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Amanda Bynes TOO DRUGGED To Remember Party Pics Being Taken!?

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Any mention of the SCANDALOUS Amanda Bynes apartment photos, and you’ll get a (mostly tweeted) cacophony of: They’re real! They’re staged!! They’re legit! They’re doctored!! You’re beautiful! You’re ugly!!

Who knows anymore, right?!?!

Well, someone close to Amanda apparently claims to have the final answer.

They had A LOT to say about the pics AND the troubled starlet, including the following:

“Amanda has no grounds whatsoever to sue the magazine because that is her in the photos and it’s definitely inside her apartment. I’ve been in her apartment. That’s her bed and that’s her bathroom, and that’s Amanda. Amanda lives by ‘deny, deny, deny,’ so that’s what she’s doing. But she knows that’s her apartment and that’s her in the photos. She’s just embarrassed.”

Oh, but that’s not all. The icing on the cake? The source ALSO claimed:

“And she was obviously partying that night and probably doesn’t even remember the pictures being taken in the first place.”

Too drugged up to function?!? So thaaaat explains why Amanda is so adamant that those pics didn’t really happen!! According to this source, she doesn’t remember experiencing ANY of that! No wonder she’s so defensive!!

Well, in that case, Amanda, maybe next time you black out, make sure there aren’t any incriminating things objects people drugs whatever littering your apartment!

OR you could pull a Justin Bieber, and force everyone to sign documents threatening to sue if any party pics leak out!! LOLz!!

But the best thing would probably be to get help. We want the precious Amanda back!!!

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[Image via Twitter.]

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14 comments to “Amanda Bynes TOO DRUGGED To Remember Party Pics Being Taken!?”

  1. 1

    "According to this source, she doesn’t remember experiencing ANY of that!"
    NO. The source said "PROBABLY doesn't even remember".

  2. 2

    Boy, she must have really done something to you to Perez to piss you off. You are REVENGING full force on her nonstop. Makes you look like Big Time Loser.

  3. 3

    Nonstop Amanda Bynes bullying.

    Perez NEVER changed.

  4. 4

    Usually drug addicts make a den in there bathroom. Like Whitney did. Seems everytime you see Amanda she's in her den.

  5. Colin says – reply to this


    Omg, leave the poor girl alone. We all have those nights, she just happens to be famous-ish.

  6. 6

    so sue them already. and I don't know who told you that studs through your face was a good look, but they lied.

  7. 7

    Re: Colin – agreed. some people go through fazes. at all different ages. I went through her type of faze when I was 19-20 for excessive partying and not remembering shit and acting fu*ked up.. unfortunately for her she is famous, and getting picked on. leave her the fuck alone you inconsiderate prick

  8. Rhonda Realness says – reply to this


    So sad that this is what we've been reduced to… Picking and poking at each other with no regard for each others feelings. All of this just adds to their already spiralling condition.

  9. sticky is a sicky says – reply to this


    Nice jewish girls can be PIGS, they just cant eat them…… "CHOCOLATE" meat is OK though :) LOLZ

  10. Eric says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton is a worthless cow that can only make a living and feel good about by knocking other people down. He's a sad little boy with no value to society except to cause problems.

  11. Scarjo says – reply to this


    I'm beyond tired of seeing everyday pics of this trainwreck. Why doesn't someone in her family step up to the plate and help her? How can anyone who knows this girl sit back and just watch her self destruct.

  12. anonymous says – reply to this


    Can't you see he is NOT trying to be a bully with this. They use to be friends, amd she obviously needs help and support and has pushed everyone away. Its called tough love. Putting it out there on blast so that hopefully SOMEONE who loves her will intervene or amanda will get herself the help she needs. If u hate perez so much, why are you bothering reading this blog and commenting? Makes no sense…calling someone a bully but reading their blog and bullying them in their comment section? What a twisted web we weave.

  13. Alison says – reply to this


    I feel so sorry for Amanda, i hope she'll get all the help she needs.

  14. Kelsey Reid says – reply to this


    Get a life Paris, clearly this girl is going through some DEEP DEEP mental issues and needs the support and love to get better…