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Lindsay Lohan's Former Assistant Drops Dirt About Trying To Hold The Starlet's Life Together!

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lindsay lohans former assistant spills dirt

We doubt you want to work for Lindsay Lohan!

But you are probably dying to know what it's like, and now you won't have to step up to the gig to find out.

You lucky folk are saved from that trauma adventure because her former assistant, Gavin Doyle, is revealing what a job with her is like…and boy does it sound like serious work!

Gavin started working for LiLo in 2012 and was famously involved in the car accident that sent her back into the court whirlwind that led to her latest rehab stay. But it sounds like getting in car accidents with LiLo isn't even the hardest part.

He revealed that one of the worst experiences involved always having to be the messenger when she was running late for work:

"There were a few times when they'd take it out on me. After awhile you don't want to seem like the person who's always making excuses."

As bad as directors might be, the paparazzi were even worse!

And Gavin wasn't even famous, but that didn't help him as he said:

"Even when I would go out alone to run an errand or something, I'd be followed by 20 paparazzi who thought I was either going to pick Lindsay up or drive to her house."

But let's get real, the car accident WAS the worst part of being on Team LiLo. He revealed:

"I had to bail her out of jail. I went to the police station and called everyone I knew—her attorneys, her mother—and I finagled. I had to smooth things over. She didn't want anyone on set to talk to her about the accident."


Gavin was actually accused of driving during the accident although he revealed to officials it was LiLo at the steering wheel.

Bailing out someone accusing you of the accident?

Now THAT'S a loyal assistant!

[Image via HRC/WENN.]

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7 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's Former Assistant Drops Dirt About Trying To Hold The Starlet's Life Together!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    HoHan is one stink'n fugly mess…….needs a good kick across her fugly face.

  2. Turn Over says – reply to this


    Lindsay has had problems with all her assistants. She can't keep her PR people, agents …etc…etc.. very long either. She is a huge egotist that is totally delusional about WHY she gets press. She still thinks she's a famous movie star with zillions of worshippers. She hasn't had a steady lover since Sam. Everyone in Lindsays life is only there for a short time. She is delusional with ideas she is an Elite and untouchable. Hopefully her in custody time will deflate her nitrous oxide balloon and give her a vision of what her life is really about.

  3. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Most People are in Lindsay's Life for what they can get out of her . I Never heard of Sam before she started to date LL . LL's PR and assistants get paid . LL needs to have REAL people around her who care about her . LL's PR and assistants KNOW what they are getting into before they sign on the line . There are many Actor's out there that have not worked and are Still considered "Movie Stars"

  4. FULL OF SHIT, TAYLOR! says – reply to this


    I am getting so sick of ur bullshit misinformation on these boards: "MOST people are in lindsays life to get what they can get out of her." PLEASE EXPLAIN JUST HOW U KNOW THAT INFORMATION! Do u work for FREE Taylor? Don't u seek to get a nice wage & health insurance & vacation/sick leave from YOUR EMPLOYER? U constantly imply on these boards that EVERYONE…EVERYONE IS HIGHLY EVIL & MOTIVATED TO EXPLOIT & ABUSE & VICTIMIZE LINDSAY. Maybe u might be interested to know that 95% of the people in Lindz's life are people SHE SOUGHT OUT, SHE BEGGED FROM, SHE DIDN'T PAY THEM FOR THEIR SERVICES, SHE DID NOT DO HER PART IN THE DEAL. SHE DEMANDED 'FAVORS' & RIDICULOUS THINGS. LINDSAY IS THE BIG SCAMMER, THE BIG TAKER, THE BIG ABUSER AS A 'BOSS'/CO-WORKER. There is EVIDENCE FOR EVERY CLAIM I MAKE. & u CAN find it on the web. U r pathologically compulsive in ur endless libel & vulgar accusations against people YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!!! YOU are the real hater, Taylor. LOOK AT WHAT U WRITE HERE. What u do here is PROMOTE HATE; accuse good people of being evil creatins & scream "Hate TheseGuys & SUPPORT LINDSAY." *RESEARCH* ur fucking allegations before accusing strangers of EVIL. These people u mindless accuse of visciousness, they WORK & depend on their reputations for future work. AND U DO NOT KNOW SHIT ABOUT THEM!!! –*jjf*–

