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Kristen Stewart Is "Heart-Broken" Over Split From Robert Pattinson - Even Though They're Still LIVING Together!

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kristen heartbroken rpatz split

What is this?

A glimmer of sparkling vampire skin in the sunlight hope for our beloved Robert Pattinson and his now ex-girlfriend, Kristen Stewart?!

For those of you heard the unearthly, nightmarish shrieks of Twi-Hards worldwide earlier this morning, it was because of the announcement that the Twilight stars - and real-life couple - had called in quits this weekend!

And now, we're getting wind that even though KStew is said to be "heartbroken" and "so sad" over the most recent demise of her relationship with R-Patz, sources have revealed their love for each other may not be lost entirely…because the actor STILL hasn't moved out the home they're currently sharing together!

As the insider explains:

"They are going to stay living at Kristen's house because of the dogs. It's not fully over or he would have moved out. They will be back together in no time."

We certainly hope so!

But this is probably a good chance for them to take a step back from everything going on, and really figure out if this relationship is worth of all the time, effort, and heartbreak that's gone into it!

Even when it's the love of your life, it's going to be work!

But we just hope they can really decide if the work they've put in is worth the benefits, so this incessant cycle of back-and-forth, on-again/off-again dating doesn't keep repeating itself!

What do U think?? Should Rob and Kristen work it out or stay broken up?!

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46 comments to “Kristen Stewart Is "Heart-Broken" Over Split From Robert Pattinson - Even Though They're Still LIVING Together!”

  1. Rose says – reply to this


    This story of course, makes no sense, but that doesn't stop the media.

  2. 2

    Re: Rose – It makes perfect sense. They are best friends and share a home. He is gay and she is single (that's why he didn't care about her "affair) and now that Twilight is over, they can shed their fake relationship.

  3. binkyvampire23 says – reply to this


    dont make much sence dose it god i wish people would stop making such stupid things up bout em get ur facts right before you judge >:[

  4. sheila says – reply to this


    I read this story on another site and it makes no sense. It claims they are living together in Kristen's house because of their dogs. Anyway People has a new story that Kristen is with friends at her house since the breakup. Rob didn't even have her over his house for his birthday. It definitely looks like Rob is over Kristen.

  5. sheila says – reply to this


    Rob has always said he is straight. He isn't gay.

  6. Umanyways says – reply to this


    It's not true. This is just another cover up story because their social meters built on break up & reunion rumors many times now.

  7. Lena says – reply to this


    Re: sheila – I took it as they were having problems and when they didn't spend his birthday together it was pretty clear they were "over." I thought the previous article was too wishy-washy and made people think they were still together. His fans think she is a cold-hearted bitch, so look here is People magazine declaring she's sad. He gains a backbone to his fans who left him by putting his foot down on his birthday. People is from both of their publicist, as Michael K calls it publicist weekly. The only thing I find hilarious is that they are keeping it civil and obviously working together to leak this shit, but that their fans are batshit crazy and accusing him of having something with Katy Perry, of her being gay, or that her publicist is some evil mastermind.

  8. Alfredo says – reply to this


    Finally Robert and i can enjoy our homosex in peace, without that nasty kristen always wanting to join us. Robert likes to smear johnson baby oil all over my body. Oh robert yeees, i love you. We must all come togheter and make this world 100% Homo. There should be nomore hetero couples, because thats wrong. Tonight i am having a threesome with robert and justin bieber, like we have every monday. I would like to say to all you twi hard fans: Become homo or become a loser.

  9. gwenda wakely says – reply to this


    I am with Kyle 73, Robert is Bi-Sexual or Gay,Both Kristen and Kate Perry are Bi and he has not been seen with any other female other than at Bars getting smashed.Good luck to him if he takes up with Perry,there wont be any secrets there as she likes to tell all, and what a way to treat a good friend to both of them.Is that not LOW as LOW.

  10. Enrique says – reply to this


    Re: Alfredo – What???
    Robert told me he loved me!! He would never go behind my back with another man, maybe a woman but thats just a cover up.
    Every tuesday john travolta edward(or eddie as he like to be called in bed) and i engage in heavenly sex. He never told me about you, alfredo. You are a liar

  11. Albert says – reply to this


    Enrique and alfredo: You are both filthy liars. Robert loves me and every wednesday robert, adam lambert and i massage each others bodies with chocolate saus. Ohhh yes robert, tou are soooo fine.I agree that the world shold become 100% homo but stay away from my man, robert. we are engaged to be married and we are expecting a baby. Robert is pregnant. Its called an ass baby, duuuuh! I love you robbie!!

