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Lindsay Lohan Desperate To Get Out Of Rehab So She Can Take Adderall Again!

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Really, we thought it would be so she can start brushing her hair again!!

But maybe that requires a heavy dose of Adderall for LiLo.

Apparently Lindsay Lohan’s love for Adderall is more than her love for any man, despite what you may be led to believe watching her eHarmony video, LOLz!!

A source claims that:

“Lindsay is hell bent on getting a refill of her Adderall as soon she leaves Betty Ford. The medication she has been taking for her ADD isn’t working, and she’s constantly complaining about it. Lindsay doesn’t care what the doctors at Betty Ford say about the dangers of Adderall. She has no chance of staying sober if she starts taking the Adderall again because it’s an amphetamine based drug. For an addict like Lindsay, it’s a trigger for her to use other drugs.”

Ruh-roh, things aren’t looking up for the troubled starlet.

As we mentioned before, the Betty Ford Center took away LiLo’s Adderall because the drug is highly addictive. Seems like they were dead right!!

We hope this doesn’t mean a relapse for Lindsay once she’s out of rehab. Who knows, the judge might not take pity on her next time!! Gurl could end up spending some serious time in the slammer.

And THAT doesn’t sound fun at all.

[Image via WENN.]

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25 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Desperate To Get Out Of Rehab So She Can Take Adderall Again!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    The SKANK is desperate to get out so she can do coke/E/pot/smack/crystal/vodka-redbull/…and c*ck…..Just say'n - the TRAMP as an addictive personality .

  2. Katie says – reply to this


    I can be a "source" too: Perez Hilton drives under the influence and is addicted to crack. Maybe I can submit this "reveal" to the websites and they will publish it to be true.

  3. 3

    What a waste of time. What is the point of sending someone to rehab who doesn't think they have a problem? It makes me mad to think of all the less fortunate people in JAIL who would love to go to a rehab facility but did not have the opportunity. I wish they would find one of those people and have them trade places with Lindsay.

  4. 4

    Perez, you KNOW this story is FAKE.

  5. 5

    The girl has problems but if "a source claims that" is all we get, it's just a rumor.

  6. purplegenie says – reply to this


    Adderall is speed. Pure and simple, speed. Amphetamines, right on the bottle. It has a fairly high street value. It would be hard-drug enough to carry her through rehab. That girl is not long for this world. The only one I think will maybe die first is Tara Reid.

  7. 7

    Why isn't the 12-Step religious AA/NA cult's "HIGHER POWER" stopping Lindsay's desire for Adderall?

    Isn't is a REAL "HIGHER POWER"?

  8. 8

    Lindsay IS NOT ADDICTED to anything; if she was addicted to anything she would have been CURED dozens of treatment programs ago….

  9. whateveryou says – reply to this


    It ain't call DENIAL for nothin' folks. Some of the effects are just what an addict looks for. The problem is if someone is hooked (on anything) dependent on anything & thinks they really can't function on their own, that's when you get down the line constant denial. Of couse anyone who doesn't have the problem already knows that. But somehow , a person who is convinced they can't make it on their own, can't see it. They wear blinders because they HAVE to , or at least they think they do. Any form of denial is ok as long as they don't face the problem. I hope she gets better. I mean she's still in her 20's, pretty young. But you do wonder how it's going to end.

  10. Brooksie says – reply to this


    How has she gotten the Adderall all these years? Is it being prescribed by a doctor or is she buying it illegally? Has this been even addressed? Bet not!

  11. ADDICT SAYS WHAT? says – reply to this


    This is getting so old, every other day we get stories that Lindsay is threatening to leave, pleaing to leave, desperate to leave. SHE ISN'T LOCKED IN - SO SHE WANTS (IS MAKING THE CHOICE) TO STAY. - -Her probation will have stipulations of her being compliant with her medical team. This means the judge can make part of her probation that she is not permitted to take Adderall, that if she test positive for Adderall she will be in violation of her probation & this stipulation is almost guareenteed given the media coverage of her addiction/craving for this particular drug. TO HILLARYS HUSBANDS, etc. DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THAT ONE HAS TO USE THE 12 STEP PROGRAM? ONE HAS TO TRY THE METHOD? DO YOU THINK YOU CHECK INTO REHAB AND THEY SPRAY THE HIGHER POWER ON YOU LIKE A CHEAP SPRAY TAN? Its clear, Lindsay IS ADDICTED to PROVING SHE IS IMPORTANT & SOME KIND OF STAR. gag.

