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Katy Perry Getting The Blame For Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Not So Sudden Split!

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Blame it on the woman with the best boobs!

How typical!

While we're sure Katy Perry could lure almost any man away from his woman, we're not so sure that's actually how she spends her time.

You know, she does have a crazy successful music career to focus on!

But, since she's been friendly with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, of course she's being dragged into their break up!

We'd guess KStew's whole cheating dramz played the main role, but rumors are running wild that it's Katy who might have caused the split.

A source commented:

"[She] played a role, as one of many reasons."

Uhh, unless that role has been comforting one or both of them then we're not sure what that role could be!

But we guess if you marry one Brit, everyone assumes you'll date all Brits!

[Image via Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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70 comments to “Katy Perry Getting The Blame For Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson's Not So Sudden Split!”

  1. RainbowBrite says – reply to this


    Yeah cause she totally forced Kristen Stewart to make out with another dude. Give me a break. Once the Twilight series ended, they were doomed.

  2. Tina says – reply to this


    I cannot stand Kristen Stewart and her fakeness about how every one else is fake and she is somehow special. She would annoy me when she would play coy about her relationship like an immature little idiot and she then released a very public statement about how much she loved Rob after she was caught with a man old enough to be her dad. There was even an article on how she is the only one making art these days. How insulting to some of the most talented actresses out there, especially since this immature spoiled brat cannot act for heavens sake. I am sure it is her stupid psycho mom's little minions who wrote it. I am glad this is over and I hope I never see her in any more movies. There is too much talent among young actresses for anyone to take this LA fake seriously!

  3. faithful says – reply to this


    fuck you kstew haters. Why you idiots think poor little Rob is so blameless baffles me. This jerk has screwed around on her long before Rupert. Rob was Rupert in 2009 and you know what I mean. Rob did not give a shit about screwing over Michael but he pursued Kris relentlessly till he got what he wanted. Growup children, Rob is no pillar of fidelity and he did what ever it took to steal Kris away, he got what he deserved, she was a teenager when he was pulling all his bullshit with every female on the set of twilight.

  4. alisha says – reply to this


    move on Kristen you don't need Rob, he will be sorry. You are young beautiful and successful. you have been thru alot with breakup, and your parents divorce. shame Rob, he should have been there for you. It appears that he is drinking alot. I hope that you make more movies and more successful than ever. Be happy and free.. I think he should go back to London so you won't have to see him. He can hang Katy Perry, its ok. Don't take anything off him. I will pray for you to have peace over this breakup.

  5. 5

    Rob has been there for Kristen, He took her back. He has been defending her. Kristen really need to clean up her act, grow up be a responsible person. She turned 23, not a child, not a teenager. This is not to look down on her, she really need good people sorrounding her. She need to evaluate herself. As of Michael, nobody force her to leave Michael, and so nobody force her where her situation right now. Don't look for something to blame.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    No foul in Katy being supportive, and support is a role that might be expected considering their long term friendship. Kristen played the singular pivotal role in the destruction of the couple with her public relationship faux pas, leading to perhaps an ongoing lack of crucial trust which may have proven to be the final deal breaker.

  7. beckyboo says – reply to this


    is that a fact? or your opinion?

  8. 8

    Him and Katy would make a great couple, she's so sweet

  9. 9

    lolllllllll told u she didnt play 1 role she played two giant bouncy roles…

  10. mezzalenko says – reply to this


    Re: beckyboo – Uh, it's logic beckyboo. Anyone in the real world would know trust would certainly be an issue once infidelity has poisioned the relationship once.

  11. NINA says – reply to this


    Re: faithful – AMEN!!!! YES I AGREE!!!! VERY WELL SAID!

  12. NINA says – reply to this



  13. sheila says – reply to this


    Perez and some of Rob's fans fueled the gossip about Rob & Katy so don't dare blame Kristen for these rumors. Perez had an article about Katy and Rob partying in NYC before the breakup. Rob's fans on another site were bragging about Rob and Katy. Then some of Kristen's crazy fans ran with it. The media loves Rob so hopefully this false story will go away. It might hurt Katy a bit because women always suffer a lot from gossip.

  14. sheila says – reply to this


    I know Kristen did something wrong in getting involved with Rupert. She didn't cheat on Michael. She dropped him for Rob. She wasn't married, engaged, or living with Michael. I'm sick of Kristen being blamed for everything. No one forced Rob to get involved with Kristen. He is a 27year old man not a child. Kristen was normal before she got involved with Rob. She paid a horrible price for wanting him. Remember it takes 2.

  15. hope and pray says – reply to this


    I think she is to blame! Even her father says she is an EVIL CHILD! I thought she was after Rob a long time ago! She is an EVIL one too!

