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Should Justin Bieber Have Been Booed?

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Here's WHY it happened - and our thoughts on all the Bieber drama!

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50 comments to “Should Justin Bieber Have Been Booed?”

  1. 1

    i dont think he deserved it.. i mean… i think he needs to like take a step back and actually realise that he has been doing some bad things he has set bad examples.. the little boy we knew is the complete oppisit of him now.. and clearly people are feeling abit uncomfortable with him.. but.. he still agreat guy even tho he did so wrong with things and him getting booed is a format and hopefully he wont get booed again but i think he was booed for the things he done rather than winning the award.

  2. 2

    Perez are you wearing Invisiligns?

  3. 3

    No - no-one deserves to be booed in that situation. But I think people are more upset about these award shows recognizing popularity over talent than they are about Beiber's douchey behaviour. These awards should be given to real talent - not just the stuff that gets the most hits on social media! Popularity and artistry do not always equate. Choosing Bieber over Bruno Mars is a startling example of where their priorities are in choosing a winner.

  4. 4

    OF COURSE NOT! Nobody deserves to be booed. Yes his speech made him sound kind of arrogant, but he did it in self defence.

  5. ivan says – reply to this


    Sour losers booed because their favorite did not win. It was shameful and rude. He showed more class than they did by merely pointing out to those demeaning him that is should be taken seriously. Anyway, he has more fans worldwide than every artist that appeared on the show.

  6. ivan says – reply to this


    Another thing is that he has been the recipient of unfair overblown or downright false reports from gossip sites and media outlets like the British tabloid The Sun. Since people who read that don't really know him, they form a bad opinion of him; meanwhile his charitable activities are ignored.

  7. 7

    Obviously people feel one way about the kid because they booed his ass. I think it was, like rosebud99 said, it was a popularity vote and not on musicianship. I hate when these tween idols all of a sudden try and say it's about the music and they are real artists. Your songs are shit and if you were a 200 pound fat kid with zits, they would laugh at you.

  8. Gina says – reply to this


    I am not a fan of JB, however that was don right RUDE!

  9. Peoplerdumb says – reply to this


    Um he is a big boy he can take a few booos people keep pointing out that he has more fans than milli vanilli. It just makes the award a joke. Now people know the BB awards mean nothing. I have heard like 2 bieber songs—-but his behavior??? He smokes pot like MILey(he just works instead of taking pics of himself all the time) He doesn't party as hard as Demi did. He is not as crazy as brit–she didn't sit down w/ anybody and she is loved. He is not as mean or diva demanding as christina,usher or chris brown…His behavior? On of the largest selling country artists of all time was 50/50 at showing up through a whole decade. Bad behavior….what r u his dad?

  10. Katie says – reply to this


    He just acts like a douche too much for me. Booing is over the top. Maybe he should stop trying to release an album every year and take some time to really make some music.

  11. 11

    Starts with a "d", and ends with "ouche".

  12. 997 says – reply to this


    I think Justin is having a hard time since January and no one would just give him a break! I know that good guy is still somewhere in there… im sure he will go back to the sweet guy we know

  13. Kandi says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99
    I'm not a fan of Justin bieber but I have so much respect for his talent! He's so young and has come so far already. He can play so many instruments and has a nice voice too! How dare you say that he didn't win the award for having "real talent". He may have been saying and doing pretty douchy things over the past year but he's just a teenager!!!! He's still a child in ways! Think of how you acted at 18 and 19 years old! Give the guy a break! It can't be easy growing up with the world watching you…

  14. 14

    yes because he is a talentless, lipsynching HACK

  15. MichJB says – reply to this


    Why shouldn't fans boo? It was a made up award supposedly chosen by the fans. Apparently the fans weren't satisfied with the results. Anyway - can't the little girl handle criticism?

  16. julia says – reply to this


    it was so wrong from the audience bc he is so hard working and he deserved the price fuck the haters!

