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Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Spotted Getting Romantic At Billboard Music Awards!

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chris brown karrueche tran billboard music awards

It looks like Chris Brown’s seriously getting cozy with his ex, Karrueche Tran, after all!

The two were spotted hanging out in his trailer at the Billboard Music Awards yesterday, while Chris’ former lady love Rihanna was dining away in Santa Monica.

A source revealed:

“Chris Brown sent Karrueche to the Billboard Gifting Lounge presented by Kari Feinstein PR at the MGM in Las Vegas on Sunday. They arrived together, and then she stepped out of Brown’s trailer into the lounge. Later she was his date to the show. She loved the Vix bikinis and Vega crystal necklaces.”

What’s more, Chris’ award show performance song, Fine China, is rumored to be about Karrueche.

Breezy and Karrueche have been fueling suspicions of their rekindled relationship for some time now. From their displays of Twitter-love to seriously questionable Instagramming — ahem, Chris' head-in-ass moment — things have definitely heated up between these lovebirds.

But is this really the end of Chris and RiRi's torrid love affair?? We're not so sure.

[Image via Nikki Nelson/Derrick Salters/WENN.]

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38 comments to “Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran Spotted Getting Romantic At Billboard Music Awards!”

  1. 1

    This fine China is an IDIOT…Chris will always use her to get at Rihanna…Though Karrueche is not ugly..She is NOT Rihanna..Try all she wants..But that's the truth…Why she would SETTLE for #2 is crazy…MONEY does that..She would rather be known as Rihanna's Sloppy seconds…I have a new name for her..instead of Fine China..how's CoChina..means NASTYYYYYYYY ick

  2. TiaMaria says – reply to this


    I'll need pics to believe this one.

  3. kim says – reply to this


    die.. :)

  4. Yvette says – reply to this


    It's never been a secret that Chris loved two women. One he shared a tumulteous past, and the other he shared a present peace and a promising future. After the success of FAME and the awesome performances of Chris, Im sure Rihanna felt an urgency to act. Im sure JZ was a big deterrence initially and who knows the extent of their relationship. Nonetheless, we all witnessed an active pursuit of this man. How do you respond to one so beautiful, to one you owe a "Make right" when so much of the relationship was wrong. Would it be different since so much time had passed? What about the one that has been true through it all? He gave it a chance. The real question is why are the Chris Brown haters STILL so upset? Shouldn't you all be jumping from the ceiling with joy? I'm confused. But so are many of you. I just want every one to be happy, whomever they chose. Love is like gambling. You have a crowd of witnesses. Some telling you to go. Some telling you to stop. But when you throw the dice, you don't know how it's going to end. All you can control is whether you throw them. Leave Chris alone. He laid all the cards on the table. Is that why you're so mad?

  5. 5

    She looks punchable.

  6. polyresin says – reply to this


    Good ole trusty krustation, always keeping hope alive. Rihanna won 4 Billboard Awards last night. Bye Boo

  7. ItsOva says – reply to this


    Glad it didn't workout for riri & chris. Rihanna is doing BIG things. She doesn't need to be tied down to someone who is jealous, paranoid & possessive. I hope chris gets back with kae. She is his type.

  8. Destiny says – reply to this


    Funny how the media is playing up Karr chi Tran and Chris Brown who cares. think Chris and RiRi are better apart but wouldn't be a shocker if the got back together.

  9. keyatl says – reply to this


    i never understood why folks say karrueche is the thirsty one. she was the main chick while rihanna was the jump-off for months. rihanna did everything she could think of to cause drama and get back in…and she did…and they lasted how long?? all this after dude beat your behind??? i mean, i understand both of them giving it another try becuase i don't think they broke up on their own terms. but karrueche is clearly winning in this one. she let him go and he came right back…no tricks, no subliminals, no interference…and he came right back like she knew he would. nothing against rihanna but she just ain't girlfriend material.

  10. PhlyGerl says – reply to this


    Re: keyatl

    Wrong! Karrueche did not "let him go". She stayed lurking around. She stayed close to him and didn't sever her business ties (The Kill clothing line). She still hung out with him at parties and with their mutual friends. She kept on friendly terms with his friends and family on social media. If she was intending on making a clean break from Chris and start over with someone else (because she has no emotional, or otherwise, entanglements with her ex), this was not the way to do it.

    When Chris decided to take on 2 new live-in lovers in his home and fly them around the country to be near and accessible to him, Karrueche hung out with them too. She was ALWAYS around. ALWAYS down with whatever butt-holery Chris was into.

