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Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Love Flame Has Been Fading For Weeks!

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It's been a dark, devastating weekend for Twihards of the world…

News broke of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's (alleged) breakup!!

But what exactly happened this time around that caused such fractures? Surely Stew didn't cheat on Robbie again? Or perhaps Rob exacted his relationship revenge and found comfort in another woman's intimate embrace??

Naaahhhh, it's nothing THAT scandalous (at least we don't think so)! Apparently the couple have simply been growing apart ever since Rob came back from NYC on May 8th!

One supposed insider reveals:

"They again went from spending every second together, to spending more time apart at their separate houses. Kristen has been in a terrible mood, and it was obvious that things were not great with Rob. It was very strange that they didn't celebrate Rob's birthday together. He had friends over at his house, but Kristen was not part of the celebration. For the past few days, they have not spent any time together."

Hmmmm, we WERE quite surprised to hear that instead of celebrating Rob's bday with her loverman, Kristen was spotted angrily talking on the phone, and later, talking with a girlfriend in a car for almost an hour.

Ahhh well, even though we are as depressed as a Bella without her Edward about this split, we suppose it's for the best…

Plus, if Robbie Robs can get over Kristen CHEATING on him, then maybe there is hope for the future of Robsten?

Orrrr perhaps not.

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

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26 comments to “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Love Flame Has Been Fading For Weeks!”

  1. 38543854 says – reply to this


    What's the big deal about Kristen cheating! If it was the other away around it would get no media attention. Wake up people, we are in the year 2013.

  2. 2

    Hello Kristen: Well I don"t know how I feel about the supposed split. My only wish is for you to be happy. Sometimes nomatter how hard you try, you just cannot make it work. Been there,done that. I have cried a river of tears to no avail in certain situations. If it is meant to be, it will happen. It took years for me to figure out why and now I know that it was God sparing me even more unbearable heartache had I stayed with the wrong person. The only way around it is through it. For every day that you don"t lose your mind, mark a red X on the calendar. It helps. I will be thinking of you Kitten. …and I am Debra!

  3. 3

    before I saw the receipt for $5492, I have faith that…my… friend was like really bringing home money in there spare time from there labtop.. there neighbor haz done this for only about 16 months and recently repaid the loans on there mini mansion and bourt a new Buick. read more at, KEP2.COM

  4. Guest says – reply to this


    People everywhere are talking about a girl named Alicia and Kristen being an item. Anyone else see this.

  5. Amw says – reply to this


    For the past 2 months all I have seen is Rob looking unhappy with his hand in a fist and Kristen walking 10 feet behind him. I have also seen reports of him in bars with friend or another women. Then we heard of his week in NY with KP. I can not even imagine how horrible that made Kristen feel. What is wrong with KP? Time for Kristen to move on. She needs to concentrate on her career. Seems Rob has never been with her after contractual events, he never really wanted to commit, so time for her to realize she has been taken advantage of and learn some valuable life lessons. She is young and will survive.

  6. letshopeitspermanent says – reply to this


    Their relationship has been crumbling since the day she cheated on him. End of story. The onlly thing that happened is that finally Rob got his head out of his ass. About time, too. Congratulations! My congrats to him. Cheers all!

  7. jackie says – reply to this


    …there are so many young and sweet woman out there…what about Jenifer Lawrence, is she single?

  8. jane says – reply to this


    Was I the only one that thought Kristen was Skrillex for a split second :?

  9. gene says – reply to this


    Re: 38543854 – Gee, I wonder if you're on Kristen Stewart's PR team with that number sign in? Try being a little less obvious. lol

  10. carol says – reply to this


    this are my comment and view. Bla Bla Bla yes she cheated but that was almost a year ago everybody needs to get over it now. As I see it Kristen has done every thing that Rob has ask of her. I think that he should have man up and grown up. Instead of leading her on. I'm sorry to all his fans but you know this is true. I think that he has caused so much hurt that was so unnecessary in her life. It more than makes him looks likes a douche.

  11. spencer says – reply to this


    Re: carol – Yeah, sure Carol. It's all Robert Pattinson's fault. :/

  12. guest says – reply to this


    Who knows what the truth is? Only time will tell. Has anyone read about Rob on the
    Jezebel.com website? If any of it is true, what is he complaining about?

  13. Kay says – reply to this


    Re: guest – None of it's true. It was written by a Robert Pattinson hater. Do her fans really believe that he had sex with every woman he's stood next to??

  14. Ana says – reply to this


    Re: guest – none of this rubbish is true they have stripped Kristen to the bone so now they are starting on Robert jealousy is a terrible thing.

