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20 comments to “facebook-i-know-ever-parent-says-this-but”

  1. babiez says – reply to this


    He is too precious! Congratulations Perez. What a cutie pie :)

  2. Ray says – reply to this


    you look like baby new year it that old christmas special.

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  4. Private says – reply to this


    Everytime I see your child's picture, I always think, "Its unnatural and its unfair to this child that he was created with the intent of never having a biological birth mother". What a loss for this poor boy and shame on the woman who donated her eggs. Does anyone have a conscience anymore? There should be laws against what you did. The next thing science will do, is clone human beings…its becoming like the movie gatica.

  5. 5

    awww way too cute, thanks for sharing.

  6. 6

    save your money, that kid will need lots of thereapy

  7. 7

    He's absolutely adorable!

  8. Jules says – reply to this


    @ Private: At least this child will not be raised by your retarded ass. Go back to the middle ages you stupid old baby boomer. It's not all about the nuclear family, society does not need to have puritanical overbearing rules about families in order to have a functioning society.

    Besides, are you privy to the means of his child? Perhaps he knew the mother personally and she is part of his life. Or will remain in contact with the donor. Unless you know the situation personally, keep your trap shut.

  9. Worried says – reply to this


    Adorable baby, but i wonder how many brain cells his father has.
    You took away his mother and now he is forced to grow up with a homosexual father who designed this baby for his sake and did not consider how the child would feel about this. I would be furious!!Shame on you for whoring out a little baby like this! May God show mercy on your fucked up soul, Mario

  10. Cris says – reply to this


    He is so frickin cute!!!! :)

  11. Leslie says – reply to this


    He is cute and he looks so happy.

  12. skcord says – reply to this


    You can tell this baby is going to look just like his father, poor guy! Ron Perlman III should be his name

  13. 13

    he is tots cute indeed! apparently they switched your sperm by some decent sperm!!! btw, how did it feel to jo in a cup in order to make him? is it hard to aim??? never done that! lol!

  14. jack says – reply to this


    What a happy honey of child! Adorable beyond words! You're a lucky daddy (and he's a lucky baby: )

  15. Marinka says – reply to this



  16. jack says – reply to this


    Re: Private – They area already well into cloning human beings - your neighbor might be one. It this child is a well loved child - then there is nothing more that one could ask for.

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  18. Julie Krastins says – reply to this


    He is so adorable!!! You and him make a perfect pair xo My little guy is sick and we have been watching Transformers and Skylander repeats all day long! Thank God for your website that helps Mom's like me get through!!! Please post more pics of your little angel! xoxo

  19. 19

    Cute baby, I love all the hair :-) .
    And to all the homophobic haters, go fuck yourselves.
    And to the person who wondered it felt to jerk off in a cup, it felt good. I know this because all orgasms feel good. Basic science.

  20. 20

    cutie :)