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Saoirse Ronan Says She 'Could Have Ended Up Like Lindsay Lohan'!

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Saoirse Ronan has been a well respected actress since her co-starring role in Atonement at 13.

But starting so young can have its pitfalls!

She says:

"I could have ended up like Lindsay Lohan."

Come on! Saoirse?? Really?! No way!

The Byzantium star says a downward spiral is easier to fall into than you might think! She says:

"You're being offered all these different temptations… and everyone is either telling you how great you are or talking about you behind your back.

Lindsay Lohan was the It girl from, like, 14. That's a lot of pressure.

If you don't have your mam telling you, 'Remember, you're still my daughter', you're going to go off the rails."

Well, we don't know that gurl couldn't have done it alone, but we certainly are glad she does have the constant support from her family!

[Image via C. Smith/FayesVision/WENN.]

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29 comments to “Saoirse Ronan Says She 'Could Have Ended Up Like Lindsay Lohan'!”

  1. 1

    Lohans mother and father sucked out any possiblity of a heathy life and successful career.

  2. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    There is so much more to the story of how Lindsay is where she is today . What is Pathetic is how the public does not care to understand . As adults there should be an unspoken responsibility to try to help or guide youth . Not kick them when they are down . Lindsay is an Actress , she is Human . As another poster said it is "Free Will' to be kind . Well I am Proud to choose to be Kind !

  3. Dear Taylor/Aloha..... says – reply to this


    I am pleased to see u got my post about Free Will but you still don't seem to grasp the concept as you write, "as adults there should be an unspoken responsibility to help or guide youth." While I certainly believe in many aspects of the, 'It Takes A Villiage' concept, not all adults are capable of helping or APPROPRIATLY guiding youth in socially cooperative/beneficial ways. Dina only sought to help Lindsay raise money by exploiting a 3yr old child; then pushed that child through the commerical media as her sole asset & financial salvation; at the cost of destroying what was an innocent, spunky, charming kid & turned her into a circus machine who has zero respect for societies members; yet Lohans also have greedy, insatiable demands for respect & admiration from the very society they look down their noses at. Dad Lohan is a scammer, could be genetic/genetic mutation? The guy's hard-wired to be a dishonest bullshitter & con; detached from social morality; but, I think he does love Lindsay. He is just impotent in his abilities to live a genuinely moral life & comprehend that cooperation is necessary for a functioning world & there's enough stuff in life to go around. The Lohans think society is the ENEMY, THE VICTIMIZER & OWES them compensation for their disappointments & failures. This is how they guided/helped Lindsay. So, there is ur example of Adults being responsible for helping & guiding our youth. So NOW what do we do? And WHY?

  4. Aloha JJF says – reply to this


    Re: Dear Taylor/Aloha….. – I have to agree with you . In the same token just because the Lohan parents may look down their noses at society ,Which let me add I do not know this for fact , Does not mean intelligent society should take offense and kick Lindsay when she is down . What to do ? Know that LL has made mistakes but support her to get up .
    Why ? Because we all make mistakes , Lindsay needs support . No matter what they are still her Parents and I am sure she loves them

  5. LINDSAY HAS SUPPORT says – reply to this


    Im sure L. has tight bonds w/her folks. They do NOT seem to have the skills to use numerous support systems, MD/Psych/Spiritual/Educational & Training RESOURCES -AVAILABLE TO THEM: Professional systems, services &health/spririt, legal pro's -have all busted their asses, wasted their time, been threatened w/lawsuits, libeled for their SINCERE ATTEMPTS TO HELP LLOHAN FAMILY 2 UNDERSTAND THEIR PROBLEMS & FIND WORKABLE SOULTIONS 2 REPAIRING & ELIMINATING THEIR CHRONIC DSYFUNCTION & SEVERE UNRELENTING SOCIAL PROBLEMS. For 6yrs its been 1 endless,looping Parade of Dr.'s, neuro, scans, test, prayers, hope, SUPPORT. Support X INFINITY! People who WANT Lindsay to SUCCEED! LL RESIDES @1 of The Most Reputatable Treament Centers on Earth. Judge ok'd rehab vs jail. Holley was stiffed 5 figures & when Linds went on the lam, SHE RUSHED IN; she's not inclined to get pd. A friggin stranger on a blog was support when Linds been flippin out publically. What SUPPORT do u fee is LACKING? WHAT IS NEEDED? Taylor, u r ridiculous. For YRS the damn world has stopped & held out their hand, opened their doors,minds♥ eager to SHARE Intense "SUPPORT". SUPPORT IS SCREAMING, "PLEASE, LINDZ, LET US HELP YOU!" Do u think it Societies fault that JesusTheChrist hasn't show up to escort Lilo to the Oscars -to show His Support?

