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Oklahoma Slammed By Massive & Vicious Tornado, At Least 37 Dead

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oklahoma tornado 37 dead oklahoma city suburbs demolished 200mph

This is so unbearably tragic!!

Mother nature struck Oklahoma with very little warning earlier today, demolishing good chunks of Oklahoma City suburbs and killing at least 37 people!!

With winds reportedly in excess of 200mph and with a base over a mile wide (above), there is an unfathomable amount of debris and destruction in the tornado's wake.

Glenn Lewis, the mayor of Moore — an outlier of OKC — said:

“The whole city looks like a debris field.”

It is likely way too early to properly get a handle on property damage and human causalities.

Our hearts break for the countless number of people affected by this vicious force of nature.

We will keep you updated as more information is gathered.

[Image via Twitter.]

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6 comments to “Oklahoma Slammed By Massive & Vicious Tornado, At Least 37 Dead”

  1. lex says – reply to this


    I live 20 minutes north of this in Oklahoma City. Our sirens went off, I was substitute teaching and we had to rush the kids into shelter, but thankfully, we were not hit. I had a friend trapped in the Warren Theater, right next to one of the elementary schools that was torn to pieces. This is a horrible horrible day here in Oklahoma. Anything anyone can do, donate blood, money, food, clothes, water, etc.. Please do. My heart aches for the parents of all those babies lost today.

  2. Abby says – reply to this


    Our death tole is at 51 now. Anything that can be done he help the people of our state would be appreciated.

  3. 3

    is it just me or do newscasters and shows seem to get giddy and excited the more deaths are reported? its like they want a high death count to give the story more gravitas. Piers morgan is a great example of a disengenuous journo who seems to jizz when reading out high death counts!

  4. nationalenqurer says – reply to this


    Re: Lasqueesha
    And Perez is the internet version. This used to be a celebrity site. Now it's tragedy news sandwiched between boy band gossip and baby pics of his child.
    I just don't get it

  5. Ariel says – reply to this


    I only live 15 min north and seeing the homes just missing from where they should be is just tragic! Please please anyone that can help please donate to the Red Cross our community is in great need! Thank you!

  6. Okiemade says – reply to this


    Right now(5/21/13 at5pm) they announced that they had counted some vitims twice and the death toll was 24 with 9 of those children. Of course they are still going through alot of debris so until it is all cleaned up they wont have a for sure toll. Such a heartbreaking day here in Oklahoma.