  17. annie1988 says – reply to this


    if they booed him based on popularity being awarded over musicianship, then they shouldnt have gone to the billboard music awards. An award show based from a group that ranks the most popular music. What were they thinking, "like damn how did he win, i was sure it was going to go to Thom Yorkes atoms for peace project."

  18. 18

    YES!!!!! Every time he walk on a stage he should be booed off. I don't think he should have spit in that man's face either. He is a douche bag that should be booed every time his head pop up.

  19. Mrs.Bieber says – reply to this


    Deffinatley not. he is an amazing person and jad no reason to be booed

  20. Chriss_NS says – reply to this


    I think this is total BS. what exactly did he do that was so bad that the media hasn't taken to extremes to make look even worse? forget his monkey somewhere (media said abandoned) even though he rushed back to pick up the pet and missed a flight to do so….. He should not have been booed! I am canadian, but still think Bruno Mars should have won because in my opinion he is that much more talented, however, the majority of votes and albmum sales are what rules the billboards and just because my preffered artist didn't win, doesn't mean that I should resort to juvenile behaviour and spu negativity about a teenager because he won…. that's crazy!

  21. sana bieber says – reply to this


    ofcourse notttt….
    he's an amazing artist and he was deserving he always deserves cuz he really is a hard worker…can't u see how far he has come????he's on top just bcoz of his talent.so shut up all the haters

  22. 22

    Perhaps the boos will serve as a bit of a wake up call to him that his behavior means something. But I kind of doubt it. He seems to be patterning himself more after Chris "king Douche" Brown than he does Usher. He is just this decade's Vanilla Ice.

  23. jbatches says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – The Milestone award is a fan voted award, so Justin was voted to win. Therefore your point is invalid.

  24. I'mFromSouthAfrica01 says – reply to this


    Morally and ethically speaking; he should not have been booed, with all due respect he is not singing about sex, booze and how high he is. The main problem here is media& their sensationalism regarding JB. Over exposure of his personal life is shared, that should not define him as an artist& gives no one the right to demean and denounce him as an individual within the industry (as everyone makes childish mistakes) it just not ethical. He deserves some sort of acknowledgement for what he has achieved at the age of 19, whereas others have done jack, are either pregnant or in rehab. I give him props for trying to make a success of his life! Other then that God is in control& I know JB will find his ground& concentrate on what's important not what's redundant!

  25. Diva says – reply to this


    NO, that was uncalled for.

  26. 26

    Morally& Rationally speaking he should not have been booed he may not be sing about sex, booze and how high he is but he is an artist. The main problem is the media; too much sensationalism regarding JB's life therefore the over exposure of his personal life causing negativity to his name. Note his mistakes should not define him as an artist and therefore no one has the right to degrade, demean and denounce him as an individual within the industry. He deserves to get some sort of acknowledgement regarding his achievements at his tender age. At the end of the day all is in Gods hands and I trust JB will rather concentrate on what's important NOT what's redundant/ irrelevant to his life after this situation.

  27. tally says – reply to this


    I love jb and he deserved the award but not the boos

  28. asmau says – reply to this


    Shame on all of us! Shame on the press for hijacking him! It is our own form of terrorism.and it is seriously horrible grow up people you cant boo people smh so rude ,….perez i am starting to hate your blog this minute you love him next minute u call him a douche men make up ur mind

  29. 29

    I don't think he was booed because he got the award..it was more because of his "thank you" speech..I mean who really starts a speech telling everyone he is an artists and should be taken seriously…I love Bieber but that was so awkward and uncomfortable to watch. It made him seem really into himself

  30. Jbsupporter says – reply to this


    The award was fan voted, we the fans felt like he deserved it, as well he did and we tirelessly voted to honor him! NO ONE ever deserves to be booed and it was really classless! Justin Took the high road but still stood up for himself, I for one am very proud of him!

  31. YCO says – reply to this


    They let Chris Brown in the door…..no one should be booed after that.