    Rihanna, on the other hand, wasn't about to have all that. She wanted complete honesty, loyalty and respect! It also appears she wanted exclusivity too. She and Chris broke up after it got out about Chris' new house pets. Chris also said he "wasn't trying to wife somebody that young". It seems to me like Rihanna was pushing a more mature, exclusive, committed relationship than he was willing to give. Karrueche doesn't seem to have a problem with all this though. Which is probably why she is still around. Believe me, IF she made demands on Chris like Rihanna apparently did, Chris would be on to the next one before the door closes behind her!

  11. heather says – reply to this


    rhianna tried with chris and that didnt work. karreuche tran never gave up on him. chris is too druggy and immatutrec for riri.

  12. sarmina says – reply to this


    after all the things that my riri has done for chris brown. i never believe this man, he s not a man but a jerk. this chick karrueche is a dumbass low self esteem. this man will never be happy because he don t know what he wants, and one day he will see how much rihanna loves him and all the sacrifices she made for him. instead he left her alone pretending bulls..t. i knew he wasn t serious, he only uses her cause his album was whack. sometimes i think that drake was the perfect match for rihanna cause he treats well and has her back no matter what. life is so unfair. this chris brown deserves to be miserable cause he s a bad person. rihanna really dont deserve that. she gave him so much and now she looks bad cause this jerk is trying to get in that dumbass low self esteem karrueche s bed.

  13. Flying Fish Marlin says – reply to this


    Rihanna and Chris Brown I supported your relationship when the mainstream media was breathing down fire upon your relationship. Rihanna you extolled the virtues of forgiveness and I admired you for that. I wanted your relationship with Chris Brown to work but it takes two. You tried your best but clearly Chris Brown had other plans. Rihanna I agree with you don't settle for his "whorish ways" you deserve better than that. Rihanna hold your head up high for victory shall be yours. Rihanna Karreuche Tran is not in your league so do ignore her slanderous antics.

  14. 14

    Re: keyatl – couldn't have said it better!

  15. Ugh.. says – reply to this


    Do neither of these women have any respect for themselves…for real!!!? He passes them back and forth like rag dolls…like a goddamn game of musical chairs..which ever one works for him on any given day… Such a pathetic douche… and equally pathetic women… He's a real winner that Chris Brown.. make us women proud ladies… every girl needs a lying ,cheating, woman beating,vain, selfish, self absorbed, using piece of shit like him to complete our lives…

  16. Dreams says – reply to this


    U know riri is making the moolah more than chris let alone at the fact that she is more of a success than he ever will. his ego needs Karrueche, Rihanna on the other hand is a Goddess in her own right, stay strong and know the higher the wind blows the more hardship comes your way.

  17. Melissa says – reply to this


    Karrueche is HEAVILY dependent on Chris which is why she is NOT going anywhere. He loves that someone is so reliant of him. Rihanna, I hope sees that you cannot love or be friends with someone who is jealous of you. That boy detests Rihanna and it's about time she realizes that. Just look at his attitude in Hawaii, he looked miserable and Rihanna just trying to cater to his emotional needs when it was her birthday.

  18. kj says – reply to this


    I think he plays the women and they allow it.. he jut needs to grow up

  19. anathedolcevita says – reply to this


    Re: Destiny
    I totally agree! Rihanna does better away from Chris, he shows to be immature, insecure and his talented self could show the world he can be a better man but unfortunately he is not capable to keep up with a bombshell like Rihanna! She is too much woman for him to handle! my opinion though….I love Rihanna as an artist and I wish for her to be blessed with a REAL MAN! not a kid like Chris.

  20. Truth be Told says – reply to this


    People keep saying that Chris is dating Rihanna, Karrueche Tran and Chloe Green, well the truth must be heard. Chris is actually not dating any of those women. He is dating a model named Blair Pena who has been with him since early March. She was/is his real girlfriend.
    The relationship he had with Rihanna was a publicity stunt. He only dated her because he thought that will her popularity and the hatred people had for him (because of her), he could earn their forgiveness. In return he would see his sales soar. But alas, that was not the true outcome. Chris needs to realize that he does not need Rihanna to achieve anything. I understand what he was trying to do but at what cost? I believe Karrueche is agreeing to hang out with him in public because she is his beard (used to hide his relationship with Blair). HL cannot seem to tell that there is always a women following him around other than Karrueche. Blair is his real chick. I hope they last, but as a heads up. He is not dating any of the women he was rumored to be dating. Just a cover up.
    Truth Be Told

  21. Yaaas (Yup) says – reply to this


    Hate all you want Karrueche is smart she knew Rihanna and Chris wasn't gonna last. She also knew Chris was going to need people around him who REALLY cares for him. All that childish mess Ri was doing was just to make Kae mad and it back fired. Chris performance at the Billboard Music Awards was great. He was a little hoarse but everyone already knows he can sing. TEAM BREEZY regardless

  22. DLA says – reply to this


    I love chris with KAe

  23. dushi says – reply to this


    He can stay forever whit her,because he is no man enough for Rihanna

  24. Gabo says – reply to this


    Re: Destiny
    What about Ashton Kutcher who blanked Riri? is Kunis a step down? Drake went for strippers instead - Matt kemp cheated with regular girls maybe Riri for all the great artist that she's doesn't know how to be a good gF!!!