  6. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: LINDSAY HAS SUPPORT – I am Not talking about Professional support .
    I am talking support from her peers , fans , have Lindsay around some Real people who care about her not what they can get from her .

  7. PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – U are NOT talking about professional support. Well WHY NOT? Why aren't u talking about all the professionals that have busted their asses to try to help Lindsay? Why do you DISMISS the HUNDREDS of professionals who have BEEN THERE 4 L w/the most advanced tools, methods&techniques available for helping L get better? U r SOLEY focused on the LACK of her "PEERS" being MORE SUPPORTIVE. Sheens busted his ass & took risk w/his own PEERS by giving her chances that she did not EARN. Taylor, aren't people in Hollywood ALLOWED to choose their own friends & the kind of people they WANT to support & hang out with? Do u really believe all actors are REQUIRED to take to media to make a big deal out of being 'supportive' of Lindsay? What about Stevie Nicks? Yrs ago there were hundreds of people in Hollywood being supportive of Linds. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BEING SUPPORTIVE OF LINDSAY GETTING HEALTHY & THEN, BEING SUPPORTIVE OF LINDSAYS CHOICES & BEHAVIORS. Why don't u understand that people can be supportive of L's RECOVERY but these same people can also say that how she chooses to BEHAVE, how she ACTS TOWARDS OTHER PEOPLE, while she is so sick, ISN'T something they CAN BE supportive of because lots of people just CAN NOT BE IN SUPPORT of drunk driving, stealing, lying & causing problems for others. WHAT IS THIS TYPE OF SUPPORT U THINK SHE DOESN'T HAVE THAT IS ESSENTIAL TO HER GETTING CLEAN, SOBER & SANE?

  8. WHAT R REAL PEOPLE? says – reply to this


    What a bizzare concept u put out-there. All these professionals, these EXPERTS in Lindsays problems have BEEN THERE & TRIED TO HELP LINDSAY, & u discredit/dismiss their efforts & support because they aren't REAL people? If docs, therapist, lawyers, judges & others who have worked towards Lindsay getting her issues & problems under control aren't REAL people, what kind of people are they if they aren't real people? Doesn't the average man, woman & child HAVE EVERY RIGHT to choose which people in Hollywood they like & they don't like? Are all people in the worlld somehow OBLIGATED to LIKE & be 'supportive' of Lindsay? Is that what u really believe that all people on Earth have an OBLIGATION to be PUBLICALLY SUPPORTIVE OF ANYTHING, ANY CRIME, ANY FUCK-UP Lindsays involved in?! Everybody OWES some kind of loyalty to Lindsay NO MATTER WHAT SHE DOES OR WHO SHE HURTS? Lindsay can do ANYTHING she wants, even if it breaks laws & the rest of the world NEEDS TO CHEER HER ON …no matter what she does? Really?

  9. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: WHAT R REAL PEOPLE? – JJF you know I respect you . You seem to twist things I say or don't understand them . With Lindsay she knows that Professionals get Paid to help her . What I am saying is "Real " people meaning people that truly care about LL without getting paid . Real friends who want nothing from Lindsay who accept she has made mistakes and will say " Hey Lindsay ok you made mistakes that is your past , now lets get it together because LL you are not a bad person you made wrong choices " LL still has a life ahead of her so lets get it together . JJF do you think Lindsay really can't tell the difference of Professionals who get paid to help or people that really care ?