  32. Nicole says – reply to this


    Ok no one should not be booed at an award ok we get the fact that you favorite person didn't win but at least have respect instead of just booing just sit there and yes he made have made mistakes this year i mean cmon you did this when you were 18 19 years old at least dont be those immature teenagers and be mature enough and do the right thing he has done so many things that even you guys dont see it you guys just see the bad publicity he gets and that is all you care you guys dont see the sweet and caring things he does and people voted for him you guys didnt vote enough for your favorite person so suck it up and get over.

  33. Eliinpanama says – reply to this


    Can you take a serious comment? It is rude, bad manners, simply just bad form to BOO someone. Justin Bieber won the award by popular vote. He has worked hard & daily, since he was 13 or 14. He has talent, pleases his fans, he has grown and will continue to grow as an artidst. He writes, produces, dances, sings. He is good to his family, his mother, his God. Oh, and he's only 19 w/ 5 albums debuting at No.1 on Billboard, which includes a Christmas Album, not achieved since 1957? Give credit where it is due. Leave your bad manners in the toilet.

  34. rachy says – reply to this


    NO he did not deserve to be booed, nobody deserves to be booed!! This kid has been in the spotlight his whole life and has had many records out, without ever being recognized by the Grammys so I get why he wants respect. He's not a gimmick, he's not just another kid being put through the fame machine & will disappear. He came from Youtube, because of all of his fans, and talent. He plays many instruments, can dance, sing live and cares greatly about his fans. He is a good guy and role model, people need to look past the immaturities and mistakes, we all did everything he's done, we just weren't in the public eye!

  35. @v@ says – reply to this


    The booing? *Rudeness.* It says a lot more about the dorks doing it than it does about Justin's award.

  36. SD says – reply to this


    i dont think hes acting douchey, i think hes trying to grow up and try new things but whenever he does someone always has some dumb shit to say, hes a teenager- they're bound to make mistakes and learn from them aswell but how in the fuck will he get over it, if press is constantly on his dick for EVERYTHING! i hate when parents say justin is a bad example, justin is always doing something good for himself and others. ITS THEIR(the parents) JOB TO TEACH WHATS RIGHT FROM WRONG, AND IF THEIR CHILDREN LEARN, THATS GREAT! BUT IF THEY DONT, THATS THEIR FAULT, not justins.

  37. Mommacb says – reply to this


    I'm not a Bieber fan, but I don't think he deserved to be booed as he was. His response, however, was embarrassing. I think he should have just turned and walked away from the haters. That being said, I really think what was behind this is the way he has been growing in arrogance… it is not endearing. Whatever happened to the nice guy he seemed to be… he's not handling stardom very well.

  38. Lvx Anonymous says – reply to this


    Bieber is self-made, unlike alot of the "musicians" that probably booed him, and their sheeple fans. I don't know why he was booed, I heard he made fans wait a couple times at a couple shows, big f'n whoop! Bands and musicians do that all the time for various reasons, sometimes accidental, sometimes not. I'm an extreme metalhead{especiallt thrash/death/black} and don't listen to alot of pop/rape/mainstream stuff{though I do enjoy some, and I appreciate ALL musical art and all art in general}….continued…

  39. 39

    He stood up there like he was a god looking around and saying nothing. He really needs to come down a couple of pegs into reality. The fact that he spit on a neighbor just shows how he looks down on people. I was surprised he was booed, but when you get an award…be gracious, not entitled.

  40. LVX Anonymous says – reply to this


    Fuck man, Kanye did'nt even get that badly booed for dooing worse stuff{as an older aldult too}..he got some, but not like Bieber here, who really did'nt deserve it. To all those who think he has little or no talent{and theerfore does'nt deserve his popularity or awards} and that he's just a record company creation[are'nt most mainstream musical "artists" such?}…sure in part he is, but lest we forget Biber created himself on youtube, unlike the numerous hacks that are created soley by record companies and who for the most part don't write most of their own music nor lyrics and pretty much are just "singers"palot of them are mediocre ones at that..Bieber is actually a good singer, writer, and musician..yes you heard that right..an extreme meta;head who thinks Bieber is actually pretty good at his art}. All the hypocrites who booed him need to get a life and need to take a look in the mirror. Who the hell is Madonna to talk about his "pretentious sunglasses" btw? Yeah, ebcause Madonna has never done anything pretentious ~roles eyes~. Seriously people, get a life, grow up! Check your hypocrisy at the door! Furthermore whining that he used to eb agreat role model and now isn't. Boo hoo, cry me a river! ….continued…