  16. crazy says – reply to this


    Robert isn't any better than Kristen! and Katty isn't a friend of Kristen, she is just a bultre, she told Kristen that she would love to date Rob if kristen split up with him? Come on Perez! Why do you try to cover up that crap from Katty? She and ROb seem to be sex buddies since before Kristen cheated on Rob, everytime katy had a man then Rob was out of the pic, and as soon as she split with John Meyer then she was all over Rob again. She was with Rob in NY for a week and soon after that he left Kristen? don't say that she had nothing to do with it! Rob is so low, he's trying to run away from a "cheater" then he seeks refuge into the arms of a real trimpire… Perry and Rob had no mercy with Kristen, if he wanted to end his relationship with her he could had done it without screwing Perry at NY!!! he did it to push Kristen to the edge and then have an excuse to dump her and now he is a victim again??? Rob get lost! i hope kristen forget about you and find someone way better than you!

  17. really? says – reply to this


    Re: xXMaryJaneXx – shut up! perry is dirty!

  18. smile is showtime! says – reply to this


    kp Has nice breast , kstew is doesn't !

  19. Bleeech says – reply to this


    Katy Perry is gross. Not worth leaving Kristen who has a face that is at least symmetrical and pleasant to look at. KP is only attractive enough to be in B rated porn at best. Her legs look about one week away from cottage cheese and her pasty skin brings to mind disease and sickness.

  20. Envy says – reply to this


    Re: really? – thank u I couldn't said better , actor all the way ,she deserves better I hope all the best for her more movies for her carrer

  21. beautiful-kstew says – reply to this


    Kristen have enough pain right now, everyone just forget that she is a human!!! ROb isn't as faithful as everyone believe he is, he slept with everyone of the twilight cast, Now he is a victim? i hate rob and i hate Katty for being so hipocrite and dirty with Kristen. ROb needed excuses to dump Kristen, and he can accuse her for being moody, yeah i guess she had to be moody after he was ignoring her and treating her like crap in front of everyone, than he spends a week with Katy Perry before his birthday? sure she gave him an early birthday present, her boobs play a role here LOL! Kisten deserves some mercy, Hollywood is cruel, media is cruel, and must friends in the hollywood world are fake,hipocrite, selfish, none careas about anyone. Kristen i admire you for being strong, now you need to move on and show everyone that you are different and better than everyone in hollywood.

  22. Vampire star says – reply to this


    Kp is way better in bed than Kstew ,guaranteed !

  23. momma cat! says – reply to this


    kstew needs nice breast like kpuuuurrrrry

  24. Bleeech says – reply to this


    Re: crazy – EXACTLY! If Rob is low enough to wallow around in shamefulness with KP then who the Hell wants him. He is diseased…

  25. smile is showtime! says – reply to this


    kp Has nice breast , kstew is doesn't !

  26. eli says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart doesn't have to wear cake on her face like kp

  27. ewww says – reply to this


    Re: smile is showtime! – katty is good if you want to have fun with her for few nights, but she isn't a woman for one man xD… enjoy her boobs as many guys had done it already and i bet that Rob won't be the last guy enjoying those LOL!!!! Kriten can have small boobs but she have a beautiful, delicated, refine body lines, her skin glows of beauty, she is a doll that beautifies nature, katty is a sex doll that is good just for sex and nothing else, i can't see her as a faithfull woman by looking her past life, she don't know how to be a woman for one man, because she never was, so Rob is fooling him self with Katy.

  28. Bleeech says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – By "supportive" you mean screw a guy in a relationship with her festering herpes sores….

  29. Bleeech says – reply to this


    Re: ewww – That is what we call a c***bucket

  30. Montiel says – reply to this


    Katy perry is shallowed soul for doing this to Kristen ,& her reputation ,

  31. nasty says – reply to this


    Re: Vampire star – yeah i bet, but the reason is because kp have way more experience than Kristen on bed with many many guys, xD,bet she have some craps, but enjoy her, trimpires are always better on bed, Kristen isn't that kind of girl.

  32. vampire star says – reply to this


    kp is not spermbank shes perfect !

  33. vampire star says – reply to this


    kstew needs boobjob !

  34. ewww says – reply to this


    Re: Bleeech – xD Hahahahahaaaaa!!!!!!

  35. smile is showtime! says – reply to this


    Rob can help promote kp & her new record coming out on the fall Kp has allot more going on much more $$$$$$$$ going on than kstew $$$$$$$$$$ goodbye charlie!

  36. vampire star says – reply to this


    some people say ,Rob is already Working on cameo intro for her tour !

  37. angela w says – reply to this


    kp Gets around but she's not walking sperm bank

  38. KScute says – reply to this


    Re: momma cat! – no she doesn't, she is perfect the way she is!!!

  39. Momma cat! says – reply to this


    i heard Kstew was Lame in bed !

  40. smile is showtime! says – reply to this


    Kstew needs to have sex with the director to get role ,her career is gone.

  41. cathy says – reply to this


    He move out because they're going to buy a new house, also this doesn't mean anything. They're still together!

  42. corazon says – reply to this


    Kristen, you can move on easily, your so beautiful and has talent thet. You good person let no body hurt or playing feeling. Everyone made mistake not only even Katy Perry, she have been in deffirent relationship with man.I think she try to take your boyfriend to. Let have Robert Pattinson so they both back to London where to behave.You deserve much better than Robert Pattinson.