  10. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: WHAT R REAL PEOPLE? – "Lindsay can do ANYTHING she wants, even if it breaks laws & the rest of the world NEEDS TO CHEER HER ON …no matter what she does? Really? "
    Come on JJF do you really think that is what I am saying . People can like Lindsay or not that is not my concern nor am I on a campaign to get people to like LL . I do not dictate to the world who they should like that is preposterous . BUT when I read the vulgarity , judging , name calling " I " feel it is uncalled for and Lindsay does not deserve this . Yes she has messed up so are you saying it is ok to call her a "whore " and worse ? You're Kidding me right ? I don't give a rats arse who cheers Lindsay on . If I am alone in my cheering and rooting for Lindsay to get up , that is Fine with me !

  11. PROFESSIONALS CARE! says – reply to this


    Professionals CARE about their work. DRs care about HEALTH, lawyers care about LAW. Do u think Ls drs & lawyers should care MORE about LL than anyone else they WORK FOR? Do U think L hasn't gotten her shit together because these professionals didn't have a DEEP RELATIONSHIP w/her or because they don't work 4 her FOR FREE? These EXPECTATIONS that everyone should just forget about Ls BAD BEHAVIORS, that people have no right to be angry @ L for some real fuck-ups that she's continued to REPEAT for YRS! She's been in constant trouble for 6 YRS. She didn't make just a couple of minor mistakes & then the whole world turned their backs on her. She's had TONS of people give her 2nd, 4th, 27th chances BEFORE they threw up their hands & said "FUCK IT, how can I possibly DO MORE for Linds when LINDZ WON'T TRY TO HELP HERSELF?" People who stay w/& are SUPPORTIVE of a person who is SELF DESTRUCTIVE & SOCIALLY OUT OF LINE are idiots. Would u continue to date some man who turned into a junkie & beat the shit out of u & ur kids? There comes a time when it's ESSENTIAL for friends TO GET AWAY from friends that continue to spiral out of control -people have stood by L through MANY ORDEALS. What u think others OWE lindsay is ridiculous. When a house is on FIRE, & the FIRE IS OUT OF CONTROL, a smart person DOES NOT STAY IN THE HOUSE to be DESTOYED by the house, just cause they love the house.

  12. Respect says – reply to this


    Thank u for the compliment that u respect me and I want u to know that I respect many qualities u show here, but u being a 'deep thinker' aint high on the list. U wrote u don't care if anyone else roots 4 Lindz, but then why do u keep writing that she needs good people who really care about her? I do not like the post that call her names, but I do understand that many people are not very skilled in expressing their anger is gracefuls ways. I think what disturbs me most is that ur under the impression that L is where she is because people aren't NICE enough to her. Taylor, YOU can't CONTROL the way other people think & feel about ANYTHING, much less a troubled actress who has spent YRS in the media repeatedly CHOOSING TO ENGAGE IN ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIORS IN PUBLIC. & U seem scrambled. First u write L NEEDS MORE SUPPORT from REAL PEOPLE, then u write U don't care if people support her or not. How can u both CARE and NOT CARE about this SUPPORT u INSIST is ESSENTIAL for her recovery?

  13. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: Respect – The difference is I don't care what poster think if they hate Lindsay or not that is on them and I am not here to change their minds . In the same breath I will not just sit here and read harsh vulgar words without saying something .
    What I am talking is about Real people who are in LL's life directly . I Know what I am talking about here . Prove me wrong JJF you have the connections with Lindsay Give me 2 weeks of talking with LL and I bet what I am saying will work . Prove me wrong JJF

