope not. And 'Black Fat ass'…really? She needs to get a life.

  20. dn says – reply to this


    taylor face is the best ahahha

  21. pau says – reply to this


    who cares about selena orjustin? litlle girls and perez

  22. joe says – reply to this


    Taylor swift is the cutest.

  23. 23

    bieber loves to shop at

  24. 24

    Justin and Selena… make up your mind? They acted as if each other didn't exist during the show, and then are kissing backstage? Makes me wonder if their entire "break up" never really happened and was just a big fat publicity stunt. Maybe I would find them a cute couple if they were actually consistent. As for Taylor, she really needs to stop acting like a 12 year old lol.

  25. maria says – reply to this


    LOLz. The voice in the video kinda sounds like some kind of girls in a PORN video.

  26. 26

    That girl on the video was so annoying..stop cursing already!!!

  27. zoe says – reply to this


    Im a HUGE belieber, but selena doesnt seem like the best girlfriend. The things she said on Letterman and stuff about him really got me mad. And anyone who gives up a guy like hi clearly doesnt know what theyre missing, and what they had before, which was one of the most hard working, talented, kid hearted, good looking, sweet guys on the planet. I'm curious to see how their relationship goes :P

  28. 28

    If you watch he kinda goes in for a lip kiss and she nudges his face to the side for a cheek kiss. I don't think they're going to last.

  29. Sweetie says – reply to this


    Why does Taylor Swift care so much about Justin and Selena's relationship. Justin has done nothing to Taylor Swift and she should really mind her own business. If Selena wants to end up a lonely hoe that has had sex with more than enough men then keep on listening to what Taylor Swift has to say because she obviously can't keep a relationship and will have had hundreds of sex partners by the time she is thirty-five. Now that is yuck worthy.

  30. StaceyMelissa says – reply to this


    Obviously Selena is teasing Justin. I know it was a cheek kiss, but clearly Justin went for a lip kiss. Why for a second would he think he would get a lip kiss from her if they're broken up. Maybe they've kissed before and she's playing him? Friends with benefits? I can even go ahead and say they're working on their relationship and she's taking it slow this time. For some reason Justin went for a lip kiss and you don't just go for a lip kiss with an ex… Unless he had a reason to. Sooooooooooo something's going on with these two! They will be back on! Even if Taylor doesn't approve lol

  31. broohaha says – reply to this


    i personally can't stand her & she's done some rotten things to other people but in this instance she was just minding her own business. i'd say she might have found being in the background a little uncomfy bc shes used to being waited on, not waiting for other people and their (leechy hanger oners) to finish their conversations. its no surprise people are having a go at her though considering she built up a rep for being catty and childish all by herself

  32. rb says – reply to this


    I don’t know what the Bieb’s did to this woman, but as a man this is the ultimate diss ‘she did not applaud his awards’, and a victory kiss ‘kissing him on the cheek’ to go that an ex can project on her ex. The next step would be to kill the Bieb’s. I just don’t get why she went to Europe to see him on tour other than for publicity to promote her new album?? Listens learned in life for the Bieb’s, it’s time to move on, and it’s time to get rid of the Selena tat. All the sightings of them together in LA and LV aren’t worth the sources words coming out of their “ASS” mouth. Unless there are pictures, or vids, don’t believe that there’s a reunion. “Bitter Sweet Love at best”

    Justin gets the message. He tweets ‘Gonna take some time!!!’ They are done!!!

  33. molly says – reply to this


    watch d video rilly wll, bieber ws trying to kiss hr on d lip bt she moved his head away nd kiss hm on d cheek nd also kissed hm on d cheek wen she ws leaving, dey re nt 2geder jst friends( i think)