  43. 43

    Oh KP why u entering with them, they try so hard they relationship shame on you. Krisen your beautiful a lot of light aheed on you dont let affect on you coz they dont have deserve in you Everybody made mistake.Robert you dont have right to do hurt someone especially she loves you but play her feelings much better go back your country were you belong and bring katy perry with you. I know KP much more experience coz she have been a lot of man.

  44. 44

    Re: RainbowBrite – Yes exactly what i mean and Robert your not deserve for Kristen. Your strong Kristen.

  45. vampire star says – reply to this


    kp give s better hummer

  46. kstew says – reply to this


    yeah right, moving truck with boxes i agree ,
    that means you had time to packed , so can move to new house , black bags ? on the back pick up truck ,means your out the door ,couch surfing .

  47. eva says – reply to this


    Re: alisha – You are correct in all that you said, like always is a double standard.

  48. maria says – reply to this


    the only one to blame is Kristen for her infidelity; it was going to catch up to their relationship sooner than later!

  49. angela w says – reply to this


    Who better than katyperry to fix the problem ?

  50. Sharona says – reply to this


    Him and Katy would not make a good couple. She seems too trashy and married to Russell Brand doesn't say good things about her.

  51. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Bleeech – You would know?

  52. KScute says – reply to this


    Re: Momma cat! – shut up! probably because she isn't a pig that have a lot of experience with bunch of guys like Katty does… so stop your crap!

  53. ewww says – reply to this


    Re: angela w – no she is not, she is just a trimpire, xD…

  54. angela w says – reply to this


    She slept with Russell and Russell we all know is gay !

  55. ewww says – reply to this


    Re: smile is showtime! – She didn't have sex with the director to have a roll o the Snow White movie; I wonder if any of those Steward haters are clean angels who done nothing wrong in their lifes, just because Kristen is a celebrity doens't mean that she is perfect and she make mistakes as any normal person. Stupid Stuard's haters get lost!

  56. bella says – reply to this


    Really dont care whos at fault here just sick and tired of hearing the same bullshit stories about these two….move on already theres more to life than kristen stewart and robert pattinson's dysfunctional relationship

  57. ayeya says – reply to this


    Ish people are just sick. A man in love would never change a girl just because she has small boobs. Kristen doesn´t need a boob job. She was not the one for Rob and that´s all.

  58. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Bleeech – Actually, I hope Katy lights up his world, and he lights up hers. Both have suffered enough. They deserve some fekkin happiness.

  59. InezAngel says – reply to this


    RP decides KS just because a texts phone from the RS. RS should be blamed why he's still trying to disrupt the current KS.RP to NY the news, RS there is tried texts phone, but KS did not reply. RP & KP in NY together when enjoy in concert music
    RP accuses,,, KS&RS re-establish a relationship with the text of phones, in use as one of the reasons for deciding KS. Whereas KS suffer with "Strange agreement" (be dating anyone). it is in use RP & KP for each relationship and each other secretly in love, is not honest with the reason KP just good friends.
    The fans are not blind " See can not judge people who love each other, they is RP & KP").

  60. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: alisha

    yes, i agree. I wonder how long we have to wait to see Rob start tapping Katy, if he hasn't already.

    I do wonder though, why Kris didn't have Rupert Sander's phone number on block. Seriously.

  61. britishbulldog says – reply to this


    so what if KP has to break relationship to get laid in Hollywood ,every one is doing it , plus she has allot more money and more to offered than Kstew , RP does need job ,however this relationship will come in handy for he's career ,

  62. Angela w says – reply to this


    KP has christian values that have allot more integrity than Kstew cheating ways with her boss ,we all know that !

  63. britishbulldog says – reply to this


    RP Career is in the toilet ,i agree.

  64. Ain't no kstew fan says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart can't act, she only got the part of bella because she can't show facial expressions and twilight (as we al know) is not very cheerful so seriously I can act better than her so unless the writers keep making miserable characters , kristen Stewart will fall
    There are soo many deserving , talented actors out there and she's taking someone's seat and that's what annoys

  65. nigrisha says – reply to this


    Re: Angela w
    i am sure her Christian Values ,say is ok to be that desperate , have sex with some one else's boyfriend ,

  66. Angela w says – reply to this


    if KP gamma say its ok ,i am sure her parents are ok with it !

  67. Amy Camacho says – reply to this


    Umm how would you still be able to concentrate on the life sucker with Katy standing by? Not only is she fun, sweet and never dull but gah look at her! I'm a twilight fan but Kristen sucked the life out of Bella and didn't interpret the character at all how she was written. Robert was so so at 1st but in the following movies was spot on Edward as was Ashley Green with Alice. Sorry but if he's looking for a commitment that won't seen an eternity in hell, Katy is the way to go.

  68. Angela w says – reply to this


    This is KP first video ,

  69. smile is showtime! says – reply to this


    with out make up ,Kstew has prettier face than KP , & ,she does not have obnoxious personality like KP ,enjoy !

  70. Patti Laskey says – reply to this


    Kristen and Robert are NOT married. Bottomline, she cheated on him. He might have forgiven her, but apparently cannot forget it. It damages a relationship if the other person constantly brings up the indiscretion and cannot move past it. I understand she is moody and he is cheap. Definitely qualities that are not good. Maybe it is best they both just move on. . .