  14. I THINK I GET IT, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – I think I know what u want for Lindsay. It sounds like u wish she had a whole lot of friends who would LOVE HER & ACCEPT HER UNCONDITIONALLLY. Wouldn't that be nice? Well, actually it would NOT be nice because if the world was all unconditional love for people who break laws & harm others/screw smalll business owners out of so much $ that the business owner goes bankrupt & has to close his business, well, that won't WORK for a functioning society. I have bad news for u, T. UNCONDITIONAL LOVE IS FOR YOUR OWN CHILDREN, ONLY. To suggest we should love everyone unconditionally & stick w/them, root for them & keep them close in our lives & forever in our hearts -REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY DO -is INSANITY. Should we have unconditional love &acceptance for rapist, child molesters, people who steal little old ladies life savings & then blow stolen $ on dope& guns? It is ESSENTIAL for a functioning society that crimes are JUDGED & punisished & social REBUFFS given. If the world was a free-for-all of unconditional love/acceptance -the world would be utter chaos &there would be no rules, laws, standards or DISCIPLINE in the world. U wish for L to have unconditional love, support & more so, UNCONDITIONAL ACCEPTANCE OF HER. That is absurd, Lindz does VERY UNACCEPTABLE THINGS.

  15. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: I THINK I GET IT, – You are truly being OBSURD to mention rapist etc in the same breath as Lindsay . Lindsay has Never hurt anyone but herself physically ! It has yet to be proven she stole a necklace . Probation can easily be violated by any Joe smoe paparazzi who get too close to LL car and yells they were hit . What is it you find so wrong to say hey Lindsay you messed up now get it together ? Why is that so wrong to you ? YOU mention about being in a house on fire . Well what does the Fire dep do they find the Origin of the fire to see where it began then they REBUILD it . Everyone deserves to have a friend who cares UNCONDITIONAL even Lindsay

  16. READ THINGS TWICE PLEA says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – I would appreciate it if u would read my post at least twice & THINK ABOUT WHAT I AM TRYING TO SAY. The point in mentioning rapist, child molesters is because these are LAW BREAKERS that do things that simply are not acceptable under any circustances. No, lindsay is not a rapist, but lindsay is a habitual drunk driver & being a habitual drunk driver is being a criminal who engages in a criminal activity that is NOT acceptable under any circumstances. Her broken probations are not because paps jumped in front of her car. She was CHARGED w/the necklace theft & the video tape DID NOT CLEAR HER. Holley has a reputation of being an excellent criminal defense atttorney so I CAN NOT, for one minute, believe that she would EVER suggest to L that L plea to something she didn't do -that would result in L having a theft on her permanant criminal record. Lawyers don't tell people to plea out to things they didn't do. Holley stands to make a lot more money going to trial so there is NO MOTIVATION for Holley to tell L to accept criminal charges for something she didn't do. Thats totally unethical & I could believe that if Heller were her attorney at the time, but NO way do I believe Holley would hurt L that way. Trust the video tape showed L to be guilty or the charges would have been dropped & that video tape that PROVED she was innocent would have been in media. Holley owns a copy of it. If nothing else Lindz would have put it on U-Tube. Guarenteed.

  17. WHY? says – reply to this


    U write, why do u find it so wrong to say hey Lindsay u messed up now get it together? 1 reason is because Iots of people have told her that for yrs & her situation only grew worse. I also think that those simple words don't really register w/L because SHE DOES NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT SHE HAS DONE TO MESS UP & she HAS NO IDEA of how to get it together. 6 years of constant trouble/issues w/the law. Her repeated drunk driving shows she has real problems respectings laws &the lives of others. U come across as a very naive person, so I assume u r young. I find it very odd that a young person spends so much time taking to these boards to defend someone u say u don't even know; w/'out-there' logic. L hasnt worked much in Hollywood for the last 8 yrs, so I can't imagine when u became a 'fan' & WHY u are so obsessed w/someone who hasnt done much work in near a decade & yet u are obsessed with defending her in ways that are bizarre, illogical & downright disturbing when u claim u dont even know her. U also say the theft wasn't proven, this, that & the other thing haven't been proven but then u go on to say she watched her dad be violent when she was young. How could u possibly know what Lindsay saw, did & felt when she was a kid at home? Don't u think that's weird - that u don't believe FACTS that are part of legal records,&u say u don't know her but u then state as facts, events & family experiences of what happened to her & how she felt when she was a kid?