  12. 12

    Re: ADDICT SAYS WHAT? – Not everyone believe in the Witchcraft & Sorcery practice of conjuring up a make-believe "HIGHER POWER", praying to it to cure you, and waiting & waiting & waiting….AND NOTHING HAPPENS!

  13. WHO'S RUINED HER? says – reply to this


    It looks like Lindsay is coming out of denial about her Hollywood career being over because these stories of hers just put it out in media that she is a hopeless junkie & fighting her 6th rehab attempt. Seems Lindsay has come to the conclusion that her only Hollywood career available is tabloid stories about what a HOPELESS LOSER she is. Every story, whether true or not, just makes her look like she has nothing left to her but a chunk of brain SCREAMING, "I WANT DRUGS NO MATTER WHAT" Who would hire this person who spends all her time in her 6th rehab talking to her friends/sources about how much she wants her speed, & being ok with stories in media that degrade her to the status of a hopeless junkie? How long are people really going to be interested in media stories that are the same story over & over again about how desperate this junkie is for her speed? Someone is WILLFULLY putting it out in media that she is a hopeless & apparently Lindsay & her folks are ok with it because it hasn't stopped. Someone is taking to media to prove LINDSAY IS A HOPELESS JUNKIE. Pretty weird she WANTS this kind of media about her. ANYTHING FOR FAME. ANYTHING FOR A STORY. . . sick as shit.

  14. WILLING TO TRY says – reply to this


    You identified the problem, some people are NOT WILLING to even give 12 step recovery a chance because they think they KNOW, there is no God. Be it God or a delusion of God, millions of people have been able to get sober & stay sober using 12 step. But one has to TRY the program for more than one meeting. Lindsay thinks she's still a famous actress who is admired and in demand because she is such an Amazing Movie Star, that is a delusion she has been capable of believing for almost a decade when SOLID EVIDENCE and public opinon of her is she is a egotistical, delusional junkie. Liz & Dick was painfully horrid & embarrasing for her. If Lindsay has the ability to delude herself into believing she is popular & in demand because she's such an amazing actress, I think believing in a HIGHER POWER would be easier to delude herself about than her delusions that she is a marketable product. If she can believe that Lindsay Lohan is a movie star, believing in God should be a breeze. There is more evidence that God exist, than Lindsays career exist. She has skills in believing delusions & lore.

  15. 15

    Re: WILLING TO TRY – You don't have to believe in god to be able to find a higher power. As an atheist, my higher power is within myself - my conscience perhaps - or will power - it doesn't matter what you call it, but it does not have to mean a supernatural being.

  16. TO HILLARYS HUSBANDS.. says – reply to this


    Maybe the Higher Power doesn't like her. Maybe the Higher Power said NO to Lindsay. Maybe Lindsays problems are too far gone for anyone or anything to help her. Maybe there is no way to know if a HIGHER POWER is there for her if she's never been SINCERE in her attempts to FIND it and ASK for help. Maybe Lindsay, and YOU just don't 'get it' that Higher Power works WITH you, NOT FOR YOU. Maybe Higher Power is nothing more than a higher Intelligence, a part of one's brain in that 90% of the brain science says we "don't use". Bottom line is Higher Power must be SOUGHT AFTER, and Higher Power doesn't even listen to INSINCERE or 'SERVE ME NOW" prayers for guidance. It can work for those that are willing to make AN EFFORT to live their lives DIFFERNTLY than they did before. Or, Maybe God just hates her ass and thinks her suffering is funny.