  5. EXPLAIN THIS SHIT, ple says – reply to this


    YOU WRITE; "THERE ARE MANY ACTORS OUT THERE THAT HAVE NOT WORKED BUT ARE STILL CONSIDERED MOVIE STARS." That is a totally INSANE thing to say!!! IF an Actor HAS NOT WORKED, they usually aren't even consider an Actor. Please explain your concept/logic and provide examples of these, "MANY ACTORS WHO HAVE NOT WORKED BUT ARE STILL CONSIDERED MOVIE STARS" …just HOW does that WORK, Taylor? How COULD that POSSIBILY WORK, Taylor?

  6. "Lindsay Needs..." says – reply to this


    U write: Lindsay NEED to have REAL people around her that care about her". It has been 3 yrs of doctors, lawyers, other actors/actresses, singers, director/producers that are REAL people who CARED enough about her to try to HELP HER. Charlie Sheen has done everything but 'put a ring on it' to try to help her. I've spent over 2yrs out of the last 3 writing to her, putting up w/ her vulgarities, her meanness, her questions that sometimes make me weep because they r so genuinely naive & show how out of touch she is. Holleys about $200k in the hole for that bitch & L has a stack of legal problems that could take YRS to resolve, working full-time. The judge permitted L to go into BFC after L jumped turning herself into custody as per court order. BF people are REAL PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING ALL THEY CAN TO HELP HER. THEY WANT HER TO GET WELL. L.s probation officers, her community service supervisors, therapist …all REAL PEOPLE WHO WANT HER TO SUCCEED & are willing to do what they can to HELP her achieve her goals. Lindz DOES NOT LACK FOR GOOD, REAL PEOPLE IN HER LIFE WHO WANT TO HELP HER & WISH TO SEE HER SUCCEED. If Lindz responds, & publically at that, "Charlie Sheen, STFU about ME, ME, ME!!" ..when someone DOES REACH OUT & OFFER SUPPORT ..($100K -'GIFT'????) … WHO, ..WHAT do you think is 'OUT THERE' that CAN support & help Lindsay if ALL these good people who care deeply CAN'T REACH HER?

  7. FREE WILL: LESSON TWO: says – reply to this


    U wrote on another peice that u were PROUD TO CHOSE TO BE KIND! Right? Well, u do chose to ACT kind to those u FAVOR, but that's another lesson. I am At Issue w/ur persistant allegations that lots of people in Lindz's life r malicious users/abusers, &victimizer & that she NEEDS to be around GOOD PEOPLE who REALLY CARE ABOUT HER. U r one, young Jedi, that only sees the glass half-empty; but there is MORE: U see a half-empty glass as COMPLETLY EMPTY. It is time to include a Jedi Exercise that is essential 4 seeing not only the glass but what IS AVAILABLE & WILLING TO FILL THE GLASS. Ur asssignment is to spend 20 mins in a solitary/quiet enviornment where ur youth & ignorance is 2 CONTEMPLATE the extrodinary number & different TYPES of people that have attempted TO MAKE GREAT STRIDES, made SINCERE & COMPASSIONATE efforts 2 TRY to help, guide, inspire & "be there" for Lindz in the last 3 yrs. The doctors @UCLA, Lawyers -& their staffs…right down to the 'irrelevant & nobody' office intern that spent HRS making copies of documents on LLs legal matters & brewing coffee @10pm so Ms. Holley could keep going thru the night. U r to focus on those that HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE in helping Lindz. The HEALING has been there. NOONE HAS BEEN CAPABLE OF GETTING Lnz to ACCEPT IT! Focus on those THAT HAVE GENUINELY TRIED. *You, must learn & experience; GRATITUDE. Even when u don't get ur way.*