  18. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: WHY? – Guessing these "lots of people "who have told Lindsay to get it together most likely do not have a close connection with LL . LL has been so screwed over by people that are supposed to care for her LL must be so confused on whom she can trust . If a person who LL really believes cares for her would sit down and have a heart to heart it MAY just work . Oh JJF If only I were young but I am not . I defend Lindsay because I believe there is so much more to these stories then are told . LL childhood ? LL did not have a childhood she has to grow up fast . LL sensitivity made her feel responsible to take care of her Mother and siblings . LL never had a chance to act like a kid without a trouble in the world . So she gets to Hollywood and lets loose . LL had no idea what she was getting into . Now Lindsay has to wonder who likes her for her or who will turn on her for a buck. Darn right I will defend Lindsay

  19. U DON'T GET IT. says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – You don't ever seems to grasp the POINT I seek to make in my post/questions to you. My point is that u are quick to say u don't believe in things that are in legal records, or things that Lindsay actually admits to, but u still won't believe them. U are constantly DENYING facts that are out there, but then u turn around & write with great conviction that she said this, did that & experienced the other thing during her childhood. You are inconsistant with your OWN STATED BELIEFS. How can u discredit legal facts & then turn around and write, WITH GREAT CONVICTION, that YOU KNOW what happened to her, what she EXPERIENCED as a child, writing things like ur Tom Brokaw covering a big story? Its conflicting for u to say u don't know her, that u don't believe facts in the media, but you KNOW what she said and did as a kid. Defend her all u want. At least u get some kind of satisfaction out of it.

  20. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – JJF tis YOU who distorts the legal facts . Fact Lindsay did want to plea Innocent to the necklace . Fact the whole video was Never released . Fact the store in question tried to sell the Video . Fact LL would have NEVER gotten a fair trial . Fact lawyers do care about their WIN stats . Fact LL NEVER hit a stroller . Fact LL was not charged with DUI in her last accident . FACT Lawyers DO ADVISE . AND If I defend Lindsay why is that a problem to you ? FACT You have no idea about me or who I AM Yet you use such delicate terms of endearment like mental,etc and the list goes on . FACT Lindsay can get help if LL wants to

  21. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – ALL I did was try to explain to you what I know about Lindsay's childhood and what I get from you is " writing things like ur Tom Brokaw covering a big story" ?? Please don't ever put me in TB category he does not have a good thing to say about Lindsay and I will not be compared to him in any way . I DO BELIEVE YOU HAVR TWISTED MY WORDS YET AGAIN . Please reread my post . I was saying what I know not covering a big story . I was saying I UNDERSTAND Lindsay's ORIGINS and UNDERSTAND LL . What did you misread ?

  22. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – I can NOT understand why u don't see ur blantent inconsistancies. U say Lindz wanted to plead innocent. well SHE COULD HAVE. Holley worked FOR LINDSAY, not the other way around. Lawyers are UR EMPLOYEES, not ur bosses! If Lindz was innocent, all she had to do was tell Holley, thank u for ur advice but I CHOOSE to plead innocent & go to trial. Holley would be OBLIGATED to do what Lindz wanted to do. Holley could NOT quit on L. over Ls choice in how L chose to plea. YOU'RE FULL OF SHIT TO BLAME THIS ON HOLLEY! Holley can't QUIT on L or MAKE Lnz DO ANYTHING. Lindz WAS FREE TO CHOOSE to plead NO CONTEST. In doing so THEFT CHARGES will remain on Ls criminal record. No way a quality lawyer would advise her to let that go on her PERMANANT CRIMINAL RECORD if LL were genuinely innocent. Further the tape DID NOT SHOW Lindsay as INNOCENT, that would of been evidence to clear L, SHE NEVER WOULD HAVE BEEN CHARGED!! Without the tape the whole trial would have been the clerks version against Ls version & the case would have been dismissed. Further, HOLLEY HAS A COPY OF THE TAPE, do you not know that? And if the tape was for sale, why didn't LINDSAY buy it to CLEAR HERSELF? U DON'T MAKE LOGICAL SENCE!!! YOU JUST MAKE-UP SHIT & BLAME EVERYONE BUT LINDSAY FOR THE CRIMES LINDSAY COMMITS.