  41. LVX Anonymous says – reply to this


    Musical artists don't have to be a "role model"{whatever that means, very subjective, everyone has a different opinion on what being a "good" or "bad" "role model" is}. Being a musician or an artist of any sort does not require being a "good role model"- especially, again, since everyone has their own differing opinions on what exactly 'good" or "bad and "role model" mean or should mean. I'm shocked at the hypocrisy! Anyways, another fake manufactured hypocrite superficial controversy! With all the injustice going on in the wor,ld including and especially in or by Americas elites and the sheeple that obey the sociiopaths, yeah…pop singers not be up to peoples hypocrite standards is a controversy! Seriously, look in mirror, get a life!

  42. 42

    Re: rachy – The worst form of rude is to spit on someone. I would rather drink from a toilet than be spit on!!

  43. chris says – reply to this


    Like Bon Jovi said, the little runt is an a-hole.

  44. DBtexas says – reply to this


    I would boo him. Just on the fact that he has repeatedly shown up HOURS late for concerts. Such a lack of respect for the people who are paying for his high roller lifestyle is not worthy of applause. (My little cousin waited 2 1/2 hours for him in Moscow. Without any apology for being late. And then he did again days later in Dubai!) Too much, too young.

  45. rakista says – reply to this


    i swear, you could have been the older brother of Peter Dinklage

  46. ok_then says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – Billboard is about sales and charting period. You don't get a #1 single or a #1 album on Billboard's charts because of your artistry. You get a #1 on Billboard by actual sales, radio, digital downloads, etc and other streaming devices and now YouTube clicks. This is how people access their music now and it keeps changing daily.

  47. 47

    Re: LVX Anonymous – Madonna appeared just before Justin appeared on stage, she was referring to herself. The hate on Justin is because the world has never seen such power and influence and money bestowed on a teenager at his level before. Anyone that came before him did not have to live in the social media age that we are now in so it makes no sense to try to compare him to the past. He truly is social media's first born. I think he scares people more than anything. I mean all that money and power of social media at your fingertips given to a teenager freaks out a lot of people saying too much , too soon at such a young age. Don't hate on someone because they are young. No wonder teenagers around the world think adults hate them. They only have to look at Justin Bieber as proof of that. Notice many teens are jumping to his defense male and female. Not all of them are his fans either.

  48. 48

    Re: Mommacb – Remember he is only 19 he doesn't have years of being an adult and the life experience that comes with it to deal with situations that are new to him. I think he is having a difficult time making that transition from adolescence to adulthood like many so many of us have had. Mistakes and learning from them is a normal part of growing up, why are his haters and critics expecting unrealistic demands from him? I wouldn't be surprised at all if his parents and management team are giving the Tough Love approach to him l. Let him grow up and make those mistakes and learn from them in order to grow as a human being. I feel sorry for him for truly it's the idiots that are raging on him for not being the epitome of perfection.

  49. 49

    Of course he deserved it. He is a self-absorbed douche bag who thinks he has more talent and credibility than he really does. Because he has surrounded himself with ass lickers who tell him how wonderful he is, it's up to the public to let him know just what a dumb fucker he is. He wasn't booed because people are jealous of him, and this isn't about "haters" (when will some of you losers stop falling back on something so fucking lame?). It's about Bieber being told what an asshole he's become.

  50. Faithtology says – reply to this


    justin is just a kid pls consider its nt his fault btw YEAH, i really tink he deserve to be booded