  25. Gabo says – reply to this


    Re: Yvette
    Many Riri fans cannot handle the truth - they treat her like a castmember of some soap opera - she in turn conducts her affairs like it was all a performance - problem's the other person might want to handle things differently!!!

  26. lane says – reply to this


    have you guys ever personally spoken to Rihanna, to Chris Brown or Karrueche Tran? You haven't? Then I ask myself how could you form an opinion about their most personal affairs. It's definitly not them, who are not ok!

  27. I am me says – reply to this


    Re: ItsOva – Can't agree with you more. Rih is to successful for CB, she's almost worth three times than he is. So he was always gonna be jealous and possesive, and he was gonna drag her down. CB is better off with a gold digging girl(KT), who is gonna do and take all the bullshit from him just to get on top.

  28. leelee says – reply to this


    Re: Yaaas (Yup) – agreed.

  29. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: I am me – Oh, can it. Maybe K is simply a better fit. Maybe they give each other what the other needs with NO FUSS. There's only so much space in a room for entertainer egos.

  30. Hool says – reply to this


    Re: heather – yeah and that Rihanna. She's so wholesome and mature. And she has never touched drugs in her life. gtGoh!
    I hope CB is done with her because she's not the one for him.

  31. Esha says – reply to this


    @Quenepa shut up your just mad chris not with rihanna get over yourself chris used riri for publicity he dont want that hoe. If chris is rihanna sloppy seconds to karrueche how many servings of slop do you think riri is to chris?

  32. Flyin Fish Marlin says – reply to this


    Ladies tell me and show me how could Rihanna and Chris Brown relationship survive when Tran was always the third person!!! Chris Brown was the one to sever ties with Tran which he did not!!! Tran has a dependant personality and this feeds Chris Brown egos. Karreche Tran cannot stand on her own two feet this he knows and that's why he treats her that way. Rihanna, I stand with you it's time we women dmand total honesty, loyalty and respect from our men and in return do likewise. I salute you Rihanna you must stand for something. She forgave him and loved him… Rihanna passed the humanity test and that one of the reason's she will be unstoppable careerwise!

  33. star says – reply to this


    I saw the pics. She's such a rebound. Only a desperate female would go back to the guy that dropped her like a fly to be with his ex, clearly says now he doesn't want to wife anyone cause he's young and so is Rihanna, and she's an exception y? She'll be used and dumped again in no time.

  34. brenda says – reply to this



  35. ricecakes says – reply to this


    Fine China is not about Karrueche. He wrote this song while he was with Rihanna this past winter. If Karrueche was Chris Browns date to the Billboard awards why were there NO pictures of her at the awards, dressed up, anywhere in sight? Only pictures we had were her in the gifting lounge(not a big surprise).

  36. 36

    She's damn ugly and looks like a freaking bitch..Can't stand her i really hope she doesn't get more famous

  37. 37

    very crazy chris brown leave me mary raymond alone. i'm not your wife, i'm not your girl friend, i'm not your finance, im not in a relationship with you very crazy chris brown. chris brown you are lieing on me mary raymond say that you are in a relationship with me while i'm not in a relationship with you very crazy chris brown. you bring problems in my marriage between me mary raymond and my priceless forever love husband my love Usher Raymond. chris brown your life is full of problems and you are a very big criminal and a very fake person. very crazy chris brown you belong to jail. and you should be in the jail. i'm not you very crazy chris brown and rihanna and karrueche tran and Nicki Minaj and other ladys you are using lieing on me mary raymond saying that you are in a relationship with me mary raymond while i'm not in a relationship with you very crazy chris brown.very crazy chris brown may my GOD JESUS Christ destroy you very crazy chris brown with everlasting destroysion.you are a very big criminal and a very fake person. very crazy chris brown you belong to jail. and you should be in the jail.

  38. 38

    karrueche tran you and very crazy chris brown you people's games and plans will not work in my life. I'm not you karruech tran and very crazy chris brown