  12. Kristen Stewart says – reply to this


    Re: AlfredoRe: EnriqueRe: Albert
    Lies, you are all liars. Robert loves me and he is not homo. He only like anal sex, (i dont know why) and sometimes i have to dress up like a boy. That proves he is not gay, haaaahh….a little bit strange though. He also has a huge vibrator that i have to whack up his ass, but i promise you he is not gay. Every morning he starts the day by dancing to the village peoples ymca. That is not a homo song. I hope you all understand that robbie is not homo now.

  13. Robert Pattinson says – reply to this


    Ok, i admit!! Kristen, i am sorry but i am as homo as it gets. I thoght you understood when i asked you to dress up like justin bieber. i love boys and i always will. Every day i have disgusting homo sex with different boys, but i promise that i love all of you. And yes, i am pregnant. I dont know who the mother is but there is a huge possibility that my baby will be chinese. Now you all know. I hope you all respect my choice in life. Now i am going to a village far away in africa. I have been told they have huuuuuuuge assets there and i want to have me some black. To all you girls out ther: fcuk you, i could not care less. Kristen, if you do as we discussed and become a boy, maybe we could be together. Until then, burn in hell, bitch

  14. Rupert Sanders says – reply to this


    Kristen, i told you so.
    I am just going to as you here on perezhilton: Will you marry me??
    If yes, i will make twilight 4 and make sure taylor lautner eats up robert pattinson.
    And you ani i will dance under the stars and sing songs to eachother.
    Will you please be my special ho, kristen??

    Love from your rupert dupert

  15. Why says – reply to this


    PEREZ, WTF, don't you ever monitor your Comment section? This is bullshit…. Why publish? It's not even funny.

  16. Trollbaby says – reply to this


    Re: AlfredoRe: EnriqueRe: AlbertRe: Kristen StewartRe: Robert PattinsonRe: Rupert Sanders
    Bffhahahahahahahaaaaaaaa! You made my day!!!!!!!Re: Why – Shut up, Robert!! We all know its you…

  17. had enough says – reply to this


    Kristen, let Rob have his time..don't run after him..let him alone..yes you made a mistake and clearly you admitted such mistake (publicly) and at the same time telling the world your love for Rob, that was really brave of you..i admired you for that, you could have just kept mum about it…you look stupid running after him, let him go and sooner or later he will regret it

  18. Rupert Sanders says – reply to this


    I have started to produce Twilight 4: The Homosexual Vampire.
    Ropert Pattinson will be let loose in Pattaya,Thailand and have all kind of sex with multiple boys. Perez will have a part in the movie where he plays with himself with a banana.

  19. 19

    they both have their own house, silly

  20. open-relationship says – reply to this


    Re: Kyle73 – i guess ur right…

  21. Ana says – reply to this


    Kristen, should kick Rob out…lol

  22. sheila says – reply to this


    Re: Lena – Thanks. I guess People is a good way to get the message out. It never entered my mind that Rob's side was leaking too. I think Katy is completely innocent here. She has been nice to Kristen even though Rob's is more her friend. I'm appalled at the crazy homophobic remarks. Kristen has only her girlfriends to rely on because she can't be near a man without accusations. She has even been accused of relationships with her gay men friends by tabloids and gossip sites. The remarks here about Rob being gay are really stupid.

  23. Mrs Adams Vivian says – reply to this



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  24. 24


  25. Jazz says – reply to this


    That is right Kristen, you still have to see Rob everyday, when a lesbian smooching you.
    Get rid of your bunch of firends who's hanging around you and you fed them. If they are working they have no time surrounding you 24/7.

  26. Dr Bobo says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs Adams Vivian
    Wow, i wold never ever contact this sharlatan of a doctor.
    People like him sholud be locked up next to wack people like you. Everybody know that you are dr zogo and are marketing yourself. If i ever get my hands on you i would slap you silly!

  27. 27

    That is right Kristen, you have to see Rob everyday, you are needed to be monitor too much lesbian friends around you. Your friends has too much time on their hands hanging around your house and be fed. You didn't celebrate b-day with Rob, I think you know the reason what's surrounding you, that becomes a pest to your relationship.
    For those trying so hard to ruin Rob reputation, you will not win, if he has another woman in his arms, you guys will be devastated for Kristen, no man will treat her seriously, she will carry that scarlet letter to her chest for the rest of her life.

  28. 28

    Now Kristen will have the courage to let the world know, she is sleeping with one of her lesbian friend who she also support and fed.

  29. love R&K says – reply to this


    Robert should remember the beautiful days that have been passed along&
    If you still have feelings of love and affection with sincere why not fight?! But if Robert guess it is not there and has fallen in love with someone else better split up.

    Instead of giving false hope to the kristen …

  30. 30

    If Robert and Kristen really are broken up for good and it's because Robert wants Katy Perry now they better keep it top secret for at least 3-4 months. Katy is friends with Kristen. It's not cool to be dating a friend's ex-boyfriend until a good bit of time has passed or until Kristen finds herself a new boyfriend.

