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Shizz going down in Beverly Hills! The ladiez have just started taping for the new season, but it sounds like it's already been a damn bumpy ride. Aft… Read more…

21 comments to “Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Star Being Run Out Of 90210 After Bullying & Cheating Claims?!”

  1. Connor says – reply to this


    Oh fuck Kyle. She's really, really bitchy deep down but pretends not to be- that's the worst. If you're sassy, play it up. If not, if you want your friends to do your dirty work and use other people to further your agenda…go the hell home.

  2. bunny says – reply to this


    Brandi & Lisa are pathetic pieces of trash.

  3. 3

    Shows always needs a villain. First it was Camille, then the chick with the expensive sunglasses, then Lisa, Adrienne, and now it's Kyle's turn. But what I really wonder is what kind of proof does Brandi have? She talks a lot of crap but most of the time it's true.

  4. 4

    Face it. Brandi ruined that show. She is a lying, manipulative, vile pig of a woman. Lisa is no better. I'm so tired of people saying "Brandi tells it like it is." No…she doesn't! She lies, creates dram and problems and is just…nuts! Lisa has turned into a vile person too. Blech…that show is toast because of Lisa and Brandi.

  5. 5

    Re: Connor
    Well if you like Brandi…YOU need to do some serious soul searching! Honestly… anyone who defends her needs help.

  6. 6

    Re: pradagirl7
    Most of the time it's ture? no…its. not.

  7. 7

    Kyle is so gross and as much as I do not care for her ridiculousness, I always thought she knew about Mauricio's cheating and that it was out in the open?! When did it become a secret?! I am so confused…I cannot keep up with that show!!!

  8. judy says – reply to this


    As long as Brandi is around, there will be major conflict. It's getting OLD!

  9. 9

    Did Kyle ever give back Kims house???

  10. 10

    pathetic how she's trying to play victim! anybody who's watched the show knows Kyles a total shitstirring bITCH. Viewers dont like her and she gets nothing but hate on bravo blogs. and yes her husband deffo looks like he'd cheat on her he's so smarmy!

  11. 11

    NEWSFLASH FOR KYLE: Exposing your husband's attack on the marriage is not an attack. It's called TRUTH.

    Insert something about glass houses here…

  12. anna says – reply to this


    when will they finally FIRE Brandi. shes so pathetic all she does is starts drama and thinks cause shes starting drama Bravo will keep her as long as the show is on the air but in reality no one likes Brandi and when the show ends she will have no one and be alone cause lisa clearly doesnt care about her she is just using Brandi to talk for her. Brandi is just jealous cause her husband cheated on her and Kyle has a happy family at home and Brandi is all alone!!!

  13. shle896 says – reply to this


    I give Kyle the benefit of the doubt because of all the women on that show, she seems to be the most grounded and together and I'm suspicious of any unfounded claims that her husband is cheating on her. Allegations do not a scandal make and there is absolutely no proof that it happened. Just because someone says so, doesn't make it true.

  14. yodi says – reply to this


    please Kyle is the biggest pot stirrer on the show, then it's poor little ole` me routine!!! GMAFB!!! I'd take Lisa Brandi or any one over Kyle and Big Lips!

  15. 15

    brandy is a bitch. and lisa is a passive aggressive old hag. Kyle is a girls girl. They need to get rid of Brandy! she is a downgrade for the show.

  16. 16

    besides if her husband cheated? it's no one's concern. He is not the 1st or last to cheat on his wife. ask Brandy

  17. BJ says – reply to this


    There all bitchy, I love Brandi, Lisa and Yolanda they make great tv….Kyle needs to stop saying she's the victim, hey most of the time she is stirring up the trouble…quite sneaky that one…. "Paulie" you need to take a chill pill :) ……..as they say money doesn't buy you happiness or friends

  18. 18

    First of all, Brandi is an ex-wife. This show is NOT the ex-Wives of Beverly Hills, so I don't understand why she is on this show. She is crude, uncouth and talks about the first thing that pops in her head. She doesn't think if it might hurt someone's feelings– she only cares about herself. I certainly can understand why her Eddie left her. Can you imagine taking her to a party where you are trying to promote yourself and get ahead with those that can promote your career and you have a Brandi on your arm???

  19. Amy says – reply to this


    I think its hilarious. How many times was Kyle laughing away in a corner making fun of one of the ladies and passing judgment…ugh hello you tortured Brandi, Camille & your sister. Honey suck it up just like all the other ladies did and come through strong don't run away like Adrienne who is now known as a coward.

  20. Kathy says – reply to this


    I agree with the folks that see right through Kyle's "Cry me a river" crap! She has sat back and been a mean girl both passive aggressive and aggressively many many times in the past…Idk if the allegations about her husband are true, but now she can't take a little heat when it is directed at her? C'mon! Did you forget what show you were on? Or was it just ok when you were the one casting judgement and putting ppl down???? Two wrongs DO NOT make a right but pls stop the woe is me junk! Give us all a break!

  21. lablover66kim says – reply to this


    [re=6422881]Re: anna[/r Speak for only yourself PLEASE! I Love Love Love me some Brandi thh other girls that don't are soooooooooooooo JELOUSE