  15. IMHO says – reply to this


    Personally, I don't think they ever really got back together after the affair. I think there was a lot of pressure from studio execs and so I think they "tried" to make it work for that. Anybody else not the least bit surprised that this came out two months after the DVD release? The most crucial time for DVD sales is the first 8 weeks after release. Hmmm…. convenient.

  16. jenny says – reply to this


    yo no soy nadie para juzgar, pero cuando hay infidelidad en una relación, sea cual sea las excusas o los motivos, se pierde la confianza y siempre habrá discusiones y por lo mismo existirá ofensas, agresiones y falta de respeto, la mejor opción en cerrar círculos, si el piensa en perdonarla seria borrón y cuanta nueva, pero pienso que esta muy lastimado, no por el simple hecho de que sea hombre sino que cualquier persona que dio todo en una relación y su pareja le haya sido infiel, le duele, y el que diga que no miente, al menos yo perdonaría a la persona que me fue infiel pero jamas regresaria con esa persona, es decir la perdonaría porque yo no soy quien para juzgarla, ya que todos somos humanos y cometemos errores, nadie es perfecto, pero no regresaría, ya que seria un error de mi parte, ya que siempre me iba imaginar como "se divirtió y gozo" con esa persona, y créeme es difícil ver que te fue infiel pero es mas cruel imaginártelo, ojala que la decisión que tomen sea la correcta, ya que están sufriendo los dos uno por ser lastimado y el otro por sentimiento de culpa, y eso, amigos no es bueno ni para uno ni para el otro.

  17. 17

    It's not nice to jump to Pattinson's throat now, not nice at all. This publicity stunt with the public "apology" was a huge mistake! This was probably the main reason the relationship just couldn't survive. Stewart was just to full of herself to realise that something like that is deadly. But, what's done is done.I don't know what sort of a person Pattinson is but I haven't seen any pic of him smooching with his director or wardrobe lady for that matter, then apologising publicly for doing so. I think when he was with KS he was faithful. She on the other hand, wasn't. This separation is the right thing to do. Time is the cure for all this. Good luck to them both finding true love.

  18. bjsmith says – reply to this


    Carol you are dilutional. How is Kristen's cheating Robs fault?I am sure Rob did not tell her to spread eagle for another man. Girl wake up and spell the roses. Kristen has really pulled the wool over your eyes.

  19. psychic says – reply to this


    Its very sad! They are soulmates! And this doesnt have anything to do with the Twilight. I hope they realize on time that they are soulmates and get back together.

  20. Kate says – reply to this


    Maybe they could have made if work if the media wasn't constantly mentioning her fling with Rupert! She's young, she made a mistake - get over it! I bet Rob has made a mistake or two of his own - he just didn't get caught and if he had it wouldn't have been such a big deal because he's a man and the double standard is alive, well and living in the USA! Kristen is better off! Men who judge and can't forgive are the worst possible bets for a relationship! Plus, Kristen is more talented than Rob and I'm sure that bothered him! Take some time to grieve Kristen but then find another film to make and start dating! Believe me, you can do better than Pattinson! (Plus guys who look like Pattinson are never good in bed - find a guy you can love that you don't have to fake it with!)

  21. Sam says – reply to this


    Seriously, if she loved him that much, there must have been a reason why she cheated. She didn't seem so moody and always brooding until it seems that she start dating Rob. Just tragic cause I think they really do love each other

  22. alicia says – reply to this


    she really needs too wash her hair

  23. donna says – reply to this


    hi kris don,t be sad pick yourself up i know you are hurting i been throughit myself and its not pretty but i make my work but with you and rob how hard you make work sometimes it don,t i think your beautiful woman i thinking about you if i was there i give you big hug take care of youself ok

  24. 24

    Cheating is horrible either way and so this should have ended a while back. i don't know why people forgive cheaters. No matter how stupid you are you're always going to have it in the back of your mind that they might cheat on you again. Or even if …remember tori spelling said she was worried dean would cheat on her because he cheated with her? IMHO cheating is a no win situation.

  25. twilight08 says – reply to this


    I don't know about you but for me I am so tired of seeing them always so sad, downtrodden like its the end of the world in their pictures recently. They are too young healthy rich to always have a woe is me look. If you must look like that around each other it IS time to move on to someone else who can bring joy smiles and love back to your faces and to your hearts.once again. Life is TOO short to be this down. Its time to move on wish each other well and to on. PEACE !

  26. 26

    ok fair enough its done what did she expect