  31. jo says – reply to this


    He did move out….. I've seen pictures of him in a red pick up truck with Bernie and bear and a tonne of what looks like hastily packed cases & bags in the truck bed!!!
    He is not gay, and as for the relationship of convenience b.s…..people keep in mind that they have spent a hellishly huge amount of time together outside of press tours and appear to have adopted pets together…..normal for costars???…… Me thinks not.
    Regardless, it is a very sad situation :,-(

  32. Samanda Pattinson says – reply to this


    Dear Rupert, and Kristen~ See my name?? Yeah, that's right, beoytch. Rob is my HUBBY!! And he likes it anyway I give it to him(the feeling is VERY mutual!! ;) ) And Rupert, if you ever even TRY to have him eaten, I will go all fangirl on you, and have my Jacob rip your limbs apart, and burn the pieces!!

    And to all Rob's lover's~ Have fun with our lover boy, just make sure you share with his wife. ;) <3 <3

  33. nina says – reply to this


    some of this comments are pathetic…… I wish them luck whatever they decide to do

  34. momof12 says – reply to this


    Re: Mrs Adams Vivian – ummm…in your post you said you did not believe in "spell or magic, so I decided to give him a try". this does not make sense. if you believed in magic, then you would want to give him a try. but if you DOn'T believe, then your response would be, "but" i decided to give him a try, not "so". your post is in the wrong catagory. your comments should be on some site for comedy relief.

    however, if you were trying to comment on the relationship of ms. stewart or mr. pattinson, please make your responses relevant.

  35. 35

    who cares!!! that ship has long sailed for me on this matter! ever since her infidelities with Krispurt, I have gone off her totally. Very rarely do I even look at any posts, blogs or movies she is involved in now! in other words "I couldnt give a Rats Arse!!"

  36. Gabby says – reply to this


    She is a home wrecking , cheating, unfaithful, selfish cow and thank god rob can finally be free from her and she won't be able to hurt him anymore. Rob at least tried to make it work but if it was me I would have never taken her back.

  37. straight says – reply to this


    Re: Alfredo – You forget that you born from a woman, she had to be heterosexual to bring you to this world!!! if the world would be 100% homosexual, then human race would disappear, we will no be able to reproduce and monkeys would no be able to bring our race back , the theory of evolution will fail, because there is not any criature in the entire history of earthly life that match our ADN, we are unique! By the way i wonder if there is a word on the diccionary that can define discrimitation against hetero-people, i would call it Hetero-fobic! I bet that if it would be me posting such comment like yours but about Homo-people, i would go straight to jail for discrimination, and bunch of homos will be all over my back throwing accusations for being Homo-fobic. SO have some respect! I don't give you crap what homo people does with their butts, but i would aprreciate some respect toward hetero people, like me…

  38. beautifulkristen says – reply to this


    Everything that i can say to Kristen is to be strong, and try to look for something better on life, Hollywwod doenst have it, all the money of the world and fame doesnt have it, a man doesnt have it, look for the true God with al lof your hearth, because life goes beyond everything we see now… well, i wish you can find something better, dont worry too much about ROb because he is just human as you, as me, ther eis no man on earth that can bring us happiness, that really relays on taking knowdlege of the true God… I love you Kristen, I admire the strenght that you had show, agaisnt a lot of acusations and media attacks… I love you girl, look ahead for something better and different, hollywood is ful os selfish people and dirty moves, is is a fake world and you know it, so i wish you the best.

  39. true-story says – reply to this


    Re: Kristen Stewart – Ahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! i agree

  40. Gabby says – reply to this


    Re: Rupert Sanders – wtf , Rob is not gay and I wish you would all stop this rubbish. He was so in love with her to the point of ridiculous but how can you be with someone who cheated with you especially a married man. Grow up people

  41. debby says – reply to this


    What the hell happened ? I thought they had reconciled, and were doing great. He gave her his grandma's pearl ring at Coachella. And had been spending lots of time together and with her mom. If this is Katy doing giving advice, she needs to butt out. Because her relationship's are so great either. Don't know what broke them up, but dont let other people influence you. And if Katy had something to do with it, some friend she is………best wishes.

  42. theresa craig says – reply to this


    while i am a true believer in love,if one knows what it means,that has to be found between them,its a personal thing,not a public thing,and has to be worked through,and joined within thier two hearts,it is there where they will find what is important,if it is or is not worth saving…i found the parallels between twylight,and shakesphere,are simular,and i hope that they have thier happily ever after,just like the movies,or the plays,whichever you prefer…im a romantic like that.

  43. ema says – reply to this


    rob n kristen should get back together

  44. kate says – reply to this


    I think people should mind there own business than rather shoving their nose in some else

  45. 45

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  46. 46

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