  17. TO HILLARY says – reply to this


    It's interesting that you are so adamently against 12 step programs when you don't even know the basics about it. HIGHER POWER DOES NOT REMOVE CRAVINGS, 12 step programs CLAIM NO SUCH THING. Quite the contrary. The purpose of 12 step is to TEACH THE ADDICT skills TO DEAL WITH THEIR CRAVINGS; NOT -REPEAT NOT- give out hope & promises that the cravings will disappear. Addicts can CRAVE substances for years, even decades, while in recovery & while they are clean & sober. 12 step seeks to teach methods & skills in how to GET THROUGH the craving WITHOUT USING. That's all. 12 step programs ARE VERY ADAMENT THAT THERE IS NO CURE FOR ADDICTION, only a daily fight to CHOOSE NOT TO USE WHEN CRAVINGS SURFACE. Go to a meeting and just listen, you obviously have NO IDEA how 12 step actually works or is intended to be utilized.

  18. 18

    I like Adderall too - as a party drug….

  19. @v@ says – reply to this


    How much income does this tale generate for 'the source?'
    She either has ADD or she doesn't. Also, Adderall is not the first drug of choice anymore,
    BECAUSE it has speed properties and is highly addictive. She doesn't want to get better if
    she insists on Adderall. Any doctor that prescribed it for her when it is not recommended for her could be questioned and it could bring trouble.

  20. DEEPLY TOUCHED, says – reply to this


    Re: rosebud99 – I am deeply touched by your post. As someone who was once addicted to alcohol, someone who didn't even like the effects of alcohol, but needed it for unrelenting soul aches & pains…your last line in ur post. . .'I wish they would find one of those people and have them trade places w/Lindsay.' ….Wow. No shit, huh? - Addicts, Addicts EveryWhere. ..Living clean&sober is hard AND IT TAKES LEARNING NEW SKILLS. Rehab isn't meant to be a friggin Movie Star Spa. Addicts WHO want TO Rehab THEIR LIVES, need it -to save their families, save their liver, save their soul. ..And this chick has pissed on the opportunies that could have CHANGED THE LIVES OF 6 OTHER ADDICTS. .& THEIR FAMILIES!!! All those people who never got the CHANCE to learn skills about how to live in a painful world without medicating. Her lack of GRATITUDE is HIDEOUSLY VULGAR … and HERESY.

  21. 2JEANMICHAELBASKETCASE says – reply to this


    Dear JMB, Would you please pop over to perez's story about the lawsuit, (yesterdays)? There is a message/question for you there. Thanks, –*jjf*

  22. 22

    Hillary's Husband's Ex-Girlfriend says – reply to this \l
    Oh okra, learn a new song,this one you keep singing through all of your bogus made up names is really getting old. We ALL know you are a failure at sobriety, solely because YOU decided YOU want to stay drunk. AA/NA/CA are not miracle cures. You see you must WANT to get clean. Obviously YOU don't, but must blame YOUR failure on some one/thing else. Grow the fuck up and admit your own failure. Or, just go buy another half gal and suck em up.

  23. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Oh come on who even knows if this is what Lindsay is thinking or wanting . Script meds are very hard to get off of . How ever LL got hooked on these had to have come from a DR . Gee look how many kids are hooked on Rx drugs now

  24. YES! PLEASE! LOOK! says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – YES, please look at all the kids on drugs. PERFORMANCE ENHANCMENT DRUGS. There is a BIG PROBLEM w/ kids that were put on stimulants for yrs. These kids grow up & their brains morph to Adult Brains & Adult Brain has been conditioned to a MAN-MADE bio-chemistry. Brain "thinks" it needs: stimulant. Stimulant becomes part of their NORMAL BRAIN CHEMISTRY;& ESSENTIAL FOR HOMEOSTASIS & EMOTIONAL STABILTY. Certain medications that are used for ADHD SYMPTOMS are NOT being used to help THE CHILD cope in HIS world & surroundings; they are being used as PACIFIERS to help the ADULTS COPE w/ their own ADULT stresses & confusions they experience by living with/around a very energetic, unusually curious & excitable GROWING, LEARNING CHILD. Adults can forget DISCOVERY IS THRILLING. & these people end up living w/ a blossoming being whose curiosity is excessive…& the Adults around the precious child does NOT take or MAKE THE TIME to work w/the different needs of a child who is excited & enchanted by life. So they drug him; calm him down. Nice quiet home;fine grades w/Jonny on speed. As adults, too many of these kids r turning PSYCHOTIC. BIG ooopsie there!

  25. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: YES! PLEASE! LOOK! – YES SO TRUE ! Excellent Post