  23. To Taylor says – reply to this


    Re: TaylorTFair – You write, all I did is tell u what I KNOW about Lindsay childhood. - Well, the problems with that is u have previously stated THAT U DO NOT KNOW LINDSAY. You also state that u think the media stories about her are full of lies & fabrications. If u don't know Lindsay, & u don't believe what u read about her in media, then YOU HAVE NO WAY OF HAVING ANY GENUINE INFORMATION - NO WAY OF "KNOWING" ABOUT LINDSAYS CHILDHOOD -so u can't actually KNOW shit about her, now can you?! Taylor, i don't wish to be rude but ur intelligence is scrambled. I am a professional person who very much likes to educate at times, but I have to give up on u. You have some sort of severe learning & twisted-reality disorder. You blame everyone & everything else for where Lindsay is & WHO PUT HER THERE. I may respond to THE SUBJECT MATTER in ur post but u have genuine mental/intellectual/learning disorders that are beyond my tolerance to deal with. Just pom-pom away & I wish u happiness in your delusions & severe intellectual impairments. Best of Luck. I genuinely hope u are happy in life.

  24. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: To Taylor – Once again YOU Don't know me and have no idea WHO I am .
    YOU insult me with your words of what you think of me . Not to fair JJF I don't do that to you no matter what you say. I don't judge you or question your intelligence . It must be nice to be at peace with yourself when I nor Lindsay has done nothing to you . Yet you want to judge me . Look in the mirror Dear because I don't agree with you what is the big deal ? Say what you want I know what I say about Lindsay is true . if this is how you teach I think you are in the wrong line of work ALOHA

  25. AGREE TO DISAGREE says – reply to this


    Let's'agree to disagree' & be done w/it. I have read ur work here for mnths & ur post show u think like a child. U repeat the phrase "it's not fair" when adult minds know the world is NOT fair. Fair is an elementary school concept that applies to 28 cupcakes for 28 students. Ur LOGIC IS FLAWED. UR ^ says 'FACT L. Didn't get a dui on her crash'. NOT ONCE have I ever said she was CHARGED w/DUI. The FACT: alcohol was on scene &on her breath as stated by witnessES. The fact she was not charged does NOT ERASE that she was drinking&driving. U BLAME a very respected Holley 4 FORCING L to plea to something 'she didnt do', FORCED L to carry a theft charge on her criminal record& VIOLATED 1 of Ls NUMEROUS probations. I speak of the logic U PRESENT HERE; I do NOT have to know U, to see the way u THINK. Further, u have NO IDEA if L has hurt me. SHOW someone, ANYONE, what u contribute here. U aren't straight on/logical. U r full of BLAMING others, deluded about an criminal/addict u say u don't even know. U have an obsession/compulsion to defend someone who is NO PART OF UR REAL LIFE. Ur post&logic here ARE BIZARRE. U INFER ALL KINDS OF THINGS from reading 1 sentence & ur mind writes it's own book w/info that was NEVER GIVEN TO U. FANTASY. Thats ok w/ me, but I'm done w/the NON SENCE. U don't seek to LEARN, u seek to blame/twist/excuse &deny. U have a hard-core AGENDA that prevent u from PROCESSING INFORMATION.

  26. TaylorTFair says – reply to this


    Re: AGREE TO DISAGREE – I NEVER said the world was fair TWISTER . I said YOU are not fair to judge me when I do not question your ONE SIDED intelligence . I will not play your game with your calling "child like thinking" You have NERVE. Tell me Lindsay is part of Your real life huh . YOU are just another Lindsay Back Stabber who makes it like you want her to get help but only the way YOU see fit . Sorry that is not thoughtful nor scientific thinking . People are Individuals Help can be customized to HELP a person the BEST way for them . But then again a "Scientist" or anyone with a non bias brain would know this . YOU need to check your own EGO at the door . You find fault with anyone who does not think like you and I thank GOD I don't .

  27. To Taylor, says – reply to this


    RE: TaylorTFair[/re] Hi Taylor, jjf. Just think'n about u & I dont know why - but I have been charmed about 1/2 hr ago by new additions 2 my mountain Aloha backyard. I have 3 cats I took in because they were jungle vagabonds, showed up skinny & hobo homeless w/a sad vibe that I encouraged to come to the doors. Now, last fews days I have 3 baby boars in my yards & they like me. Dangerous situation since Big Mamas can weigh more than I do at times&da mamas watch over their youth. But, I've been feeding my hobo-kitties outside for a month while painting the house. So, anyway, food outside, &I look out couple of days ago & I see 3 baby piggies right outside my screendoor eating the cats food. I talk to them; they look up at me, like puppies. Usually the bigger pigs will walk off or haul ass off, but these piglets arent shy while eating. Then -I still talking- they finish, look @ me w/modest speculation& wander into the forest growth. They'll be back for suppah. Caint wait to see them. They like what I say - so Im OK today w/ur rejctions of me. I got cool friends. xox.

  28. Aloha Taylor, says – reply to this


    We don't have to agree &we dont have to like each other in order to have civil communications. I dont despise, hate or even so much as dislike YOU. Ur child-like LOGIC is just a part of ur brain/training/education. Its only a very limited part of WHO U R, & WHO/what ur soul is DIFFERENT. Ur personal soul & character aint never been my iissue w/u. . Ur faulty LOGIC be my pains. Its the way u solve Life's 'ALGEBRA PROBLEMS' ..it's not BAD/EVIL, T. It doesnt mean U are flawed. -I AM NOT CLAIMING TO HAVE THE ANSWERS *I AM ONLY LOOKING FOR THEM* : QUESTIONING THEM. - Seeking to find *SOMETHING* - A WAY - TO SAVE HER SOUL. Lindsay is SOOO CRITICALLY ILL; so INTENSELY confused about how Reality WORKS. It breaks my heart u can't see how lost she is. U have accused me of being someone that is a BACK STABBER OF LINDSAY'S. I have bent to HER to offer her my sincere efforts& talents, to HELP HER, THE BEST WAY I THINK I CAN. I dont KNOW what she needs. I DONT KNOW WHAT CAN ACTUALLY HELP HER. I DONT HAVE ANY REAL AGENDA TO PROMOTE -*ANY THING OR ANY WAY* - AS HER SOLUTION TO HEAL –I AINT GOT NOTHING BUT IDEAS!! ALL i'm saying to U taylor, is we CAINT wait NO MOR' for them 'Real People' to step into the muck. - I CANT CARE about what UR wished for, "REAL PEOPLE" may *SOME DAY* DECIDE TO DO FOR HER, WHEN HER HELL, HER DEMISE, IS *REALLY HAPPENING* RIGHT DAMN NOW!!!

  29. 2 Taylor 5/30 -5pm PDT says – reply to this


    Well it's Thursday now, but im guessing u'll check back. Something has be bugging me. I believe u r sincere in wanting L to be happy&successful in life. I have tried so hard to understand this 'real people' concept that u believe is missing&essential to Lindzs recovery. U bite back on my burning house metaphor w/YEAH, BUT WHAT HAPPENS, the Fire Dept steps in and REBUILDS. I think a very important thing for u to consider is when the Fire Dept shows us to save ur ass, they are EMPLOYESS OF THE CITY THEY WORK FOR. Firemen, in this answer u give me, r paid people to save strangers because they're smarter at controlling fires than the people who let a kitchen fire burn down their house out of ignorance. Then u write the Fire Dept saves the day & then the REBUILDING begins. But ur friends dont rebuild ur house PROFESSIONAL CONTRACTERS DO. & its the right thing they get pd & then they go away. So I dont understand how ur answer to me applies as in any way HELPFUL to ur instistance that all L needs to get better r 'real people'? What about her siblings? I think they CARE & TRY A LOT W/LINDS. Don't U?